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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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4 minutes ago, ChewyChocolate said:

I hope you all don't mind me making up crazy stories about Wook, Soo and So. I just feel very frustrated with what they are doing to So, and making him into a crazy king. Just tell me when you get sick of my posts and I'll stop. Thanks for reading my posts, just remember I write them because I'm so frustrated.

OMO please continue!~ They make me smile and crack me up so much! They are much appreciated after all this emotional stress from these episodes hahahaha. :heart: Feel free to throw in YH into your stories too haha, would love to read a YH/Soo/So one where YH gets put down several notches. Her getting married to So and trying to have babies with him makes me want to punch a wall :angry:

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5 hours ago, zi4r said:

BTS is adorable! I guess they realize the fans need some healing after the intense episode last night.

I haven't watched the episode with subs, even though (unlike Ep17) it was a visual-enough episode for me to almost fully understand what's going on. My US VPN is down (they promise to get it back up in the next 6 hours) and my China server is also going through maintenance, so I can't watch DF or Youku versions. DarkSmurfSubs aren't out yet either. So, for now, with the limited understanding of the episode, let me give a general opinion on its quality.....



IMO, Ep18 is very well done despite all the limitations/difficulties imposed on it by the plot setup to this point and the large ground it had to cover, given we have only 2 episodes left. Yes, they could've tightened up the editing a bit, but (well, I might be being extra-forgiving, after the abysmal editing quality of the previous episode but) they did it well enough for the editing to not detract from the plot and the tension it delivered. And deliver, it did!

To talk about the quality of the episode, I need to address the difficulties the episode had to overcome, and how I felt it sufficiently (actually, quite brilliantly at some points) overcame them. It is, IMO, one of the strongest episodes, because many things could have gone so wrong and yet they managed to make it work. Here's what I mean:


1) How they handled the progression of Hae Soo's character

I have given harsh criticism to how Hae Soo's character was painted in Ep14-16... and I felt it was intentional, and not a f-up by the writer or IU's acting. I was right. And I am so saddened by what the kind of role this drama has made this character fulfill.

(Read inside spoiler tag for character trajectory from Ep1-13):

  Reveal hidden contents

Ep 1-8: HS was an innocent, fish-out-of-water, trusting and giving girl. That made her a cute damsel-in-distress for her scenes with Wang So, and I had no problem with that. Because what else can we expect out of a girl trapped in a 16yo body due to a timeslip?

Ep 9-10: She had to deal with the visions. Yes, she fumbled along the way but at least for me, held herself admirably well, against the onslaught of confusion and fear imposed by the visions.

Ep 11-12: Here comes the breaking of her spirit. So much tragedy, so much heartbreak, so much pain..... yet, her quiet resilience and strength of character took my breath away and made me fall in love with her. There she was, a crippled laundry-maid, and yet she kept her heart true to the man she loved (WW) and also strove to protect the man who is madly in love with her (WS).

Ep 13: The true calling has come, for her time in Goryeo. I believed that she would play a pivotal role in the war over the throne. And there she was. This tiny figure, limping away..... yet so strong, making all the right decisions, taking on the weight of responsibilities no one in her station should have to bear.

Look at her character trajectory... Beautiful, isn't it? We were witnessing the true making of a person. So how did I expect that character to go from there? Up and up, of course... at least until GJ becomes King and breaks her heart, I thought. Here's what I was hoping for (inside spoiler tag):

  Reveal hidden contents

I was hoping that WS's love would begin to heal her... that she would become trusting and loving very few people, yet doing so more fully to those few people; that she would become wisened and hardened by time, and yet still retaining a warm heart... one that she only allows WS (and maybe a few close friends) to see. In later episodes, I had hopes that she could become his strength, not just as a lover but as a partner. Because being a courtlady means having the eyes-and-ears in every nook and crevice of the palace. Can you imagine how much of an asset that would have been to WS (let's say, as Chae-ryung was to WWon)?

