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[Daily Drama 2015/2016] Witch's Castle 마녀의 성


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The best part of today's episode is MR showing up at his flat and talking about being blood to him like that is suppose to make him accept her no matter what. I loved GH telling her that if that is true then he would drain every bit of her dirty blood out of his system before he ever acknowledges her as his mom. 

MR is foolish to think that just because she had him he should accept her after all the dirt she did. The hateful nasty shameless things she has said to this man. GH has told her once before he would never want her for his mom. He has told others he does not care who the person is he is not accepting them and has no need for them. He has also told MR not to keep meeting DB (its DB fault though) and hurting her and MR is not listening. When he finds out that the witch thinks that by removing DB from his side he will accept her he is going to flip out at this last ploy of MR's and HJ's in trying to get this man by promising to make him Chairman. HJ should know better but we know she crazy and stupid. MR is just greedy. This is going to backfire and not end well for them and they will be outed for everyone to experience their humiliation.  This little stunt today with HJ who dares to give DB a look like I dare you to say something is going to not go the way they want. 

I know DB is an idiot and is too nice for her own good but the nice quiet ones are the ones you need to watch out for. They will not run her off but will instead make her dig in to stay by his side. She saw this man loose it today after MR came to his house. He shed tears and wondered what he had done wrong to end up with MR as his mother.. No way will she walk away from him and will end up standing up I think to fight for him. MR and HJ's mistake is in underestimating DB and GH and they love and devotion they have for one another and their intelligence (ok.. DB is up in the air) and  in thinking they are so smart to get this latest plan to work.

MR is not listening to GH and so he will have to prove that he is totally serious in what he says. He does not have to accept her and nor will he.  That DB is not the issue in his not wanting to know her she is. Hard lessons are sometimes needed for hard headed people and MR is the most hard headed woman I have seen in a daily drama. (ok wait its a toss up between MR and HJ lol.. ) 

HJ never looks at the big picture about what could happen if she is caught again trying to get GH and working with MR. Because her family has fallen for her mess so many times before she is confident she can snow them again but I do not think it will happen this time. Once she is busted this time that is it and she will be out on her a** I believe. She has not found out that SG, HD and even GO are all for GH and DB and their marriage. She does not know that they have changed their minds since HJ was listening in and HD told DB to stick by GH and hold on to him and that SG never wanted them to break up. The kicker is that even GO is endorsing them and will be the biggest one to not fall for her crap when she is busted this time before she strokes out. GO warned her and will be dealing a blow to HJ before she goes down with that stroke since another clue was HD asking GO about her blood pressure being high today.

In a long drawn out chat the idea was thrown around that when HJ is blasted this time (and it is coming) she will end up kicked out. Given how GO is showing signs of Alzheimer's or dementia the last good thought she will have will be of HJ doing wrong and the next time HJ sees her when she is about to get kicked out that house is GO not knowing her as the illness has taken a hold of her. Today with the cell phone being in the refrigerator was a sign that GO is about to loose it mentally. We believe that when she is busted this time it will trigger a stroke that will aggravate her illness. (as I do not think GO went to see family on that trip she took. She either went to see a doctor or went to get her life in order because she knew the time was coming close.) IT's why she kept telling HJ and anyone who listened that she wanted to see HJ married before she was not there anymore and I do not think she was talking about the physical but the mental. 

We also speculated that since DB has seen this before with TW's granny she may be the one to recognize what this is either by a visit to the house or GO gets out and gets lost because she can't remember her way back home. We also think if this happens GO may mistake DB for her grand daughter or just take a liking to DB because of her warm heart and personality. We also think that she will not like HJ in her lowered mental capacity and HJ's punishment is to have her granny forget her and be scared of her when she sees her.  HJ will never be able to make up to her granny what she did since GO will not know her having forgot her. Also she will not even be able to be near her since GO will not want her near her but may want DB. How ironic that the person she talked so bad about and placed blame on is the one her Granny likes now and wants beside her.  We also think that because of GO's mental illness and her mistaking DB possibly for her grand child she wants GH and DB to hurry and marry. The family will do it since they are worried about her being agitated if they don't do it.  What better way for HJ to deal with what she has done then to a. loose her granny mentally. b. have DB favored as her grandchild. c. DB and GH to marry (the place where HJ wanted to be the most) and d. be kicked out the house with no money or anywhere to go. HJ always complains she always felt alone and now she will be because with GO incapacitated she is has no one to stop SG and HD when the let loose on her for plotting with MR again and gets kicked out the house with nothing. Not that GO would. She has been very worried about DB and GH lately and I think she will take to them both where she did not before. The mental illness is changing her perspective and a bit of her personality to not be such a stuck up person and look down on people like she did before. 

