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[Drama 2015-2016] Tomorrow Victory 내일도 승리 7:50KST

Ldy Gmerm

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On 3/27/2016 at 11:55 PM, jayakris said:

Totally agree.  This has been extremely refreshing.  I have seen a lot of them, including many many dailies, but I have not sen ANY drama, especially a daily one, that started to put the evil gang in serious trouble as early as this drama did.  Basically from about the 60th episode or so onward.   The bad guys have been twisting in the wind, despite an occasional win or two, hear and there.  And they still have many items to slowly bring out, and it just stays interesting, at a good pace.  They are doing a great job now.


That's what I liked abut Daring Women.  It had the bad guys 'twisting in the wind' too.

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