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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] Return of Happiness 幸福归来


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Title: 幸福归来 / Xìngfú guīlái
English title: Return of Happiness
Genre: Love, Modern
Director: Shen Yi
Episodes: 48
Broadcast Date: November 7, 2015


Ron Ng

Qin Li


Guō Jiāháo

Yáng Yǔtíng

Lǐ Xīncōng

Liú Wénzhì

Qín yàn

Zhāng Guóqìng

Lǐ Shìpéng

Hǎo yáng


Yu You Wei had her identity as a rich heiress taken away from her and replaced by another girl at a young age; all without her knowledge. Years later, with the help of Han Ming she begins to reach her sailing dream. During her journey she encounters various obstacles including finding out the truth about her identity.

Watch it here with English subs!

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

[spoiler ]enter your spoiler here without the spaces inside the brackets[ /spoiler]




Coming soon...

Additional Links:

Return of Happiness 幸福归来 Viki English Subbed Episodes

Return of Happiness 幸福归来 Raw Episodes

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                   @thunderman1, @ObessiveComplusive, @deeotherday_stv, @whitecherryblossom

I am hoping you guys can join me watching this drama. It is on viki and it is hilarious.

How did I not see this? Xie xie! :)

No problem chingu. :) 

Have you seen My Best Ex-Boyfriend? Second male lead is the main lead in this drama you referred to me. I didn't really like him there but maybe he got better second time around! My Best Ex-Boyfriend is one of my favorite fashion Chinese dramas. :) 

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LOVE IT! So I just started this drama. I haven't watched these two actors ever before, but I love their chemistry together.

Even though the plot is your run of the mill Chaebol + Candy with amnesia and birth switcheroo, it has got me hooked! 

Here are more of my thoughts and opinions on the first two episodes of this drama: https://picadrama.wordpress.com/2015/11/10/return-of-happiness幸福归来-back-to-the-sea/


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                   @thunderman1, @ObessiveComplusive, @deeotherday_stv, @whitecherryblossom

I am hoping you guys can join me watching this drama. It is on viki and it is hilarious. 

Thanks UnniSarah, ;) at least Ron Ng is the main lead. I watched "My best ex-boyfriend" (最佳前男友) and his performance was not bad. 

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Came across this thread and decided to give this drama a try. So far not bad. The storyline is a little bit different compared to other dramas except there's always evil characters that try to harm the main leads. I'm disliking the aunt, the fake Ai Jia, the stupid greedy dad of You Wei but everyone else I'm fine with it. Ron style is very similar to his role in my best ex boyfriend which I like. In fact I think this drama his fashion sense got better :D . Hopefully the drama won't get too draggy like his previous one. I

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I believe Ron Ng's character name in this drama also starts with Hao. lol  Coincidence much? I have yet started but it looks like a romcom and so I will watch when I catch up on my other C-dramas.

Really I thought it was Han.

If that's the case, I must have gotten it wrong with MBEBF. lol 

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No biggie, @thunderman1 :D

I've been watching it on YouTube with Chinese subs and I was pretty sure that the character they used for his name is the same as the one that's used for Korea.

I'm enjoying the show a lot more as it progresses. The race was pretty full on.

I will be starting it this weekend and also watching with chinese subs! high five! :) 

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Started watching this yesterday on viki and completely marathoned up to episode 12 ! The mandarin is not too difficult so can do without subs (for now). Ron Ng is totally impressing me as its a big leap from his tvb days and he and Li Qin have good chemistry. The female lead is also spunky but not unreasonably so (until now !) so looking forward to it! 

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I will be starting it this weekend and also watching with chinese subs! high five! :) 

*Returns high five*

I think you'll like it. It's cliche in parts and yet... it manages to do some interesting things with some of the tried and true tropes. It's turning out to be quite addictive.

@Ldy Gmerm and @40somethingahjumma... Glad to see you here too. 

I finally caught up to episode 12 to this drama. Just waiting for subs now. So far the drama is progressing smoothly. 



Glad to see you too, @UnniSarah. :) Good to see the show picking up some new viewers.


I don't know what it is but lately I'm beginning to find the C-dramas more interesting than the K ones. Which is very nice for me as I don't really need E-subs to watch them.

Here Cinderella is a spunky, sassy sailor and her prince is smitten pretty quickly and completely devoted to her cause. I hope he stays devoted because nothing irritates me more than the male lead falling for the machinations of others to keep them apart.

I haven't watched very many HK dramas in over two decades so Ron Ng is not a familiar face but he's doing fine so far. Not my kind of studliness but I can live with it. The female lead is doing a really good job too.

Most of the cast are doing okay except for Fake Mum... whose facial expressions are limited to say the least.

It's a Cinderella story alright. Interestingly enough, there's no wicked step-mother but there's a villainous and fairly useless kind of step-father and a villain-in-the-making step-sister. But there's a rather wicked gu gu behind it all who's trying to diddle the heroine out of her inheritance. Still there's no stopping fate apparently because try as Aunty might, the real Aijia keeps coming back because the sailor in her beckons her home.


Does Han Ming have his suspicions about who the real Aijia is, I wonder?

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