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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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8 minutes ago, solelylurking said:


South east Asia. I'm in Jakarta right now. You?

Okies.. I am near by only but lil far.. In India...


Thanks Chingu for thegifs of hungry WS and eating LJK... so many lip movements to analyze you know.

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@shiraru maybe at finger talk she just too shy to point at the person right beside her. hahaha.. after she said that's hard she slightly look at joongi and then thinking the answer hahaha. even after the stare her gesture copying joongi. Sorry for being delusional hahahahhaha

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Just a question since my modus operandi this year seems to be avoiding reading about a drama before it starts. So I don't have any expectations. 

I've just marathoned ep 1-7 a few days ago. Watchable but the modern music beats and the jarring close ups are a real distraction. However I went to page 1 to read the character descriptions right?


Am I watching the same drama as you all? The CD are pretty dark and depressing. Ok reading Wook's description was pretty darn depressing considering how sweet and caring he is now. Reading So's is even worse. And I did read something on this forum- not under spoilers- how he became the 4th king.

Then I have watched BBJX. I've never cried as much over a drama as that one. 


But but but I keep reading about happy romances here. And how HS has the happy option of choosing 2 loves. Didn't the 2 males traumatized her to death (figuratively and literally ) in BBJX and the novel? Is the Kdrama one supposed to be lighter? Or end up with a happ ending?


Because otherwise I was going to skip it until ep 14 or 15 comes along. It's just that the posts here make it sound as if it's a typical Kdrama 1st and 2nd lead sort of romance. Where else the impression I ended up from watching  BBJX was that  the girl just ended up with a helpless love in the end. In fact the whole ending just made my heart hurt.

That was the reason why I was avoiding reading spoilers pre airing date. It has taken me years to recover- not quite-  where both males in a drama loved the woman but not enough. * shudder *

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3 hours ago, xiao_baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii said:

@luci13 This drama honestly makes me feel like a crazy woman. Almost every expectation that I have about this drama is always proven wrong lol, and still cuts of scenes always play out differently to how I imagined them haahahha

I'm feeling slightly panicked, since it's already time for Episode 8, and I'm like how do we have time for romance AND all the bloodshed, death, tragedy????? Lol I'm going to probably cry at certain points because it's too much for me to handle haha

And yes! I can't wait for Episode 8 and 9, and the rest <3

sadly .. Kviewer dislike & rejected to watch MLSHR


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