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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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Aww that scene where Hae Soo refused to give up Wang So when speaking to Ji Mong...ugh could feel her pain

Just wants to be happy :(

'You are not the King's match' - Ji Mong


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Episode 18 hurts my heart...and now I'm questioning why do I start to follow this show when I know it wouldn't end well? Just. Why? *took another box of tissues*

I've been reading a couple of articles about episode 18 on some sites after watching both version and most of the comments seems to be frustrated with Hae Soo; why she justified Chaeryung's death so fast by saying she's like a little sister to her, she's just a girl in love, when Chaeryung did some crimes and why can't she understand So's actions regarding everything after all the time she has spent with him. I...did agree to some point, but I also have been wondering if I've been too harsh on Hae Soo? Like she said in episode 17 SBS version, doesn't she at least deserve some slack for all she has been through? Doesn't she deserve to be happy too? Also, if I think about it again...her journey in Goryeo has been pretty sad as well. She was thrown into an era that she almost knew nothing about, she has to learn anything from zero, either the etiquette, hierarchy, reading and writing...then she lost her mentors and has been forced to marry the king...she also has experienced many punishments and various low positions. Now she can't marry the person she wanted to marry because the stake is higher now since So has claimed the throne. She has sacrificed so much...to top it off, she's dying...oh, Hae Soo-ya...:tears:

About Chaeryung, although she did commit crimes and lied to her, it's quite understandable that Hae Soo still thinks of her like a sister; she has been her friend from day 1. I did want to smack Hae Soo and be like,"She's one of the reason why you're miserable in this era, don't feel sorry for her anymore, wake up Hae Soo-ya!!" but Hae Soo also had never been a ruthless girl so far....cold and stubborn, maybe, but earlier Hae Soo is a warm and trusting person. She's also a person who treasures memories until a bigger thing shakes her belief (Gwangjong premonitions with So, ambition for the throne with Wook)...also, Hae Soo's reason that Chaeryung is just a girl in love, it may be because she's projecting herself in her. Just like she kept trusting Wook's empty promises back then, Chaeryung trusted Won, the difference is that Chaeryung is blinded by her love, that she would do anything for it. For me it's pretty reasonable that she wanted to leave the palace after Chaeryung's death, it may have been her last straw. Her frustration must have been piling up until then.

Wang So...oh, how I hate for him to turn out to be a ruthless king...it was inevitable, I guess...the position of a King comes with a price. I love the scene between him and Queen Yoo about his revenge is that he will take care of her, and he would make up and spread stories about how she only loves him. At the surface, it felt like a cruel revenge, but then again...wouldn't it benefit Queen Yoo more? I mean, her name wouldn't be tarnished after her death. And I personally feel it's quite tragic for So, he still has a desire to be loved by Queen Yoo, even if it's just make-believe stories that would be passed down for generations ahead. I guess in his case, blood is indeed thicker than water.

*sigh* So-Soo catches a little break, but it's really just a little...well, whatever happiness left, I'll take it then, ahahaa :)

I also felt a little sorry for Yeon Hwa, juuuust a little though. Despite her sly ways on getting and protecting what she wanted, one sided love has never been fun. It's sad to see her copying Hae Soo's styles just to make Wang So looked at her. She must be desperate to go to that extent.

And what's the deal with Wook and Won now? Won is a liar who would outed Wook just like that?? Damn...I thought he'd be at least gives So a good fight about all the suspicions, but I guess he's not as smart or as firm as Wook. Speaking of Wook...when he suggested that So should give him full permission to take care of Goryeo's finance, I feel like he's planning for something bigger...what is it, I wonder? And the preview....NOOOOO...So-Soo would break up again because of Wook!! But I have a little hope that Wook is doing that to make Hae Soo happy again, and finally fulfilled his promise to Hae Soo. We have seen him promising Hae Soo that he would take her out of the palace, and considering So is obsessed with keeping Hae Soo beside her, he tells So that Hae Soo had a relationship with him, so that So would 'allow' her to leave the palace. I will cling to this fangirl theory for now, I don't want to hate Wook too much, ahahaha...

Now I have to restock my tissues...next week Moon Lovers are over, and seeing that it would pull a BBJX, I think I will bawl my eyes out for days...

