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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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6 minutes ago, n00nk3y said:

My moment of realization:

My husband who never been jealous since we're dating all the way to 9 years of marriage (understandable..since most of my friends n best friends are males) is suddenly become so jealous every Monday n Tuesday.

He would become cranky seeing me trying to finished any houseworks before 9pm asap..then he'd keep walking in front of the TV every now and then when I'm watching ML or trying to get me to talk to him every time WS was on the screen.

I can't get mad of him coz I feel that his jealousy is cute and his antics are making me smile. But then since I need my dose of ML every week,we finally make a pact that I won't be bothered for 1 hour every Mon n Tue from 9pm-10pm but I will have to shower him n the kids with extra love before or after ML..signed,sealed,delivered..anything for SHR :sweat_smile: 

I'm doomed,ain't I? :sweatingbullets:


Don't worry, all of us are doomed since episode 1... i literally have to 'fight' with my 4 yrs old for the remote when SHR is on every monday and tuesday...:

I just realise today is only thursday... monday seems so far... 

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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15 hours ago, isengdoang said:

i thik i' doomed too...

i cried and laugh alone every lunch time at work lurking in this forum, ig, youtube

then monday tuesday routine at home , finished before ML aired. and once, my hubby for 14 years just sigh and said.. "should i wear a mask to get your attention???"

Yes, he should :tongue::tongue:

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15 hours ago, antiherofans said:


That is the same part where I fall for Wang So (LJG). I was like in awe, my brain stops function for a minute and then I said  "Who is that man in a dark horse, dark cape, dark mask? What? Lee Joon Gi? :love: " and the rest is history.

We drool and swoon over Wang So with his mask,cape,horse and all. Can you imagine what would Hae Soo feel??

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2 minutes ago, chi13lou said:

Since ML has turned us into investigators, might as well try to find who sells them.

Investigators.. researchers.. analysers.. creators... just name it @chi13lou

Getting back to page 847... long way to go to 1204.. phewwww! (going back & forth actually..)

Thank you for all the post Moon Lovers! Makes my day complete!

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2 hours ago, antiherofans said:


Love your opinion :wub:. The ruthless Gwangjong that kills the brothers is the result from abused & unloved Child.

Why am I getting the Harry Potter vs. Voldermort vibe here?

1 hour ago, Para12012 said:

I'm not proud of this but I'm not too happy about Soondeok. If that's the case her father might try to take the throne to make his grandchild king. If that happens, WS may end up killing them, even the innocent child. I'm just not prepared for all this sadness. 

Does anyone know if he killed Eun's child in history? 

2 hours ago, Evangeline Yang said:

Not only that. He got to knee in front of his sister. Because... she becomes the queen. After saying how much debts she owed him. End up, she turned on him to go after So. I think the one with possessive and obsessive love is her and not So. She is like the iceberg that sinks titanic.

And I feel so much passion. Next week indoor bedroom's kiss is the highlight. LOL

I have not seen this hanbok she wears so far unless this is the same one she wear when she was with Eun going to the meeting with the king that also the scene where So got poisoned. But the color looks different. Anyone can help to analysis this hanbok? LOL

50 minutes ago, ahappygoluckygirl0918 said:

Eun and his wife will not die right??? Please tell me they won't :(( Eun is just starting to admit his feelings for SD and I really want to see them go hubby and wifey mode! And from what I remember in the Chinese version, they were the only ones who got a happy ending in the story since almost all of the other princes died young after Ruoxi's death... Please confirm this for me. Thanks guys! :D

15 minutes ago, chi13lou said:

Since ML has turned us into investigators, might as well try to find who sells them.

I think we haven't seen that hanbok yet and we all should be investigating this hanbok, too. Eun does die if it goes according to history. But Soon Deok (in history was King Taejo's wife). Maybe she's the one living on but we don't know. There's no information about Eun having kids, too. Unless the writer decides to make Soon Deok lives on and gets pregnant after one try.