 I think my thought is in the end DB and GH end up living with HD and SG and having the parents they finally always really wanted to have. HJ and MR has to watch from afar (if HJ has not killed herself) as GH dotes on and gives his filial support to HD as his mother and HJ has to watch as DB has taken the father that embraced HJ even if she was not his. Having the love and support now that HJ took for granted. 

It would be a true role reversal for HJ as she grew up with everything and GH and DB had to endure hardships. 

WE wonder what TW's role could still be and if he is not possibly saving DB's life if HJ goes off the rails and tries to kill her once again as payback to what he and his family did to her. He could become a source of support , information and finally acceptance to that family over GO's illness and later death since he and DB dealt with the same with his granny. 

Also he could very well be the one to save HJ from her crazy and take her in when she has no where else to go. 

I guess we will see if the writer even thinks of any of that.

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In this episode, 88, a few things stood out:

1. MR got on my last nerve with her over the top crying.  More than that, it's obvious she doesn't see GH as her long lost son that she should cherish or want to see happy.  She only sees him as a tool to marry someone wealthy so she can live in a grand lifestyle.  She could careless wether GH is happy or not.

2. As silly as Se Sil can be, she can also dispense words of wisdom. I loved when she told DB to just ignore MR. Just because she gave birth to GH doesn't make her "his mother".

To be honest, MR is a complete stranger to GH. The years of bonding that is needed to build a mother child relationship has passed. Instead of MR trying to truly build a relationship with her adult son, she's trying to make plans to use him to marry HJ so he can take over MC Group. 

After DB's amnesia and missing for a year, then to have the "Oppa" that she depends on hanging around and the person she goes to when she needs  to talk, now GO with he dementia and putting her phone in the refrigerator, seems like the writer is re-using scenes from "I Have a Lover".

Sorry, but I get so sick of DB that I just want to skip past her. She's the weakest female lead I've sen in a long time.  I would love for her to get a backbone for once. She's depicted as just someone who doesn't get or have a clue. She knows that Hj and MR plotted to hurt her.  Is she surprised that HJ is calling her "mother"?

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Video from Episode 88:



GH walks up to see MR being mean to DB once again when DB tells her she will not be breaking up with GH they love one another. MR in her selfishness accuses DB of being the one beside GH that is causing GH not to accept her. (LMAO, really lady DB is not the reason he will not accept you. )  MR knocks her bag on the floor causing the stolen sweater she took from GH's office to fall out and he picks it up. 

GH wants to know what she is doing with that and DB tries to get him out of there thinking the truth will hurt him too badly but MR says she will tell him and DB says you can't tell him this way but MR says she will do it. She tells him after much stuttering that she made that sweater with her own two hands and that she is his mother. GH says he does not care who made it that it does not make any sense that this woman could be his mother with the way she is. MR grabs the DNA report and says look at it its true but GH does not care what she says he refuses to entertain that thought. MR cries fake hard tears and GH ends up leaving upset. 

DB goes after him and again he says does it make sense that MR would turn out to be his mom with they way she is and DB again tries to say its true and maybe with time but GH does not want to hear that and tells her to stop walking away from her. 

GH has a moment where he goes off by himself to think and replays what MR said and how DB asked if they would stay together no matter what.

MR not paying attention to what GH has said to her calls someone to find out where he lives (another mistake he may not have wanted her to know where he lived.). saying she will get her son.. (OH no you will not lady!)

