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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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54 minutes ago, Putri Dewi said:

in 16 episode preview, yo shoot hae soo and then we see wang so is bleeding around ear area,, 

maybe the arrow kill hae soo?? and she turn back to future ? because in the end preview we see wang so is so determined to become king (maybe because anger and he wants revenge

@Putri Dewi The bleeding around ear is from Eun's blood, I think. Remember like @LyraYoo reminded us back a few pages, do not trust the preview. Previews are scenes chop and stick together to make a shorter story - hence lots of blank blank that we looove to fill in. 
See that So is still wearing the same clothes from ep 15 - so it will happen during Eun's death. Stay vigilant against previews and other images, ladies! :phew:

32 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

Yes, she realises that Wang So might be put in front of an alternative: save her and kill Eun or have her killed and Eun is killed anyway. She witnessed what Yo did to his brother in the episode 14. Wang So had to kneel in front of Yo just because he didn't want her to die. When they tried to leave the palace, Won stopped them. She gets aware that she is a hostage and can be used as leverage against Wang So. She is not stupid. 

Therefore she realises that her vision might come true that Wang So might have to kill his brother. She knows how hurt he was, when he killed Yo. In order to make sure that Wang So doesn't have to chose, she hides Eun's whereabouts from Wang So. Moreover, she is following lady Oh's advices: keep everything to herself. She doesn't doubt Wang So and his love for her, she knows what Wang So is willing to do for her, well aware that each time, So must have to go through hell: he was willing each time to suffer because of her (drinking the poison, get sentabroad as punishment).

Then in Hae Soo's defense: Yeon Hwa is the real villain here. Yes, she was threatened by Yo, but she decided to use her knowledge, not just in order to free herself. She revealed Eun's whereabouts by mentioning Hae Soo. by doing so, she wanted Yo to have Hae Soo killed for treason, as she was the one who hid them!! She wanted to get rid of Hae Soo, whom she hates so much as she knows that Wang Wook still loves her, just like Wang So. She has lost her two brothers to Hae Soo. 


Agree with @bebebisous33 and other posts before (sorry cannot remember who else)
Reading past posts, I think we shouldnt be too judgmental against Soo. Yes, she MAY NOT trust So that's why she doent say anything. But I think there's a bigger motive at play here. 

I watched RAW version just now, so I cannot comment much. But during her talk with So she remembered the King's advice (I'm guessing the part about her to think rationally and not think too much about the future). I think that plays a role in her decision not telling So. 
In her mind, if she managed to hide Eun and SD, So will not be able to find them and kill them - hence the vision will not come true. 
Remember also, that Soo tends to do things herself. She bite the man's hand in ep3 before Wook killed him, she slashed her own wrist so that King will not wed her. So this is one way of her saving Eun and SD, as well as saving So from killing his own brother. 

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2 minutes ago, Diana Blanche said:

For me it was less about HS/WW lovey-dovey story and more about how Wang So developed his feelings for Hae Soo

I agree and also his journey to become the king of Goryeo due to his love for her and to stop the tragedy around them. He was not interested in become king, just help the CP and live in the palace, but that changed from the moment he fell in love with her. She is there for that purpose, to inspire and somehow help him to get to the throne as King Taejo wished.


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34 minutes ago, fuyukoneko said:

Why do we only blame HS for her decisions? We don’t blame WS for being so obvious that he’s willing to do anything for HS, which is why Yoo, Yo, YH, and WW use HS. What happened to the WS who was clever enough to pretend that he didn’t care if the assassin/fallen monk killed HS?

yeah he is being too obvious i agree.

I think preview kind of hinted ws is going to distance himself from hs(may be a strategic move like 4th prince in c version distanced himself from throne after 13th prince house arrest).

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7 minutes ago, glacial said:

judging from the preview next week, its possible wang so and her get intimate and by the time he's king they find out she's pregnant and the miscarriage is caused by yeon hwa/chae ryung or wang won which will cause wang so to get super pissed and maybe kill wang won. sigh, ep 15 was so intense! i can't re watch an ep like that, too many feels. Eun-aaa~ :'(

Yess, I've almost forgotten this part of BBJX. I would consider how Chaeryung would cause her miscarriage as a direct betrayal. Do you feel like HS is as weak character as RX? It seems like her limp has healed completely and she's not suffering from any body pains as RX did by the time WS ascends to the throne? Or does that happen after she loses the baby?

