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[Upcoming Movie 2016] Operation Chromite (Incheon Landing Operation) 인천상륙작전


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Hello, @RoseeM. You should let a modetator or admin know you cannot log in. It should be fixed, because it can happen to others as well.

Thank you for all the posts. Your latest one does not have any images though. I am guessing the source site does not allow direct linking.
I am interested in the film because of Lee Beom Soo myself. I don't trust Taewon at all though. And given last time he worked for them sucked.

But it's a movie, so at least any suckage will be short. I do hope it's nice though. Pretty impressive cast, for the most part. It would be a shame.

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December 9, 2015

The cast for movie 'Operation Chromite' finalized

Source: STARN News

The cast for movie 'Operation Chromite' has been finalized.

On December 8th, a representative of the production team of movie 'Operation Chromite' announced that the cast for the film has been finalized. The list of confirmed actors and actresses include Lee Jung Jae, Lee Bum Soo, Liam Neeson, Jin Se Yeon, Jung Jun Ho, Kim Sun Ah, Chu Sung Hoon, Park Chul Min, Kim Byung Ok, Kim Young Ae, Park Sung Woong, and John Gries.

First of all, Lee Jung Jae, who had played in 'The Thieves,' 'The New World,' 'The Face Reader,' and 'Assassination,' will play as a South Korean navy captain named 'Jang Hak Soo.'

Lee Bum Soo, who had played in 'The Divine Move,' 'GIANT,' and 'LAST,' will play as a North Korean captain named Lim Gye Jin, who fights against Jang Hak Soo to safeguard Incheon area.

'Operation Chromite' is going to be the first Korean film for Liam Neeson, who played in major hit films like 'TAKEN' series, 'The Batman Begins,' 'TITAN,' and 'Non-Stop.' Liam Neeson is going to play as U.S. Army General Douglas MacArthur, who leads 'Operation Chromite' to a major success.

Jin Se Yeon, who became one of the hottest new actresses of Korea through dramas 'Doctor Outsider' and 'Gaksital,' is going to play in 'Operation Chromite' as a nurse who works at a hospital that is located in an area captured by North Korean troops.

Park Chul Min, who is widely recognized as one of the most popular supporting actors of Korea, is going to play as a South Korean navy soldier named Nam Gi Sung, and Kim Byung Ok is going to play as Choi Suk Joong, who is Lim Gye Jin's barber.

Jung Jun Ho, who is playing in drama 'Sweet, Savage Family' these days, is going to play as a military official named Seo Jin Chul, who assists Jang Hak Soo in 'Operation Chromite.'

Kim Sun Ah is going to play as a female military officer named Kim Hwa Young, who assists Seo Jin Chul throughout the operation. In addition, Park Sung Woong is going to play as a North Korean military official named Park Nam Chul.

Chu Sung Hoon, who had showed fabulous action scenes in drama 'Athena: Goddess of War,' is going to play as a North Korean soldier named Baik San, and Kim Young Ae, who had played in 'The Attorney,' is going to play as Jang Hak Soo's mother.

John Gries, who had played in 'TAKEN' series with Liam Neeson, is going to play as 'Vandenberg,' the Chief of the General Staff of United Nations Air Force. He is the only person who opposes Douglas MacArthur's 'Operation Chromite,' and he is going to show intense rivalry with Liam Neeson.

The cast includes top actors and actresses of Korea and Hollywood, and director Lee Jae Han, who had directed '71 Into The Fire' and 'A Moment To Remember,' is participating in 'Operation Chromite' as the head director.

Meanwhile, the first shoot for 'Operation Chromite' was held on December 4th, and the movie will be officially released in 2016.

The cast for movie 'Operation Chromite' finalized

/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo en@starnnews.com

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"Park Sung Woong is going to play as a North Korean military official"

This is actually kind of funny, as he played Lee Beom Soo's character's goon in 'City of the Rising Sun'.
He basically spent the entire movie bullying Lee Jung Jae's character. So this is one funny reunion here.

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NEWS] Kim Sun A joined "Incheon Landing Operation/Operation Chromite"/인천상륙작전 the film is airing for a 2016 release 2015.12.9

Title: Operation Chromite/Incheon Landing Operation

Director: John H. Lee
Scriptwriter: Lee Man Hee

1.) Liam Neeson (as Douglas Mac Arthur
2.) Lee Jung Jae (as Jang Hak Su
3.) Lee Beom Soo (as Rim Kye Jin)
4.) Jin Se Yeon (as Han Chae Sun)
5.) Kim Sun A (as Kim Hwa Young)
6. Jung Jun Ho (as Seo Jin Chul)
7.) Kim Pyeong Ok (as Choi Suk Jung)
8.) Park Chul Min ( as Nam Ki Sung)
9.) Park Sung Woong (as Park Nam Chul)
10.) Chu Sung-hoon ( as Baek San)
11.) Kim Young Ae (as Na Jung Nim)
12.) John Greece

The film is based on a real operation during the Korean War of the same name of the early 1950's where General Douglas MacArthur (who will be portrayed by Liam Neeson) planned an operation for the United Nations to retake Incheon and then recapture Seoul just two weeks later from North Korea. This film will will center on a secret intelligence unit that spied on North Korea to prepare for that historic battle.

The film is to be produced by South Korea’s Taewon Entertainment. It will be directed by Lee Jae-han, and scripted by Lee Man-hee, who both have war film experience with hit “71: Into the Fire”. Plot Summary: "Operation Chromite" is the codename for the Battle of Incheon that took place on Sept. 15, 1950, shortly after the Korean War (1950-53) broke out on June 25. It was a surprise attack in which U.N. forces landed in the South Korean harbor city to drive out the North Koreans, and is recognized as a turning point for U.N.-backed South Korea against the communist North. Operation Chromite will focus on eight Korean war heroes.

PS: First filming started December 4, 2015. The film will also be release Internationally.



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Some photos from Lee Beom Soo's DC gall. I've seen worse hairstyles on him in his 25-year career, but it was still funny, yes.

I wonder if that was a trend at the time in the North or if they are just so uninspired and eager to tickle people's patriotic spot that they're going for a Kim Jong Un look.
I mean, given the creators, I would not be surprised, but I do wonder. It's a film for abroad as well, so would they be so inaccurate just to take a swing at the North?

Who knows. As long as the film is good, he can look like the Tooth Fairy for all I care.

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Jsy and the other cast lmfaoo



배우 이범수. 동아닷컴DB
배우 이범수(사진)가 영화 ‘인천상륙작전’ 촬영 도중 다리 부상을 당한 사실이 뒤늦게 알려졌다.
Lee beom so suffered from a knee injury while filming but apparently it won't interfere with the movie filming 
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December 24, 2015

Liam Neeson Donates Symbolic Sum for Korean Reunification

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

Liam Neeson is donating US$1,515 to a fund preparing for Korean reunification (US$1=W1,177). 

The Hollywood star, who is to play Gen. Douglas Macarthur in a patriotic movie about the Korean War, worked out the sum as $915 from Sept. 15, the date of the amphibious Incheon Landing in 1953, and US$10 per month for the next five years, by which time he believes reunification will be achieved.


Neeson joins the cast of the Korean production "Operation Chromite" here in early January. 

In a letter pledging the money, the actor described the film as a drama about "the blood, sweat, and tears of every soldier [and] civilian... wishing and praying for [Korean reunification]." 

Neeson closed the letter by wishing all his Korean fans and supporters a happy holiday season.

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