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[Drama 2015-2016] Tomorrow Victory 내일도 승리 7:50KST

Ldy Gmerm

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Am I the only one getting super frustrated that everybody lets Cha SeonU get away with everything.  His mom is the one who really creeps me out now.  The woman knows everything, and even has the right ideas in her mind, but just goes along with him in everything.  Then there is Seung Ri, who still doubts if JaeGyeing is capable of trying to kill her!  And in Ep 36, I wanted to smack her on her head when she replied pretty much like it was on the affirmative when SU's mom asked her if she (SR) tried to kill JaeGyeong.  "It happened that way" was her answer (the allergy incident)... And she says she is never going to tell anybody about SU's affair.  Hello? Why?? ... Argh.

But the drama is chugging along nicely.  Still at a good pace. Hardly any scenes that is boring.  I don't remember a single scene that felt like a time-filler either in all these episodes.  There is always twists and turns happening, and I like that.

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@Misstwilightfan1416 Thank you for the videos!

@jayakris no, you're definitely not the only one. :)  I find it frustrating to watch, but I'm still enjoying the show very much. I really didn't expect that I'd end up following given that the last two dramas in this time slot were really not my cup of tea. This one doesn't seem much different in theme, but it clicked with me for some reason. 
I can understand why SR would want to keep quiet about SU though. Her mission is to dig up the truth about her father, and for the time being she needs to be at SeoDong. If it became known that she's SU's ex, everyone would look at her as the loony girl who came to the company seeking revenge against SU and his in-laws. (Didn't she even attempt to kill JG? ;) LOL! )  She'd never be able to get ahead. Not that she's making any progress as is...

I am probably repeating myself, but SR better get very smart or very lucky soon, because that bastard SU is. That stunt he pulled at the press conference with the apology and the proposal to support small businesses was really clever. Just like her daughter, YS is bad at plotting and SU made great use of this mini-crisis to get himself closer to that vice-president seat. JG looked so proud of him, but if I were here her, I would be terrified by how smoothly my husband can lie and manipulate. She's had so many opportunities to witness SU's ambition and deceit, what makes her confident that his affections for her of all people are genuine?

I'm looking forward to the coming episodes. Based on that spoilerish instagram photo, I think both SU and JG will be finding out about DC's biological child this week. I also think that DC will find out that his child is still alive. (I really hope that he won't die before he gets to enjoy some time with his son!)

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Yes, @ina111, I can see the reason for why SR has to do the things the way she is doing.  But it would be much better if they show her to be aware of things.  At least some comfort for us that she is not being too nice, even if nothing works right for her.  For instance, they still have not shown her wondering about who would have typed up that text on her phone.  Obviously anybody would know when the phone was not in their possession. If they had at least shown her wondering if it could be an office-mate, and then deciding that she would be careful about them, I would be happy.  Well, occasionally they show that she and HJ are not dumb or anything, but too often they seem to not suspect the seriousness of what they are in, and how badly some people after them...

By the way, today's Ep 37 was the toughest to watch.  I literally fast forwarded through it.  Had a warning from the preview at the end of E36, but this was just sad. One hit after another.  Even eggs :) ... Yikes.   But I'm still enjoying the show,  Nicely made.  Hong Ju and Seung Ri have serious chemistry, and that is still a plus.

Meanwhile, I finished subbing Ep 9 and 10 at DSS.  Way behind, but what the heck... Will try to get a few episodes out quickly during the Christmas break, time permitting.  Ggry and I went through and did another QC run through the first 6 episodes, and fixed a few small bugs too.  Stuff like 아미노산 in an early episode that I thought was some mountain with a weird name like "Ah-Min-ho", but turned out to be Amino Acid which I fugured out in Ep 8 or 9 :) ..  Then there was hydrochloric acid in E9,by when I knew that it is not a mountain named "Yeom".

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@jayakris I agree with you about SR. I'd also prefer her to be more aware and suspicious. She's lived through so much by now, it would make sense for her character to turn at least a tad cynical. 

Thank you so much for your work on the subtitles. I would love for more people to start watching and enjoying this drama, and those subtitles are gold. I just downloaded 7-10 from DSS so I can rewatch those episodes over the Christmas break. (Acid and mountain being the same word in Korean is definitely news to me. It happens to be the same in Japanese - san.) 

The last two episodes were much more fun to watch than episode 37, thank goodness. Watching SU upset about these birth secret revelations was pretty fun. :D He should get an Oscar for his portrayal of Saint Seon U in episode 38 though. He made himself look so good in front of JG and DC. I have to give the guy credit, he knows how to turn a bad situation to his advantage.  

Today's episode was full of awesome. (A few screencaps under the spoiler. Image credit: MBC)


From SU receiving even more bad news...


to DC finding out that his first love had a son and starting to look for him...


to SR and her family preparing a jesa for HJ's mother...


to SR's mother arranging a date for SR (because she's worried about SR and HJ) and bringing our couple closer :) ...  


to this funny scene in HJ's jealous imagination...


to HJ declaring his feelings for SR :wub:


We probably won't be seeing any lovey-dovey scenes any time soon, but this is great progress. 


To all those who celebrate, 


From Jeon So Min's Instagram:



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Just saw Ep 41, and I continue to be mad at how stupid SeungRi and HongJu are. They just don't seem to know how to stay quiet and do their thing. Especially SR. Beats me why she has to always talk to SeonU and JaeGyeong about what they are doing, and get their plans totally neutralized.  All the time.  Argh.

@Misstwilightfan1416, once again, thanks for the clips.  Always so nice to see it and anticipate what might be coming.  Looks like more crap is on its way to Han Seung Ri and Na Hong Ju in E42 with Se Ri messing things up.  Somebody else does something and JaeGyeong goes and slaps SeungRi - that has been the pattern.  Based on the preview of Ep 43, the chairman seems to have everybody together (maybe by end of Ep 43.  I am sure SeonU will wiggle out yet again...

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Just a note for any of you waiting for soft subs. I haven't been able to subtitle much for the last few days at DSS, so it is still stuck at midway in Ep 14.  Will try to find time to do some more subs soon, but it will be pretty slow for the next 2-3 weeks due to some traveling etc. Sorry that only one person is subbing this at DSS.  But the drama is fun, so I will slowly keep it going.

After watching Ep 46, I want to take that restaurant broom or something and just keep hitting Seung Ri with it till she gets a grips on herself.  She is a glutton for punishment every which way.  Sure, she has a lot working against her, but she hardly ever helps herself either.  Every time she allows JaeGyeong (or her husband or mother) to yell at her, I cringe.

So, now the bad side knows about who Na Hong Ju's parents are.  Wonder when the good people will find out. Not soon, I am sure.

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