HD goes into get something from GO to deliver to work for her and GO asks about what is going on and HD says she told DB to hold on to GH and not let go. GO says it must have been a hard decision and HD says she realized that she did what she wanted when she married for her own happiness and she has no right to block theirs (NS made her see reason..) being selfish. HD gets a call from DB to meet and GO asks what is going on if she is alright. HD tells GO that DB and GH will have to just go through it on their own and weather the storm themselves (finally you are thinking clearly.) and will do fine. 

DB and HD meet in GO's office at her company and DB talks about how worried about GH she is and how upset he is over finding out about MR. HD tells her it will be ok as long as they do not let go of one another. 

DB goes back to the company to look for GH but he was not there. 

GH comes home to find MR camped outside his door wanting to put a spin on what happen but he does not want to hear anything she says and she says she carried him for 10 mos and he has to basically accept her because they are blood and GH calls her out on abandoning a 5 year kid and on ruining a family by hitting on a married man with her greed and selfishness and on groveling in front of the rich and powerful and trampling on the weak with her attitude and almost killing the woman he loves and he tells her that he has no intention of ever living as her son. GH says that he will drain every bit of her dirty blood out of him if he is her son and for her not to show up at his house again. That hits MR hard and she can't believe he will say that to her. (Again she still blames DB as if she was not around he would not feel that way.. But oh yes he would! Still not getting that DB is not the issue her behavior and attitude and the bad things she has done is. ) GH tells her to leave and goes in leaving her outside crying fake tears. 

GH gets water and throws the water bottle startling DB who is inside his flat then he pushes everything off his desk upset and cries asking what did he do wrong to have MR as his mother. DB notices he has cut his hand and leads him over to sit so she can treat the wound and he is crying and DB says you can yell, scream and cuss at your mom if you like. 

DB come home and SC is waiting for her with HD and they talk and SC says that DB should just ignore MR and they do not have to deal with her or GH does not have to accept her. 

Later HD talks to SG about it and he says he realized something was up when GH did not show up for work that day and they both can't stand the way MR is doing poor GH and causing DB and GH such pain. 

GO has lost her cell phone and her son and HD are looking for it all over. The HK finds it in the refrigerator and brings it them and GO makes up something about maybe taking a call in the kitchen and that is perhaps why it ended up in that place. HD does not look too convinced. 

We see them having a meal and SG is suggesting that GO get her BP checked and GO says something and then makes the  comment about being an old woman and happy she made it this far then says something to HJ about finding a man to marry and HJ says she will have someone soon and HD looks at her. 

HJ is getting dressed and gets a call from MR early to meet with her and HD comes in with her dry cleaning and HJ hurries to get off the phone saying something but you can tell HD is suspicious of HJ and what she could be up to. 

The next day MR is in GH's office (who keeps letting her in the front door let alone into his office?) She tries again to go on about how she thought of him every day and that she left him with another family because she could not care for him since she had no money (I am wondering how does this make what she did in giving him away seem good?) and putting the picture of her with him as a baby on the desk. GH does not want to hear that and says its amazing how she only sees things from her side and again lets her have it saying he guess that is why she was able to commit such terrible crimes and DB comes in and GH looks at her and says he does not have time and to go and leaves. DB tries to tell MR that he needs time of course but MR is being nasty saying that is why she wanted DB away from him (DB IS NOT THE REASON HE DOES NOT WANT TO KNOW YOU WOMAN!) and not listening and TW comes in to say she is like a sister to him and that MR has no right to be blaming her for her sad personal history but MR says something nasty about him being in the middle of her affairs and leaves and goes to see HJ.

MR of course goes to see HJ and plot how they have to get rid of DB and HJ can have him back and HJ says something about the project perhaps and they both seem very pleased that they will be getting rid of her as if she is the issue with why GH will not accept her. MR thinks if she can put him in a position of power GH will have to want her but oh that is not true. He will hate her even more. Hard headed woman. 

GH goes to see SG to take in some papers and they talk about how things are going with the project. GH asked if the reason HD all of a sudden protested the marriage was because of MR being his mother and SG said yes and they did not know how to tell him about it. GH says DB Was once again hurt because of him. GH says I am still the same and n tells SG once again that it does not matter who shows up as his birth mother is he will never accept them as family. SG looks at him and tells him that he does not are who son he is and that he thinks of him as his son and not to forget that. 

