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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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16 hours ago, meahri_1 said:


There's another 'take' of the kiss where IU is actually affected. In that version she doesn't look up at all so you can't see her eyes and she's working really hard not to look at anyone.

Which one?? I didnt notice anything unusual abt IU after the kiss. 

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7 hours ago, lyserose said:

Hi. I somehow found his chemistry is strongest with Nam Sang Mi in "Time Between Dog and Wolf". Too bad, they couldn't replicate back the same chemistry in "Joseon Gunman". Post Military Service, I find that his chemistry is best with Shin Mina and then only with IU by a long shot. IU has better chemistry with Kang Ha Neul and therefore, I am in the minority whom is more sold of Haesoo's romance with 8th than 4th. To me, Lee Joon Gi has stronger chemistry with Kang Ha Na in MLSHR.  Well, we could agree to disagree on this one :).


Totally disagree. Nam Sang Mi had little chemistry with him in both, she seemed older than him like a sister. Shin Min Ah had good chemistry with him, so did Kim So-eun (first love in SWWTN) and Jeon Hye-bin (second lead Joseon Gunman) but Lee Ji-eun (IU) I think is the best so far.  Their personalities on and off screen sparks (opposites attract).


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You know what.. I've been thinking.

I really can't decide that whoever release the happy BTS is either a sadist or a merciful person(s). 
Do they share this so that we will be sooo blissfully happy and soo full of hope of happy ending that we forget what lies ahead and later on shocked us with so much deaths, tears, and griefs? :crazy:
Or do they share this so that our journey to heartbreaking and painful ending is bearable? :blink:

Dang, this drama is playing with my emotion. *dramatic swoon 

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1 hour ago, violet90 said:

So will slowly change himself next eps after he maybe ended Eun life... i think Eun already going to die but So just ended quickly because you can see Yo want to shoot somebody with his arrow so my take is So try not to make Eun suffer anymore and both Soo and Jung will be watching... i personally don't think Jung will hate So but he for sure will step up cause seeing that scene will force him to grow up... but the downside is Jung will totally replace WW place as So rival in term of Soo.....

okay back to So not only because he have to kill Eun but the fact that he can't do anything while Yo abusing Soo... if Yo reign last 2 years imagine how much Soo suffer serving and being abused by Yo each day?? So will likely planning a revolt during that time and my take is So is the one who will drift apart from Soo in order to protect her and focusing to take the throne... 

both of So and Soo will change during Yo reign and its not going to be better.. its going to be worse.... Soo is changing after Lady Oh dies and now have to bear all the death that happen in front of her lastly Yo abusive... she will be broken and So will be broken too.. with the killing of his brother and all the dirty work that Yo order him to do while using Soo...

ever watch OTP that suffer this much??? nope i don't think so.... they already suffering since they meet with all the thing that happen to them and they will continue to suffer in the last 5 episode...... gosh!

the genres not a historical , romance and fantasy...... it should have been a freaking MELODRAMA!! 


My sentiment exactly! Been thinking this week (well 24/7 my life is all about Moon Lovers, just like you guys) about happy moments between So and Soo, hardly any... We only have 5 eps left and we can predict what's gonna happen in the next 5 eps. Can we see more happy moments of SoSoo couple please? I mean, I'd love to see them happy while they are in love (in more scenes). Well for now, as long as we get to see more of SoSoo couple scenes together, yeahh..I think that will do!

I guess, we can see the happy moments from the BTS videos :P




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it make sense if So is the one who give the marriage decree to Jung......... cause for now if the writer still want to go to the whole marriage decree thing the only king left is KG cause WY not going to do that.. 

maybe many wondering why Jung.. So cannot give Soo to BA cause he know BA with WH and Jung is the only left and of course he will know Jung have feeling for Soo.. later on Jung might be the one who lead the army and he will be living outside the palace so this plot might have a good chance to occurs... you can see Jung slowly wearing his armor now... the one thing that RX want is to go away from palace that's why she agree to marry 14th...

but.............. imagine how sad So is to give a decree to allowed his brother and his lover married??? how painful it is that he sitting on the throne making this decision and there is nothing he can do cause this is the only way for him to protect Soo...

this one is more tragic than BBJX cause So himself giving the decree...................................... i seriously depress thinking that even after all that So and Soo been through in the end they still can't be together............................. :tears:


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1 hour ago, freckledbelle said:

Friday. The day this thread finally slows down. Anyway, how are you preparing for the withdrawal stage? 


