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I'm usually jsut a lurker (lazy to sign into soompi) but uwa!!! So happy to see this thread!!!!! 

I liked LSH from way before... and KSE even earlier (from BOF days lol)!! I always thought they would look good together, and someone up there heard my prayers and gifted us with Scholar who walks the night!! *^* 

I'm just KSE-trash, I ship her with almost everyone, but my main focus now is of course SooSo ship haha! 

I really hope these 2 do a photoshoot soon!! arghhshjdgfs. 

Someone please write fanfics about this ship, I will give you virtual cookies lol 


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i love kim so eun very much...and i do love soo hyuk...both of them are beautiful in term of appearance but are so different in term of their personality...however because of this they are such compatible couple on screen...i really hope they will be given another chance to be paired again in a drama...i really hope...korean drama producers should see this... i need to see something different..im so tired of looking at the similar faces....their differences actually made this couple interesting to see...on the other hand im not very sure about real life pairing as i said ealier..they are quite different but who knows...

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@nariko I can't believe you're here too! I just miss chatting with you! I know the feeling of being a KSE-trash too!

I also want to see them in a photoshoot or a CF or in an MV (Fantagio! Star J! YG! Big Bang! Nuthang! TOP! GD! Please, do something! Can't you guys write a song for LSH & KSE and put them in an MV together?!?). OR I'd like to see them as an official couple endorser (any brand will do as long as they're together haha) just like Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk for Millet so we could always see them together. Or they can be co-host in another fashion-related show similar to Style Log and Glitter. Or better yet, be a lead cast in a movie/drama together... My wishes just keep on coming!

About the fanfics... I think @iammyst_stv previously shared this SooSo Fanfic (inspired by the show School 2015: Who Are You?) in the TSWWTN Threads before. And let's not forget the most epic GwiRyung fanfic from Asian Fanfics (Chinese fanfic translated to English). I prefer the writer's alternate retelling of Scholar Who Walks the Night. He/she should have been the writer for the show!!! Coz who didn't get stressed out with the major plot holes???

 @lextuhr I don't think we'll be seeing the bracelet anytime soon. I feel like KSE can't afford to have another scandal in the same year. Analyzing her, she probably would choose to be careful this time around. Coz I think her previous paparazzi experience may still haunt her every now and then whenever she would try to entertain/hang around/take notice of ANY MALE species that breathes in this planet. I think the trauma is still there and would make her EXTREMELY CAREFUL, especially if it's gonna be a public IG post.

And LSH seems to be CAUTIOUS recently (LSH fans noticed that he's been affected with fan comments lately but are not sure if the gossip behind the wine glass is one of them but 3 thing are certain: he unfollwed everyone in his IG, except his own private account (around March of this year), he deleted 2 particular IG posts and is trying to get all his friends' attention by annoyingly messaging them during their live V App segment). 

I mean, he has always enjoyed a quiet celebrity life. He wasn't that famous when he had a girlfriend, Kim Min Hee, and broke up with her (and then his ex later on dated Jo In Sung)... But now, he's following the path of many famous model-turned-actors his age... So he's more talked about than ever before...

The comical LSH-LYB-LJG Wine Glass Dating Rumor

So the story goes like this... Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Yoo Bi apparently posted the same picture of a wine glass on the same day. Fans from around the world speculated if the two were together and if they're officially dating...

Exhibit A

LSH's wine glass post. Note his look, attire and ambiance of the restaurant.

Exhibit B

And we'll now take a look at LYB's wine glass post. Notice her outfit and even the background, it's obvious that the two weren't in the same place.

Exhibit C

If you follow all the IG post comments from fans both in LSH's & LYB's IG account, people have been tagging @actor_jg and messaging him about this particular wine glass incident.

You just gotta love the concern and humor of the KiBi Shippers (Lee Joon Gi x Lee Yoo Bi Official OTP Ship)

*On a sidenote: You'll still see some fans tagging @socun89 too :wub: But anyway...

Exhibit D

With all those comments, LSH just brushed all those aside and we now suddenly had the most amazing conversation between LSH and LJG about all this mess


He handled things like a pro!

 But his actions spoke something differently... 

Exhibit E

His 2 IG Accounts...



So this basically means he doesn't want people to know who he now follows (unless fans investigate thoroughly) and it seems like he also wants to hide who he really wants to officially unfollow either for good or just temporarily. Even the LSH fandom noticed this... So something's definitely strange...  

