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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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8 minutes ago, Artheusa said:


By the way, did you notice that while answering back to Yeon-hwa, Hae Soo insinuated that she intends to marry Wang So? :w00t::w00t:

Sorry to cut your post but YES! I was surprised considering how much she hates polygamy and WS is technically married already

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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On October 12, 2016 at 1:36 AM, wackeemarie said:

Woww, Jung Ki knows we are sad about the recent episode and makes an effort to try and comfort us through his post on Instagram. That's an actor that knows how to promote this drama. He really knows his English!! I wish I could meet him in person. He is such an awesome person for trying to comfort us. :bawling::heart: I am forever his fan. 

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I'm  rewatching older episodes because this is what obsession looks like and it's the first time I've watched the show on the big screen now that I'm home and can I just say I am even more in love?? 

Also I miss Hae Soo's agasshi clothes desperately they were so pretty! 

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1 hour ago, Artheusa said:


Add me to that list of people who want their lives back! Lol. I've been paralysed since I've started watching SC, and finally today my boyfriend scolded me to snap out of it. I told him I was cheating on him with the drama. He got pissed haha. You're lucky to have someone to talk about it, I got no one. None of my friends are interested in K-dramas, let alone obsess over them. I read all the comments on Dramabeans (yes, I'm crazy) and there're so many people complaining of the same thing; they're so invested that it's taking a toll on their everyday lives. We're all in love I imagine?

By the way, did you notice that while answering back to Yeon-hwa, Hae Soo hinted that she intends to marry Wang So? :w00t::w00t:

Edit: Omg I just noticed: that scene gives me serious Catherine de Bourgh vs Elizabeth Bennet vibes! "Are the shades of Goryeo to be thus polluted?"




My friends are not into kdramas. I tried to 'recruit' them but it's just not their cup of tea. I only have my husband as a listener actually. And this forum, too. 

A lot are into this drama. We only differ to the extent of our addiction (i only work 4 hrs a day, on leave mon-wed until the first week of november because I don't want to miss the live broadcast and yet i am here posting and reading) but we have one common denominator - we like/love MLSHR. This forum and twitter and IG are eating so much of my time. But i am happy to be inlove with this drama. And i know everyone is happy to be inlove, too. And that's all that matters. XX :) 


That YH-HS and Catherine-Elizabeth vibes comparison is so spot on! 


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7 hours ago, millie10468 said:

Does anyone have a favorite scene that is NOT the fight-makeup/confession scene of Episode 14?

In the interest of finding out (Aand mostly so we can hold on till next week :bawling:), I recommend we do a Favorite Scene Challenge with the following questions:

  • Favorite (2nd favorite, if the above scene was your favorite) WS/HS scene
  • So hard to pick 1 for any of these questions! I have 2 for this one though-When she first applied make up on him and stargazing scene:wub:
  • Favorite WW/ HS scene
  • Where she walked behind him in the snow...Visually perfect scene:lol:
  • Favorite Scene involving a female character (Queen Shitty Mom, Yeonhwa, Chaeryung, Lady Hae, Lady Oh, etc)
  • For me it is hands down the scene in the cave with HaeSoo and Lady Oh:tears:
  • Favorite Scene involving a male character (that is not WS :sweatingbullets:)
  • Hmm...this is quite hard.I'd have to say...the emoji scene.They were so cute and funny!:P
  • The scene that made you fall/start rooting for WS/HS.
  • When HaeSoo stopped WangSo from further destroying the rocks and injuring himself:wub:
  • Scene that made you question your love for WS/HS.
  • none
  • Scene that made you fall for WW.
  • Those moments when he laughes or smiles at HaeSoo's antics
  • Scene that made you question your love for WW
  • When he didn't stop YeonHwa from beating HaeSoo
  • Favorite scene with the other Princes (Mu, Yo, Eun, Baek Ah, Jung)
  • I already mentioned the emoji scene...OK another one was when HaeSoo was with them on Eun's birthday:D
  • Scene you can point at as the one that irrevocably made you obsessed with the drama.
  • I can't specifically point out one...the whole plot pulls me in:w00t:
  • Your least liked scene.
  • Whenever the villains are around...or when HaeSoo still clinging on to Wook despite knowing something is off with him...
  • Scene that made you saddest.
  • WangSo and HaeSoo at the prison cell and when Lady Oh was hanged:tears:
  • Most poignant scene.
  • It would be the two scenes mentioned just above again
  • Scene that made you think/analyze the most.
  • OMG...Everything!It's what keeps me thinking about this drama!
  • Scene that made you anxious the most
  • Since this recently happened...I'd have to say it is when Eun and SoonDuk ran out to where the guards are....:crazy:



