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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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6 hours ago, solelylurking said:

The one thing I regret from the preview of next ep:

Why can Wang So be more poker face specially on front of his evil queen mother? It's like he's letting everyone know what he's feeling for Soo. I know I've said it myself that one only have to look at So's face to figure what inside his head but this is a palace, So! You need to be more political correct here or you'll be suffering more. 


I think it's the editing that makes it seem like she was asking So because it cuts to him, but I think it's more likely that she was addressing Jung.

1. She seems to be sitting down and talking to the person. I don't think she and So could have a chat sitting down; most of the time now, it looks like mother son interactions are confrontations. One of them's more likely to be standing

2. The manner of which she talks. Though to be honest, the way she said it does seem really threatening and in the cruel satisfaction way but I think that's also just her permanent character expression lolol. But overall, it seemed like she had a more doting expression and tone that we've only really seen her use for Jung and not even Yo. 

Just my thoughts, I could be completely wrong haha :D

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I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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7 minutes ago, akinahana89 said:

This smile right here... it's so heart stopping. If Lee Joon Gi smiled at me like that, I'd be a total goner. I'm going to stare at this gif for hours now... lol.

YESYESYES!!~ LOVE IT!~ That smile ohmyword! :wub::wub: My heart <3 Makes me want to go watch ep 5 immediately!~ (which i've been procrastinating cos it looks like we don't get very much of our lovely SoSoo in it?)  Hahaha, although i know SoSoo is the OTP eventually, i'm just greedy for more scenes between them instead all this teasing with the 8th prince in the wayyyyy. Moveeeeeeeee number 8!~ stop trying to make me feel for you with your intense gazes and smiles! :crazy:

Alternatively, i will also devour any scene where number 4 makes an appearance. Ahhh i am so glad he is the main character and not a second/third/ lead

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I just watched ep 5 and although I wasn't in a rush for it knowing there was little of WS, I was pleasantly surprised how good it was and the emotions it brought out of me, lucky my tissues were nearby.  I think WW always loved Lady Hae but never told her. Since it was an arranged marriage and being the gentleman that he is he probably held back from expressing himself other than taking great care of her. When she was on his back and confessed to him of her love he asked her why she didn't tell him how she felt and his tone was one of anguish. In an earlier episode when she was helping him give out stuff to a village in need he had given her a loving look across the way. After her death in the scene where he was crying and clinging to HS for comfort, I think that was when he realized how much he loved Lady Hae and his loss and anguish at losing her without letting her know how he felt will leave him with a guilt that would prevent him and HS from getting together. He will continue to look after HS as his wife wanted but I can't believe after that moving death scene that he would be able to think of HS as a lover.  I know that I can't, for me that ship has burnt and crashed. This episode was like the tragic ending of a love story :bawling:

On to the happier scenes, the emoticon reply was hilarious and it was perfect how WS explained it. I loved the scenes with WS, small as they were but very effective in reminding us of his presence in the drama.

I hate for YH to get her hands on WS but I have a feeling that he may marry her just to spite WY after that altercation :angry:

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For all of those trying to understand the antipathy toward Moon Lovers:Scarlet Heart Ryeo. IU or Baekhyon that is being posted online I have found an article that may shed some light on this. While it doesn't deal directly with this particular case of anti fan reactions, it does explain the basic outline of how things get to this point and what generates it.


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10 hours ago, valsava said:

Lady Hae died from a broken heart knowning her husband heart had went to another


Yeah i think her death was seemed too early and sudden, especially after she found out her husband feeling to HS, her health deteriorated faster.  It looked like what you have pointed, rather than because she's dying then she's trying to match HS with her husband. I'm little bit confuse about the writer intention regarding this. And imo she looked disturbed and unhappy when knowing her husband feeling and forced when planning their matchmaking, even the 13 prince need to defend her by talking to HS.


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I love episode 5 of Moon Lovers, with my only complained being NOT ENOUGH Lee Jun Ki. How is that possible he had only roughly 10 minutes screen time? 

The scene of translating the emoji is by far the cutest (I laughed so much especially because of the Dumb and Dumber - 10th Wang Eun and 14th Wang Jung) and I couldn't stop gushing about how amazing LJK looks in that princely robe.

