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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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7 hours ago, mitheone said:

A friend (honestly), wrote this online and  I think I can relate lol :P

 On Monday and Tuesday:

  1. excited for the new episodes of Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  2. looking forward to live recaps while waiting for subs
  3. laugh, cry, blame etc during live recap/airing and after it is finished
  4. anxiously waiting for SBS version to be subbed ( since I can watch the international version same time as SBS version)
  5. watch preview and anticipate plot for next episodes
  6.  read Soompi thread and comments from other sites while listening to the OST
  7. stalking IG, Twitter, tumblr, youtube etc for more info, news, photos and gifs to be shared


Wednesday - Friday

  1.  re watch past episodes (SBS versions) and pay more attention to details or missed details
  2. read Soompi thread and comments from other sites while listening to the OST
  3. stalking IG, Twitter, tumblr, youtube for more info, photos or gifs 
  4. watch other K dramas to fill the void


Saturday - Sunday

  1.  still reading Soompi thread and comments from other sites while spending my weekend, listening to the OST at least twice
  2. less stalking IG, Twitter, tumblr etc for more info, photos or gifs
  3. keep reminding myself that Monday is just around the corner
  4. watch other K dramas to fill the void


This 'productive' new daily routine is all thanks to these two leads:


P.S.  Need to get my life back on track after 5 more episodes


@mitheone it is honestly 100% accurate!!!


read Soompi thread and comments from other sites while listening to the OST --> LOL this is literally what I do everyday since MLSHR started! =D

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9 minutes ago, chi13lou said:


9 minutes ago, chi13lou said:


I love the thought of HS getting pregnant! Is it because of the caption of this pic?


and SD thinking she could be pregnant after kissing.LOL 


No .... because in the c-version she gets pregnant and loses the baby :(

Someone should have taken up the trouble and tell SD how babies are made ....

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14 hours ago, dhia205 said:

HS should give wook some makeup lesson like she did to WS...

without HS everyone in goryeo turn weird, after witch hair crazy omma, lion hair WY, and now wrong shades for WW. 

poor them blacko-emoticon-08.gif?1292951355

@dhia205 I want Hae Soo to conceal Yeon Hwa's dimples. Every time I see them, it's bad omen. Same with Won's mouth! :D

@penelop3@riuenu I love to see Hae Soo giving Yo a run for his money.

@LyraYoo Thanks for the differences list. I didn't notice Yeon Hwa and So's dialogue at all.

10 hours ago, ruizaio said:

On DC, somebody mentioned how if Go Ha Jin's soul had entered Yeon Hwa's body instead of Hae Soo's, it would be a definite happy ending... ah well. 

10 hours ago, soorani said:

Lol, this is so true! If she was Yeon Hwa, they could've  evaded all the problems *sigh* 

@ruizaio@soorani It would be great if Hae Soo was adopted by the Hwangbo clan then she could marry So while Yeon Hwa could have been Wook or Yo's wife.

10 hours ago, n00nk3y said:

I need to sleep..I REALLY need to sleep.. :sleeping:

But this thread is moving faster than the speeding bullet train I'm afraid of missing something and have to backtrack many pages in the morning :bawling:

Slow down chingu-Ya..chaebal-yo.. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I feel you. That is me at night! :sweat_smile:

@shiraru So was once a vampire in another life so that's why he's hungry for Soo.

9 hours ago, chickenchopflipflop said:

1) boat scene 
the characters are on a boat floating on a clear lake. However, as they spoke to each other, their faces are obscured by the sunlight. This is to signify that although the situation is already clear (Wang So has already decided to marry his niece and let go of Hae Soo, Hae Soo has already chosen to accept Wang So by wearing the hairpin) the characters feel internal turmoil again when they meet each other face to face. (although the clear lake could also represent how both now understand the love they had for each other with clarity, their feelings for each other are pure, untainted and undisturbed despite circumstances) 

Neither could see each other's faces clearly in this scene because both are behaving dishonestly to each other in order to conceal the internal turmoil they feel, so their expressions are also obscured by the sunlight. Wang So is smiling and acting mischievously despite feeling the weight of his loss. Hae Soo is acting nonchalantly when in fact she is actually shocked by how disappointed she is and how much she values his words to her.

Your analysis led me to think about how So did not want to tell Soo about Yo ordering him to kill Eun and how Soo hid the fact that she was hiding Eun and his wife from So. They were having internal turmoil again.

2 hours ago, TeBe said:

Random fact:

I had some admiration for Wang Yo two times:

1) Stops his moms from getting the hope to rule Goryeo through him and puts her in her right place. When he told her to just enjoy her life as Queen mom and not get involved with politics, evil Omma happy moment was kept short and was really well a  real delight to watch her face with shock.

2) HumilIating YH! Not being fooled nor manipulated by Yeon-Hwa. Seeing her face, when he told her that her and her family are not suited be in laws to the royals, was really priceless. In your pretty face YH , in your damn pretty face that failed to seduce WY. :phew:

Dear Wang Yo, you are surely fairly evil towards EVERYONE, which I find kind of impressive ! I am being sarcastic

@TeBe It should be three times because Wook had to kneel before him too.

