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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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3 hours ago, Nymeria289 said:

I don't think Hae-Su is the kind to jump from one man's shoulder to another man's arms so easily and I mean literally, will she not have that date with Wook this episode where its all candles and sweetness all around for them. I think she was having a hard time thanks to Concubine and Queen "Why is her name too long". And god forbid, if they figure out she applied makeup on So's face to make the marks go away, they won't go easy on her. My guess, she collapsed and most likely passed out. Our dear Wang So was there just to be her support in the right time. 

BTW, I had to pinch myself too.

I am also not saying that HS will come running into WSs arms...we hav seen this scene that its WS pulling her in his arms...

And what my feel is she must have hard time in palace and wook could not support her there, so she must have felt lonely. And WS just shared that make up moment so he already had some feelings for HS.

@bold...thats what my thoughts are Exactly...

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Just now, magdale said:

Wang Wook is a man who has been restricted for a long time to act according to what he feels, either by family obligations or his position. Hae Soo is with whom he has felt more himself but still continues restricting himself to behave as he wants. It will be when the battle for the throne explode and Hae Soo is not longer with him, that he covets power and perhaps we will see the other side of the coin.

Definitely there is something organic and deep in the relationship between Hae Soo and Wang So, something that makes you want these two be together but you know they have to go through difficult things to love each other as it should be.  love onion head





Wang So and Hae Soo relationship is like watching the sun and the moon. Completely each other with their own function. without Sun, Moon could not shine like a bright biggie star in the sky. Sun might be always together  with the sky everyday but Moon and Soon is like a two side of a coin. Different side but complete each other :D

6 minutes ago, violet90 said:

okay before i start spazzing about all the pic..

the hugging in the rain i think its more on HS breaking down.. slowly she will realize that palace is a cruel place with the Queen and Lady Oh (i still think she a good person) and its slowly breaking her.. i think since the beginning HS always be herself around WS.. she always told what she REALLY feel and comfortable enough to even close to WS in term of skinship.. i think with WS she actually became herself much more when she with WW.. and now with everything is overwhelming for her she just need to be hug.. i think that's why WS face is like that.. he just knew HS needed and in a way he need that too..

but i think that scene is not love in the air kind of scene.. they both broke in that eps and i think WS and HS just need that hug to make it a little better.. whether WW see this or not i could't care less.. i also think WS don't care either.. HS is too important for him to even care about other feeling.. 

just my 2 cent about that scene cause in preview we can hear HS said 'what i did that so wrong'? .. maybe because she helped WS people trying to get her in trouble...

 hello dear :D

yes i second that with you. Have a hard day with people humiliating you but Wang So is get used it but Hae Soo isnt. She was born in a modern era where the Georyo thing is still new to her. She didnt even think the Georyo era will make her exhausted physic and mental.

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3 hours ago, ruzikie said:


Hae Soo can have Wang So meanwhile we get Wookie instead :D:P:D 



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28 minutes ago, LyraYoo said:

If you watched his healing camp he admitted he practiced by himself , but let's see how he will fair this time , sageuk kisses are sometimes on limited scale .  :phew:

But the chemistry rocks so no worries


He seriously need a lovelife !




Whattt ? He's not a good kisser ? WEEEEEEE ??? :D

i guess if he learn on himself means he's dating right ? Lmao. I need this man to have a good date but wait, i guess he had a rumour with his co-star in Joseon Gunman last time. Jeon Hye Bin i guess :D

but it's okay, i wanna see him kissing hae soo but please kdrama god, make a bed scene juseyo. Jaebal Jaebal TT

11 minutes ago, liltash85 said:



 wanna join our SkyTeam ? We should arrange a group for Wookie :D

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Please do not quote instagram posts, thanks. ( thanks for remind me mod :D )
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1 hour ago, liltash85 said:


I super sgree with you. I like  Wang So as I am Lee Junki fan, but i see some people here really trying hard to find little things about WW and try to make him like a double agent character. 