The drama is definitely shaping up better now that everything has fall into places and being someone who had watched the C-version, I must say this drama is completely refreshing and unpredictable. Except for the characters, most elements feel so new and I couldn't predict the relationship development at all.

At this juncture, I wonder how will Haesoo eventually came to be deeply in love with 4th since she is currently madly in love with 8th (and they are even set to marry) and 4th is a changed man now - with brighter outlook in life and not so much an outcast anymore. I don't see him in need of so much healing and in comparison with back when he was so angsty, I could at least decipher how Haesoo would eventually share a bond with him. 

Also, none of the brothers have any political aspiration yet except 3rd and that Haesoo is pratically history blind so I wonder how would she be the catalyst that set into motion the rivalry between brothers, putting aside love but the throne conflict. 

I hope all those questions would be properly fleshed out and I am thrilled that the drama bears no resemblance to its chinese counterpart.

Looking forward to episode 6 and please, just please, give us more Lee Jun Ki.

With regard to the ratings, I say....WHAT THE HECK. I love this drama to the end of the earth and it's truly a shame and loss for those who failed to appreciate this wonderful piece of work.


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4 hours ago, akinahana89 said:

OMG. I know. T_T I'm honestly so upset that Lady Hae died and I didn't even watch the episode yet. I knew she would sooner or later, but I was really hoping for later because I really like her. This is heartbreaking...

maybe the production wanna play save... broadcasting to the entire world a married man fall so hard over his wife cousin wasn't really a good thing to do right? 

3 hours ago, juliacaesar said:

Hi guys! I think Scarlet Heart ep 5 managed to poke a hole into my heart. I feel pain, so much pain :(

Does anyone know if the OST for the final scene, Wook carrying Myung Hee on his back, has been released? It must be my favorite so far.

the sariosa song?? i love it too.. because it so perfect with the scene... i think hasn't been release, maybe will be part 6 or something. because if taeyeon will be in the ost line i think her song will be released first.

her presence maybe not much last night but it's so nice to see he didn't hide his beautiful smile in front of HS


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Greetings, All,

I've been following this thread for a few days and have enjoyed your insights.  I may have missed it but has anyone commented yet on the disconnect in the preview for Ep. 6 where in the HDF version I watched raw this morning, its WS who spirits HS away and in the DF version I just watched with subs, its WW who spirits HS away.  I guess we'll have to wait for tomorrow to see who really rescues our adorable little heroine (BTW I HATED how she looked all Goryeo-glammed up; she looked like a mini-version of Wicked Witch Yoo) but I'll put my hopes on WS since "marrying HS off" is the equivalent of "adopting WS out" and he knows first-hand how miserable that was and he also doesn't mind being the "rouge prince" and if Wicked Witch Yoo is behind the marriage, well, all the better for ticking her off...

And where did that pathetic piece of pitiful named YH come from...  She's more like Wicked Witch Yoo than she is like her supposedly biological mother and brother and the DF preview makes it seem like she's behind the "marriage" of HS.  I guess she wasn't paying attention when her mother pointed out that the only reason they were able to walk the streets of Goryeo or whatever they call that city in the drama is because of HS's family...  I guess she missed out on the lesson about never, ever returning evil for good...  That's okay, if WS didn't despise her before, he'll despise her now...

And the final scenes of today's drama were probably the most beautiful I think I've ever seen in a drama, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, whatever... Spectacular scenery, music, costumes, dialogue, acting and story line.  Gorgeous, respectful, dignified death scene fitting for Lady Hae's character.   In lots of ways this drama is on a completely different level from the traditional k-drama trope.

I did some Wiki-reading about WS, also because he was a character in another drama I watched, Shine or Go Crazy.  The article I read said WS marries YH but lists a second wife, his niece, the daughter of King Haejong.  I'm wondering if this "Haejong" is related to our Hae So and Lady Hae.  Anybody got any ideas.  I note the disclaimer before the drama about "creative license" being taken with the history.  This would make me happy:  WS marries HS for love; Taejo forces WS to marry YH for political reasons and WS ignores her until Taejo dies, then locks her up in a nunnery afterward...  Where's that devil emoggi.....

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18 minutes ago, akinahana89 said:

I haven't heard Taeyeon's OST yet... but based on the lyrics, I think I'd like to use it to make an FMV for our So2 once I get my computer fixed. ^^

Taeyeon OST cut from the episode 5 :) :


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