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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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33 minutes ago, kdramawriter said:


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Thank you for your hard work!!! 



So SHR OST wasn't nominated in the MAMA2016 awards...... was it because the show is still running? 


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16 hours ago, soorani said:



Mine is in english, maybe if you go to settings you can change languages?  

To get points you can 2 options:  Finishing tasks ( that is either download an app and run it <arrg I hate this>  or liking some pages on facebook < I hate this too.. LJG what I don't do for you~~~)


Mine is in english too, but when we click "Purchase" Its Hangul. I dont understand, why they made this sucks app. I cant get finish a mission coz im not really good at game. 

I got an idea, i'll vote with my husband cellphone, and then my friends too. Download the app and vote, and then delete again :sweatingbullets:

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6 hours ago, bluesunny3 said:


I love this x1000!!!! 

The scene where So promises to make Yeon Hwa HIS ONE AND ONLY QUEEN and QUEEN MOTHER happens BEFORE the scene with Soo and Baek Ah.

I saw it as So condemning Soo to a lifetime of grievances! Making Yeon Hwa his only queen and promising her that her son will be the crown prince gives her so MUCH more power over Soo!

Can you imagine living with such a EVIL, HEARTLESS, UNDERHANDED SNAKE who hates you? Who'll probably torment you endlessly? Who will stop at nothing to get rid of you? And knowing you have no status....no family....ABSOLUTELY NO POWER to fight her off.......(think of Lady Oh and Queen Yo. King Taejo LOVED Lady Oh but that didn't protect her from the evil clutches of Queen Yo!)

And Yeon Hwa is only ONE person!....Imagine all of So's other enemies who will come after you and cause harm to you or him!....

i just can't sentence Soo to that kind of life.

So in the next scene with Soo telling Baek Ah she's willing to leave with Jung....

I was like "Yes! Save yourself and get away!"


He said he would only do it under ONE condition and that is if she would throw her family away - especially Wook. He believes that Wook is the mastermind behind everything and by getting rid of him as her ally, she'd have no one to rely on.. that is the only way for her to really be HIS queen. YH is not innocent... she does business.. a trade for a trade. That has been her game all along, So is just giving it right back to her... 

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2 hours ago, aznchic209 said:

He said he would only do it under ONE condition and that is if she would throw her family away - especially Wook. He believes that Wook is the mastermind behind everything and by getting rid of him as her ally, she'd have no one to rely on.. that is the only way for her to really be HIS queen. YH is not innocent... she does business.. a trade for a trade. That has been her game all along, So is just giving it right back to her... 


You're Right...So asked her to turn her back against Wook and her family....and based on the preview for episode 19, the scene when Yeon Hwa is in her bath she says "Goryeo must belong to my son." I took that to mean she agreed to forsake them...thus fulfilling his condition.

Which brings me back to his promise....Either So will keep his promise to her and make her sole queen or he'll be just like Yeon Hwa, a person who gives out promises but never intends to keep them....which I have a problem with because he gave so many to Soo...

Either way, the outcome doesn't look good for Hae Soo.



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Hello, I watched both episodes 17 and 18 yesterday, I won't say much about either anymore ( or yet )  cause I'm just soo heartbroken, and because I wanted to break my heart even more ( yeah I love to cry ) I wrote a fanfic on the last moments between So and Soo, it was just so hard to write and I had to stop several times, scarlet heart is the only drama that made me write fanfics of it, and I'm not even a writer or remotely good to being one . So if you want, open the spoiler tag below, I'm warning you that it's long, which is why I hope you like what you read. Thank you ^_^ ( sorry for grammatical mistakes and all of that ) 