There is no preparations as such. After one amazing series ends something else comes up. Same we experienced during DOTS. I thought I would go crazy after it ended. I even didn't have anything to say for any other series for sometime. But then time takes care of it. close-hug-raccoon-emoticon.gif?130277406

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I have watched the last few episode of BBJX (more like a quick watch), it seems to me that this drama will go down that path though even more tragic than the BBJX because Wang So's loves for Hae Soo is at the point of obsession and since he only receives love, care and attention from Hae Soo, how heartbreaking and devastating it will be when they are separated. Somehow I feel if the writer is to follow history, Wang So will then become a ruthless Gwangjong as per Hae Soo's vision (though many may think Hae Soo love and attention humanizes Wang So and her vision changes). I think you can't deviate too much from history (I agree with one user here). The creative license is may be the adaption part from BBJX, the love/romance part and also about Wang So having no choice but to become the King against all the rivalry vying for the throne. Further, LJG will be playing the role of a King (Gwangjong). Somehow I feel, given his personality whom like to try challenging things, a lot of emotions role, playing a variety of things in a character etc, somehow he would want to play a ruthless King not just playing the just king, love for Hae Soo and departing with her, I think it will be anti-climax. I think the episodes is still building up to the climax lol. He may also portray the death of Gwangjong like per BBJX, if they follow closely. There is this last scene of the 6mins plus long trailer in which Hae Soo looking so sad, with so much sorrow as if she were departing. Either transport back/death. So I think they will go that line. Though the future direction of the drama really depends on how the writer wants it to be, it is hard to guess lol. If it is goes that way, it will be one of the most tragic K-drama I have watched.

I think Hae Soo has not returned the bracelet and the scene where someone broke the bracelet still have yet to be shown. If it would have been so, she would definitely cut ties with Wook. For me, she is still unsuspecting of Wook and there are lingering memories of him. If they are following BBJX, there is a line where the 8th prince says about the bracelet she gave to Ruoxi to Wang So/Gwangjong, so I think they will use the scene in future episode. All these would haunt Hae Soo in future episode when she sees she is the catalyst for the all these events unfolding in the episodes in Goryeo. In this drama, Ko Ha Jin/Hae Soo trusts people easily and are betrayed by peoples' trusts, she is like this in Goryeo as she is from the first episode (in the modern world). This is something she has to learned when she is sent back into the past that is not to trust people easily. You have to look beyond the surface. She will learn about this as episodes past. It is the opposite of Wang So, he does not trust people easily but he needs love and he changes as he meets Hae Soo. 

Yes, we still have yet to seen the full-on love of Hae Soo to Wang So as Wang So is to Hae Soo, probably when Wang So save Hae Soo from the arrow, that will be the turning point (lol, we don't have much episodes left, Hae Soo yah). Because by then her love for Wang So will be more than her fears of him. I am waiting for the majestic boat and mask scene. By the look of the wardrobe, that is when Wang So becomes the King, maybe. The colors stands out, rich and vibrant! Love the aesthetic there. Also, do you guys notice, this drama has affinity with water? Many of the unique scenes happens in water or near water. lol. I am re-watching the 15 episodes of the drama because I forgot a lot of things and considering on watching the full BBJX since I have time for now. Such dedication lol. Will update my thoughts again. I hardly watch drama again and again and hardly expresses my thoughts lol, i am shy and reserved lol. This story is so love and intriguing.  

In the BTS, LJG sshi totally enjoying kissing scenes. Why don't you do romance comedy in the next drama or action-romance movie? Or intense love story like Oh hae young again. That wall kiss. HAHA. 

Edit: Mask scene not boat scene!!

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