It's not that I wanted WS to use her; but I was hoping she would still play a bigger role than just a dumb girlfriend to WS. Because someone as burdened as WS needs a strong partner... and the character trajectory of Ep1-13 proves that HS could have become that! Just imagine..... HS managing to uncover some conspiracy in the palace, and helping WS protect Mu... how nice it could have been!

Then, when GJ becomes King, I was hoping she could remain his confidante --- yes, he would marry YH, but HS would remain to be his strength, his love, his core of existence..... until one day, he goes too far and she cannot bear to embrace the man he has become. Then, the heartbreak would come for both parties, then HS dies/disappears, then modern era...... THE END.

Tragic or happy ending, it wouldn't have mattered much to me. If Hae Soo and Wang So have fully lived their time together, then it would have been worth it. I would have embraced that plot fully.

But rather than that, what did we get? We didn't get to see HS's "healing" because of the timeskip. Rather than as I have hoped, she has become the total opposite: (inside spoiler tag)

  Reveal hidden contents

A hardened woman that seems to be especially suspicious of and tough in judging WS. A woman efficient in menial labour of tending to the King (mercury poisoning non-withstanding) and the princes, but seems to have no other purpose or role in the palace life. (She, BA and WH could have been great source of strength and support for WS, but all three seem to have lost interest in serving any purpose other than to just exist.) And worse, once the events turned turbulent in Ep14, she was totally unprepared for it all, and she seems to not know at all where she stands in WS's life. (Well, she's right in feeling that she matters little in practical sense to him, because as I've said, she doesn't play any essential role in his life at all!)

So, since she doesn't have any other role in Ep14-17 than to be WS's love (and to make her visions not come true), her focus was entirely on that. And amidst all the death and tragedy and conspiracies, she becomes this woman focused on his feelings towards her, and nothing else. And oh how I LOATHED that. How dare they!!! They built a female character with such potential to be strong and wise and resilient... and then destroyed her mid-series and made her into this pathetic woman who just waits around for her man, one whose insecurities and emotions overrule logic at every turn.

Now that I've watched Ep18, I realize this is exactly how cruelly the writer wishes to paint this story. HS has never mattered much as a courtlady... and without those responsibilities, only as the King's lover, she matters even less now. Unlike YH or Queen Yoo or Woo-hee or even Chae-ryung, in the courtly game, she is utterly useless. Even if she could become a Concubine/Queen, she would still be just an accessory, the pretty girl on the King's arms. She has direct access to the King's ears, but the headstrong WS has never truly respected her enough when it comes to her opinions (Oh, he loves her and respects her feelings; but her thoughts and her advice? Not much.) and the full-efficiency-mode GJ respects it even less.

This makes for a very logical break in their relationship. There was no need for a real turning point. (Even CR's punishment and death was not really a turning point, because the relationship between HS and GJ (unlike that of HS and WS) has never really worked. Since he stepped on the throne, she already has no place in his life, even though she undoubtedly still occupies almost the whole of his heart.


So why do I feel Ep18 has done well about this character? HS's handling of WS's marriage to YH, his treatment of Queen Yoo & Jung, punishment & death of CR..... She handled them all with the maturity that I find so refreshing to see.

From her loving reassurance when they discussed the marriage...

  Reveal hidden contents


To her offer of comfort and acceptance despite her own misgivings about his treatment of Jung...


(Just a side note here: This mirrors the first "makeup" scene. That was the last time he prevented her from touching the scar/face, right? IMO, he stopped her this time, because her touch would've undone him as always... and he was worried it would soften his resolve.)

And finally to the utterly betrayed and shattered look in her eyes when confronting him about CR...


  Reveal hidden contents


Each of those developments feels very well-earned. Unlike her almost-tantrums in Ep14-16, I feel her pain here EVERY step of the way. By the way, I am not hating on WS/GJ at all in this episode either (In fact, I love who he has become too; I will talk about it below), but I feel HS is finally back to being a true character, rather than just a shell of it. I know there are many in this thread that feel HS is too naive or asking for too much or whatever in this episode... but this is the most logical progression this character can go through after the mess of Ep14-17... and she herself is the most logical she has ever been in a very very long time!

