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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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8 minutes ago, lisethvr said:

Jung Seung Hwan - Wind (live)

Wow! Wonderful song! Big claps to Jung Seung Hwan. 

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11 minutes ago, Gabi Bros said:

Wow! Wonderful song! Big claps to Jung Seung Hwan. 


Yeah is Wonderful song, I liked this OST from the first time I heard and is my fav.

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49 minutes ago, Killa92 said:

How if the crown prince later  is actually Hae Soo and Wang So child... Not Wang So and Yeonhwa son... Haaa my wishful thinking.... ;) 


That would make me very happy :D . 

If they were to have a child and WS were to raise him with values of HS it might just be able to heal some of my wounds of HS dying. Although I will be forever scarred with HS's death this might just be one thing I can be happy about with the ending.

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48 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

Actually, she will have the same fate than Queen Yoo. I have always said that Yeon Hwa is Queen Yoo in the making. King Taejo married Queen Yoo for political reasons and the latter wanted to be loved by him. Yet she discovered that although she was the Queen, Taejo didn't love her. In my opinion, she realised it after the loss of her eldest child as he didn't mourn. Therefore she tried to compensate the pain by her ambition. If she can't have the heart of the king, then her son Yo should become King. She felt that her husband owned her that: the title of Queen Mother. She must have thought that being Queen Mother would kind of erase the fact that she was not loved because a child is supposed to be the proof of love. That's why she killed lady Oh's baby. She couldn't bear the thought that lady Oh would have a child too proving again that Oh was in Taejo's heart.

In my opinion, Yeon Hwa will be happy to marry Wang So because she will be the Queen, like she wanted. However, she will have to pay the price for that. She will never be loved by Wang So. She always claimed that she had no problem with that, yet I don't believe her, when she will realise that Hae Soo is the other woman. 

@40somethingahjumma Thanks for the compliment about my last long analysis. Yes, Hae Soo was too much focused on the future that she missed opportunities to get married to Wang So. On the other hand, she didn't have that wish back then. Yet, just like Eun and SD, she will regret it, especially when Wang So has to marry Yeon Hwa. Yet, she won't protest, rather accept the situation.


I have thought the same thing as well. In fact I even see Concubine Oh in HS. While WS loves HS just like Taejo loved Concubine Oh (not to that extent - WS-HS love is legendary) WS will never be able to make HS his queen just like Taejo. I see YH fitting in perfectly as Queen Yoo here. 


I really hope she dies of jealousy seeing HS-WS together. 

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51 minutes ago, runitaaa said:


Based on your post @ladyfriday. It look like Wook in front of the King's quarter. Maybe this is the time when he said 'You said I'm greedy but now you are the king's woman' I hope this will be a satisfying scene, because even after all his dirty scheme, Wook didn't get both the girl nor the throne (eat that you jerk!!)



I have a feeling that WW will blame HS for everything. I wonder if he's going to look back at everything he's down and everything he's lost (including himself) and then since HS just went to WS he might feel betrayed by her. I'm not saying WW is right in doing so but he might blame HS for everything.

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My favourite OST:

1. Lee Hi and Epik High

2. Jung Seung Hwan - Wind

3. Everything others!!


I really hope they will come out with the OST for background music soon and not let this go simply because of SK rating:

1. The music after WS's disaster dinner with Evil Mom and family, when HS is in her room panicking about WS being the future GJ. (in international version). This also appears when Ji Mong announced the death on the king and Moo as the new king. (I think it appears on both international and SBS version). Also the part after WS drank the poison and asked to excuse himself from the party.

2. The music during the rain ritual. There were 3 parts : 1. The very traditional music started when WS walking into the palace and everyone shocked by his scar-less face. 2. When WS walked up the altar and turned back to look for HS. 3. After the rain started pouring and HS spoke out the word "Gwangjong", WS's scar was revealed in the rain. This music appeared in the 6 min trailer too.

 Seriously the music is so awesome in this rain ritual! :w00t:

3. The music played after WS left the party, poisoned and tried to follow HS from behind. The same music played when Oh Sang Gung was going to the gallow for her death sentence, Queen Hwangbo was trying to dissuade the King from killing her (rain falls).

Ahhhh so many so many beautiful  background music in here. Thumbs up to the music team!!


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5 hours ago, briseis said:

Moments Lost Forever

“You said you didn’t need to be king as long as we were together. You’re not saying it anymore.” 