14th prince looked on as the king came down from his horse, it was a sight to see, a king never rides his own horse unless it's for battle, but this is no ordinary king,  he reminded himself, although he wasn't very fond of his brother,  Jung was grateful he responded to Soo's letter, the only thing he will never hate him for it,is loving Soo this much. The two brothers stood for a moment while Jung gave his formal bow, but So had no time for this, his eyes started looking around every corner of this house, in search of any sign for his beloved, he could feel her presence all around him, he asked Jung " where is she ?"  Jung only asked him to follow him as they entered the house, So's heart was beating fast with each step, he couldn't get the last sentence of that letter  out of his mind " I'll be waiting for you" , what if that letter came late ? What if it was lost in the midst of many letters he was supposed to read ? What if he went with his first feeling and dismissed it as Jung's letter which he had no desire to read ? What if he was late ? He can't, he wouldn't be able to handle it if he let her down, the entire road he was imagining her disappointed face when each day passes and he were nowhere to be found, he imagined the tears slipping down her lovely face and not being around to wipe them for her, to tell her he was sorry for taking too long. 
"We're here" Jung's voice suddenly cut through his mind. Jung stepped aside for him to enter, So put his hand on the door, and closed his eyes, he can  feel her behind this barrier, he can hear the sound of her breathing, he took a deep breath and pushed the light wood carefully, his eyes instantly fell on her, there was no way he could risk looking at anything but her, she was lying in her bed sleeping under some covers, her long hair was down and rested carefully at her sides, she looked peaceful despite having some troubles breathing, she looked beautiful as always, despite the paleness in her face, she looked weak and tired, and he couldn't do anything about it.
So sat facing her her on the bed, he took her small hand in his, lifted it to his lips and kissed it lightly, he put his other hand on her cheek and caressed it gently, and she stirred, opening her eyes faintly, she saw him sitting in front of her smiling, she smiled back. thinking it was a dream again, she wanted to enjoy his presence more, to feel his gentleness a little more before pain could wake her to the fact that he's still not here, she asked with a low voice " please stay a bit longer" the familiar voice answered her "I'm not going anywhere " she looked at him again, not believing her ears, her dreams of him were always silent, at least she was the only one talking in them, tears started to pool in her eyes as realization hit her " is this a dream ?" His voice answered her again " No, I'm right here, Soo-ya " both his hands were now on her face, wiping away the tears that started falling,  and a moment later, his lips landed on her forehead as he kissed her lovingly, she closed her eyes wanting to savor every second of theses moments, he pulled away again to look at her, he took both her hands in his and smiled at her , Soo was smiling too, she was happy, she had lost hope of ever seeing him again when 4 days passed with no news of him coming,  but now he's here next to her, smiling at her, it was as if she were transported back to 4 years earlier, when they were both looking at the stars when their only problem was fighting about which star was this and that. 
" I missed you so much " she finally said with a smile " I missed you too, so much" he answered before adding " forgive me " " I made you go through a lot, I.." 
" Don't " Soo interrupted, she placed her hand on the now invisible scar on his face " we were both wrong, we both hurt each other" she wanted to say more but she suddenly felt excruciating pain in her chest, it was so painful she couldn't breath, So started calling out to her , it's the first time he felt this helpless, Soo held on to his robes, hoping his presence will make the pain go away, and it finally did, but it was so exhausting she wanted to sleep. She felt it then, her time was running out , she looked at So, but neither of them said anything.

 So moved the covers and then lied down next to her, resting her head on his chest and hugging her tightly, she closed her eyes, finally feeling the comfort she's been missing all these months, she even felt the light pain she always had vanishing with every breath she took while in his arms,  she lifted her head slightly to look at him, his eyes were full of worry, full of longing, full of love, full of her, seeing her reflection in them made her happiest in that moment, she believed he resented her all this time, and now she regrets not fighting for him more, she regrets not holding on to him, to make him understand her, to understand him, to stay with him, to tell him that he's her everything. she didn't know he regrets it as well, not holding on to her, letting his wounded pride take the better of him, not understanding her, not telling her that he can't be without her, that he's nothing if she's not with him. She looked at him, smiling, " I love you" she said to him, it was the first time she pronounced those words to him, she was always holding them back, waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect happiness to say it to him, she thought she'll be able to say it to him afterwards many times later, but this was the first and last time, she was happy, but the tears started threatening to ruin her vision of him, he leaned in and kissed her deeply before both of their tears started spilling, they broke apart when they didn't want to, but her breath was getting shorter, and he was afraid to hurt her with his overflowing feelings, he got her to lean on him again while he hugged her, running his fingers through her hair, trying to calm her heart and giving her back the comfort she was always ready to give to him.
Her eyelids started to get heavy, but she didn't want to sleep, she wanted to keep talking about anything " how is the weather?" She asked him " it's sunny, and all the flowers in the garden are blooming, the trees look more beautiful than ever, I'll take you out to see when you get better" " yes, I would really love that" her voice was getting weaker, and the words became more difficult to get out, her eyelids becoming heavier with every breath " tell me more " she asked him, he started talking about the lake in the palace, he told her he went to the sea last week, and it looked as beautiful as the last time they've seen it, he was just about to tell her about Baek-Ah and how he wanted to build a house for the orphans when he suddenly felt the room was too silent, he looked at her, she was sleeping, but he couldn't hear the sound of her breath, his heart started beating fast, " Soo-ya " he called out to her " Soo-ya " he called again, holding her cheek trying to wake her " Soo-ya " his voice and all of him started to shake as he called her again and again, but she didn't answer, he looked at her beautiful face, caressing her cheeks with his shaky hand, he wanted her to open her eyes and smile at him the way she does every time, but now he knew she wouldn't.   " you can't leave without my permission" he said finally before holding her lifeless body to him as tightly as he could, as if he could print her presence on him forever, his tears spilled and they couldn't stop, and the sound of his sobs pierced through the silence of the room, he cried as if he were a child, he cried soo much, the reason he woke up everyday for was now gone from the world, and in that moment, he was gone as well. 


