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[Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們


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@JenL Please make translations! I really want to know what they're talking about! :)


And I saw many mini vids from their facebook page that are so funny though I don't know what they're saying. There are vids of them promoting or counting the days before the broadcast coz they are counting days I guess? And some are interview? Can you make translations in that too? The uploaded vids last monday night looks so funny, if only there is translations maybe it will be SUPER funny! :lol:





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I thought about Rui Xi's scene on episode 12 of Hua Yan Shao Nian Shao Nu on this scene!

Bromance second preview: 


Lu Rui Xi's scene at the hot spring:



This will be funny! Ahh! I love it whey they show Ya Nuo acting girly! :wub:

I want more of those scenes! Like if shes's alone or almost getting caught on the act or secretly being seen (by Zhe Rui and hopefully by Zi Feng)


96% subs on viki! So excited to watch episode 3 with subtitle!






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Megan Lai is a lefty right?



But she writes with her right! How cool! :wub:





Any information of who Chu Zherui is? In the preview they are friendly with each other. 




It seems that they've met when they were children (maybe before the saving incident?) and then he learned or asked Yanuo's birthday. Is her birthday given in the character information? If I'm right it should be January 26th? 





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Ohh I'm excited to see ZheRui's appearance in the next episode! Yes, it looks like he has feelings for Ya Nuo. The preview is so funny. :D

@JenL I got this message when I tried to access your blog: Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.  I would love to read your translations (if you have time because I bet it's time-consuming!). Or maybe you can only translate parts that are funny/cute.

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@doctor23b Yes. We'll have to see how he'll like her or if it started when they were kids. But, based on the preview it seems like they've just met again, they've no connection since childhood so maybe he'll like her more now that he's seeing her as an adult pretending to be a man. Knowing that she's a woman, Zherui will want to protect and care for her. Looking at her, acting friendly and being close will of course make him like her more right? And that will perhaps be the time for Zifeng's jelousy mode. I am waiting for that day. hahahaha





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I read some info about ZheRui (This is what I understand from translation sites. I apologize if there are many mistakes.)

--> He's 29 years old and a veterinarian (If he's not the doctor, then who take of YaNuo in the hospital?).

--->He's caring and has a very warm personality.

--->They were neighbors and childhood friends. YaNuo don't have friends and became close with ZheRui because of his warm personality.

--->He accidentally found out that YaNuo is a girl when they were young.

--->He will be secretly protecting YaNuo's identity. (YaNuo doesn't know that ZheRui knows about her identity) . He secretly helps her in many situations, YaNuo will think that she just got lucky in those situations.  He starts falling in love with YaNuo while protecting her.

--->Though YaNuo only loves ZiFeng, ZheRui will still help her to be close with ZiFeng.




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Guest comicsuki

roughly translation

Oh My Goodness!!! The Ep4 Preview!!!

YaNuo telling that (s)he likes guys to avoid ZiHan. ZiFeng feels awkward with YaNuo.


YaNuo: Du ZiFeng, are you afraid of me?
ZiFeng: I'm not! I just don't know how to manage it (how to treat YaNuo properly).

ZiHan: If I like someone, I would try to court him bravely.
       Pi YaNuo, I like you!

YaNuo: Miss Du, you and I won't have happiness and future.

ZiHan: Why?
YaNuo: Because I like male.

YaNuo: are you keeping distance with me?

ZiFeng: Of course not! I'm just afraid that others might think I make a pass at you.

ZiHan: the person whom YaNuo like is my brother?


full version link update to ep4

http://myasiantv.se/drama/bromance with English subtitle without BTS

  maybe only some country can watch

http://www.bilibili.com/video/av3123964/ without bts


ep1 shooting bts 20151027 NewShowBiz


ep3 jumping bts 20151103 NewShowBiz


ep4 hot spring bts 20151109 NewShowBiz


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@comicsuki Thanks for translating!


What I think will happen after Yanuo confessed to liking men, he'll just tease Zifeng first like when he teased Yanuo on the cruise. Then, Yanuo will say that the reason she said that to Zihan is for her to give up in pursuing her because she don't have time to make relationship for now coz she needs to focus on other things... 



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In ep 3, the second main actress' story is very touching. Will she fall in love with Bii? she looks quite young though! It is only ep 3 and she already has a lot of screen time.. they're fated to be! 

She's Yuan Chen is 23 years old, Bii is 26. She's also in Bii's MV "Back In Time" one of Bromance OSTs .

Bii's drama character is pretty much the same his character in the MV, A cafe owner and knows how to brew coffee.

Yuan's character's name and personality in the MV is also the same in the drama. She has also illness like in the drama as well.

The MV could foreshadow the story ending of the couple in the drama.


Longer Version of MV :



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@uglypearl, wow i did  not know she's the same character as portrayed in the video. Is she a new actress? going to do a quick search. Her bangs are not present in the music video which is why I did not recognize her after all these replays!