***Sidenote: KiBi Shippers went cray cray last time coz a month ago, LYB unfollowed LJG in IG and deleted some posts with LJG... and LSH was implicated in the hot mess for some strange reason just because he doesn't follow her [gah... the dude UNFOLLOWED everyone... All SidusHQ friends included... LYB wasn't the exception] (Does he have a face of a third party or something? High School Savvy King Valid Love Scholar Who Walks the Night)

Exhibit F

This happened after the wine glass incident...

When he posted about his W Magazine interview... He also uploaded this pic in his IG.


But you won't see this IG post anymore... the same with this old pic...


Weird right? Why were those 2 posts removed?

The dinner table pic was probably taken down to avoid any speculation that he was on a date with *please insert name of girl* So Eun  CL  Dara  Hong Jong Hyun

And just to ponder on things a little bit more... LSH usually posts fanarts on his IG account. Model Avenger Fanarts and Gwi fanarts. LSH fans even made a joke about his habit: "I think we should all try to be artists so that Soo Hyuk Oppa will notice us."  

WWWWAAAAHHHH? I get the plates but why the Gwi-Myung Hee fanart?!? WHY?!?!?!

Exhibit G

And for some reason, LSH suddenly had a V App fetish to get attention!!!

Here are some excerpts... of him going cray cray to get noticed....

With Hyoni Kang (aka Kang Seung-hyun)

So Hyoni Kang posted on IG about having a V App broadcast where she would give advices to people…tumblr_inline_nuofyeu4Rc1qdk734_500.jpg

You’re over 190(cm)?


Isn’t it that only topstars use V App? Hyoni, you’re a topstar?


How should I dress from now on? I’ve worn only hanbok for 4 months so I don’t really know. 

Cr: onesoohyukpls

With Kim Young Kwang


[150915 LSH Update]:  “전화해서장난칠라그랬더니안받으시네  (방송하라니까무슨 안녕만 백번해)”

Rough trans: “I called him to make fun of him but he didn’t answer  (I guess it’s because he’s in the middle of streaming, you call it ‘live’ when you only saying annyeong hundreds of time, wtf)”


Cr: soo-hyuk-syndrome

With T.O.P.

150916 Lee Soo Hyuk Instagram Updates about TOP’s V App Broadcast 




I wonder if he’ll answer me…

He asked him: You’re a ghost? A reincarnation of Da Vinci? If that’s the case, then how old are you? I’m a 924 years old vampire who has lived since the Goryeo dynasty.


대답안해줘요? 잘생기면다에요? (빨간조명못생겼어…) 

Are you not giving me an answer? Will you answer me if I say ou're handsome? (Red lights are ugly…) 



So TOP, being a good friend answered him during the live V App Broadcast:

"Actor Lee Soo Hyuk posted a comment. He is my close friend and a little brother."

(after reading all LSH's comments)

"I talked to him earlier. Don't tell me such nonsense. We had a phone call this morning and he said he has a drama-shooting early tomorrow morning. Just go to sleep! .... Ack, I can't end this like this, people will think we're not good friends. I LOVE YOU!!! LOVE YOU!!!"

(thus the heart-shaped hand caught by LSH's screenshot... Yes, you are not mistaken: The heart that TOP made was meant for LSH. And he did it while also saying I LOVE YOU on live broadcast!) I'm changing ships

After that, LSH just ended his random messaging with this reply:


Cr: onesoohyukpls, junkobato koreanghetto @tumblr rongminn @IG Huisuyoon  kristinekwak @Soompi,  

 So LSH going cray cray recently means something's bothering him... As for a clear explanation, no one really knows exactly WHY... 

 My wild explanation for all his recent strange behavior...

LSH is a mystery. He takes precautionary measures with his IG account but is somehow seeking some attention by posting frequent about himself. Is there a secret SOS message or something?

Heck! No one knows but the Model Avengers and Nuthang 

Dammit! TOP just had to post this....

And a few minutes later... LSH posted this one...

It's TOP's Bearbricks collection (This was so random of LSH...)

But TOP then posted this pic (and for whatever reason, eventually deleted it)


GAH! These two! What in the world are they saying in codes?!? LSH's dating problems?!? Haha! Like TOP even has that moral ascendancy over LSH! No Girlfriend since Birth Idol

(Please don't mind this portion. This was way taken out of context because of my delulu. Secret Message is TOP's new web drama with Juri Ueno. Haha. But the initial shock and thoughts that I had were real. Haha!)

So the only reason I could think of is his STAR SIGN! Haha!