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Am I the only one feeling depressed af after watching ep 18? I no longer care who is at fault or whatever I just feel sad at the thought that happiness never seems to last and everything is just a fleeting moment.

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23 minutes ago, bluesunny3 said:

Again with the Hae Soo bashing?! She's like a small defenseless puppy and I have to protect my girl! 

People are saying she doesn't love So enough???

ummm...excuse me, but Wang So just married his HALF SISTER! We know he didn't have sex with Yeon Hwa but Hae Soo didn't know that...she was in her room feeling all heart broken because she assumes it's their wedding night and they will do it....and yet SHE STILL ACCEPTS THAT and is willing to stay with him!!!!

I mean...21st century woman who can accept that she's a side chick and her man is screwing his sister?!?! That is true love....

I, for one, would bolt so fast. In my 21st century mind, it's just gross and I wouldn't let him touch me. I'm afraid of incest cooties.......and if you're one of the people who can accept it like Hae Soo, then you shouldn't be bashing her.


I am with you girl! HS suffered so much especially in ep 19 where WS marries that wicked ugly witch!  I am a little bit angry with WS because once he said that " he won't be controlled by anyone." Then, why he let this happened? Making that wicked witch a queen by marrying her? My heart  goes with Hae Soo, not because I pity her but because I am a girl and what if it will happen to me? 

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11 hours ago, Artheusa said:

I need Wookie to spill the beans about Yeon-hwa's role in the poisoning. She must not get away with it. No no no! I was waiting for the Queen Mamma to do it but she passed away. Please Wookie, go full evil and backstab your sister *cue palpatine laughing

YES!!! WS must know the truth


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2 minutes ago, hanatanada said:

Am I the only one feeling depressed af after watching ep 18? I no longer care who is at fault or whatever I just feel sad at the thought that happiness never seems to last and everything is just a fleeting moment.

No girl,. You are not the only one.  I think all of us here in this page.. crazy and depressed? Lol! 

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39 minutes ago, AryRa said:

Ahhh so sweet marrying himself :wub:

I laugh spontaneously and everybody in the train was look at me... "is she crazy??" :P

hahahahahaha that why I can accept it...

I laugh and cry in public cause of MLSHR too...what this drama had make me into...I scare that I will be "stomp" so I trying very hard to control myself...anyway, I think I am bit too late...but

HAPPY 1601!!! :heart:

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2 minutes ago, hanatanada said:

Am I the only one feeling depressed af after watching ep 18? I no longer care who is at fault or whatever I just feel sad at the thought that happiness never seems to last and everything is just a fleeting moment.


Relax. You are not the only one feeling depressed after watching MLSHR.

I feel depressed since episode 1 and will need intense therapy to fix my broken heart after the ending :sweatingbullets:

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3 minutes ago, hanatanada said:

Am I the only one feeling depressed af after watching ep 18? I no longer care who is at fault or whatever I just feel sad at the thought that happiness never seems to last and everything is just a fleeting moment.

Yeah....me too dear!!

From early morning till now...my mind still doesn't work right...

It's like "Is this what I get after putting my whole life in this drama????":sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets::tears::rolleyes::sweatingbullets::wub::wub:

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9 minutes ago, sriskaddict said:

I have been unable to watch recent episodes but recap has made me uneasy.its like something has pulled out my heart and twisted it and then put it inside.i have not been able to get away from thoughts of recent developments in MLSHR, and really feel like "why the hell i started this drama". Lesson learned i am never going to watch any sad drama again and that too when its still airing. It occupies so much of my thoughts and consumes so much time. I am mostly zoned out,thinking of MLSHR and feeling sad.i know its a dramabut why i am feeling bad for drama characters. Please give me some happy ending or this drama will never leave my mind

haa......... i told myself to wait until next month when the story finished...... yet here i am :sweatingbullets:

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And here so Ive come back from work to watch the SBS subbed version... another hr of angst and probably loss of sleep tonight..AGAIN! 

Wonder if we can break 2000 pages here by the end of next week after the finale!!!



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16 hours ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

Man, So looks absolutely evil in that preview... Muhahaha... I love it! It isn't as if Uk didn't have it coming. ;) Well, I did say last night that if people push So too much, he will push back and much, much harder. He's a fighter through and through. 