I fully stand by her decision to leave the palace. WS/GJ needs to feel her void keenly so that he can do soul-searching of his own; the palace life is killing her inside out, and if there's any salvation she can find in that world, it is not in GJ anymore by this point. Yes, I am saddened and angered by all the opportunities lost in the previous episodes. But I hope her character find some peace and happiness... because HS/Go Ha-jin, you have suffered enough at the hands of this writer.



2) How Gwangjong turned "evil"

Now, here comes the fun part. 

(Read inside spoiler tag for criticism of this drama regarding justice)

  Reveal hidden contents

If there's anything this drama is lacking, it's justice... some sweet sweet justice. Time has been the only one that has been giving us any semblance of justice in this story. Taejo, the bad husband, the bad lover and the bad father? Well, he died of old age and yes, he yearned for Lady Oh at the end and it's oh so sad. But that's it; no other punishment for his tacit cruelty towards So and his mismanagement of many wives. Wang Yo, the puppet turned borderline-interesting villain? The guy who murdered his own innocent brother in cold blood? Gone. Died just on his own. Yes, he was barking mad by the end, but he didn't get to suffer a poetic end in the hands of someone out for revenge/justice. And sigh... what a waste.

So, to say the truth, I wasn't sure whether we're getting any satisfaction on this front. Before Ep18, the baddies left were: Queen Yoo, Yeon-hwa, Wang Wook and Wang Won. (Jung is just a stupid kid, so as much as I want to strangle him half the time, he's no evil.) I couldn't imagine WS killing his own mother; I know he's marrying YH so I was not sure how the show can deliver any good justice regarding her. So I was expecting WWon to fry this episode, and then WWook to fry the next episode. But I was not sure how well the show would handle either one of those frying, because WS has been saying over and over again about no more bloodshed between brothers.

Okay, first, let me talk about my disappointment: the WWon part. Aish!!! He deserves so much worse than just that grilling he received. I hope we're gonna see some more of what happened to him, but I think the show will disappoint me on this front.

But OMG!!! How I love the part with Queen Yoo! (Okay, just to warn you, I have serious mommy issues, so I'm sorry if I come across as insensitive.) The punishment for a woman who wouldn't look upon his face? She has to die looking at that face, with only him as her company. Part of me really really wants his scar to be more visible, and that to be the last thing she sees. But I guess, it might have made WS/GJ look weaker, I don't know. But as it is, it's already brilliant. Especially because they employed the flashback of his blood-splattered face from Ep4 soooo well. BAM! The impact.


  Reveal hidden contents



(Another side note: Who says we need guyliner to make someone evil? LJG is wearing the least eyeliner in this scene compared to his earlier WS scenes but look at that! A good actor doesn't just use sweat and tears for his acting..... snort and drool too! :P Gosh, he always gives it ALL to his performance, doesn't he?)

And from the direction the plot is heading, the punishment of YH and WWook will be very nicely intertwined, I am hoping. I will talk about YH character in the next section.

But most importantly, it's about how they handled the "turning into evil" that earned my applause. Because there's no real "turning" here. All the pain in WS has always been there, waiting to break through. The state of the nation, the court and its politics when he comes into power is a total mess. The nation has been festering; "evil" has been prospering and the innocents have been suffering.

Thus, as a newly crowned King, a house-cleaning --- a total purge, really --- becomes absolutely necessary. And that's all he's been doing. He can hardly be called ruthless at this point. Meeting with each individual, letting them know he knows of their crimes/their weakened position..... if they have something to offer in return --- something to bolster his power, something to prove their allegiance, something to trade --- they will have a position in his reign. Anyone else has to step aside. And of course, swift punishment to anyone who has ever committed crimes against the throne.

It seems, unlike HS, the timeskip has made WS a lot wiser in terms of politics. And I am happy to see some political intrigue bleed into this drama, because we've gotten so precious little of it in the previous 17 episodes.

