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WINNER Making a Large-Scale Comeback With Four Music Videos

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It looks like WINNER is coming back with a vengeance. According to YG Entertainment, “WINNER has filmed two music videos in Sweden recently. They are planning to make two more music videos prior to their comeback.” WINNER had great success as rookies. They made number one in all major Korean music charts with their first […]

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Guest saimomen

Yay.,.yg gotta be the best Boss ever. These irritating fans gets on my nerv. Like get a life already. yall complain when yg give all of support to IKoN when they debut becuz u think he's playing favoritism and now that Winner gonna comeback yall make complain again about ikon incomplete album. Geeez these weirdos fans need to put a shock in it

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Guest Midori Safiroh

WINNER deserves that and more YGstans and Wikons Need to understand this points:
1. WIN:who is next , Mix and Match and Winnertv, are are considered pre-debut promotions. And from rumors ikon is filming ikontv as well.
2. Winner opened for Bigbang concert in japan, as well as ikon. And both participated in YG family concert.
3. Winner debut teaser was relesed a month before Winner actual debut. That is not considered promotions.
4. Winner debuted with 2 MVs and 1 solo MV. iKOn is getting a total of 5 MVs, and it seems is getting a bonus one for december.
5. Winner debuted with 2 songs , “Empty” and “color ring”. The first one was usted before by YG in youtube, and promoted a lot, and even if Winner members did not wanted that song as title they had to do it, because they said the actual title was “different”. Again YG used that song to promote B.I from ikon, but note ven once mention that Winner Mino co-wrote it, and even If INCLES did not liked it they wanted to win music shows for winner so they had to supported it, while “Color ring” MV was posted later, had a lot of problems that YG had to re-upload it, Only used the song as an intro and did not let them promote the song as much. INCLES had to endere the constant ikonics saying that Winner only won because of B.I song.
IKon in other hand debuted with all the songs produced/ written/co-produced by B.i and bobby .
6. Winner only had the oportunity to actually perfom 3 songs of their álbum, and “dont flirt” get a stage after Korean innercircle protested ( just like they are doing now).
7. Ikon debuted with a concert that let them perform all the songs from the first halft of their álbum. While korean innercircle are still waiting for an official concert.
8. Winner official promotions were only 3 weeks , and they were send to japan, Korean incles have no notice or videos about their activities. While ikon is tecnically getting 5 months of promotion, and ikonics recibe BTs from their activities in japan .
9. Innercircle have to pay to watch video practice, BTS and even an award show performance, that non of other YG fandoms have to do so, including ikonics.
10. Let us get to Vapp. Winner had being like 2 times there, and one of it were with ikon. While ikon is practically every week there.
11. YG give aways like 2000+ tickets for ikon concert, while Winner fan meet in korean was sold out and people were asking for a second date , YG did not give aways tickets or give them a second date.
12. There should be no comparition with Bigbang 3 years of hiatus , when we all know that BB always have activities related to music as individuals, and there are never a totally hiatut from the group. V.I.Ps like all YG fandoms get all the aditional videos for free in ther youtube channel, and when Bigbang is in japan they are always doing something in korea as well.
13. YG interviews. WHAT MORE CAN WE SAID ABOUT THAT?. He always downgrading winner and talking as if they are less succesful than ikon.
14. YG telling mino that his songs were to hiphop.
15. K-innercircle basically have not had any contact with WINNER in a year , while japanese innercircle have already 2 tours and had a bunch of fan meetings. How are they not gonna be angry?
16. And the famous 1 Album and 7 DVDs, does YG only expect innercircle to buy,and not see the boys?
17. INNERCIRCLE were not part of any family when Winner debuted, people did not wanted to support them because were not “YGstyle”, but know from no were they are saying innercircle need to act as part of YG family?

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