Thank you for pointing this out. I know most of everyone here is a WS-HS shipper, so it's a bit hard to defend WW at times, I'm a WW-HS shipper and I  feel that WW may seem weak,boring,typical to some people but I find his character really interesting:)

i know HS and WS will eventually be together so  CAN I HAVE WOOK to myself then ?? :blush:

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hello back!!! kekekeke

WS knew how hard and tough life in palace are.. that's why he warned HS about harsh reality of this kind of place.. HS is all about positiveness i doubt that she think about what going to happen if she help WS but she did it because she can't stand injustice of a person.. remember chaeryung??? when Eun stalk her HS want him to apologize even when Eun is a prince.. same here cause she can't just stand there watching WS being treated like that.. 

WS understand HS the most so he knew how loss HS can be in this kind of situation.. that's why he hug her because that the only thing at that time that will calm her.. i think its even more meaningful than just a hug from lover.. from eps1 to eps7 they been through a lot together to reach this stage.. 

but omooooo WS have a first time hug with HS and first kisses with HS too.. well HS have a bf so she the one with experience.. LOL

i can't wait for next stage though.. the kiss scene (i'm waiting for the kiss scene in spoiler pic that look so hot!!!) but at least WS already know what he want.. kkkk

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2 hours ago, redfrommars said:

No, we're all at peace here. Wook is such a kind and gentle man. Anyone will easily fall in love with him more in real life. We're just excited because ScarCouple will finally have their turn :D

Wook is a strong second lead syndrome and even I get mushy when I see their sweet scenes but em still for SoSoo because So's first lead syndrome is so demm high xDD

No wars here. Everyone is at peace. We even ship WangYo and Yeonhwa or WangYo and Queen xD


yup Wook is a strong 2nd lead character. He is not the typical 2nd lead who just sit and love the female lead from afar. At least he take action. Kang Ha Neul is a good example of bias wrecker. 

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49 minutes ago, Adnana said:


@ruizaio More than a few times, you've mentioned reading an early synopsis of the drama.

I, and I'm sure many other soompi-ers, am very interested in some of the details. I understand that the story might have changed by the time they actually started filming, but I'd still very much like to know how the plot was supposed to develop (and end) in the original synopsis. Even more if the story is sad, I need spoilers so that I can mentally prepare myself, just in case.

Maybe you can give us a summary of what you've read before?



I can translate it some time when i have more time.

Meanwhile, LJK (LJG) was asked how he's changed now from back when he made his debut during filming the special features for the director's cut of Iljimae (which was this July, AFTER filming MLSHR), and he replied, "Doing kissing scenes."

You can see that here:


Rough transcript:


JG: I’m actor Lee Joon-Gi, who played the role of Iljimae.
YS: I’m PD Yong-Suk Lee from SBS. Nice to meet you.
YS: Of course, you’ve been way busier.
JG: Iljimae forever!
YS: It feels like a long lost child has come back to life.
JG: I’ve gotten a lot better with kissing scenes.
YS: I think we did it without realizing.
YS: I’m sure the viewers were worried, too.
JG: I think everybody had a hard time.
YS: How shall we do it this time…
JG: …as it needs to be different each time.
YS: How to make it look different.
YS: It seemed like we couldn’t get it any better even if we tried again…
JG: I think I would have revealed it.
YS: I thought he was joking as he was drunk, and said “Sure, go ahead” as a joke…
JG: Then, on the day of the script reading!
YS: …and he actually got his teeth removed.
JG: How are we gonna do this, director?
YS: I hope you’ll be able to enjoy the same fun and excitement anew.
YS: Thank you all so much.
JG: Thank you very much.
YS: I was told to wave my hands.
JG: Thank you, everyone!
YS: Yes, thank you!


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i really want to second you in term of this drama is different from other in get to go..

firstly the second lead not just someone who fall in love and help female lead and in the end heart broken.. WW actually get the girl and they both really loved each other in a real way.. people are get to used the lead always fall in love with each other and do not have other relationship before this. 

for me its interesting and refreshing in a way cause this is reality.. its not design to make people feel heart flutter or swooning.. its something that deep and raw about this drama.. we get our OTP is broken also the throne fighting and palace games.. its so much deep than just a two lover make way to happy ending..

that's why i love this drama.. :)

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1 hour ago, luci13 said:

Talking about kisses, I've been a long time fan of LJK as I must admit he's not a good kisser :P So maybe I'll keep my expectation very low on this drama as well HAHAHAHAHA 


We must have been watching his dramas for so long then. We know that compared to the actors his batch, he get less kiss scenes in dramas. ;)

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