LJG has always looked like an anime character to me but that King eyeliner takes it up a notch or two.

The previews are so superbly done, I have to say. The episode hasn't been shown and people are already up in arms over the next episode. LOL.

Honestly, this show really does such a good job getting a rise out of people, you'd almost think the writer was an evil genius. Week after week I wake up to so much outpouring of anger and grief. 

It's just amazing how much people are attached to this show and yet divides people along such clear lines. When you think about it, it's quite an achievement. 


That's what I've been thinking last night too @40somethingahjumma.  It's bed time but couldn't resist reading the thread...  then I ended up sharing my thoughts.  A little lack of sleep is better that having nightmare. :blush:

15 hours ago, arabela said:

I AM PROBABLY one of the few who liked this episode and feel that things did develop naturally and they are not out of characters personality .

THE BEST SCENE THAT DESCRIBE WHO WS REALLY IS IN THE ENTIRE DRAMA, is in my opinion the entire scenario with his mother being on death - in this we can see all that is in him  : pain turn to anger and revenge , jealousy, determination, unable to forgive and let go, his deep need to be accepted, longing, passion, his aggression, darkness, the will to be loved, the vulnerabilty, his ability to do anything for what he wants no matter how crazy it seems, his fury when he doesn't get it, his cruelty , his regrets, his mistakes  .... his last scene  with his mother is in a way a preliminary on his relation with HS , cause they are both the only women he loved and needed , punishing them for betraying him, unable to forgive, unable to let go, unable to stop loving them, unable to not feel hurt ....and again his old habit to transform his pain in anger ... who burn it all  his pain of not being loved in anger  and then regrets his actions  and feel again an unlovable monster .... this is WS - the man who wanted his rejecting and dying mother all for himself, refusing so cruel her last wish to see her beloved son,wanting to punish her, but longing for her love, crying for her only caring gesture .... this is pure WS!!!!!

All this episode we see WS growing more and more anger on WW, blaming him for all the wrongdoings .... is only natural in my opinion to go mad after he will find that this man who already did become the object of his destroying fury is also the one that had HS heart before him. To be surprised by his future reaction ,jealousy and anger,is to not understand who he is . I find the scenario and his reactions very coherent ....if only people won't fool themselves thinking WS is a better and lighter man than he is or that HS changed his nature .... he is the man who killed his tree friend to survive, burn a mountain to revenge, kill some men to get his mother appreciation, almost abused the girl he likes, want to hurt even more someone who was dying ....and know, I mean in do 19 find out that the man he hates most was the first love of his HS ....even if she doesn't go so far as wanting to marryWW , even if We didn't love her, even if nothing happen, for  man with his personality to find out that his enemy, his most hated person is just the man she liked is reALLY TO MUCH .....


My heart goes out for WS in that scene too @arabela.  What's even more heartbreaking is the fact that the person whom he expect to understand him (HS) couldn't even comfort him.  He is only human and a person who is terribly hurt like that couldn't find reason because he is blinded by his emotion that he's been keeping for 25 years.  I understand HS concern for Jung but had I been in her shoes, I'd be more concerned with WS first knowing how he's been treated by his mother.

I completely understand where his anger is come from.  I can't help but wonder what their conversation would be in the next episode to enrage GJ like that, angry to and extent that he decide to stop seeing each other.  I hope she's not telling him to save WW, not out love for him but just to prevent GJ from killing his brother.  Should that be the case, he will certainly get mad and might misunderstand her action (that she's doing it out of love for WW). 


12 hours ago, whyo said:

My theory about preview epi 19.

From epi 18 we already know that So hate Wook. Then maybe at that time (convo preview) he also know that the person HS loved was Wook. BUT HS being HS and ask So to forgive Wook (by REMIND HIM ABOUT HIS PROMISE). UNFORTUNATELY, So also being So, he didn't tell her that he already know about Wook and her engagement. 

So ask her to prove if it was true or not. BECAUSE OF THEIR PROMISE to not lying each other, HS tell it was true.