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2 hours ago, yongwonhi4jfc said:

It is it is, it's my bad I got overexcited over a broadcasted scene :)

But regardless, I guess HS death won't be as shocking as C-BBJX, or maaaybe K-version is adamant to top everything! 

Here's to hoping I didn't double post
Please translate for us chingus, I'm useless at Korean

More from and Source: http://tomo_cat.blog.me/220834879776 

More from and Source: http://horong95.blog.me/220823317443


OMG these are soooo cute!!  Little chibi Moon Lovers!  I'll translate the second once since the first one had already been done.  It different character's lines.

So:  Then should I call you my person?

Soo:  Everyone here is a person too.  So I will be able to endure it.

Wook:   I was afraid I wouldn't see you again.

Yo:  My dream is Goryeo.

Eun (not sure why they have this next to him as it's So's line...):  She (Soo) belongs to me.

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11 minutes ago, junejungki said:

We drool and swoon Wang So with his mask,cape,horse and all. Can you imagine what would Hae Soo feel??


Yeah she gets to kiss him (multiple times)  ...ha ha ha...HOW TO BE YOU Hae Soo?   :grimace:

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53 minutes ago, chi13lou said:


This is so funny! Love how you have friends from 1000 years ago.LOL

Don't worry, you are not alone. Most of us in the thread have already been written off as infected with the ML virus. Doctor's diagnosis - by end of October, patient will undergo withdrawal symptoms and return to normal state will be based on ML ending.

Was suggesting we all get together here for the SBS Drama Awards at the end of the year, if they are nominated.


I love your suggestion @chi13lou! Hope they will be nominated and we will party here and reminisce the how we sharpen our detective skills due to ML virus hahaha! 

Seriously, after ML days it will be one of the saddest day of my life. This thread is already part of my daily routine. :tears:

Monday and Tuesday, pls hurry! 

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18 minutes ago, LyraYoo said:

I am smiling ear to ear while reading confessions from the MoOnLovers Housewives Club. , I can only imagine if am also married maybe my husband will have my laptop and phone confiscated :sweatingbullets:

Speaking of Wang so. I love how his hanboks coincides with His transformation too


Wang So and Wang Wook have hanboks that mirror their characters' change. This reminds me of LJG's previous work Time Between Dog and Wolf. From wikipedia, "The unique title is taken from a French saying "L'heure entre chien et loup" and refers to the moments after sunset when the sky darkens and vision becomes unclear, making it difficult to distinguish between dogs and wolves, friends and foe." Not so much about time here but the part that says between dog and wolf, I find it relating to how Wang So and Wang Wook both change. But I guess time does play a role since we see how Hae Soo changes So for the better and Wook the other way around.

I think maybe @40somethingahjumma (who also wrote an essay on wolf) or @bebebisous33 or any of you can give a more detailed explanation on this. 

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31 minutes ago, Evelyn C said:

Hi @moonlover399993! You are so right, I appreciate the Kdramas and I'll say I'm partial to sageuks because rather than it just being 'getting down to the business', there's so much more that comes with watching - You understand the people, the culture, the language and sometimes you don't even need subtitles to understand what they are saying - you just understand. Ask me if I can speak a word of my mother tongue (there are over 250 languages in my country) and frankly, the answer would be kinda. Ask me about Korean, and that's a completely different issue! Look at this drama for instance, and how everyone here is more knowledgeable about another country's culture because of it - I think that's the true essence of Hallyu, and if not for anything else, this drama has been very successful! :D  I'm so embarrassed watching some of the American Tv shows here because it's like 'whoa, clothes are off again' and for me I'm thinking do people really live like this? - But with the Kdramas and especially our dear SHR, I'm embarrassed because I feel I'm intruding on a private conversation between friends, between siblings, between lovers :) 

I didn't see King and the Clown - that's the one about Yeonsangun? (Another crazy king like our Yo, I'm sure - Saw a drama about him - Queen Insoo) but I heard Fate - made me cry! :( I'll watch the movie this weekend - I heard LJK was amazing (why am I not surprised?) :)