Of course, there's still a chance that GJ will spiral totally out of control and become truly evil. But actually, it's no longer necessary. Now, he can just remain a King who is strict and swift in his dealings with his subjects --- one that is just and efficient, yet merciless against betrayal. (I suspect, that's who the real Gwangjong in history truly is.)

Why is truly-evil GJ not necessary anymore? Because the part about HS leaving him has nothing to do with him becoming evil. She is leaving him because even though she can forgive and understand him (and maybe even support the general direction of his decisions), she cannot stomach the reality of what is necessary to be King. And as I've said, she doesn't have a place in his life any longer, because she cannot fulfill the role of a cunning woman..... a worthy partner and right-hand woman to a monarch.

So now I understand why they butchered HS's character in Ep14-17. (At least, this is how I take it to be.) They did it to eliminate the need to make WS/GJ truly ruthless. In order to salvage WS/GJ's character, they had to weaken HS's character. It is so so sad to see it happen. But I guess, given how well the show handled the progression of both characters in Ep18, I am willing to roll with it, my feminist side be darned.



3) How to deal with Yeon-hwa

We know that nothing visibly bad will happen to Yeon-hwa. According to history, she will be Queen and will provide him with an heir and spares. So we were all preparing ourselves for the inevitable... YH's rise to power.

(Read inside spoiler tag for my defense for Yeon-hwa)

  Reveal hidden contents

Firstly, I'd like to say, as a person who loves strong female characters, I don't hate YH. I feel that she'd make a worthy Queen, given how wise she is to political maneuvering in court. I feel many people pile hate on her unjustly, despite the fact that all she has done is to ensure her own safety and her place in the palace. Just as WS hated being sent away, YH does too. And as a woman, being married off as a hostage is a fate that she has to fear each day. So what do you expect her to do? Curl up into a ball and cry? I, for one, love her strength. Her cunning in Ep10-11 is absolutely brilliant. She never gives up, no matter the obstacle. If there's a female character to admire in this show, she's definitely one of them!

I'm not saying she's worthy of WS's love. She and WS were not a good match. But she and GJ though? Together, they can be quite a pair to be reckon with. (Inside spoiler tag: Look at their mirroring cunning expressions... Took my breath away.)

  Reveal hidden contents


But well, she might be a worthy queen in my eyes, but she's also responsible for destroying the epic love of WS and HS (Actually, I feel as if they were doing the destroying all on their own, but I am sure many romantic viewers of this drama would disagree with me). So of course, her marrying WS/GJ and having a happily-ever-after is not something even I can stomach.

This is where I feel the show has outdone itself!

First, why marry Yeon-hwa? I thought they would go the cheap way of "Well, HS is scarred, GJ can't marry her, end of story, move on". But no, we get to see GJ steadfast in his decision to marry HS; after all, he himself has a scar! This allows for a true and noble sacrifice from HS's part... because here, she is given a CHOICE. Theoretically, she can still marry him, but she sets him free of that promise so that he can make a good political marriage and be a strong King. Do I like that it's necessary? No. But you have to admit, the script has given much more respect to this to-marry-or-not-to-marry saga than we expected. And I'm so happy for it.

Next, consummation of marriage. Well, they will have kids. So of course, that must happen too. I was SCREAMING on top of my lungs (while in office) at my screen when GJ came in drunk and approached YH. I was worried that the show is going to pull another cheap "Oh he didn't know what he was doing, he was drunk" stunt. THANK GOD!!! They didn't.

The true genius of the script comes from how GJ is using not just YH's present situation but her whole future as a mere transaction. Betray her brother, throw away her birth family, be his puppet... in return, he'd let her have his heir. There's no security in her future either way -- he can take more wives and the war of the concubines is almost inevitable whether her son is made crown prince or not. Yet, she has to throw away her present attachments for that uncertain promise of a future. That move wouldn't have been so masterfully cruel if YH doesn't love WS/GJ. But in her own way, she does! GJ seems intent on reminding her each and every day that his heart is something she can't own or even hope to sway.