GH goes back to his office and sees that picture on his desk and throws it in the trash can. 

DB comes in later and finds it pulling it out and calls MR to meet. 

DB is trying to talk to MR about having witness him a nightmare and calling out for his mother and MR says of course this is why I did not want you beside him and I am not sure how db is at fault for that (MR still does not know what GH endured to loose his memory as a child. The person that could tell her besides the pastor is DB but she does not see that.) HJ comes in and calls MR MIL and DB stands up and asks HJ why she is calling her mother in law and both of them look at her. HJ with a snide look like now what.. (oh boy its going to be brutal this time around for HJ and MR and this mess they they will get busted for.) 

End of Episode. 

No Preview


Video Credit DramaSBS Channel on YouTube. 

The best part is MR nor HJ are paying attention to anything that GH has said to either of them. DB has tried to hand MR a bone to help her eventually have that relationship she claims she wants. But DB will have to face what GH already knows about MR she does not care about him she just wants to use him to move up. Too bad this time around things will blow up in their faces. After this move I can not see DB leaving him and when GH finds out they where plotting again to remove DB and try to put HJ beside him things will escalate until GH decides to teach both of them a lesson and they will both be outed in front of people. HJ would not have wanted her family to find out about this but they will and prolly about what she did a year ago too if the writer does this this right way. But it still will not matter. Trying to get GH back when she knows that DB and GH are about to marry and working with MR when she is aware that he is not dealing with her is going to hurt her and get her kicked out of that house and family.. I bet.. GH warned HJ to not do things to hurt people and to stop with her obsession and trying to want him. Too bad these two women never paid attention to the things GH said to them. So it is a situation where he can show them better than he can tell them what happens when you try to manipulate my life and when you do not listen to the things I say. 

It's going to be so good. Both women need to start paying for the things they have done. All the chances they where given to be regretful and truly sorry for hurting people they did not take. They still continue to be selfish and see themselves as the victim well this time around they will not have anyone to sympathize or block what will happen next. 

All of this leads into the last part of the story where we still have to have JY's death come out.. 

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The person that annoyed me most in the last episode isn't SML or HJ but Dan Byul, who's turning into the most disappointing character in the entire show. Why the heck did she meet up with ML again... when she was chastised for it? Why? So she can be scolded, mocked and ridiculed? Again? Does she not remember what that horrible woman did to her? How unconscionable she was? Why is she sticking her oar in when nobody... no one... not the bio mum, not the fiance... wants her to get involved?

Focus on your job dear... it's the only thing you seem to be good at. 

Apologies for venting but she's redefining idiocy in ways that I can't mention in polite company.

Can I volunteer to give her another bump on the the head?

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Okay, I'm lost.

DB wanted to know when HJ and MR had become close. Sorry, but weren't they close before she lost her memory? Wasn't MR always in the building visiting HJ? Wasn't it HJ and MR that caused her to be paralyzed? So why is she asking such an obvious answer, question?

Why is DB even listening to MR with her "my son" when GH happens to be that son and wants nothing to do with her? DB knows this? Why does she put so much value on what MR and HJ says instead of GH?

DB fought to keep TW in her life and wouldn't and still won't listen to anything anyone says about him. Will she have the same attitude where GH is concerned? 

It's hard to like a weak lead with idiotic tendencies.

Also, let's get real.  GH hates HJ. There is no way he would let her touch his face.  It's also interesting that HJ could see DB's reflection off the elevator door......hmmm...even though DB was on the same side as the elevator and couldn't have possible created a reflection.

HD has overheard HJ and know the type of person HJ is, why does she think all of this is MR's doing? As if MR is manipulating HJ? Can she not see the obvious?

TW giving GH advice  because DB is too idiotic to stand up to her enemies, got on my last nerve.  If DB is foolish enough to listen to MR and HJ, then she deserves to drink herself to death.  Also, everyone always thanking the kidnapper is ridiculous.