IT WILL MAKE So HURT SO MUCH!! (yeah... sometimes the truth is hurt). Because when Wook rebel with Yo, HS also beg for Wook life and So even endangered his life! What make it WORSE is the fact that SHE STILL ask So to forgive Wook. It mean HS CAN UNDERSTAND AND FORGIVE WOOK FOR WHAT HE HAD DONE BUT WHY SHE CAN'T UNDERSTAND SO FOR HIS INTENTION.

It will make him SO MAD... Just like when HS help Jung. 

So: Why are you on Jung's side too? You, OF ALL PEOPLE, should be on my side.
HS: Its not about taking sides. BECAUSE OF YOUR EGO, Jung was not at her deathbed.
So: HE IS NOT THE PITIFUL ONE. It was always ME that cast away. (dialog about her mother). Is it so wrong to send her off on my own?
HS: *try to understand and start guilty*

Me: yoyo102.gifyoyo102.gifyoyo102.gif


p.s. well yeah... this is what we call real life. we being hard to the one we love/close because we think she/he would understand us and our intention. In this case So hope HS will understand why he doing all of these but at the same time HS also hope that So will understand her intention. The bad thing is..... both of them are hurt enough to understand each other.





We share the same thought @whyo

The reason why open communication is vital in every relationship?   BECAUSE WE CAN'T READ MINDS.  Unrealistic expectation is very frustrating actually.  

We must also consider that Man and Woman are created differently and their way of thinking is different too.  Just imagine what two unique individual joined together.... it's the miracle called LOVE.  If that's gone, saving any relationship would be very difficult.  Misunderstanding each other is very common to couples no matter how much they love each other.   If they don't learn how to communicate their thoughts and feelings well, this is most likely to happen.  I used to say that when couples refuse to listen & understand each other, their love will fly out of the windows.  I just hope that our OTP, though they fight, disagree and get angry, their love for each other remains because that will serve as cord to connect/tie them once again.

12 hours ago, MAROSA_JIN said:



Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest between them??  

ANSWER:  Lee Jun Ki!  :)

How come he is prettier the the woman?????  :heart:

11 hours ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

Good episode but yeah... very sad as the inevitable looms large. The throne is truly a lonely place and to hold on to it is a terrifying task.

As someone else said earlier in the thread, I too have a really hard time taking sides between So and Su because I love them both and I can quite easily put myself in their shoes and walk in them. In a real enough way these two people would have never met if she hadn’t been transported unceremoniously across time and space. It’s a mismatched situation and ultimately it’s a mix of circumstances and their own personalities that will tear them apart. But it doesn’t make their romance less great even if they go their separate ways. The greatness of their romance shouldn’t be measured by whether they have a happy ending but by how much they loved when they could. My belief is that they were hampered from the start but in the end they tried the very best they could. I never assumed that they would have a happy ending judging from the source material and I never liked to speculate much that they would either.

My view for some time has been that Su was brought back to Goryeo precisely for the qualities that she’s being berated for clinging onto right now. Narratively at least, only a woman who can see the best in others despite all appearances to the contrary could have tamed a savage, blood-thirsty, ruthless man and caused him to fall in love. Wang So was a pariah within his family and in all of Goryeo. His reputation as a wolf-like creature preceded him and yet she managed to find something in him to sympathize with. More than that, her tendency to sympathize compelled her to help him unmask himself and instil the confidence he needed to get to where he is today. On top of all of that, her unerring optimism and sassy attitude endeared her to most of the princes. Before we turn on her wholesale, let’s remember that those were the character traits that made her uniquely qualified to unlock So’s heart and take him on his journey to the throne.

I think it is a little unfair to ask her to jettison all of that just because it would be more expedient to do so. On some level, I want her to become as conniving and ruthless as Yeon Hwa but then if she were like YH, neither Uk nor So would never have fallen for her. She would have just been another palace player with agendas, manipulating everyone for her own ends.

However, having said that, it is also fair to say that if she can’t cast off her idealism because it’s killing her little by little inside, she needs to leave so that she doesn’t hold So back from doing what needs to be done and if So does love her and continues to respect her freedom, he should let her go.