All in all, I hope GJ wreaks havoc on WW and YH's whole family..... but I hope the script will give a good conspiracy to base that on. (Let's say, if the old poisoning plot of Mu/WS can be unearthed, but I guess that's too much to ask?) Because I do wish YH to feel the raw pain of that transaction. Her family being destroyed by her own hands. And getting to see WW on a frying pan..... Well, that thought alone has whet my appetite for the rest of the week.



After this episode, (I know many people here might disagree but) I am very satisfied with where this drama is headed. We now have an inkling of where each character will end up, and given the countless F-ups that the plot has made from episodes 14-17, the position each character stands after this episode is the best we could hope for each of them. Really, I am so pleasantly surprised by how much clean-up the plot has made in just Ep18.

I hope the show retains this quality and this pacing (well, I hope they can do better, but don't ask for miracles) in the next two episodes. So, show, please don't let me down.

I totally agree with you on the justice part...hope that gets fulfilled

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15 hours ago, iloveknovela said:

Well, I am supposed to be in DREAMLAND by now but I kept lurking in this forum since there is no sub yet.

But let me share few thoughts before signing off....

I am not surprised with WS I actually expected it to happen since yesterday.  Honestly, it is my wish fulfilled.:P  Perhaps, I'm kinda cruel too but I don't pity those people.  They deserve it!  They are just reaping what they have sown.  I am sick and tired of people who exploits and took advantage of other peoples, regardless of their motive.  If my anger could kill them they're already dead by now.  WS has all the right to act that way... he's been used and manipulated for many years so it's time to make an accounting and let they pay for their debt since it's long overdue.  WS is doing a good job for restraining himself while the investigation is ongoing.  There is time for everything ... next episode comes his verdict. IMHO as a King, it is the right thing to do, otherwise he will end up like a puppet King, which commonly happens during those times.  I love it that nothing intimidates WS.  GO His Majesty!  Crush those PARASITES in the palace. :angry:

HS is very consistent.... for being foolish.  She's really slow and sooooo naive.  

HS concerning CR:   I understand she's like her sister or her only friend but hello ....  what kind of friend is that? She was betrayed by a friend back home already and yet she never learns.  People who take advantage of you and betrays you is not your friend.  They're like wolves in sheep's clothing.  People who smile in your face but all the they wanted to sit in your place. Despite her hard beginning it is CR choice to take the wrong path, why would she blame WS for how she's been punished.  Knowing how she participated on killing Mu, she deserved more than that.  It just happened that WS is the King during that time.  Had she forgotten what she went through when she was accused of poisoning the CP?  HS not using her brain is a constant disappointment for me.  Perhaps WS is a little frustrated too ... he just love her so he is probably being patient with her.  Poor WS!!

HS concerning QY and Jung:  I have to take WS side there.  HS told WS that she can only comfort him but couldn't marry him.  Okay, girl.  Should that be the case, you should have comforted and tried to understand where his behavior is coming from before you act.  You are supposed to be by his side in times like that.  Why so concerned about Jung and his mother?  Are they more important than WS, who is like your better half / husband?  WS is right, her meddling could have cause another death.   Jung could have died.  Then later she will blame it on WS???  WS has all the right to be angry with her disobeying him.  She tend to forget that WS is no ordinary man anymore but the King and yet she can just do her thing without thinking of the repercussions?  Yes her motive is okay but in a relationship as couple, there are things that she can't decide on her own, she need to discuss it with him first, especially since it concerns with his family.  Most couple fight and argue with small stuff anyway.  Her action & behavior clearly indicates her lack of respect for WS or perhaps using his affection toward her to get what she wanted.  Still I don't think it is right.  In times like this, I can say that HS is not going to be a good wife for GJ, as King.  She's only good as lover... to help him ease his loneliness and relieve him from stress. :D 

WS concerning YH:  Good job WS.... she deserve to be treated that way.  I just love what the writer is doing to these people in payment for their wickedness.  I wish WS will resent her some more especially once he finds out her involvement in poisoning the CP.  She need to get a taste of her own medicine.  Nothing done in secret will remain secret.  WS will eventually find it out.