The little speech by HD to MR about "don't mess with my 'children'"  had me rolling my eyes.

I think after this week, if I make it through the rest of this week, I may just drop this drama. It's gotten too silly. This drama is basically 120 episodes which equates to about a 1 hour 60 episode drama. When I see the quality writing like that of Five children (50 episodes), it makes me think the writer is being lazy.


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one  thing  i  noticed  about  kdramas  is the a bsence  of  real communications  of couples  in a  relationship  why  wouldn't  dan byul  tell  kh  what  his  mom  and  hee  jae  were  doing?  such  childish  acts  by  both  hee  jae  and  mil lae.  i've  always  believe  you  cannot  teach  the  heart  who to love(actually  i  originally  heard  from woody  allen),  very t rue,  no  amount  of  pressure  ,  of  pairing,  machinations  will  want  kh  love hee  jae  if  he  doesn't  feel  it. he  is  not an  opportunist and  does not c are about  hj's  money  or  inheritance.  about  mil  lae  she is  delusional  that  his  son  will  jsut  love her  back a fter  knowing  the  truth.  it t akes  time  and  understanding  to  do  that.  moreover,  she's alienating  her  son  by  making dan  byul    break  up  with  him.  the  more  kh  will  be  alienated a nd  agitated  if  he finds  out  about  this.  dan  byul  is not  the  reason  why  they are  estranged.  stupid  woman!

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The best part about episode 90 was the end when GH finally caught HJ and MR plotting; MR advising HJ to get pregnant by GH to trap him into marriage. According to the preview, GH and DB will leave the company......finally.

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Thank you for confirming it. 

GO over heard MR and HJ at the hospital calling each other MIL and DIL and MR says to HJ about her making sure her son has access to MC Group or something close and GO almost passes out since she has warned HJ to stay away from MR and that she would disown HJ if she is caught going after GH. 

Only HJ and MR did not see GO and HD so GO who goes home very upset takes action to do what she threatened and that is to disown her. HJ can't think she would get anything from SG either that would allow MR a foot hold and surely nothing for HD who is taking over GO's company. 

It was a very satisfying finish for the week.. now we need MR to drop HJ since she will never be able to change her Granny's mind since I see GO's dementia finally coming on fully with HJ's mess. 

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52 minutes ago, gerrytan8063 said:

@Ldy Gmerm

Grandmother GO had already warn JH once...that if JH still "whine" over GH, she will strike JH off the family register, therefore she is really a person who keep one's word

Yes GO did when she found the picture in HJ's room and HJ says she still wanted GH. GO told her if she did not stop it and let GH go she was going to kick her out and disown her striking her from the registry. HJ tried to cry and get sympathy but GO was not moved before HD came in to find out what HJ was crying about. GO did not say anything to HD about HJ still wanting GH she told HJ to get over it before HD and SG found out. 

The next morning HJ pretended that she was doing what GO told her and would find a new man in the matchmaking GO and others where doing for her when she was only giving her Grandmother lip service. 

GO has caught HJ red handed after she warned her what would happen if GO found out HJ was still after GH and for HJ lying to her and meeting MR when she told her to stay away from MR. Then to hear them and see them being so cozy and calling each other in those terms as well as the deal MR keeps talking about related to MC Group. GO had no choice but to show HJ she meant business and follow up on her threat. 

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So TW is still trying to get DB to marry him.  She tells him to stop joking (how many times will that line continue to be said) and he tells her he's not joking.  And why does she continue to insist this man is her brother? However the crazy thing is he's still acting like a caring friend to both of them.