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3 hours ago, briseis said:

Happy 20th Birthday

  Reveal hidden contents


“So didn’t know what to choose, so he wandered around. He ended up coming back with nothing or something like that.”

OMG! The bromance is going strong - NOW THEY ARE EVEN GOING FOR SHOPPING TRIPS TOGETHER, HUNTING FOR HAE SOO’S BIRTHDAY GIFT! I want to see that so damn much! Just imagine So wandering around -not knowing what to pick because nothing was good enough for Hae Soo in his opinion - and BA trying to help his favourite big bro out.


The best thing is that, even though empty-handed, he tags along with BA to wish her happy birthday, anyway (because he wouldn’t miss any opportunity to spend time with HS); and BA, the biggest SoSoo shipper in Goryeo is well aware why So didn’t by anything. Unfortunately his older brother is too embarrassed to admit that nothing was good enough for her.

  Reveal hidden contents


“It’s just a court lady’s birthday. It’s a gift to have a prince here at all. What more could you want?”

I’m afraid you can’t give her the same present twice, considering you have given himself to her years ago already! It’s adorable how jealous So is of every smile HS gives to BA, as if he was secretly hoping she wouldn’t like his gift. And BA can only smile when they both start to bicker like an old married couple - and you have to wonder whether it wasn’t his plan all along, that smart matchmaker!


There is this little, subtle touch to the whole scene which shows that BA and So are the only princes who actually treat Hae Soo as someone who is precious to them, as their equal, AS A NOBLE LADY NOT A MERE COURT LADY - they both come to officially wish her happy birthday WEARING THEIR FULL REGALIA, which used to be worn only for official functions and meetings with the king.

Oh My..... here i'm in love with the bromance more than our otp... kekee

The combination of Wang So and Baek Ah is just wowwww >°<

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I noticed in the preview for next week the scene where HS and WS are kneeling in front of JM and the in the kiss scene WS is wearing very simple clothes. Is it because he's in hiding or something or maybe because he's been hurt and being treated?

I remember LJGs instagram post his back scars were all shown. I don't think theyd 'draw' them if they weren't going to be shown. Any ideas? ... Ohhh how much i was WS to take a bath and HS to come out of the water!!!! But probably never going to happen..

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17 minutes ago, SizzlerZ said:

I noticed in the preview for next week the scene where HS and WS are kneeling in front of JM and the in the kiss scene WS is wearing very simple clothes. Is it because he's in hiding or something or maybe because he's been hurt and being treated?

I remember LJGs instagram post his back scars were all shown. I don't think theyd 'draw' them if they weren't going to be shown. Any ideas? ... Ohhh how much i was WS to take a bath and HS to come out of the water!!!! But probably never going to happen..

Nothing ever happens in Kdrama head-crazy-rabbit-emoticon.gif?129279377Should we get Anna Foerster of the Outlander series to direct ep 16 scene!! sigh-crazy-rabbit-emoticon.gif?129279377

Kdramas are the cause and also the cure for the byuntae mind!!! yipee-crazy-rabbit-emoticon.gif?12927937yipee-crazy-rabbit-emoticon.gif?12927937yipee-crazy-rabbit-emoticon.gif?12927937

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Friday morning here almost 8 oclock.