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At this point I'm just prepping myself for a boatload of tears.

So and Soo have painted themselves into a corner here-there is no happy outcome, and I think that's the point of the story. This love was never meant to survive in Goryeo, where you have to make monumental effort just to SURVIVE, there leaves no room to actually just live. Everything Soo did to ensure things played out accordingly to how it did historically, in a way, was to make sure So survived to become Gwanjong. In the process, she made concessions on her views about polygamy, her independence as a working woman, hell, even her sense of self/identity (because in the palace, she's sadly defined by her position as the King's Woman, and not Sanggung any longer). 

So too, is motivated by his desire to keep Hae Soo safe. In his mind, the best way to do that is to be the King, except...being King doesn't exactly mean he can do whatever he wants..or it does, but it also means sacrifices, but he sees these sacrifices as acceptable, because in the end it means he gets to stay King and he gets to be JUST a bit more powerful than everyone else, which means that he has the power to keep those he loves safe/alive...I think in his head, he's coming to the conclusion that it doesn't matter if he's hated by them..because they are ALIVE to hate him. OBVIOUSLY it bothers him to be seen as a monster but there you go.

While I hope that Soo's past relationship with Wook isn't the reason he ultimately severs their relationship, IF it is, I hope they can come up with a satisfactory explanation as to why. Soo was up front that she was in love with someone else in the past..why should it matter that it was Wook? Shouldn't it give her points (hate it put it that way) that even when she had feelings for Wook she still told So about the King's death anyway? Or maybe he'll blame her feelings for not outing Wook as a co-conspirator, which led to his (Wook's) being able to poison Mu and everything else after...

Let's hope they do meet up in the future, because to quote Rihanna here, they did find love in a hopeless place but..that's not going to be enough here..

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31 minutes ago, trizha1 said:

While I hope that Soo's past relationship with Wook isn't the reason he ultimately severs their relationship, IF it is, I hope they can come up with a satisfactory explanation as to why. Soo was up front that she was in love with someone else in the past..why should it matter that it was Wook? Shouldn't it give her points (hate it put it that way) that even when she had feelings for Wook she still told So about the King's death anyway? Or maybe he'll blame her feelings for not outing Wook as a co-conspirator, which led to his (Wook's) being able to poison Mu and everything else after...

Unless the writer chooses to screw So's character over (which, I wouldn't put it past her, given the latest eps), I doubt So is bothered by the fact that Soo loved someone else. Like you pointed out, he already knew about that. The fact that she was willing to marry her past lover would obviously sting a bit, but not enough for him to not want to see her anymore. But it is definitely the fact that IT'S WOOK that has So so mad.

Wook, the brother who is currently manipulating the court for his own ends and making it so So's reign as king is as difficult as possible. The one making sure that So and Soo are torn apart, among many other things. I'm just going to copy & paste this list of the actions So had to take because of Wook (from lavenderbyun's Tumblr):

"Wook: Helps Yo take the throne
So: Has to become Yo’s dog as a means to protect those around him. Is seen as a traitor by the people.

Wook: Plots how to kill Eun and has soldiers outside the cave incase he tries to escape.
So: Ends up being forced to kill Eun and is seen as a murderer.

Wook: Makes an issue over Soo’s scar as a means to prevent her from being able to marry So and to give the Hwangbo’s power.
So: Is no longer able to marry Soo (he feels like he betrayed her) and essentially cannot chose his wife.

Wook: Controls the royal court as a means to manipulate the throne.
So: Has to marry Yeon Hwa as a means to keep them happy.