1 hour ago, sadpluto said:

I for one am looking forward to WS and HS finding out about her evil ways. If Soo has to die then I hope WS makes YH's life miserable for the rest of his days with her. Just torture her slowly.devil-pink-mouse-emoticon.gif?1292950507laugh-pink-mouse-emoticon.gif?1292950516

Also, I don't think that she actually loves WS. She's just curious about him. In one of the the earlier episodes Yo was being all aggressive towards YH and So came to save her. After he left she told Yo that she was curious about what it would feel like to tame a beast. I think that's all she thinks of So. A stupid wild animal who she would like to control so that in the future with her brains and his brawn they can take the throne. She would rule Goryo and he would be eating out of her hand and following her orders. She wants So to be her dog.afraid-pink-mouse-emoticon.gif?129295050

I don't want a realistic ending. F--- realism shooting-soldier-baby-emoticon.gif I watch kdrama to escape from reality. Why can't HS just travel back a 1000 years, find her soulmate and then rule the kingdom together in peace just killing everyone who looks at them the wrong way? LOL

Anyways, after posing the question "can love change history?" in the long trailer, I just don't want the writer to give us a slap in the face and be like,

NO! GROWN UP crazy-monkey-emoticon-135.gif?1292792414  love does not change history. Everyone is going to die and be miserable because I said so.

@sadpluto I agree with you. She wants attention, pretty much everyone has to pay attention to her and give her some respect. In episode 4, when the princes intervene to stop her from beating Hae Soo. She lost face. That moment showed that Yeon Hwa would not let anyone look down on her. Yet Hae Soo gets all the attention that she wanted.

@itzibitzispider :o The spider is infecting more victims with SoSoo virus! 

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54 minutes ago, yongwonhi4jfc said:

@trizha1 I agree with almost everything here, I've been speculating whose death ceremony this is?? Has this scene been shown?! Cremation was widespread as Buddhist rite amongst aristocrats and ordinary people and burial wasn't in favour until 1382 when Confucian state of Joseon Dynasty was established (Davies and Mates, 2010:290). So even if it is HS it won't be as devastating as C-BBJX when 4th prince finds out RX wanted her ashes scattered so that she can finally be free from the shackles of the palace. 


Also, if Ji Mong appeared next to her before she left, do you think Ji Mong is going to be by her side or the person who transports her back to reality? 

Isn't that the ceremony for Lady Hae? I can't spot the difference...

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28 minutes ago, trizha1 said:

Ahhh..it's like the best parts of Wang Wook died with Lady Hae too. Which, I cry, because I loved Wook too..and even now, even though he's cray cray it's like somebody you used to know going off on a downward spiral and you can't stop them. That's a heartbreak in of itself too.

Gosh, we've come so far from when Wook was the 'Romeo of Goryeo' and So was just the 'Wolf Dog' haven't we?

Adding these in to lighten the mood. MLSHR characters in another life!

Credit to: http://alexlandia.tumblr.com/post/151668835004/au-modern-where-everyone-is-happy-instagram-hae


I legit LOL'd at Wook's!!!  :lol:

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1 hour ago, trizha1 said:

Dearest friends,

I've just come to the stunning realization that there are only FIVE episodes left. This means that we will be with these characters only THREE more weeks before the journey comes to an end and...I am totally not prepared for it. 

On one hand, I am totally okay with having my life back but on the other...I wish these last five episodes will last forever. I am no longer worried that they will be able to fit everything in, because everything has been totally dial-ed up since episode 11 but it's going to be a rough couple of weeks. Things that are PROBABLY coming up the pike:



-HS miscarriage plot *prays it doesn't happen*

-HS and So's relationship starts falling apart

-So finally finds out Wook is Soo's Ex

-HS leaves the palace and goes to Jung

-Big sad misunderstanding and HS dies waiting for Wang So 


...all speculation but...did i miss anything??? We're in for a wild ride to the end, lets hope we're not derailed by baseball!!


Second part of the list? I really hope NOT.  :angry:

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5 hours ago, KdramaSwimmer said:

I watched interstellar like 10 times and everytime i watch that movie leaves me in Awe and i too thought SHR to be very very near to it.

And finally..here i am spent one and half hour (after spending 8 hours in office) back reading last 15 pages (and thats my limit...my brain is just not taking anythig in at all) so i have to give up now...

you people are amazing to keep this thread always alive and entertaning..


I need to go watch Interstellar soon. I like all these galaxy, time-travelling stuff. No surprise that I have a deep interest in strology,haha

@devotee Your pix of WS making a choice is awesome, he look so gorgeous in it. All that anger and tears rolling in his eyes....


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4 hours ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

ah!!!!  i don't believe this... i'm being ignored :angry:

Where can I find BTS of ep 14 kiss ? 

PS: Dear GOd..if no one answers thsi post..make monday's episode cancel 


Actually all these stuff are all over youtube,twitter and instagram. if you bother to search for them

@MAROSA_JIN Kindly put multiple pix under spoiler tags. thanks.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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