He's a damn Gemini that's why he's so random, unpredictable and sometimes inconsistent!  He's been apparently poking fun at all his friends who appears at V APP but crap, that's how Geminis relieve stress... By being talkatively annoying! I'm sure something's wrong. (I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED DURING THE WRAP-UP PARTY?!? IS IT SIMPLY WITHDRAWAL SYNDROMES AND HE MISSES HIS TSWWTN FAMILY? COZ THEY WERE A HAPPY BUNCH BEHIND THE SCENES. I WONDER WHO HE MISSES FROM ALL THE CASTS? WHY IS HE NOW STRANGELY SEEKING ATTENTION?!? ASDJALKJFDSAJFLJ)

And someone just spotted that he recently ate out with Hong Jung Hyun. Oh the friendship... Is he now finally ranting out his problems to HJH since he has been seeking attention in extreme ways recently... Coz even if he tries to act cool and mysterious, there's still the other face of a Gemini that is usually hidden from public! 

WAH!!! I have also gone cray cray thinking about it.... Haha!

So all in all, my conclusion remains the same. That these two will try to avoid media attention at all cost and are SUPER CAREFUL at the moment... Regardless of what the real reason is... Coz one had a trauma and one remains a mystery but is too good at diverting people's attention.

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Awe so she was actually having a relaxing day- new cafe?

I wonder who took the photo~ heee

thank you for giving us an update~ these photo look similar to something we have seen lately with a certain someone lol but I won't look into that. She looks so autumn ready!

cred: nationcheeseball @ tumblr





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@NestleKIMY I miss fangirling with you on tumblr!! ;__; Are you on twitter by any chance? 
Also love your detailed analysis as usual!!! haha!

I read all the fanfics there are to read in Chinese and English but it's not enough!! lolol
I don't really write real-life actor fics.. but I'm kind of leaning towards it now... OTL 
Kind of busy these days so I haven't updated any more GwiRyung, but I will soon!!

Other friends, if you read Chinese, and want me to link you to some fanfics (GwiRyung / SooSo) do let me know! There's a treasure trove of fics on tieba ^-^/ 


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@nariko The GwiRyung/SooSo fangirling reaches Soompi now! Hihi! Sorry, I'm not in Twitter. Should I make one? Haha!

We'll be waiting for your fanfics! Hihi! I'm sure us, SooSo Shippers, we be more than delighted to read it. :wub: Gah... If only I could read Chinese... @buraira Chingu! Your wish of reading SooSo fanfics just might come true if can you read Chinese! How about that?


Since you mentioned Tumblr, I'd like to share to everyone in the SooSo Thread my GwiRyung/SooSo Stuff in Tumblr. I usually make memes for the Scholar Who Walks the Night Thread and they're mostly GwiRyung related. Haha! Here's my Meme Link

And I recently wrote about my thoughts on being a KSE-trash that basically ships her with everyone and just with anyone. I've been in the KSE fandom for 6 years already. And these are just my reflections being a KSE shipper and why I am now a SooSo Shipper. Hehe. If you have time, here's my rant and write-up links: Part1 and Part2.

It's basically my KSE shipper backstory. I've been on many KSE ships ever since BumSo. And being a shipper for years has made me wiser in my emotional investment with shipping KSE with most of her male co-stars. (Please Lee Soo Hyuk, don't fail me now) I've experienced going down with a particular ship but that experience has made me more resilient than ever and more open to ship KSE with anyone she's paired with. I may be shipping her hardcore sometimes but I do know how to handle my heart (better than before).

So with all that said and done , I'm still optimistic and continue to pray for KSE to find true love (will it be LSH?) and for her to fight for it regardless of public opinion. Coz I do believe she does have the right to chose who'll she'll be happy with, no matter how much her fans clamor who she should be with in the end. With all the KSE ships established (BumSo, JunSo, SoLim, SooSo, etc... there's just too many), for sure there will be ships that will sink when that happens... but I'll still be proud and happy for her coz it's her decision in the end.

But I'm still placing my highest bet on Lee Soo Hyuk! Haha!

Why you ask?

Because the TSWWTN PressCon, Interviews & BTS has Established the SooSo Possibility!

tumblr_nv3v5jU8Pl1ucmkkzo1_250.jpg tumblr_nv2hvjFEMI1ucmkkzo1_250.gif

Well, seating arrangement must have been a given. But as early as the press con, they already talked in whispers while waiting to come up on stage.


And LSH seemed too conscious whenever KSE comes physically near him.


And KSE just haaaaad to link her arms with LSH during the photoshoot which caught LSH off guard. Way to go So Eun! For the sake of a mere photoshoot, you took this once in a lifetime opportunity! And LSH just had to take a quick look at her afterwards. 