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46 minutes ago, riuenu said:

actually, I love the way the writer tone down HS character, HS is close to my heart..behave more like normal people will behave..

Not saying Rouxi is not normal...actually to some extend she is not, unless she got super memory, or she love history till can remember every single detail in the history book, or time travel make her a history machine...she is way...too smart already...

In BBJX, I never hate Rouxi...and in SHR...never once I hate HS, indeed I love her character....that why I think I should be taking a chill pill as well, from those bashing towards Soo...not in sane mind after watching SHR..hahahahahhahaha

@riuenu I'm with you here. I dont hate Soo. Sometimes I want to smack her head for being so dense and gullible; and most of the time I want to shook her senseless for staying loyal and loving Wook - whom we all know a giant snake. But I dont hate her. 
I admire her loyalty, her kindness, her optimistic view of the world, her generosity, and her ability to give herself to someone so completely. 
I didnt watch the C-version so cant really compare her to Rouxi. Heard Rouxi is way smarter. But Soo is smart too.. in beauty dept. Hahaha.. 
She is perfect for So. Yin Yang. So is so manly, strong, hard, whereas Soo is so feminine, fragile, soft. They really really compliment each other.
Love these couple!  :heart: 

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16 minutes ago, chatiimoon said:

o.O what is this haesoo hate parade?? I'm quite shock

I mean, are we sure if she had told Wang So about Eun things had been different?... probably not

what I get the most in time traveling stories is that you can't change history. With her little knowlege she tried but failed...   and people want her character dead XD

I'm enjoying more and more Wang so's road to the throne. When Yo falls it's gonna be satisfying  .

The problem is that she is doing nothing logical..

She influenced Wook with her "Beware of WS" panic attack..

TIme and again creating problems for WS during her panic attack outbursts..

How could she not see deteriorating condition of the king?

Why does she think she is god and the only one with positivity and good feelings towards everyone else...or that she knows everything best... What is the point of having information, sleeping on it and acting on it when it is too late..


Honestly, what irks me best is her Mother Teresa mode ( " I will save all of you") .. If she stops acting vain..then I personally would not have problems towards how she chooses to act..be dumb, smart..whatevr..wouldn't care..

Its her vanity that gets me!..She needs to accept that she does not know best..and frankly is no one to judge characters of other people.. she is extremely judgemental when she herself is no good

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I am looking forward to see how WS will become king and how HS as the unexpected variable will come in. Lastly how the modern part will play out. I didn't really watch the C-Ver since it was too long a show. With few more eps to end..I am starting to fear watching what happens to WS and Jung since they now may 'compete' to protect HS in their own way from WW. Drama ahead!!  For me, this drama is a roller coaster adventure that I look forward to!

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Well, looking into the future...I have some thoughts from this episode, mostly around my bias, 13th prince, haha. First, I'm suspecting that Woohee is going to betray Baek Ah in the future. For sure, her homeland >>>> my beautiful handsome prince/cinnamon roll Baek Ah, and anyway, there's really no way Yo would've let her gone free. After all, she knows that he had an assassination attempt planned and would thus be useful in helping the opposition (So, Baek Ah & others) unite against him. So really, she must've made a new deal with Yo. By saying that she would continue to be a gisaeng, she ensures that Baek Ah doesn't leave the palace, and thus Yo manages to keep another person that he could use against So, but I'm sure that's not the end of their deal. 

In the 6 minute trailer, Baek Ah is dressed in two different kinds of armors (1,2), so that means there should probably be two battle scenes to come (or maybe there was a wardrobe error and I'm overthinking this, lol). I think it's likely that scene 1 will come before scene 2, only since in scene 2, BA is actually wearing the same armor that the CP wore before (once again, this guess relies heavily on the wardrobe team not messing up, lol). Plus, General Park will need revenge on Yo, for killing his beloved daughter. But, in order for this to happen, I think that So + Baek Ah will have to leave the palace. Maybe Yo imprisons Baek Ah for having better hair whatever reason, So busts him out (with the help of Woohee...maybe), and then they unite with General Park and then return to the palace, dressed in their shiniest armor. 