I also strenuously disagree that Su doesn’t love So or has never loved him. I am really surprised that even after the last few episodes commenters are still saying this. She has compromised her own stated positions on polygamy and marriage in general not once but twice already because of him. She didn’t condemn him for killing Eun and understood why he did it. She waited at least 2 years for him when he left without her and she helped him become King despite her own misgivings. When she built her prayer shrine, she asked for more time to be with him knowing that she’s largely living on borrowed time.

Much as I don’t care for Chae Ryung, I’m sure that entire episode devastated Su not just because of the brutality in which punishment was meted out but because CR was supposedly a friend she had trusted and CR betrayed her trust. Someone who had not only caused the death of a King but also someone who had knowledge of the truth of a conspiracy. All of this made things untenable for Su and So under Yo’s watchful eye, which led in part to their 2 year separation. Undoubtedly CR was a pawn in a much bigger game but she used their so-called friendship to be a spy for Uk and Won and make in-roads into the palace. 

Nevertheless, call me hard-hearted but I don't buy "she only loved" as an excuse. People got hurt and a good King went nuts, died. And as So rightly pointed out, she was used to create problems between them. That's why Su sadly... doesn't really belong in the palace. It's not a bad thing to be generous but when people are backstabbing you and have created problems between you and the man you love, you've got to draw the line somewhere.

All these complaints are why week after week I keep thinking that I must be watching a show that’s completely different to everyone else. There must be some 4th or 5th version floating out there that’s created from Vogon poetry that I haven’t yet seen.


So has always been the guy to take out the rubbish. Now that he's on the warpath, he's definitely doing what he was born to do I expect. ;) He's taking out the rubbish in his own indomitable style.

As for So’s apparently newfound ruthlessness… well, he’s always been ruthless. That’s at the core of who he is. Let’s not forget that this is the man who killed a temple full of monks for his mother. It’s part of his duality… the man needing to be loved and the man who was never afraid to do what was necessary. Not sure why that’s a contradiction. Aside from that the one thing he cared about most in the world and he was forced from every side to give her up and be the devoted husband he always wanted to be. And now he’s hopping mad… as I expected he would be.

The Hwangbos overreached and forced his hand in the matter of marriage and needing support from the powerful clans. He was backed into a corner, asked to give up Su for political expediency and he’s none too happy. She’s been largely the restraining force in his life and now that the political class is trying to put a leash around his neck again, he’s growling and snarling. Are we surprised he’s fighting back?

This is what I meant about Uk needing to be very careful about pushing So. With all his so-called smarts he still hasn’t got So figured out – So is a fighter… a different kind of beast to him. When So thought Su was his happily ever after, he was a cute trained puppy on a leash but now when things are threatening to pull them apart, the wolf will come to the fore. It’s exactly what Yo said, Wolves mate for life. It works both ways: defensively and offensively. Used as a leverage once too many times, the wolf will bite and come out swinging. The schemers forgot that and they will pay, pay, pay. One at a time.

Honestly, I don’t see anything inconsistent at all. Frankly I don't see that So needs to apologize for cleaning up when his brothers were doing all kinds of things to undermine the throne and those protecting it for their own purposes.

Judging from how she’s written Su and So, I’d venture to guess that the writer probably believes people don’t really change all that much and it doesn’t take much for them to revert back to what they know when the trigger’s right. They both have things to do and if Su can't be the comfort that So needs then I support her leaving the castle and live out the final days peacefully (although the thought of her taking off with Jeong makes me a bit queasy).

See why I don’t take sides. ;)

(Well, maybe the writer’s side)


I couldn't agree more @40somethingahjumma!!!  You said exactly what I've been thinking after watching Ep. 18, even without the translation yet... (I can't understand everything they say but thanks to Mr. Bean) :blush:

11 hours ago, lyserose said:

Many would choose to disagree with Wang So and feel the heartbreak over his transition into a formidable Gwangjong but I guess, I am in the minority who actually like him better in this episode, or should I say I like this version of Wang So. Let's not forget that he is a King and he could not let himself being pulled by the nose by others. Some of his decisions could be seen as plainly cruel but as a king, he needs to step out with best foot forward and make the decision which he thinks is best for himself and at the situation despite being unpopular to others. I like that he exudes power in this episode, holding his ground as a king even taking advantage of Yeon Hwa to win the political game and solidify his power. The fact that he can turn the table on Yeonhwa pretty much shown us how much So has stepped up his political game.