WS concerning Wook:  WS is just restraining himself about him but I think he had his long list already.  I can see how mad he is in the next episode.  I want his evil deeds exposed and severely punished.  Mu is a good brother and trusted him so much.  What he did to him is just unforgivable for me, no matter how much he wanted to sit on the throne.  Perhaps he did the same to Yo, by mere looking at his symptoms, hallucination, etc. although I think he died from Heart attack.  Wook being cunning disgust me regardless of how good he was in the beginning.  The end doesn't always justifies the means.  More so for selfish reasons.


What pleases me in this episode is LJK looking so STUNNING!  How can a man be so pretty???? :heart: The lantern date is what I like the most... the one where he kissed HS in the cheek is just so adorable.  Well not to mention his good acting, as usual.  He's very consistent too, for being a great actor.  IU too, looked very lovely in her clothes in this episode. 

This is what I can think of for now....




This is so true! Best comment ever! 

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"I cannot become your wife. I can only give you comfort."

It took me some time to realize that Hae Soo meant it in literal sense: she is without any power nor connection, and even though she love her man very much, another political intrigue might not be forgiving for her heart this time. :tears: :bawling:

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23 minutes ago, liddi said:

@ChewyChocolate @superkoala Thank you so much for adding to my mirth today!  Love love love your posts - truly hilarious!

I was immersing once more in my favourite scene in Ep18, when So and Soo went on their date. I love how beautifully shot it was... the chemistry between them so palpable - when So and Soo enjoyed for a brief moment, complete bliss. I like little gestures like So instinctively protecting Soo from being jostled by passerbys; her telling him about how she noticed him when she was there with Chae Ryung during a similar night years ago (thank you @hitomebore08 for pointing out and providing the missing translations there). I adore how So envelopes her in his arms and kisses her cheek... and the utter contentment and love with which she looks at him in response). Every interaction was perfection... and I truly applaud LJG and IU for embodying their roles so well and making me feel like a rank outsider, daring to intrude in So and Soo's all-too-few moments of perfect happiness.

Reposting the gifs shared by @Kasmic in an earlier post, just because they are so beautiful :wub:


cr. lavenderbyun tumblr


This scene was worth the wait! heart-skype-smiley.gif?1301953194 heart-skype-smiley.gif?1301953194 heart-skype-smiley.gif?1301953194 

I have watched it more than 10 times and yet it never failed me to smile...


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1 hour ago, kdramawriter said:

Yes! I'm so excited for the next two episodes. I can't wait to see how it all plays out. Don't focus on the negatives people, just enjoy the ride :P

Me too! I can't wait to see Uk go down and not just on his knees. :P

Still not happy about the prospect of Jeong taking Su out of the palace. I don't care for that smug, self-righteous attitude. I'm still holding out for a twist and Jeong falls off his horse and breaks his neck on his way there.

Someone needs to show LJG how to use apostrophes :P

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13 hours ago, violet90 said:

i think the preview is misleading us....

1. the scene where WW kneeling is obviously before So know that WW have an 'affair' with Soo and its So way to get revenge cause making him look bad in Soo eyes...

2. Soo will collapse again knowing that So even go as far as doing that to get to WW (this one is really So fault he should make a list who's bad and evil in palace and give that to Soo)

3. WW will know about Soo want to go out from palace and do his last promise that he did to get her out from palace before.. and when he confess you can see his face is pale and beat up.. i think he goes to prison..

4. WW will confess that in order to get Soo out cause this one will make So goes crazy not because of their love affair but WW got something that So cherish the most first..

5. Soo will granted permission to leave the palace and she will slowly dying in Jung home..

what amazing is its just the same with BBJX.. WW will go to prison just like 8th on the name of treason.. Soo will go out from palace with Jung , BA probably going out too as he want to be free after WH death... and KG with the snake on palace..



oh my possibly youre right,,, healing will be after regret, when So finally realizes his wrongdoings and Soo's love for him.. and after that we're the ones who need the healing post-MLSHR because of accumulated frustration...

