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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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Guest maniac-moon
9 hours ago, penelop3 said:



Not sure if this is a good habit or a bad habit. Ever since I'm in MLSHR's world, every morning, with my best friend, Cuppa Coffee, I have to juggle between reading work emails and this thread.. :sweatingbullets: 

@moonlover399993 I really hope it's Soo's hand. If it's a part of clothing, looks kinda weird shaped like that and different from the rest of the clothes. My take is that it's her hand clenching. 

@freckledbelle I watched the video when IU first met her bf, Jang Ki Ha. It was love at first sight...or sense? (because she said it felt really calm in the studio) which is super cute since now we know why she felt really calm. I hope they last long tho despite the us fans shipping her with LJK. :D 


@itzibitzispider Well.. as the Chinese will tell you, history depends on your point of view, and the winning party always get the chance to tell their stories (from cave man to man cave).. and it tends to repeat itself everywhere in the world. We never learn, do we?
However, if history does repeat itself, I'm totally getting a dinosaur!
Edit: Oh, another thing to note. Ever notice that well behaved women rarely makes history? :sweatingbullets:

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Image result for dino disney


This.. this.. Gwanjong's expression. Kinda hard to read. Is it just me or do I read a hint of regret and finality? :(

Yeah Me Too

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I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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46 minutes ago, taehumama said:

 In our big world, there's different kind of love. I don't think that WY is an hopeless case...

However, you might be right when you said if YO/SOO were together, their relationship would be an abusive, staker-ish (over-over possessive?) one.

Lol..Wang So will slaughter Yo even if he thinks of something..

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43 minutes ago, qwenli said:

You know I took a quick read and just imagine the korean actors as the characters!:D

My book I ordered from China, is still on the way, some hiccups happened to my order so I had to wait for another 2 weeks I think.:sweatingbullets: 

After reading the quick translation, I suddenly have a horrid "vision" that eventually, in our k version it will be WS who gave the imperial permission for Jung to marry HS so that she could leave the palace :crazy:, it will be a truly sad day if that happens...

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by the way, Lee Joon Gi will be having Fan meetings in Japan on Dec 21 (Nagoya), Dec 22 (Osaka) and Dec 24 (Yokohama) :) His fan meetings are well worth attending because he can sing and dance. Its almost like watching a concert. lol


Lets just hope when that day do comes, it'll be quick and painless. And in the 4 coming episodes, we get full blast of So and Soo being lovey dovey to each other. Lets savour every moments of happiness, shall we! :D *wishful thinking

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3 hours ago, LyraYoo said:

Sharing from tumblr

Tong Hua's Translated Chapter about Rouxi leaving 4th Prince (Emperor Zhen)


Interesting lines from 4th when in fact these events took place in SHR with Wang So.

Does this mean...that we can expect a totally different way for SHR to end?Because WangSo did most of those things with her...unless Wook decides to lie about having done those things with HaeSoo first...OMG I seriously hope that WangSo and HaeSoo will part without misunderstandings and regrets:o

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33 minutes ago, junejungki said:

Did you guys nonice he  licked his his lips after the kiss. kekekekeke!!

@penelop3 @violet90 Guys you are talking Abt kiss and ITs aftereffcts of hotness and here I am sitting IN my officE trying to Squeeze myself IN my chair to lower my posture so that when I grin people wont notice me and doubt my sanity...

Btw did LJK lick his lips reallly ? Will watch bts after going home.

@LyraYoo Thanks for the bts... you are always thr first to drop such bombs here to explode this thread with So much chemistry...


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18 minutes ago, LyraYoo said:

@qwenli i also want to have a boat ride ! 

 im tagging you anyway for these. I am rewatching epi 13 and can not help to stop and watch him with his OTP.  

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Oh of course horsie is his ultimate otp :D

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9 minutes ago, violet90 said:


noooo... he get the feeling LJG enjoying it too much that he have to stop before the kiss went to x rated....... LOL

Lol.. cant comment Myself but just IMagining IUs reaction IF she would Have read these comments...

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25 minutes ago, Shiro_Ragonjan said:

The poem that WS sent to HS,

"When the water has run dry, sit and watch for the rising clouds."

What does it mean? Can someone please explain? Many thanks! 

It's to stay positive and be optimistic.