The problem with Haesoo is that she is too idealistic and this is where her 21st century self is ill-fitting to this era. Tbh, I kind of like that Wang So holds his ground even to the woman he loves by asking Haesoo not to meddle into his decisions as a king and this is where I respect Baek Ah, he may not necessarily agree with So but he care to understand and could see beyond the true intention of So's actions unlike Haesoo. Haesoo simply has the tendency to view things at face value and So could not do more but hoping for her to understand. 

I have no issue with the separation between OTP. Sometimes, being apart is not because we love no longer but could be the best thing to give one another so that none would continue to hurt the other. By being apart, Haesoo won't feel hurt by So's actions which she could not agree with and So would not be hurt by Haesoo's lack of understanding. Their love still continue but the its the course than has run out. But if there's anything I wish to comment, I am devastated that Haesoo care to understand others including Chae Ryung despite her ultimate betrayal but care not to understand So.


I agree with most of your post @lyserose!   That's how I view WS/GJ too, not intimidated with anyone and knows how to face his opponent.

HS is a surface thinker that's why she finds it hard living in that era. She's only interested on solving the problem at hand without considering the possible consequence of her action later on. 

Just like any other couple, let's give them space this time to think and cool down.  They are too emotional to be logical.:grin:


10 hours ago, briseis said:

The Fool and His Bride


The masks that are Wang So and Hae Soo wearing are based on the famous Hahoe masks.

Imaetal (The Scholar’s Servant/The Fool)

The Imae mask has drooping eyes and eyebrows, a crooked nose, and a faint smile. The cheeks droop and the smiling shape of its mouth looks foolish but innocent. The  facial expression on the whole also looks foolish and naive. According to legend, Ho, who was said to be the maker of the Hahoe masks, died leaving the lower jaw of the Imae mask unfinished, and thus the Imae mask has been handed down up to the present without the lower jaw.


According to physiognomy, if the nose is crooked, some other part of the body will be crooked also (no doubt reference to WS’s own scar). It is said that a person whose eyes droop at the edge has a gentle and good nature. The Imae does not slander or do harm to others, but rather he himself is slandered and harmed by others (THE SHEER SYMBOLISM). This suggests that he seems to have a foolish character on the one hand but to be of a good and gentle nature on the other. 

Gaksital (The Bridal Mask)

She is generally quiet and calm, but her lips are firmly closed. This expression connotes that she is trying to keep her new marriage, and her tough life in her heart. 




This is very interesting info. @briseis.  Thanks for sharing!

10 hours ago, junejungki said:

Jun Ki like a big baby being cuddle. He seems enjoy it very much being cuddle by IU. kekekeke!!


This makes me smile @junejungki

Before this scene came out, I mentioned in my previous post about a man being vulnerable before his woman and that woman would be very careful in order not to hurt him coz doing such hurts her more.  And if he is hurt or in pain she wished she could take it on his behalf. It's like putting a BIG Baby to Bed.  I can't help but smile seeing LJK being like that.  He seems to be someone who enjoys that kind of thing from his woman.  He reminds me of my late husband... who enjoys the same thing. :blush:

6 hours ago, kdramawriter said:

For some reason I always agree with you 40somethingahjumma. I was really surprised by all the negative reaction because I've been really enjoying the ride. I think the show did a service to itself by starting the relationships so slowly, it was extremely careful in how it showed how each character developed feelings for each other and that's exactly the reason we're having SUCH a tumultuous/heated reaction to all the action that's happening now. I don't think of this show as any Korean Drama, it seems to be heavily influenced by American television: these last four episodes are essentially a long Season Finale. In the season finale, all the action that has been simmering finally COMES TO HEAD and that's why these episodes feels so incredibly fast paced. Because they are, and because we're finally paying off everything that we've learned in episode 1-17. The Chae Ryeun flashback feels like it's stuffed in, but if you remember, almost every character death has had a similar flashback (Lady Hae, King Taejo) The show has not deviated from it's pre-existing style. How you feel about it is up to you. 

I still love the emotional journey of the characters; I still feel like show stays really true to it's roots.