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this tw  character  is  one  of  the  most  ridiculous  character  i've  encountered  so  far.  he  spends  most  of  his  adult life  selling  fried  chicken  at  his  grandma's resto  and  all  of   a  sudden he  is  made  the  head  of  global a cquisition  etc  etc. how  did he  manage to  do  that?  where  is  his  experience  in  acquiring  businesses  and  franchising?  remember  he  even  refused  to  sell  mc  conglomerate? this  is  fantasy  at  its  finest.

on  the  other  hand  mil  lae  is  playing  the  pity  card   to  get  his  son  back.  but  instead  of  reestablishing a  relationship  with  kh  she  is  mposing  and  using  him  for  her  own  means  i.e.  making  him  ceo  and  marrying   him  off  to  hj.  this  hj  is  delusional,  stalker  and  reminds  me  of  the  glenn  close  character  in 'fatal attraction'

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@Ldy Gmerm

After viewing the RAW

Grandmother GO summons DB & HJ to the house while HB looks anxious

HB: What is the matter...that you had asked the children to come back 

GO: Just wait a while, there is still someone else that had yet to come

MR comes in 

MR: Madam...it has been a long while that you had call....( was taken aback).....

GO: Don't stand on ceremony...just sit down over there

MR sits down

GO: Since all are present here, we will commence...Secretary Jang...please pass that to me

Secretary Jang: yes

GO: First & Foremost, I will state the conclusion (coda)....when (& after) I die.....I will not render a single cent in inheritance to HJ 

HJ: What...Halmeoni?

Now.....MR had lost her "cash cow" in HJ & her son stepping stone to succeed MC company.....I hope that Grandmother GO doing "cruel to be kind" to HJ for her own good sake

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Thank you for the translation. 

It is awesome that GO has stopped MR from using HJ as a cash cow. Not that HJ did not know that and was using it to get GH.  her words to "start with the conclusion" or "State the conclusion" gave me the impression that since she has delivered the blow first to MR and HJ now comes the tough love to HJ who she warned about going after GH and about conniving and being with MR.

@awsparkle . @tinatrix236, @suchadiva42 , @ina111 , @lclarakl , @40somethingahjumma , @valsava , @gerrytan8063

This is what I have been waiting for. I want to see what GO will say to HJ in front of everyone. I see more shocks coming HJ's way. She thought she was slick and so smart in her shenanigans. Her grandmother was just wondering why she never sees her at home anymore and she now has a clear picture of just who she has been seeing and what she has been up to. GO has no other chance but to be "cruel to be kind" so to speak. IT will be the only thing she will understand. Everyone from this point has to harden their hearts against HJ and her tears and pity party she likes to throw on others. HJ can not sit there an accuse her granny of only thinking of DB (like she did SG and HD) since she always thought of HJ first. 

Once GO shows HJ she is not changing her mind and I hope gives MR a piece of it as well we will see those two show their ugly side again to these woman. MR nor HJ have any respect for GO, HD or DB. I am hoping that in their anger the let it all out and SG and GH walk in on it to get everything out in the open. 

I am waiting for GH to let loose on HJ in front of everyone as well as MR as they need to see and hear how he truly feels about this woman so everyone can stop assuming he can't break ties with his birth mother. Finding out what she was plotting (although he knew) should be a wake up call to DB and perhaps now she will stop pushing this relationship and leave the man alone. 

I think GO's words will come into play soon and she will die. HJ will not get a chance to change that will or degree since GO will either stroke out or wake up the next day and the dementia is on her or die in her sleep from the pain and stress of what she had to do to HJ to try to save her from herself. HJ's ultimate punishment is to loose her grandmother and finding out that the woman was ill and did not need stress in her life and that her actions brought about the stress that pushed her over into dementia or killed her. NO matter if HJ wants to blame others for not telling her or being the cause she is ultimately the one that will have killed her grandmother all because of her selfishness, greed and jealousy. She hurt her self and her family with doing the things she did. 

I really want what HJ did a year ago to come out. She needs to be exposed for getting out of that hospital bed and wondering off (I see it as another ploy over her worried grandmother and father) and DB goes to follow her and because she was not paying attention and was in the road is hit by the car and snatched. HJ saw it and what did she do run over look at DB's bag and drop it back in the street running back to the hospital saying nothing  and pretending like she had seen the error of her ways and was better. Left for a year telling no one. Everyone will be horrified but GH may try to hit her as he blamed himself and he suffered for a year as the last one to see her before she went missing and he blamed himself for not staying with DB. HJ has to pay for that! It is a big crime. (The same way that MR will have to pay for being the reason JY died as he tried to protect her.).