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Oh boy looks like Soo and So are gonna have a couple fight next week! Which brings me to my question.. as we know from the preview that So was kinda astonished and heartbroken when he knew that Soo had wanted to marry Wook when she was still in love with him (why did she even tell So that in the first place omg), so he said that he doesn't want to see her again. 

Now, is So gonna sleep with Yeonhwa after that. I mean a broken heart could cause several weird actions lol. Plus Yeonhwa seemed determined to have a child with him so that their child can become King in future so I'm guessing she would really turn her back on Wook right? Which is why Wook was framed as we saw in the preview. 

And Soo omg, I have a feeling she's gonna die soon. Which means I think she's gonna leave the palace with Jung right!! Wonder if they will get married just like the C version.. 

Anyway, last two eps next week! Can't wait! 

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20 minutes ago, ChewyChocolate said:

Did they even do it????? Now they're angry with each other....how the heck are they going to do it????? Gah.

Yes, they did do it (I explained in my earlier post. So rejoice :)

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Just having the exploded curiousity towards the ending scene in Chinese-version (which I don't give a damn about it before), can anyone tell me what happen after Ruoxi die and come back at present days? Cause there are said that this drama will follow the end of C-version. 

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Ah, I don't know anymore. If the writer's intention is to leave us dejected and heartbroken for weeks then he has done a brilliant job. Is this a good show? Yes! If you are a shipper and a masochist through and through, then this is a show for you.

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58 minutes ago, chi13lou said:

From the preview, we know that WW reveals to WS his past relationship with HS and WS confronts HS about it and she admits to it. I only hope that HS does convince him well after his outburst that everything is over. But I wonder what triggered WW to reveal this past relationship, was it YH asking him a favor so that WS will lose his trust in HS and break up?

The dead bird/treason accusation, was it before or after the relationship revelation? If it was after the revelation, then it will be another chance for HS to once again misunderstand the whole thing thinking that WS is doing this to get back at her and WW, not knowing of his crimes.

If he does get sentenced, he can always use the other poisoning incident as a bargaining chip to either lessen his sentence or get back at YH.


Or maybe the one to reveal WW and WS past relationship is YH she does know how her brother cared for HS before this whole thing she could have told WS all about it in order for him to trust her and believe she's on his side and also to get rid of HS. Kill two birds with one stone. YH knows her mother is siding with her and throwing the brother under the bus, so why not get rid of him since he's the only one that knows she was behind the poison incident. One less people to worry about.

As for HS, I know many of you think its selfish of her to leave WS like that, but think about this, she wants to leave before the palace consume her and with her life span shorten she wanted to just live her days out peacefully with no worries of knowing WS will kill another brother soon. She wants to be able to leave keeping the memories of WS before he turn into the king he will become later. She rather leave now and hold on to those times than live the rest of her life in a cold bloody place. Even if its with another man that she doesn't have feelings for she would take the chance and leave than stay. like many of the others that died, all they wanted was to survive and HS has a way to survive which is to leave the palace.

The palace is consuming her alive, every day she has to worry who might offend WS and than get sentence to death. HS knows WS has to be who he is to survive sitting on the throne but she cannot throw away who she is and like her nature she is trying to maintain WS humanity even if its one ounce of it. We know she loves and cares for WS but she knows for him to survive is to be ruthless to the ones that still tries to go after him. They question his authority, his status, still go after him even if it means to come in between him and HS. So what else can he do beside show them who really is in control

I believe HS knows why WS has to do what he has to do but she also knows that the palace is becoming her cage and she the bird she is becoming tired and restless. HS wants to be free and live out her days before it all ends and she doesn't want to end it in the palace where its cold and bloody. Its unfair for WS since he's going to be left with only BA by his side but what can she do knowing if she stays, they would argue nonstop and fight over things that is beyond their control. She doesn't agree to his methods of handling things like CR burrito/taco/eggroll situation (i don't even know which one to use since people is using all three lol). Even if she's a spy that girl was one of the people that took care of her when she first woke up to HS she will be a little sister to her. WS was trying to save her the pain by sending CR away but it was HS that ask for her to stay, so HS probably feels responsible for CR death. HS rather take the risk of leaving before seeing the WS she knows turn fully into the ruthless person he will become. She wants to keep the memories of the happy moments and hold on to it till the day she die.

