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[Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Taste of Love 唯一繼承者


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Chinese title: 唯一繼承者 / Wei Yi Ji Cheng Zhe
English title: Taste of Love
Genre: Modern, Romance

Episodes: 15

Director: Chen Donghan
Broadcast Period: October 17. 2015 - January 22, 2016

Broadcast Day: Fridays

Replacing: Youth Power 哇!陳怡君


Chang Jui-chia

Vivian Sung

Yang Ching


Yin Chao-te

Carol Cheng


What happens when one of the best restaurants in the world loses its secret sauce recipe? Wen-Ji, a famous restaurant in Hong Kong, is considered to be one of the “World’s 10 Best Restaurants” and has received the industry’s much-coveted two Michelin stars for the past five years. Celebrities and millionaires flock to Wen-Ji, giving it the nickname of the “Wealthy Restaurant.” But crisis hits when the restaurant’s founder, Jiang Xin Mei, faints one day and loses consciousness, leaving her two sons without the ability to make their signature special secret sauce. The sons are forced to open the safe deposit box but they discover that the recipe is missing and only an old business card in its place. Chris, the younger son, follows the address on the business card to Taiwan, enlisting the help of tour guide Yeh Xiao He. But their quest to find the secret sauce leads them to Xiao He’s hometown village of Hon-li, where they discover that Chris and Xiao He’s fates are entwined in unexpected ways. Will Chris find the secret recipe he seeks or will he unearth other family secrets that he never anticipated?

Watch it here with English subs!

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

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Miu Chu - Wind Blowing


Ian Chen - I'm Still Here

Ian Chen - Somewhere Without You

Bii - By My Side

Bii - I Wanna Say

Miu Chu - The Way We Love


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