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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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35 minutes ago, littleloony said:

Hey eclipses....how goes the wait for the rain....hehehe. @bebebisous33 your analysis of our heroine's dilemma about her self- Su or Hajin was so well done and it got me thinking. I am of the opinion that she will remain Hajin in spirit, emotions and thinking while being what a girl like Hae Su might have been in the Goryeo period in behaviour and action.....i.e. she will start to think things through and be responsible and wary of consequences as time goes on in Goryeo but her values, idealogy and emotional core will still remain as Hajin.

Now all this thinking led me off to a tangent- what is the purpose of HaeSu in Goryeo.....was she always meant to be the catalyst for the battle for the throne or did Hajin ending up in Su's body change her destiny and make her the trigger (i.e hajin is the actual trigger). In either case why? and it led me to read a bit about time travel-----future and past. Now besides Einstein's theory and how its still physically impossible to break the light barrier to be able to travel back to the past, one of most important concerns is that the time traveller will knowingly or unknowingly cause a change in events that will the alter the history with respect to the future generation and create a different reality. In other words, if you go back you can/ might do something to kill yourself in the past so that there will no longer be a future you :P Anyhow I found this article that gives logic to the whole thing and it can be used in our context of SHR to define Hajin's purpose of being transported to the past. Here is the relevant part of the article -

Does the very concept of travel into the past entail contradictions? Does the possibility of murdering yourself as a child show that backward-directed time travel is an impossibility?

     The answer is: there is no possibility, if you travel into the past, of murdering yourself as a child. The very fact that you are here now logically  guarantees that no one – neither you nor anyone else – murdered you as a child, for there is no possibility of changing the past.

     This notion that one cannot change the past needs careful attention. There is nothing special about the past in this particular regard. For you can no more change the past than you can change the present or change the future. And yet this is not fatalism. I am not arguing that our deliberations and actions are futile.

     I cannot change the future – by anything I have done, am doing, or will do – from what it is going to be. But I can change the future from what it might have been. I may carefully consider the appearance of my garden, and after a bit of thought, mulling over a few alternatives, I decide to cut down the apple tree. By so doing, I change the future from what it might have been. But I do not change it from what it will be. Indeed, by my doing what I do, I – in small measure – contribute to making the future the very way it will be.

     Similarly, I cannot change the present from the way it is. I can only change the present from the way it might have been, from the way it would have been were I not doing what I am doing right now. And finally, I cannot change the past from the way it was. In the past, I changed it from what it might have been, from what it would have been had I not done what I did.

     We can change the world from what it might have been; but in doing that we contribute to making the world the way it was, is, and will be. We cannot – on pain of logical contradiction – change the world from the way it was, is, or will be.

     The application of these logical principles for time travel becomes clear. If one travels into the past, then one does not change the past; one does in the past only what in fact happened. If you are alive today, having grown up in the preceding years, then you were not murdered. If, then, you or anyone else travels into the past, then that time traveler simply does not  murder you. What does  that time traveler do in the past? From our perspective, looking backward in time, that traveler does whatever in fact happened, and that – since you are alive today – does not include murdering you.

     Time travel into the past involves no intrinsic contradiction. The appearance of contradiction arises only if one illicitly hypothesizes that the time traveler can change the past from what it was. But that sort of contradiction has nothing whatever to do with time travel per se. One would encounter the same sort of contradiction if one were to hypothesize that someone now were to change the present from the way it is or someone in the future were to change the future from the way it will be. All these latter notions are  logically impossible. But none of them is intrinsic to the concept of time travel.

     One should take care in describing time travelers not to give them logically impossible capabilities, e.g. the capacity to change the past from the way it was, the present from the way it is, or the future from the way it will be. But once one has done that, then there is no need to think the concept of time travel to be logically impossible. 
From Beyond Experience  by Norman Swartz

Okay so applying this logic to our Su/Hajin....I think that the moment Go Hajin got transported back to Goryeo and into the body of Hae Su, the past/history that she had read as that which had happened ceased to be an absolute truth or objective truth and instead became a potential truth or what might have happened. The moment Hajin becomes HaeSu, the Goryeo period becomes her present time line and so anything that she will do or not do in this present will shape the present as it is going to be.....i.e. even if she is afraid of changing the past , any of her actions/words will just make the present happen the way it is going to happen and the future as it is going to be because she can't change the past. Thus the past that we the modern era people will read about (including Go Hajin) will actually be because Hajin went back triggered the battle. So Hajin going back is the instrument needed to make the rest of Goryeo history happen regardless of whether she wants to change it or not. Now I hope I have thoroughly confused you all :crazy::sweatingbullets::P

As another article I read said- Waiting is a form of time travelling to the future hehehe.....I am travelling to EP 8! \^0^/


Even if possible any time travel may cause the so-called butterfly effect ( a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state). But however, it's a fictional world where logical and scientific principles may take a creative license and be suspended for the sake of the story.  


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Tomorrow a new academic year starts, and I'm expecting everyone to ask me about how my vacation was going!

And I'm like:



Yay half an hour till Moonday here!! \^0^/

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Hey guys, how is everyone doing?  Monday is almost here, at least in my time zone and I never thought I'd see the day when I would be excited that it's Monday, hahaha, this drama has me going crazy, like my phone screen lock is WS-HS right now, every time I want to unlock it I keep staring at it, lol, seriously, I should get help, am I the only one?! 

I will probably hang here until around the time the episode starts and then I will  be off until the subs are out because I don't want to get spoiled, it's more exciting watching it like that, of course I will have to fight my inner curious self to do it, haha.

Anyways, thank you for keeping this thread active and fun, you guys are all amazing, truly, so lucky to be a part of this journey with all of you! 

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WS is expecting HS to shy away from his face.
He is so sure to see pity and fright in her eyes.

But I believe that with that modern soul of hers, she did see enough in the world to know not to judge by the scar but by the actions.
She is able to look behind that scarred and scared face. He hide behind that mask, all those long and lonely years, but she already knows the person that is behind the mask and does not care for the scare. I have a feeling that she tells him off as soon as she get's the chance and that not her offer or pleading gets him the make-up cover, but her putting him into place and dragging him along.

She is way to modern to adapt quietly, why else would they constantly tell her off, slap her for mistakes or push her around.
While being punished she remembers that she is in a different time and place, even thought each cell is rebellious she still takes it as she should for those times. But at times her modern thinking just flips out and she spills future ideas (like while drinking with BA), sings odd songs (like for Eun and later all princes), she steps up and takes matters in her hand without questioning (like with CP and his rash) 

My point is, she will not let WS scare her, as she knows he is not scary ... maybe when WW tries to save her, while being pinned to the pillar by WS she just pushes him away and tells him off shutting him up ... again ;)

Gosh I so anticipate the next episode ... watching a drama that is already ended, you can take a peek at the end and get calmed "ok that's how it ends", but while it is running full speed I am so annoyed that I do not know ahead.
Yes, yes, I watched the original ... but 1) it's some time ago and 2) they are bound to change the plot (due to historical background, length and art) ... they will keep to the main road, but skip and flip here and there (they did the same with Fated to love you)


ok past midnight now ... it's monday ... I need to sleep or my work will suck :D

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FINALY MOONDAY!!!! (that works even in german - Montag - Mondtag!)

I can´t wait to see the next Episode... this Week was sooo long.... I have so many Ideas in my Mind... now I have to see the real thing soon.... And I still have to wait.... sob...

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IU visited her fan cafe and had a chat with Ueanas. Is she hinting something about Chae Ryeong? :vicx:

Csq0u6QWAAAx0L7.jpg /

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