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[Drama 2016] Moorim School 무림학교 | Thank You for Watching ~


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‘Moorim School’ drops two contrasting promotional posters


Lee Hyun Woo & VIXX's Hongbin's 'Murim School' releases two posters


'Murim School' is a teen action drama that will teach the true virtues needed to survive in society such as honesty, sacrifice, communication, loyalty, and friendships, rather than focusing too much on building a career.

Catch this action-packed drama when it airs on January 11th!


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Moorim School’s newly released poster shows that it isn’t just a simple young person’s drama.


Two Moorim School posters have been released.

Following on the time slot of Oh My Venus, Moorim School will begin its Monday, Tuesday broadcast on KBS 2TV this coming January 11th. Moorim School is written by Kim Hyun-hee and Yang Jina. It is directed by Lee Soyeon and produced by JS Pictures. There is a full cast poster, which oozes with bright youthful energy. While the other poster sparks one’s imagination when you see Lee Hyun-woo, Lee Hongbin, Shin Hyun-joon, and Shin Sung-woo looking mysterious in the released poster.

In the first poster, the serious yet kind headmaster Hwang Mu-song(played by Shin Hyun-joon) can be seen cracking a smile. Yoon Shi-woo (Lee Hyun-woo), Shim Soon-duk (Seo Ye-ji), Wang Zhi-Aang (Lee Hongbin) and Hwang Suna (Jung Yoo-jin) form the group of four Moorim youths in the center.

Each character is wearing their own unique costumes and beautiful smiles, showing the free nature and atmosphere at Moorim School. In the picture you can see the youth who have come from around the world, gathered in the school which will provide them the instruction they need to develop as individuals.

read more here:http://www.getitk.com/20160104-moorim-schools-newly-released-poster-shows-that-it-isnt-just-a-simple-young-persons-drama/?lang=en

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New Moorim School photos released, 6 days before broadcast

Moorim School students

Moorim School releases new photos showing off some of the student’s martial arts.

From left to right, top to bottom: Lee Hyun-woo, Seo Ye-ji, Lee Hongbin, and Jung Yoo-jin.

Shim Soon-duk (Seo Ye-ji) looks to be learning hand to hand combat, sparing with Yoon Shi-woo, and is in an urban setting. Whether they have ventured off campus into the city or remain within their school is unclear. If they are off campus what emergency situation could have caused this sudden need for training?

In the picture below her we can see Hwang Suna (Jung Yoo-jin) Holding a whip in front of what looks to be a similar rocky background to where we see also see Yoon Shi-woo (Lee Hyun-woo). Are they training, or does she need to fight in this place away from the campus buildings?

Read more here:http://www.getitk.com/new-moorim-school-photos-released-6-days-before-broadcast/?lang=en

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'Murim School' holds press con

Mydaily - Nate: 'Murim School' Lee Hyun Woo "Prepared for 1 month for first shower scene"

1. [+145, -8] I wish Lee Hyun Woo shoots to fame. He's an amazing actor,  he's handsome and there's this freshness about him

2. [+118, -6] Doesn't he look similar to Park Bogum? It's only after Park Bogum started doing 'Reply' that I was able to distinguish him from Lee Hyun Woo.. They're both '93er and have similar vibes

3. [+90, -6] Park Bogum was pretty much an unknown  back when he was called a Lee Hyun Woo lookalike. Talk about reversal of circumstances

4. [+10, -4] He's the shorter version of Taek

5. [+7, -3] Lee Hyun Woo's handsome and awesome at acting~~ I hope you shine this year ~~!

6. [+5, -1] He doesn't suit that hairstyle... ㄷㄷㄷ

7. [+4, 0] Sorry but this drama's destined for failure



Herald pop  - Naver: Why 'Murim School' was chosen and not 'School'

1. [+1,011, -28] I think the best 'School' series is 'School 2013'

2. [+731, - 26] 'School 2013' was really good

3. [+421, -42] This sounds like a kid drama. Too childish

4. [+357, -27] I thought Lee Hyun Woo would be far more popular than Park Bogum

5. [+86, -11] The drama seems like a failure

6. [+68, -6] Just how cringeworthy will this be

7. [+44, -2] 'School 2013' is my favorite drama. It wasn't just all about Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin's visuals

8. [+51, -5] Other high school dramas are fun but I've got no hopes for this one.... Haa.. Lee Hyun Woo really has no eye for choosing dramas. Keyeast, why are you not steering him in the right direction?



Credit : http://kkuljaem.blogspot.sg/2016/01/murim-school-holds-press-con.html

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Moorim School interview with Seo Ye-ji


Actress Seo Ye-ji plays Shim Soon-duk, a girl overflowing with vitality, who takes care of her blind father and attends Moorim School secretly. She said “When I saw the preview I was a bit surprised. It came out looking really fun. I hope everyone enjoys watching it.”

read more http://www.getitk.com/20160107-moorim-school-interview-with-seo-ye-ji/?lang=en


Moorim School interview with VIXX’s Hongbin.

Moorim School

VIXX member and two time drama star, Lee Hongbin, plays Wang Zhi-Aang the son of the president and CEO of China’s largest corporation. His father Wang Hao (who is played by Lee Beom-soo) is head of the Shanghai Group, and used his considerable influence to get his son into the school.

Hongbin said “I had a lot of fun with a lot of fun people on set. And I think that resulted in the production of a fun drama. I hope that everyone enjoys it.”

read more http://www.getitk.com/moorim-school-interview-with-vixxs-hongbin/?lang=en

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