Though...some general thoughts:

  • Woohee will probably die in episode 17/18? She's probably the person that Baek Ah is trying to reach for (as shown in the 6 min preview). Maybe she commits suicide (like 13th's lover did in BBJX, right?), she sacrifices herself for him, or maybe someone pushes her off the balcony (and since it's not a magical cliff, she dies), either way, it'll change Baek Ah forever, and Soo will be affected by that. 
  • I'm not sure about the historical details about this one, but Won will probably be disposed of? I know someone said that he tries to lead a rebellion...? Though, in any case, Chaeryung will certainly die, and considering how she was part of a treasonous plot, she will probably meet an unforgiving end at the hands of So. Once again, this will also affect Soo.
  • It'd be really interesting in my opinion if Queen Yoo is the one who ends up killing Yo in order to save Jung. Now wouldn't that be tragic? I'm sure that even if she does it to save him, Jung is unlikely going to be able to forgive his mother, and she'll pretty much lose everything at that point. 
  • I'm curious about how everything with Wook will be resolved. I'm expecting Yo's storyline to wrap up next week, so after that, it'll more or less be Wook vs. So. Plus there's the matter of Yeonhwa's marriage to So as well. I don't think Yo will be the one to agree with that, since he'd be pretty much putting together two of his enemies, so it should happen after...and that will probably be the end to So-Soo. 
  • Not sure how So will find out about Wook-Soo. While they may still let Wook be the one to tell him, I feel like it'd have more impact if Soo was the one to do so. Maybe she'd do it so that she could spare So from killing yet another one of his brothers, so that he would choose to marry Yeonhwa (maybe) and so that, just like in BBJX, she'd be able to leave the palace. Yeah, it'd likely fall into the "noble idiocy" category, but whatever, lol, personally, I'd love it if things played that way, but idk if the scriptwriter felt the same way, haha. 
  • I think Soo getting worn out by palace politics is still the best reason for her to want to leave, they probably wouldn't have changed that. Not sure if she'll have a miscarriage since it doesn't seem like we have enough time for that (but who knows, the writer likes to cram things in an episode). I don't think Baek Ah will have that much willpower to take care of Soo after whatever happens to Woohee, so Jung is definitely perfectly falling into place as the one who'll take her away. He'll also be tired of palace politics by the time everything is over.
  • Not sure how long they'll spend in the future...but come on, 15 minutes at least? I'll feel pretty disappointed if they end the way that the C-version did, or if she just sees So in the future and that's it. At least give me a sign of a happy ending to come! ^^

....okay, I wrote a lot. It's time for sleep. If anyone wants to add to my thoughts, please do so! ^^

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someone commented that the blood in his ear is from the arrow wang yo shot, its not, his collar is a different color when he kills eun and the blood on his face is from the killing of eun.  his collar is a different color when wang yo aims at hae soo, its 2 different situations. I'm guessing she will nurse him back to health when he gets shot. 

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1 hour ago, fuyukoneko said:

Why do we only blame HS for her decisions? We don’t blame WS for being so obvious that he’s willing to do anything for HS, which is why Yoo, Yo, YH, and WW use HS. What happened to the WS who was clever enough to pretend that he didn’t care if the assassin/fallen monk killed HS?

So now WS can be blamed for loving a girl too much? That is simply his way of loving someone wholeheartedly. 

By the time he told WW he drank poison to save HS, WW already knew he could do everything for that girl so Yo and YH would know too. In fact, after he stopped the guards from hanging HS and shared his coat with her, everyone knows. Being straight, sincere and loyal, it is just how he is. 

Everyone has a weakness because they are simply human. It is not just HS. Baek Ah is also someone WS cares for deeply and will try to save at all cost.

My problem with HS is mostly about her trying to do her own way, even though she means well. The late king Taejo and Ji Mong already warn her to stay out of the history course and let things unfold but she never does that. In fact, she is the one who drives history to happen exactly like in her vision.  Say, she thinks she can save the 10th prince and saves WS from the misery of killing his own brother; but she fails. Just because she is willing to take risks to save people doesn't mean she is competent in doing so - she really needs to realize that. In the 10th prince's case, he has a real shot of staying alive if WS helps him. Or at least, WS would know he had done everything he could for his brother in case of failure.