I think that although TW has this Oppa image going on we all know he still wants DB but knows where her heart is and he knows he can't shake it. Even when he throws out comments about her marrying him. DB brushed it off. Then was not the time for that crazy but he had to take the chance even though it was disrespectful.  TW has to be exposed for keeping her and not intentionally finding her family along with what his brother did when he hit DB a year ago and grabbed her.  If they decided to do like GH and DB and forgive him since he did take care of her so be it but that little truth needs to come out too.  He needs to stop being treated like a savior only and have them see the sinister side of what happen or could have happen to DB if those people had not been on some level good.  

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@Ldy Gmerm

HJ, and MR are blindly caught up in this thing they call love. Neither of them has a clue what loving someone really means. Their selfishness and greed blinds them too what is right in front of their faces. HJ's ego and selfishness prevents her from seeing the truth. If she was the last woman on earth she would still have no chance with GH. As for MR her greed is so great it has completely blinded her. She sees nothing but self profit and calls it love. It is love but it's her love for money and status that out weighs right from wrong. MR has not seen her son in 31 years and the first thing she does is try and profit off his being her child. Both blame DB because it's easy to put the blame somewhere else instead of on themselves. They would never blame themselves because they think they are above being wrong and doing wrong. GO has set out to show them both the error of their ways. 

GO has now taken things into her own hands to stop MR and HJ. Neither will get their way because what they are trying to do is wrong and totally disrespectful to DB and GH. As their elder GO is putting her foot down on both their necks. She is going for the juggler and cutting off what made them both be able to live as they have. My take on GO starting with the conclusion was there's still a beginning and middle too what she has in store for them both. They were both warned but neither took heed to those warnings. What they were trying to force their way into will be the reversed on to them. They both will be forced out of GH and DB's lives. The beginning will be HJ will be disowned and no longer a part of that family. This will keep MR out of the middle of GH and DB being together. It will also prove to GH and DB without any doubts just what type of person MR is. So the conclusion is until GO dies and after HJ will have nothing. 

I agree TW will pay for his crime against DB and GH. It might not be to the point of him being punished by the law but he will be punished. TW like HJ do not understand the depth of GH and DB's connection and love for each. In their minds if they could find a way to inch in between their love would be seen and accepted. TW's will pay for his crime by not having DB's love returned in the way he wants it. Fate made it so he was to help DB in her time of need, but made sure she never saw him as anything other then a brother. He will have to live with the pain of what he did and still remain just as a brother figure and nothing more. If he keeps trying to cross the line he will lose DB altogether. 


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OST part 18: Lee Soo Hoon - It goes for you

(I would like to know what is the name of this actor; I don't find it (I refer who makes the love triangle with Dan Byul and Gan Hyun) If somebody knows....

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The problem now is KH bio mom and HJ are going to resort to trying to harm DB........I think TW will be the one to save her and in turn he will probaly get killed in turn that will be how they get rid of his character.

I want to know why these writers always have a cockoo female that will do anything and everything to try and get a man and go on for episodes after episodes trying to get the man......and the man dont want the woman......the writers should at least have the man show some interest in the woman.....lead her on a couple of times.....kiss her or sleep with her....or be seduced by the woman.....for the woman to continually chase after the man when the man is showing absolutely no interest in the woman and tells her he dont want nothing to do with her........the writers are giving Korean woman a bad name by having them displaying these types of characters of being maniacs and acting desperate like these men are the only ones left in Korea......in every Drama this has been the case......Jenny in honey drama......Seri in best couple......TH in tom. victory.....co-worker in son n law....JY in beautiful you.....love on a rooftop....happy home.....so many I cant recall them all......writers you need to make the man do something to make the woman continue to chase them otherwise its just plain stupid to have these woman chase the men w/o some interest from the man........

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Guest ina111

@0ly40 Thank you for the OST links

5 hours ago, 0ly40 said:

(I would like to know what is the name of this actor; I don't find it (I refer who makes the love triangle with Dan Byul and Gan Hyun) If somebody knows....


The actor's name is 이하율, and I've seen that romanized both as Lee Ha Yul and Lee Ha Yool on sites in English. 

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