It turns out she's new? I can't find anything pertaining of her.. not even advertised in this drama. 

I have replayed that video at least 20 times now. lol It doesn't get tiring. Bii's comeback is amazing. I also never knew he can act however, his character doesn't portray much in the drama itself.  

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I hope she does not die... this isn't a melodrama but deaths can happen. How tragic if she did flew away just like that. There were some references in ep 3 how one customer just mentioned she just flew by just like that. I don't recall the exact wording but it was similar among those lines. Ahhh such sweet, young love.  

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Though I like the second couple, I'm still a bit confused of who they are inside the story. Why did Nana suddenly became friendly with Qingyang? Is it because she already know who he is? And any information about Qingyang? And same with @thunderman1 I don't want a tragic end for them too.


It seems that after the rooftop incident Yanuo and Zifeng will be closer with each other. Maybe Zifeng's already falling in love with Yanuo (As the title suggest right? Fall in love with a man) but of course he'll only think that it is brotherly love and not man to woman love! I really want to see if he'll be confused to liking men when he'll start to have those jealous feelings as he will see the closeness between Yanuo and Zherui. 

As for Yanuo, she is so cool being a man but because he is falling in love with Zifeng her feminine side will slowly rise. Maybe they will also put another character to make Yanuo jealous and that will be the reason for her to be honest about her feelings.





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Thanks for all the vids and translations.. this drama is getting better and better for me.. its going to be fun to see how ZiFeng takes YaNuo saying he likes boys.. Will he see through it as YaNuo's way to keep his sister at a distance or will he really believe it. (It's so funny cause YaNuo does like boys but then he is a she..) ZiFeng is going to be very weary and uncomfy lol and I do not blame YaNuo for playing with him a bit.

They already feel and attraction and this is part of what will make ZiFeng uncomfy around YaNuo.. He likes girls but he is beginning to become attracted to YaNuo and will eventually wish he was a girl.. I see a bit of jealousy come out when ZheRui comes into the picture and seems to be wanting to spend time with YaNuo too. I see jealousy of someone trying to get close to his brother and then later someone getting close to someone he likes but is fighting that attraction.. I LOVE It.. lol

Ok.. so let me go ahead and say it.. I have been trying to move past it but I just can not lol..

I do not like YaNuo's parents. There I said it. They seem cute and loving but all I can see is selfish and gullible. The listened to a fraud not once but twice and forced their daughter to live the life of a boy! Not once did they try to get a second opinion.I do not blame YaNuo for saying that his parents fell for a fraud and force his life this way. They made this child become a loner and what little bit of friendship he has he has to always be careful of being exposed.

Every time I see his mother fret over his friendship with ZiFeng (and yes there are some concerns that he comes from a triad family but at the same time ZiFeng has not shown that bad behavior.) and worrying over them getting in trouble or be exposed for what they did and then wanting to say she can't wait for YaNuo to turn into a girl so she can go to ladies tea's or shop for girl clothing with her I want to scream. They took away precious time in their daughters life over their being so naive (I am being generous) and time they got to spend with her appreciating her as she is. I want to hope that she got to go to University but then again I do not think she did.

I find their behavior selfish in worrying about their getting in trouble for what they did and I am of one mind that they should. They forced their child to live a life as someone they are not being untrue to themselves and the people around them. But YaNuo would be punished too in some way as people get upset at the lie and will feel they were made a fool of so I guess they should get off.

For them to be happy that she can live her life as a girl again? Will they stop her from finding love and wanting to marry and go with her husband to his families house (do they do this in Taiwan?) all because they want more time with her as a girl. I think the squandered their time with YaNuo over something so foolish. Thinking that they will have bad luck if she did not live as a he.

Now YaNuo has to make hard decisions about her life and how will she adjust after so long living like a boy.. And what happens if she decides to live the rest of her life as a he? In order to stay close to ZiFeng? They may not now the real reason but I guess they will figure it out. Will they be upset then that YaNuo wants to live the rest of her life as a boy after they made her live that way for the first 25? Also why has no one checked to see what the gender may be? Will a birth certificate come out to show male or will it only be for female? How did they get away with his for 25 years? (no way did ZiFeng not have YaNuo investigated it is smart business and safe to do so when you just meet someone who will become so close to you.) So I am wondering if a fake birth certificate was made or they just did not pay attention to the gender. I can tell you how they got by with not being caught was not allowing YaNuo to make friends or gain attachments to people and that is sad. All because of his parents and their inability to see the truth of what they were doing and the fraud they dealt with or seek a second opinion..

We will get to a point of shock when the truth comes out and there will be some hurt feelings especially from ZiFeng as he feels a bit betrayed at the brother he thought he found is not the person he thought he was. But after a min of thinking he will realize he gets the person he started to like.

Sorry guys that has been waiting for days lol.. I really am not happy with YaNuo's parents..

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