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[Upcoming Movie 2016] Operation Chromite (Incheon Landing Operation) 인천상륙작전


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On December 31, news outlet Star Today reported that Hollywood starLiam Neeson will visit Korea to film “The Battle of Incheon” in mid-January.

According to “The Battle of Incheon” production team, Liam Neeson will start filming on January 11, 2016.

Liam Neeson is a world famous action star whose works include the “Taken” series, “Batman Begins,” “Non-Stop” among many others.

He has many fans in Korea as well. Many are highly expectant of how he will appear in the upcoming movie.

Liam Neeson will portray General MacArthur in the “The Battle of Incheon.”

General MacArthur was the UN Forces Commander in 1950. The South Korean army was facing sure defeat against the North Koreans as the South Korean army was retreating all the way down to the Nakdong River within the first month of the war. At that very moment, the UN Forces under the command of General MacArthur led the operation now known as “The Battle of Incheon” hitting the center of the area occupied by the North Korean army.



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A-list Hollywood celeb Liam Neesonwill be setting foot on Korean soil this coming Monday, January 11 to film for the upcoming war drama film 'Operation Chromite'!    
TAEWON Entertainment, the production company in charge of the movie told Star News on January 8, "Neeson will be coming to Korea for the filming of 'Operation Chromite.'" 
Earlier, media has reported that Neeson would be coming to Korea in January but details as to when exactly he would be landing weren't revealed. 
Neeson, who has been cast for the role of General Douglas MacArthur, is joined by a star-studded cast including Lee Jung Jae,Lee Beom Soo, and Jin Se Yeon.
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January 11, 2016

Liam Neeson arrives in Korea for movie

Liam Neeson arrives in Korea for movie

Irish actor Liam Neeson waves to fans on arrival at Incheon International Airport, west of Seoul, on Jan. 11, 2016. Liam plays U.S. Gen. Douglas MacArthur in the movie "Operation Chromite," set in the Korean War (1950-53), as the mastermind of the amphibious landing operation, the Battle of Incheon, in September 1950 that helped turn the tide in favor of the U.N.-led forces against the invading North Korea. Operation Chromite was its code name. The film includes a number of South Korean actors and actresses. (Yonhap) (END)

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Irish actor Liam Neeson has arrived inKorea for a two-week movie shoot for the film Operation Chromite, reports said Tuesday. It will be the first time Neeson has made a movie in Korea, although he has made several promotional trips.

In Operation Chromite, Neeson will play American general Douglas MacArthur, who commanded the United Nations Command during the 1950-53 Korean War. The movie will center on a secret intelligence unit that spied on North Korea to prepare for the historic Battle of Incheon. This battle saved South Korea from the brink of defeat and played a decisive role in pushing the North back.

Neeson, widely known in Korea for the blockbuster Taken, will be staying at the W Seoul Walkerhill in eastern Seoul.

Operation Chromite will be directed by John H. Lee and will also star Korean actor Lee Jung Jae, who most recently had a role inAssassination opposite Jeon Ji Hyun.


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January 15, 2016

Liam Neeson pays respects to MacArthur statue in Incheon

Source: The Dong-A Ilbo


As Hollywood superstar Liam Neeson joined the shooting of the Korean film "Operation Chromite," the code name for the Battle of Incheon, which took place in September 1950, shortly after the Korean War broke out, the movie is drawing keen attention in Korea.

According to Taewon Entertainment, the producer of the movie, the British action star arrived in Korea on Monday and spent a busy day on Thursday, preparing for his role as American General Douglas MacArthur, the war hero who spearheaded the Battle of Incheon.

The film focuses on the hidden stories of eight war heroes assigned to a secret mission called "Special Spy Operation X-Ray," which preceded the surprise attack in Incheon. General Douglas MacArthur, the chief commander of the U.N. forces during the Korean War, appears in several scenes of the scenario. Accordingly, his role is reported to be significant in the film.

On Wednesday, the Hollywood star visited the Freedom Park in Incheon and laid flowers on the statue of General MacArthur. "The visit was his idea. Laying the flowers on the statue was to express his respect for the war hero that he is playing in the movie,” said an official from Taewon Entertainment.

Neeson has not fixed his flight schedule to go back, and he is expected to stay in Korea for more than two weeks. Cranked on December 4 last year, the movie is gaining fresh momentum thanks to his participation, with 30 percent of the shoot finished so far. With the production cost hovering 14 billion won (11.53 million U.S. dollars), the movie is expected to be released in July or August this year for the summer season. Actor Lee Jeong-jae is playing Jang Hak-su, a navy lieutenant who led Operation X-Ray, and actor Lee Beom-su is playing Lim Gye-jin, a North Korean tactical officer and the commander of a fortified town in Incheon. "Operation Chromite" is being directed by Lee Jae-han, who directed "Into the Fire" (2010) and "A Moment to Remember" (2004).

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January 26, 2016

Acting as Gen. MacArthur

Acting as Gen. MacArthur

Irish actor Liam Neeson (C) poses as U.S. Gen. Douglas MacArthur in the filming of the new movie "Operation Chromite" in South Korea in this photo provided by CJ Entertainment on Jan. 26, 2016. Set during the Korean War (1950-53), Neeson plays the general who orchestrated the amphibious landing operation, the Battle of Incheon, in September 1950 that helped turn the tide in favor of the U.N.-led forces against the invading North Korea. Operation Chromite was its code name. Neeson left Seoul on Jan. 26 after two weeks of filming in South Korea. (Yonhap) (END)

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