When you walk to the edge and there is no more water, seat down and look at the rising clouds which will bring rain again. 

It's a poem from the Tang dynasty poet Wang Wei, the whole poem had a few more sentences, these two lines were an excerpt.

Wang Wei happened to be a court official as well.

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5 hours ago, Akiddo said:

Favorite Scene Challenge with the following questions:

  • Favorite WS/HS scene: Prison scene in ep 12. Poignant, painful yet full of love. Both of them were on par in terms of acting and we know how difficult to be at LJG's level. This scene is also pivotal in getting Soo to face her feelings for So. Their fates are tightly wounded together. 
  • Favorite Scene involving a female character (Queen Shitty Mom, Yeonhwa, Chaeryung, Lady Hae, Lady Oh, etc): Ep 4 Queen Yoo and WS after the temple massacre. WS's pain and Queen Yoo's indifference. Spine chilling scene. WS takes after his mother in many ways - if he turns heartless - his indifference will be no less chilling than Queen Yoo. 
  • The scene that made you fall/start rooting for WS: From his first scene - riding along the solar eclipse. Breathtaking.  -ONE OF THE BEST SCENE IN THE DRAMA!!
  • Scene that made you question your love for WS: Never. Team So from Day 1. 
  • Scene that made you fall for WW: Never. Not my type. Doubted him from Day 1. He flirted with his cousin in law while his wife watched in pain. Big No No. *Slap slap slap* -Lol my inner mental reaction too.
  • Favorite scene with the other Princes (Mu, Yo, Eun, Jung):  Ep 8 - All of them lining up to place their wooden name tags for the rain ritual. Showed their personalities quite clearly  -Interesting
  • Scene you can point at as the one that irrevocably made you obsessed with the drama: Ep 4 Confrontation between So and Queen Yoo followed by So-Soo scene at the rocks where he went berserk. You simply want Wang So to win no matter what and have someone to love and treasure him. 
  • Moist poignant scene: Lady Oh's hanging scene. She left the audience broken, just like Hae Soo. The pace of that episode was the best in the entire series so far. If Hae Soo's parting/death scene is going to be at that level, I would probably need to go for trauma counselling.   -I ABSOLUTELY AGREE WITH THIS. I LAUGH WHEN YOU WROTE THIS. 
  • Scene that made you saddest: Lady Oh and Hae Soo in the cave. We all knew the end was near - the helplessness of the situation - it was hard to watch Hae Soo so broken. Saddest scene is yet to come though...I will update this again after the show is over. 
  • Scene that made you anxious the most: Ep 8 Hae Soo's vision of Gwangjong - I didn't expect that flash of Gwangjong.  Agree it makes me question a lot, it is shocking lol, just the change in face esp eyes and image.

I mostly agree with you! I laugh when you say we need to go counselling lol. 

5 hours ago, dzareth said:

 But BBJX is a story wrapped around historical events. Like Emperor Yongzhen, King Gwangjong must reign. Gwangjong's queen must be YH instead of HS, 

The way I see it, the best and realistic ending will be a heartbreaking sad ending. It is not necessarily a bad ending because a sad ending can be good just as a happy one can be bad. What is the point of going back into history and change things because one change will affect another etc and today will not be today anymore.

Now, after watching the most recent episodes, it pains me that HS is still distrustful of WS after all that he has done for her. She was willing to hurt herself to save Jung from a non-capital offense. She could have threatened to hurt herself if WS doesn't assist Eun's escape - which is bigger than Jung's issue. So in Eun+SD sad ending I really put the blame on her.

A question. Has HS returned the bracelet to WW? I couldn't recall watching that scene yet. With the tendency of this drama to reveal key events in flashback, I hope she has returned it - thus Wook's cold behaviour - because if she hasn't than HS is really a piece of work!

Thumbs up for your post! 

From the real life pictures of them having a dining gathering together, LJG is chilled and down to earth in real life. But given the screen, the camera, his presence, aura and charisma just shot up. Like where is the Wang So guy in real life. Lol. This guy is born to be an actor and a star. Like he has chemistry not only with the horse but the camera. :wub: He is at his pinnacle in Scarlet Heart Ryeo, like one of the viewers mentioned, he will be remembered as Wang So down the road. For me, Wang So and Gong Gil (from the king and the clown) are his best characters. 

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