Wang So has always said to Hae Su that he would protect her, but there are two things that he can't protect her from: death, and himself. These are to the two things that are inevitable and it's going to be Wang So who hurts her the most. What's also incredibly tragic is all the things that Wang So said in the beginning when Hae Su entered the palace BECAME TRUE. He told her to trust no one in the palace (she trusted Chae Ryung, Wook, both whom betrayed her) and he told her everyone in the palace is alone. Her optimism rebutted at first, but look at where we are. Wang So is alone. Hae Su is alone. That is a true tragedy, to be told your fate, to buck against it, and to ultimately fail. Ugh, right in the gut man. 

I don't know why people are disappointed that Wang So is not a good king. We've been told and shown over and over again that the King's seat is an incredible precarious position. Both Yo and Mu were easily killed by usurpers, no wonder they were paranoid. So now that Wang So sits on the throne, he loses the power of the Yoos and the Hwangbos, and now has to consolidate that power. He's not as powerful as Wook because Wook has been acting as a minister for all these years, working with people and getting them on his side. It's just like in Game of Thrones how Robert Baratheon was a great general, but a terrible King. I think Wang So will be a good king, but this initial hardship is refreshing! I always appreciate this about the show, that it takes unexpected direction for us. The things we think will happen definitely do not


Okay, what happened to all those Hae Su haters that were angry at her for not wanting to Wang So to become king at the end of 16?? Where are your loud complaints now? Because literally everything that Hae Su has feared that Wang So would do, that the Kingship would force him to do, the separation, the cruelty, etc, he had to do it ALL this episode. I didn't think Hae Su was stupid at all for stating her doubts for Wang So. She has personally seen the death of two kings at the throne. She's personally served both. I think she was completely cognizant of all the machinations, the paranoia, the greed of the power who are around the king. She didn't want it for Wang So. Now do you get why?? She's accepted that Wang So would become King because of her great love for him. She even made him King because that's what he wanted. And now, who's paying the price? Hae Su. God girl, I want you to get out of there no matter how much you love Wang So. Her love is such a double edged sword. On the one hand, who she is allowed her to love Wang So, despite GIGANTIC RED FLAGS (um, temple of death much) BUT it's also the reasons that she also loved Chae Ryung. Like 40somethingahjumma said, she would not shuttle these characteristics just because it's more convenient to do so. Hae Su is the definition of inconvenient. 


Overthinking kdrama talks about how this is a story of a monstrous patriarchy that feeds on women and destroys them in the process. These women love these men despite their absolute power to destroy them. And this is such a fine read for me. Because if you look at every single female character, they die when they fall in love with a Prince. It's too precarious of a position to be in if you are not also yourself a Royal surrounded by power. Even being the daughter of a general is not enough. Seon Deok, Hae Su, Cha Ryeun, are all going to die DIRECTLY as a result of their love for the princes. This is the great overarching sadness of the show: that theses women are doomed as soon as they fall in love with a prince, but that they struggle on anyways. Aish, my heart hurts writing this. There are NO sides to blame for this. There are no ships sinking or whatever - this I've always maintained because I've not been watching the show for this. Just the mere fact that women have ALWAYS suffered at the hands of the men who love them. That's the great tragedy for me.


My theory is that all those poems that Hae Su made Wang So write over and over again are going to come back and it's gonna bite Wang So so hard in the richard simmons. If we thought LJK did a great job with the Queen Yoo death scene, wait until the Hae Su death scene. We're all gonna need to take leave from work for a week. 

I also suspect that her diary written in Hangul will somehow be in a museum in the future. Maybe she sees it when she goes back to the future and maybe that's the moment she meets next-Gen Wang So. 

***Sorry I haven't able to update Escape From the Palace, I'm like too emotional right now. 



You made a pretty good point @kdramawriter in which I also agree.


I can hardly believe, I've spent so much time in this drama.  Indeed LJK's charm is undeniable. :grin:    Still, I am hoping for happy ending!

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28 minutes ago, antiherofans said:


I am with you. I can't wait to see Gwangjong destroys his enemies.

But, I kinda miss the mask and the side bangs tho :wub:

Oh yeah, the side bangs, walked right out of a manga and caused me to swoon!

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