Wook: (with Won’s help) has Chae Ryung put mercury in Mu’s bath.
So: Has Chae Ryung executed and is seen as a monster to Soo.

Wook: Is the one behind all of the treason and regicide over the past few years.
So: Is seen as a villain for punishing Wook."

All of the above? So is now aware of (hence his outburst at the end of Ep18). When the revelation comes that Soo was willing to marry such a man? This man that has done everything in his power to cut So down, to cut his relationship with Soo down? Of course So's going to be angry. It's only going to be made worse by the fact that Soo will most likely plead for Wook's life. (I can just see this happening so clearly, ugh. :/ I hope I'm wrong, but...)

To be fair, of course all that happened above was already after Soo and Wook were on the outs. (Though even knowing Wook's desire for the throne, Soo gave him one last chance to leave and marry her......) However, So doesn't know this. So doesn't know anything about what happened with her previous relationship, any of the context or circumstances. He's going to associate the current manipulative, bastard Wook as the one Soo was in love with. The one she was willing to marry when she wouldn't marry him. Of course, we all know that Soo made the painful choice not to marry So because she couldn't be his strength. But do you really think So is going to think rationally about this? He's already blinded by rage at Wook's actions and this is before knowing that Soo was involved with him.

With their relationship already on rocky ground, So will see this revelation as a betrayal. I'd like for So and Soo to really talk, but I doubt we'll get it. We're going to get misunderstandings and tears, and frankly, it's going to suck.

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15 hours ago, zi4r said:

That's not the indictment of the times; that's either lazy writing, or as you said in your previous post (which I am trying my very best to take comfort in), the writer is trying to make a statement of how women are written in our history... never the focus, never an explanation, just barely a footnote.

Now the term of HISTORY  which is mainly HIS STORY tends to shift to be HER-STORY too. It has been debated for years how history is story mainly about men and their glory, their battle, and women just barely footnote (to quote @zi4r) . There's new tern in women study, especially ethnography to write the "story" from the POV of women.



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2 hours ago, chickenchopflipflop said:

I just came back from travelling and wow the forum has moved very fast! 

I just want to share some of my experiences with watching the show... recently I went on another trip with my friends and Scarlet heart was showing on a streaming service in that country. My friends do not watch korean dramas because they find it too fluffy or there are just too much manhandling scenes (this is just their opinion, i think people are allowed to have their own diverse opinions on what content they like)... however since they have watched the C version before, and there was nothing on TV, we decided to give it a try (I kinda kept it to myself that i was crazy over this drama as i was initially very self conscious about it!). Anyway on the first episode, all of them agreed that it was a very bad drama, it lacked depth and some of the plot devices were just too "convenient" to be true. However, since we had nothing else to do, we just let the drama stream to the next episode while we each did our own things. Somehow by episode 2, they were hooked! and by episode 4 there was no turning back. Everyday we were hovering between life and death, making do with just 3-4 hours of sleep each day  as we had to wake up early to fulfil our itinerary but we still marathoner the drama until 2-3am every night! Till this day, everyone still agree that it was a bad drama, we still make jokes about how bad some of the scenes were (like how WS was so devoted to his mother because he was scared if he did't behave, she might push him like how she did in the scene with Jung). But the reason they continued to watch the show is because ever since WS was properly introduced in ep 2, they were invested in his character, it doesn't matter even if they found the plot preposterous, it doesn't matter that they had watched the C version and hated how the characters are now portrayed frivolously in the early episodes by kpop idols, they just wanted to find out what happens to WS in the end. 

After coming back from the trip, i gather that a lot of viewers have expressed anxiety over the ending or displeasure over HS's character. I think rather than trying to explain or debate this logically, and although i do agree with the fact that the female characters are grossly underdeveloped (it is a k-drama after all), i think the bias against HS's character is rather justifiable for 1 reason:
Since the beginning, many of us were invested solely in one character, which is WS alone. 

While some might say that WS is one of the most well developed characters in the drama, i beg to differ. I think the main problem with the drama is that it cannot decide what it is and tries to do too much. Same with WS's character, it is so ridiculously multi-faceted that some parts seem to be incompatible with others. I must admit that the writer has some shining moments, but in writing WS's character, i think she was too ambitious; he is at times ruthless, at times compassionate; at times cunning, at times naive and innocent. At times deadly serious but sometimes funny. Sometimes unreasonably possessive, but sometimes operates with a god-like benevolence.....Honestly on paper, i really don't know what to make of this character. I think this is one of the reasons why people got anxious and distressed when they introduced WS 2.0 in ep 17, because huh? more variations are introduced at such a late stage of the story? really?