It is just me or the day is creeping sooooo ever slowly ? I cant wait for the monday to come and we still have 3 days...3 richard simmons days until the ep 16!!! It is so frustrating!!! Reading here n in DB..looking at ws/hs pictures here and there only making me greedier for more..no joke! It is not enough..how come this is happening? And to think how bad the withdrawal symptom i am going to have when this show is over, i shudder. HELP!!!

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4 minutes ago, jerboa83 said:

I'm really moved by this post (it's from one "senior" Soompier, but I don't know if it has already been posted here):   :dissapointed_relieved:

HOW CAN A MAN WITH PARENTS AND 30+ SIBLINGS BE SO UTTERLY, HEARTBREAKINGLY ALONE AND DESOLATE?! The Wolf Prince who craves his mother’s love and affection but receives only indifference and deliberate cruelty in return from her when she shows favouritism for all her sons but him. It’s even worse than if she hated him. The whole wolf and dog comparions are both so very apt and heartbreaking in more ways than one - in Korea dogs are connected with negative personality traits (putting the word “dog” in front of a noun makes it into an insult); however the truth is that they are unbelievably loyal, so much more than humans, and even if their masters repeatedly hurt them and mistreat them they still come back to them - protecting them and asking for any show of affection no matter how small. And the loyal, love-starved 4th Prince is the same - always coming back, always hoping for a hint that his mother loves him but always ending up disappointed and hurt. He is so eager to please her and it must be painfully obvious to everyone in the room because the whole time Wang So is pretty much wearing his heart on his sleeve - his insecurity, his vulnerability, the fragile hope. And when he finally finds the courage to speak up and tell her about the hairpin he bought for her, you can notice how he tried so hard not to stutter over his words. But the moment when his younger brother is faster to present his hairpin and he sees their mother’s happy smile, WS’s heart just shatters into million pieces.

Some may say that Wang So feels jealous of the love his brothers receive, but in his case it’s not jealousy, and it has never been jealousy in the first place. Jealousy means that you are afraid that someone will take from you things that are yours, but Wang So is envious because has never had his mother’s love to begin with. And his whole life he’s been craving something he can never have. With Taejo having so many children it’s logical that there would be a fierce competition for the throne, but there is one thing a child should never compete for - the love of his mother; a mother should love all her children equally, but Wang So’s mother feels no love for him. And the moment he finally accept this harsh truth, it will break him apart and nothing will ever be the same.

For most actors, it would be such a huge impediment not only to act with just one eye, but with only half of his face, yet Lee Jun Ki manages to turn it into advantage because he allows you to see so much there - so many emotions and nuances - and he still leaves you wondering what is hiding behind that mask.

I’m reblogging this because this week I will be focusing a lot on the wolf symbolism/parallels regarding So and I only want to show that it’s something that has been present in the story from the very beginning."


Don't worry I post all my analyses here. I wrote this one during the first week ML aired. It's definitely here...you only need to look some 1000+ pages ago :D

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I came to the conclusion that hae so didnt realize that she is the one that cause all of the mess in the palace. Her vision bout wang so become cruel is all becoz of her. Everyone turned to an enemy to each other becoz of her. Wang wook, wang so, jung, yeon hwa...it all becoz of her. Wang so killed everyone n let things happened to save her life. Wang wook turned to evil becoz of her. Wang eun n his wife got killed by wang so also becoz of her that she too much believe in her vision. If only she trusted wang so and obey her vision, wang eun wouldnt killed by wang so. And also yeon hwa, she told the king about wang eun becoz she wanted to make hae so regret for being a lover to wang so. 

Thats why lady oh said, u cant be nice to everyone becoz it would make a mess. 

Though i love the romance between hae so and wang so, 


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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