Exactly! Sageuks have their own world and style. I love the costumes and everything that goes with it. God, how will we survive after Moon Lovers. Just thinking about it, my heart is breaking. But on the other hand, I really need to get back to reality world. But LJG is always bringing me back to the kworld. I totally agree with you on the matter of learning about another country's culture. Right now if you ask me something about that era or the kings, I'll probably whip you more facts about those topics than I know about other histories. LOL, probably not, but still do.:lol: For the American shows, yes totally. Some heavy stuff, I cringe when I watch them. They don't bring the same emotions as some intimate scenes from Kdramas. I fell in love with the OST even though I UNDERSTAND NOTHING! Like you said it seems we are interrupting a VERY PRIVATE and INTIMATE moment. You just want to get out and leave them, but you can't, haha, I'm already blushing while thinking about WS and HS. What have they done to me!:wub::P Have you seen Never Say Goodbye, another amazing work done by our oppa LJG! I wish he can do more movies and dramas this year and early next year. We need to see him ONSCREEN MORE!

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10 hours ago, shiraru said:

ECLIPSES, REJOOOOOIIIIICEEEE~~~~ Moon Lovers will be aired normally next week!!


10 hours ago, meahri_1 said:


OMG. And here I was preparing to recap the next baseball game again for everyone. :lol:

THANK THE DRAMA GODS!!! Perhaps they're also following SHR.

  Reveal hidden contents



@shiraru Yaaaay.. no more nervous breakdown waiting for confirmation whether of not MLSHR will play that night!! :D
@meahri_1 Altho I must say, you're acting as our sport commentator was pretty fun last Monday. Hahaha

4 hours ago, itzibitzispider said:

I've been thinking ... I know I shouldn't as it hurts my head

But still ... if HS is getting nervous or scared or such, she grabs the front of her tunic, like her heart is "failing"/skipping a beat

What if :

She is pregnant and dies while giving birth?
... so she still dies, but 1. the baby survives and 2. there is a piece of her left behind for WS

Her health took a beating working as water maid and we know she has to die.
Also woman with heart diseases are still treated with extra care as risky pregnancy,
but in those times there were no real good medications for heart patients, let alone
pregnant heart patients ... the risk of death while giving birth was high (or shortly after).

@itzibitzispider I think she just had a panic attack. It happened before in ep 9 when she had this Gwangjong's visions. 
In the episodes after the torture, CR only mention about her knee being bad, not so much of her health. So I'm optimistic that she will not be as weak as Rouxi. 
I dont wish for her to be pregnant tho, since it's too much complication in only 5 episodes. The drama still has to cover Yo's death, SO's revolution, YH's evil scheming, So's finding out about Wook-So, their dramatic separation, Jung and Soo, lalala. Oh dear...
I dont think 5 episodes is enough and if there is more TIMEJUMPS.. I'go GAGA... 
Image result for going crazy emperors new groove


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erm, just to give me 2 cents worth about Eun and Soon deok's death, I just want to caution against hoping base on a the ig pix. The yellow hanbok z.hera wore and posted on 15 Sep, was quite certainly for their chuseok celebrations in Korea. 

In historical dramas, the actors/actresses do their hair before dressing, so the fact that she dressed without doing her hair just states that it was not for filming.

The other pix for her with Yeonhwa is more interesting, but even then given the amount of stuff that the director has trim away, I wont be surprised its an earlier scene that was not shown. The actress portraying ChaeRyung had already mentioned that many of scenes were cut, so I wont be surprised that other actor's time were not cut. :sweatingbullets:

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6 minutes ago, Gabi Bros said:





On a serious note, San Ho oppa killed this scene.  His eyes had me like "dude is a psychopath right now"!  I hope his career takes off after this, doesn't seem like he's had many big roles but his acting is great and at 193cm, toss the beard/stache and he's quite the heart throb.

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