And i'm pretty sure since they are gonna go the cversion route


14th will ask her if in the next life if she would remember any of this, she would says she would rather not remember it all at because with happy memories will come sad ones. And she will ask 14th to cremate her so she can be free away float away like she always wanted


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50 minutes ago, MAROSA_JIN said:


'Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo' enjoys 2 bln views in China


Updated : October 26 2016


South Korean television series "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo," starring actor Lee Joon-gi and singer-actress IU, has surpassed 2 billion views on Chinese online broadcaster, the actor's agency said on Wednesday. 

The fusion epic series, a TV adaptation of Chinese million-seller novel of the same title, has surpassed the milestone on the Chinese video sharing platform Youku in its 18th episode, according to Lee's management NAMOO Actors. 

In the 20-episode series, Lee plays the role of Wang So, the fourth son of the founder of Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392) who ultimately rises to the throne. 

The show will broadcast its last episode on Tuesday. 

Amid rising popularity of the show in China, Lee will embark on an Asian fan meeting tour to kick off in Seoul on Dec. 3.

"We are in talks with planners of multiple countries about the fan meetings, in addition to the confirmed arrangements in Japan and Taiwan," said a NAMOO Actors official. (Yonhap)



Lee Joon-gi confirms Asia tour


Actor Lee Joon-gi will tour Asia including Korea, Japan and Taiwan. 

A source at Lee’s agency Namoo Actors said Wednesday, “We have confirmed dates for Korea, Japan and Taiwan, and we are currently negotiating dates for other countries. We will update fans as soon as they are confirmed.” 

“The fan support that Lee Joon-gi receives from domestic and foreign fans is incredible. His fan base has grown across all age groups and he even has a strong male fan base. He wishes to thank everyone for supporting him and he is extremely grateful,” said the source. 

The dates have not been announced, but will be revealed once the tour schedule for other countries has been fixed. 




Meanwhile, Lee will hold a fan meeting event next month to watch the final episode of his current drama “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” with fans. It will take place on Nov. 1 at Lotte World Tour Super Plex G. 

By Lee Sang-won (sangdoze@heraldcorp.com)


How I wish my country is includded.....

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17 minutes ago, 40somethingahjumma said:


Someone needs to show LJG how to use apostrophes :P

You want to volunteer? He seems to be having a lot of time today :D, updated his Instagram 3x. Morning, lunch and tea time:sweatingbullets:

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42 minutes ago, peipei78 said:

Dear Eclipses, 

anyone know where is this lake's location ? I really want to visit here during my trip next month.

thank you,


It's in miryang, quite out of the way. Also in Nov, it will not look like as per pix.

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2 hours ago, kdramawriter said:



My theory is that all those poems that Hae Su made Wang So write over and over again are going to come back and it's gonna bite Wang So so hard in the richard simmons. If we thought LJK did a great job with the Queen Yoo death scene, wait until the Hae Su death scene. We're all gonna need to take leave from work for a week. 

I also suspect that her diary written in Hangul will somehow be in a museum in the future. Maybe she sees it when she goes back to the future and maybe that's the moment she meets next-Gen Wang So. 

***Sorry I haven't able to update Escape From the Palace, I'm like too emotional right now. 



Awesome @kdramawriter ! Maybe in Ep 19, HS will let WS know she's from the future and after her death, WS will write a message to her in this Hangul diary of her like in the ending of the Korean drama "Queen In Hyun's Man" hoping she will read it in the future somehow? :w00t:  Ohh so excited with this idea, what does WS wishes to say?

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