I think the key reason that makes WS such a compelling character is not the writing, but the performance. Despite WS's ridiculously duplicitous nature, LJG's performance still manages to convince the viewer of his character, every single time. We believe in his character unquestionably because he is acted out perfectly by LJG. I feel that the other cast members are good actors in their own right, but they just couldn't  rise above the haphazard plots or the lack of screen time to build characters compelling enough. As a result, most of us are watching the show invested in only 1 character, which is WS played by LJG. 

On a separate note, i too have anxiety over the ending, after investing so much of my time, i want the production to give me a satisfying closure.

  Reveal hidden contents

I have been speculating non stop about how it ends... and somehow, i think we are unlikely to see a modern day reunion. There are just not enough episodes to left squeeze all the plot in and still show a proper reunion in the modern day. my opinion is that if its not well done, better not show it. 

anyhow, here is what i think will go down for ep 19 -20:

1) showdown between WS and WW. out of spite, WW shares his past history with HS

2) WS is broken by this, confronts HS and threatened to never see her again

3) at this time, WJ leads and army to the palace to take HS/ or revolt

4) (this is the missing baek ah scene) in the revolt, richard simmons goes down, and maybe WH gets killed.

5) WJ claims HS using the hairpin that was given to her by WS. WS is inconsolable

6) BH is seriously pissed of at HS as he felt used as a pawn in a situation where HS was unable to predict the devastating consequences of her actions. 

7) WS is finally broken. Despite many years of convincing himself of the contrary and claiming possession of BH and HS, he finally accepts that he is alone. He drives away HS, BH and perhaps eventually JM.

8) after this fiasco, HS moves on with WJ, but is traumatised again by the consequences of her actions. She sends a final letter to WS and passes away. (I think they might rush her death, maybe have her accidentally transported back to the future by falling into a lake etc). 

9) HS goes back to the future, survives and meets JM. JM shares that he retains memories of his past life in his dreams. In his dreams, he dreamt of GJ devastated upon hearing of HS's death and eventually imprisoning himself in a den of enemies (a wife who schemes against him and children who do not side with him). While GJ continues to rule efficiently, he has emotionally collapsed and JM keeps him sane by constantly telling him that HS is from the future, and they might meet again. 

10) before dying a lonely death, GJ, after depleting all his resources to travel to the future with no avail, asks JM for a final favour. that if JM ever travels to the future again, he should find HS and recite to her his reply to her final letter. In the letter, he promised again that he will never let her go and that he will keep trying to meet her even after death. (this will be the same line as the one he said after the bb cream application scene) 

11) in order to keep his promise to the king in his dream, modern day JM purposely sought out Ha Jin during an eclipse. Somehow with the knowledge of Goryeo Ji Mong, he realises that one can experience their previous life at a point of near death during an eclipse. he stages this so that Ha Jin can remember her past life as HS before he recites GJ's letter to her (if not it would not make sense) 

12) JM recites' GJ's final message. Ha Jin/Hae Soo obtains closure. As she treasures every word that GJ has returned her, even if he is not there, she feels his presence everywhere in this kingdom that he created for her future self;  in the softly wavering trees, in the breeze and the efferverscent lake etc (even as i am writing this, i'm like richard simmons don't let this happen). 

13) As the show closes, JM reminds HJ that both he and her exists in this era, who is to say that WS doesn't?

14) . and maybe we might get a very very short glimpse of modern WS somewhere, doing his own thing and waiting to be discovered by HJ. 





but anyway, i have decided to not be anxious about the ending anymore, it may happen like i want it to, it may not, but one thing is for sure. LJG will absolutely kill it and I will just relax and enjoy his performance. 


Agree with you..... ;)

Uggghhh I blame WS/LJK all The way, why is he so irresistibly cute, handsome, ruthless,.....,..... :wub:

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1 hour ago, MAROSA_JIN said:


What does this last pic mean?  Is it about ML success around Asia or something like that ( I'm seeing some familiar pics)?


EDIT: I just tried to translate it via google and saw something about Netflix... did my wish come true????? 

Edited by LyraYoo
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3 hours ago, soorani said:


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Thank you for your hard work!!! 



So SHR OST wasn't nominated in the MAMA2016 awards...... was it because the show is still running? 


My though exactly... As I think SHR Ost is mostly nice  and interesting to hear.

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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