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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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16 minutes ago, meahri_1 said:


The backlash IU received during the first 3rd of the series was pretty heavy and many of us felt extremely bad for her. That said, SHR has been a mixed blessing to her, I think with more positives than negatives. The director, the crew, all of the cast and especially Joongi have given her a LOT of good memories and a new set of friends. I'm especially thankful that she's starting to do things that girls her age should be doing and enjoying. So this, all of it, has truly been a gift.

I dont understand. Why would people hate her? Because of misunderstanding? Aiyoo.. hate is such a strong word.
I'm new in this Kdrama and K-Idol thing so.. pretty much clueless.. Hahaha.. _/\_
But I've seen her act, listen to her songs, and see how she acts in the interviews or variety shows, and I like her. She's not pretentious or too over-the-top. 

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26 minutes ago, riuenu said:

Drop by to share some gift, I am sorry to those that had @ mention me, I dun think I could reply cause will not be on PC till 24th October, I will miss you all 

This phone is lagging me much, I dun feel like traveling now :cry:

Credit to loveys2iu 

Did you guys see the look LJK throw at IU at the last second? OMG.. hahaha.. it could mean nothing, but it could also mean oh-so-much! :heart:

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@LyraYoo thanks for the link to the rabbit emoticons. I first saw them on China Baidu.


At this point, am sorry but I want to write abit about the 14th. I went to do abit of research and his character in both the c and k versions are similar, probably the most "original" compared to the other princes. His character is simple and nice, he never harbour ambition for the throne perhaps he knew there were other older brothers in line, the queue wont reach him. 

He started off as a supporter of the 8th and RX's relationship and he was a supporter to 8th's ambitions to the throne as well. e.g of this in the k version was when WS took HS out at night on the horse and he went to report to Wook.

He didnt understand why RX had a change of heart when she breakup with the 8th and went with the 4th and argued with her. He fight wars and did well defending the Northwest territory of the empire and as a reward, he was given the edict to marry RX for which RX then already in love with the 4th declined and rather get punished by being a laundry maid. 14th didnt force her as well.

14th's friendship for RX gradually bloom into love in the later part but this unfortunately was not fully portray in the K version, leading to a rather haste development of interest by Jisoo's prince.

Also in the c version, the 4th prince had misunderstood 14th relationship with RX as well. So I think its quite brilliant of the K version writer to introduce this misunderstanding too.


an ailing Ruoxi in the 14th arms (someone else has earlier posted too). Dont you think he make quite a handsome choice for RX as well?:)



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6 hours ago, LyraYoo said:

Sharing from tumblr

Tong Hua's Translated Chapter about Rouxi leaving 4th Prince (Emperor Zhen)


Interesting lines from 4th when in fact these events took place in SHR with Wang So.


Somehow I missed the bubbly Hae Soo after reading the chapter. But yes, angst is indeed coming. Five more to go!



In MLSHR, we saw many scenes from the original novel that is shifted to So. As I read further, and saw some pictures from trailer of KG looking back with this mask of indifferent and Soo look back with tears that make me fear that this time the role is reverseas some mentioned. KG will be the one who give the decree to Jung given that Jung is the only one unmarried with no wife (which we can't forget, So nearly give her up because he married the princess and he know how much Soo hate multiple wives so who is the next best candidate beside Wook? That will be Jung. Jung might resented So at the beginning and with what some websites described his character that denied So as the rightful King (which is what the 14th did in the c version because the position suppose to be the 14th but 4th took it away), I feel it is a misled. Because KG did make him a vice king and he won't do that to Wook etc but for Jung. KG must have his reasons and given that Soo own self said she won't leave him unless So asked her too, I still wish to believe, KG see how staying in the palace is killing her and finally decided to let go. No matter how obssessive he is, he still a rational person and we see how much he willing to sacrifice despite he feeling the hurts and jealousy and everything.


Can clearly see writer-nim has obviously reverse how Soo and So will turned out to be. I feel at the end, as Soo fall deeper, she will realize she truly love So despite at the start, she was caution and has her reserve. Like some said, only when she lost something then she will learn to treasure. Like how she knew So is getting married and her look of disbelief and starting to realize she is losing him. She even spikefully injured herself when protecting Jung to hurt him back. It is an angry of anger and sadness that the very man who you thought care deep about you also gonna leave you. When she knew the reasons and how noble So was, she knew he never change just that this time he used marriage to save another person. (Thanks God is not YH yet) If he gonna kept marry ladies who are going to send to be hostage, he will be having a large harem of women fighting for his affection. Esp can see the little princess is so happy to be save by So.