HS herself is already a hostage, she can't even help herself, left alone saving others .  Good people still die. So just like Rouxi in the novel,  her selflessness just spells troubles. What makes me scratch my head is that she is always the damsel in distress.- how many times WS has to save or help her in the drama? 

I don't hate Rouxi. I don't hate HS. They are all good people. But their good intentions back fire big time, causing pain for themselves and people around them. Because of their selfless traits, they find love in a terrible period but in the end, they have bad ending. They are pitiful characters (like a tool or device for the history wheel) but their actions also lead to their own demise so it is hard to solely blame anyone for that. And personally I don't find pitiful characters interesting.  They are actually the most troublesome.

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15 minutes ago, jujunhu said:

what the writer described WS perfect, so charming, so beloved made me feel tired and annoyed. Everyone love him so much; whenever anyone hurts him, everyone criticizes him/her for doing this, especially the person is HS. It is not fair for other characters. There are many post wishing HS die because she don't trust WS and she don't deserve him. Jesus Christ!!

So hope that HS will die in next ep & WS become a king and live happily forever with 2 his wives & his children. I think this is happy ending for all of u.

(I am wondering why the writer built HS character like that. The writer must have had a feud with female character.)


Hi chingu, just want to share my opinion on your post :) 

I think WS's character is not the problem, but how people see and evaluate his life from the story. His past was already too cruel for him to remember and he must still deal with bad people now, it sure made us (the viewers) pity him. So sometimes we blame other characters for bringing more misery to him. Please don't get annoyed :tears:   

I always try to look at general point of view, not just WS and find it's not always Hae Soo's fault or other character's fault. Sometimes it's just because people have different option about what's right or wrong for them. It's right for Hae Soo, it may be wrong for WS, the same for Yo and other characters too.  

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1 hour ago, soorani said:

I think you guys are being too harsh on Hae Soo, as some people have already pointed out it wasn't about her not trusting So, but more about her trying to avoid her premonitions to happen. 

I see it more as Soo desperate attempt to save both Eun and So of their fates than her being suspicious of So.

But at some point, she will realise that her sole existence there is the cause of everything that happened. She never had, not for even a moment, a chance to change the past, she was there to make sure it would happen, it will be the reason why she came to the past, And I think this will break her as a person and will be one of the reasons that will make her leave the castle. 





i remember JM dialog in episode 9 when he said that who knows heaven's will. is she there to change things or her presence was always supposed to trigger the events. nobody can be sure.

another intelligent comment by JM

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Ahhhh!  Kamsamida Chingus for all the spoilers & recaps.  I cannot sit still at work.  Constanstly checking this forum.  Episode 1-11 was on a slower pace & then now it’s like BAM BAM BAM!  You know that feeling of when your whole world is crashing down?  I had to smack myself several times to remind myself this is a DRAMA. 


If it’s there a chance that we may get an intimate/bed scene, then the emotional roller coaster ride will be well worth it. 

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5 hours ago, chi13lou said:

Based on actual history, Yo is the king after Mu.

...and @dears......Good Morning...  Thank you.  I stand corrected on the history.  All I know about the history is what I read on this thread and what I saw on Wikipedia when I looked up Wang So.  I saw no reference to Yoo being King after Moo, only the connection between Moo and So, marriage with the daughter.  So, the history is correct BECAUSE Hae Soo traveled back a thousand years....  This means HS travels back to Goryeo to find out SHE is the impetus for one of Korean history's great mass murdering Kings.  I think she called him a "monster".

I would have preferred both WS and HS fall down that rabbit hole to the 21st Century ...

I don't hate HS... I hate the turn this story is taking.  Its the writer who is making HS the cause for WS's actions.  Sometimes you just can't justify the unjustifiable.  If the writer was looking for a way to ecuse WS's actions in history and was going to take "creative license" with that history, he or she should have just had them fall down that rabbit hole and live happily ever after turning the historical King into a fictional character, after all, this is a drama not a documentary.  The way it looks now is, we're to "understand" this blood-thirsty, fratricidal murderer as a pathetic, love-struck puppet of Bro' Yo...  And this characteriation doesn't fit with the WS we've seen throughout the rest of the drama.  Do you see what I mean about when an otherwise great drama begins to turn to nonsense...