The time when they could leave and disappear, living free and unassuming life together is long gone. They had their chances at happiness, but NOW THEY ARE IRREVOCABLY LOST IN THE PAST - Soo let them slip through her fingers. She had TWO CHANCES AT HAPPINESS WITH WANG SO BUT SHE WAS SO AFRAID OF A FUTURE THAT STILL WASN’T SET THAT SHE LET THE PRESENT PASS HER BY. Twice did Wang So offer her that they ran away together, leaving everything behind and be free together, but she rejected him both times. When he asked her to marry him and offered her freedom and his protection 5 years ago under the starry sky, HE ALREADY THREW AWAY EVERYTHING FOR HER - HIS POSITION, HIS FATHER, HIS FAMILY - in that moment he WAS FREE TO LEAVE WITH HER. And she did love him back then, even though she didn’t realize it at that time, SHE WANTED TO LEAVE WITH HIM WITH EVERY FIBER OF HER BEING, yet her fear of the future stopped her again. NOW, THEY ARE NO LONGER FREE.

AKA So himself admits and confirms to HS THE REAL REASON WHY HE LEFT HER AND DECIDED TO BECOME THE KING. Even, if they ran together now, they could NEVER BE FREE BECAUSE THEY WOULD NEED TO RUN THEIR WHOLE LIFE since they would be hunted. There is nowhere to run anyway because there is no place in Goryeo where they could escape the king’s power, that’s why SO NEEDS TO BECOME THE KING.


All those years SO’S BEEN BASICALLY LIVING BY HS’ WORDS, FOLLOWING THEM LIKE A RELIGION because it WAS HER who had instilled the notions of equality and freedom and justice so long ago and HE HAS NEVER FORGOTTEN IT! He’s been thinking about her every single day he’s been away from her!

@briseis Sorry to cut your post.
I LOVE this post. Fate and Time has never been on their side. They've wasted so much time trying to understand each other, and when they finally did, sigh.. there's not much time left - even by then, their journey will not be as smooth. My heart ache for these two. I guess this is what great love is all about. 

6 hours ago, 40somethingahjumma said:


Speaking of choices, I've been meaning to give props to the lad that plays Yo, Hong Jong Hyun. I think he's done a sterling job with the material. He's probably been given some of the best lines in the show especially in Ep. 16. He plays Yo with such relish and a great sense of irony even when he's degenerating through paranoia. On some level he is right to be paranoid because So and Ji Mong have been actively conspiring against him. On top of that, his mother is now telling him to make Jeong his successor which exacerbates his paranoia. There's a nice irony in what he says to her. A self-deprecating awareness behind the tyrannical mask.

I absolutely love the line about the breeding-pig. My fellow subbers at DSS tell me that it refers to a king that's washed out and only good for passing down the throne. LOL. 

That's the thing I like about Yo... he knows his ambitious and he's a bad guy on some level. And he even knows subconsciously that his Nazi-Bene Gesserit mother is using him as her pawn in her chess game. And while his hallucination scene in the broadcast version is a hoot, what I loved more was that Sauron voice going "Yo, Yo". :lol:

And really... we have him to thank for in bringing So and Su back together. Without him, we wouldn't have gotten the night of passion. ;) Personally I think we have much to thank him for in this show. If he hadn't tricked Eun into getting So unmasked we wouldn't have gotten Goryeo BB cream and the start to the OTP's romance.

I know we all praise LJG to the skies here... and he really does deserve it. However, I can't agree that he singlehandedly holds this show together or elevates it. If the rest of the cast were that mediocre, I doubt this show would have much staying power. At least not for me anyway. 

Sorry to cut your post 
@40somethingahjumma I always love to read your post, and I love the way you highlight Yo's role in the drama. 
Unlike Wook whom we love to peel his characters and motive layers by layers, Yo seems to be a 2 dimensional characters. But reading your post, I'm glad that you bring back perspective on Yo. 

They say there is no light without dark, no good without evil; if everything is calm and happy, then there's no appreciation of real happiness and of real suffering. Yo is evil, but he is necessary evil; and being so upfront about it makes us cast him as villain through and through - we dont bother to understand him further and perhaps sympathize him. We immediately cast him as the bad guy and that's the end of it. I really like his act in ep 16 and he has my sympathy - but not for long. What is evil? Whatever springs from weakness. His weakness makes him evil - I'd say Evil Mom cultivated that in him. But nonetheless, I'm glad that he will receive his comeuppance soon. 

6 hours ago, briseis said:

Episode 17 stills

source: ML facebook

@briseis Thank you for the new stills! It's so funny to see Jung's eyebrows. In the first still, they seem to say, "aaaww you're praying for [insert name], such a gentle and kind So", and in the second still, they say "Stop talking. I dont want to hear you talk about that murderer"
All in all, beautiful transformation of Soo! She does look so gentle and serene. I guess that's what acceptance can do to you. 

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