Btw, about him getting the throne, he did mentioned in the past he will get the throne for Soo and in some websites, it mentioned, he tried to bring down the King that stopping him from being together with Soo (which I think is Yo) and replace another king but in the end he decided to get the throne. Somehow I feel it is incorrect since the preview mentioned he will be King in order to stop the bloodshed plus in history, out of all his siblings, he only kill Won because he deserved it. That why Wook etc gonna live on. He maybe resolved issues with Wook too since they will be in laws. But the bracelet is the worrisome part. I start to worry like some that KG will be the one destroying the bracelet. The sleeve is black and we know KG's king robe is black. Wook current dressing also black which totally don't suit him at all. Plus previews and trailers cheated us a number of times. I really wonder...


This drama suppose to show until KG 30 years old. He died at 50. Really unsure will they have the similar flashback of his death like in BBJX. It is one of the sad scene of him remembering RX and seeing her dance (which she never did. Instead, it was another princess who was dancing but he dreamed of her and RX replaced the princess in his last moment on earth) I cried so badly. 


Somehow, I wished he also go back to modern days, save Soo, and remembering the past but never really kept stalking her. Just waiting for her to wake up and remember. Maybe he will be a history guide in a museum, talking about KG when she went to the museum? One of my crazy imagination run wild.


I am so excited for the upcoming episodes yet I sensing the withdrawal symptoms coming at me. :tears:

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Yeorobun, have any of you seen this video yet? It features mainly Soo and Lady Oh, but there are some scenes in there that I don't think come from our drama. It's definitely not a parody, but I think like some of the bromance videos, I'm guessing the creator took existing scenes to create a story line. For the life of me, I can't figure it out though...even using Google Translate.




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okay i kinda thinking that Soo only hope is just want to go away from palace right ?? and So know this since the beginning and he even promise that he will take her out from there.. my question is why So don't just let Soo go on her own.... i doubt that Soo even want to marry WJ after she been in love with So.. and also Soo don't have any title nor she the court lady when So became a king so there is no rule for her and she just can go away from palace...

its different in BBJX cause 4th never want to let RX go and RX have to take the route marrying 14th to go away.. in here i think So will let Soo go but with Jung not by her own...

here you can see how much So love Soo... he love her so much that he willing to live with the fact that Soo is his brother wife but at least he know how she doing and where she is... So never actually letting So go but he letting Soo achieve what she always dream off to leave the palace.. at least she don't have to live in the place that make her suffer and i think this is why So will give Soo to Jung.. but So will never let Soo gone from his life as he always can know how Soo well being if she became Jung wife.. 

the more i write about these two tragic love story the more i want to cry.... :tears:

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2 hours ago, soorani said:


Ps: Does someone knows the names of the other actors on the top of the list? I'm curious lol


1-4 are Park Bo Gum, Jo Jung Suk, Kim Yoo Jung and Gong Hyo Jin

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Btw, after Scarlet Heart Ryeo ended (sadly :tears:), Eclipses, what drama are you guys moving to or looking forward to? There are so many cool people here. This is overall a nice forum. 


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13 minutes ago, LyraYoo said:

Congratulations to Eclipses ! Scarlet Heart Ryeo Moon Lovers thread is the NUMBER ONE DRAMA THREAD for 2016 based on post replies, and NUMBER 13 all time. The engagement in this thread is remarkable based on overall content. We have diversed contents and discussions. :blush:

  Reveal hidden contents

You can check it by clicking the Sort By button at the section header :)


Thanks to contributors and lurkers. As well as to new members who registered to Soompi to join the craze ! 

WOW CLAP to all of us ! cheer2-onion-head-emoticon.gif?129286249


Yaaaaay.. Clap.. Clap.. Clap.. :blush:

8 minutes ago, chi13lou said:

Thank you @chi13lou for posting this! Love it when we finally can understand what they're saying... and these two are super cute together! :wub:

Been watching this (the kiss scene) again and again, and gosh, he practically devoured her! Ahem, I thought I'm way past blushing age, but I kinda blush seeing him kissing IU. Hahaha! The kissing scene should be longer in the drama. It practically translates the long wait of So's love to Soo!! :heart:

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