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51 minutes ago, fuyukoneko said:

Why do we only blame HS for her decisions? We don’t blame WS for being so obvious that he’s willing to do anything for HS, which is why Yoo, Yo, YH, and WW use HS. What happened to the WS who was clever enough to pretend that he didn’t care if the assassin/fallen monk killed HS?

So makes his decisions with Soo in mind. Soo makes her decision with So in mind. Both are trying to protect each other in their own ways. @violet90 said both are bound to hurt each other. Yeah.. possibly. Hurt each other later on. But now, they are trying to be there for each other. 

So, by allowing himself to become dog/hound/animal to protect Soo from being hanged. It hurts my eyes to see him bowing to that evil Yo, but it's the price that he has to make so that Soo is safe. 
In Soo's part, in her own way (which is a huge debate among Soompiers in this thread :sweatingbullets:) making the decision to prevent So from killing his brothers is her way of protecting So. - again, this is debatable and I'm sure someone will chew on this theory. Phuih.. :sweatingbullets:

I'm OK with So and Soo's actions in this case. What I'm not OK is.. in ep 16, So continues to bow to Yo after 3 years! Thats what I have a problem with. 
TIME JUMP sucks big time. There is nooo way So will stay calm seeing Soo verbally abused and soon physically abused by Yo. Uuuggh.. this irks me! :crazy:
His decision to plan a revolt takes waaay to loong. Again... this is just a sleepy person's ranting. :expressionless:

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HAE SOO HATE Everywhere.. well, she is still Wang So's MAIN CHICK.. still the one getting all those kisses and loving from WS. 

I think the hate is because the trust issue that the lady bear raised to HS.

But, If looked back at the prev ep, the foreshadowing stargazing conversation that crazy eomma might have known that he will kill his brother and the time that he was crying because he killed WY then she hugged him. WS doesn't want to hurt his brothers.

HS knows that WS is deeply hurt by it, so it is more of trying to protect WS from being forced(by WY possibly using her or any kind of tricks) to hurt/kill his brother. 

Please don't hate on HS unnie too much and wanting to kill her earlier or sent her back to 21st century, she is still my Wang So oppa's baby loves


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2 hours ago, qwenli said:

oh yes, please do it with HS first then YH. I think I will really cry with WS marries YH...

after YH, i hope he will do it again with Go Ha Jin hahaa...it makes my heart better. 

1 hour ago, Diana Blanche said:

They give us many kisses to forget the anguish we are going through seeing how much our OTP have to endured.:D


totally agree with youu... I don't know how many times my heart feels hurt what they did to our beloved couple Wang So and Hae Soo, really hurt so bad. But i also should be thankful for many kisses they gave to us ^^ we're still counting, hope next week's kiss won't be the last, ahh also the bed scene and the bts too ^^ 

I'm not good in analysing what coming happen in the next episode... but i like to read when someone compare between BBJX and SHR, it's 5 eps left but makes me worry with the ending. I want happy ending so bad. Chingu, did Wang So ever cried for Hae Soo? I mean with tears from his eyes? I couldn't remember if he ever. If the ending should be sad, Wang So only can give his tears for her in the last :tears: oohh just please stay by her side...how can i handle this heartbreak. 

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I was so nervous while watching today's episode and SBS is such a tease. They showed us such a horrifying preview only to have that scene at the very last moment. Why do  you need to drag the death of two lovable characters to two episodes??? 

Also regarding HS and her trust issues with WS, i think it is because she loves WS she decides to not tell him. She is from the future and she knows Gwangjung as the king who killed his brothers. This is intensified with the visions. She also just saw CP moo die just like her visions. She does not want WS to become the person that history remembers. 

HS believes herself to be just an observer in the whole era. She does not really understand that it is because of her and her presence in the goreyo era that certain events have even started. 

1) She helped WS remove his mask and become an eligible candidate for King

2) She made WS fall UNCONDITIONALLY in love with her (unintentionally) due to which CP Yo is using to his advantage. 

3) If she told SO about Eun and his bride, she felt that it would follow the path of history. She did not know that she would be helping history. 

4) WS becoming king. If he was not used so horribly by his brothers, he would have needed to become powerful so he can put a stop to all of this. 

If HS wasnt even there, none of this would have happened. 

But what we have to remember is that she is still in love with SO in episode 16 and she does not alienate him for his actions. atleast i hope not! You never know when a KDrama Noble Idiot card can be played. 

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