And looking at this over and over again... LSH just couldn't stop stealing glances at KSE! Bless the Fashion Coordinator for thinking of pulling down the sleeves of the Sexy Red Dress!!! Coz as you can see, she could just pull it up if she just wanted to. I'm telling you, she really wanted to catch SOMEONE's attention with this!!!


And it isn't just LSH that's conscious. KSE also seems too conscious around LSH too. Or maybe it was just the red dress nearing a wardrobe malfunction But she also does glances at LSH for time to time.


And their teasing was on a whole new level. ADFSGAFJSFK!!! LSH WAS JUST TOO CUTE HERE!!! This just means that their level of friendship was already a comfortable one with just a months worth of drama shooting.


And if anyone of you saw the translation for this scene... You'll go cray cray for them. This was when KSE was explaining that she has both characteristics of Myung Hee and Hye Ryung... But she just couldn't come up with the right words when she tried comparing herself to HR... And then LSH told her that she seemed to have trouble saying it and then asks her if he'll be the one to answer the question for her!!!! Thus the SUPER AEGYO look of KSE to LSH which caused her to be embarrassed. Kya!!! 


And this was their MCB Section TV Interview wherein LSH was asked if he wanted to go on the show "We Got Married" just like KSE. And KSE told the interview that LSH personally told her that HE NEVER WANTS TO GO ON THE SHOW! (O_o) But my point is, KSE and LSH are comfortable with each other to just talked about non-work related matters. And don't mind if the other answers in behalf of them. It's just too cute of them to do that!!! Kya~

So even before the drama premiered, the initial attraction and comfortable level of familiarity was already established for the SooSo Couple!

And as the Drama progressed, I just like how their interaction with one another has improved. 


tumblr_nv1c4mOS2H1ucmkkzo9_250.gif tumblr_nv1c4mOS2H1ucmkkzo10_400.gif

Looking at their BTS together, you could see that KSE cheers LSH in acting out as Gwi. Coz LSH the cutie just keeps on forgetting his lines. I like how they support one another in filming. Well, I think the whole TSWWTN cast are one big HAPPY FAMILY coz they're just all smiles during their BTS and IG posts. But since both of them are usually together then their level of camaraderie is much higher than the others.


And they just had to do random things during their BTS. KSE handed over a ring to LSH but he said he couldn't wear it so he returned it to KSE. Wah? I mean, if you're comfortable doing random things with someone then doesn't that imply your level of closeness with that person??? 



And those 2 acting cute and playful on their IG posts on KSE's birthday was just too surreal to be true! MORE THE HEART-THRILLING IG POST, WE WANNA KNOW IF HE GAVE HER A GIFT!!! THEY WERE TOGETHER ON HER BIRTHDAY OF ALL THE DAYS!!! THANK YOU DESTINY FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN! Just how many actors and actresses in the K-Entertainment Industry develop this kind of closeness with their co-stars? I mean. how many times do they meet and how much interaction do they only get once their speaking parts are over??? And if you think about, KSE appeared much less than any of the leads in the drama... So it's nice to know that after all those tiring 4 months of shooting, they can already show their wacky side to one another and even reveal it in public >:)

Plus, if you check this Daum Net article  translation, KSE was asked if she was afraid of LSH. She replied by saying that she doesn't feel scared around him and she finds him charismatic and calls him an actor with reverse charms:wub::wub::wub:


And I think the 2 of them sat beside each other during the TSWWTN Wrap Up Party. (either may eyes are going bad or my delulu has gone wild) You just can't deny that these happy bunch of people (the whole cast and production team) will have some withdrawal syndromes now that the drama is over. And since the two were mostly together, I think they are more attached to each other than the rest. Am I wrong on this one? And even if they didn't sit together, I'm sure they did talk coz it's their last day together unless they still choose to meet up even after the show

So in the end...

I'm shipping SooSo coz they really left a good impression on me. On screen and off screen. That's it! :P:P:P



(Gif credit to stonepp)

And hangs around with the coolest guys in the K-Entertainment Industry B)B)B)


tumblr_nv7r6iC6Fg1ucmkkzo1_540.jpg(Pic credits to heespyuk & soohyuk-kmodel)

So my highest bet is really on this guys! Coz he practically has the looks, skills, confidence, status, connections, charming attitude and great character (the guy knows how to keep friends, that says a lot) which makes it easier for him to pursue the girl that he wants to date! PERIOD!

Only the fear of scandals could stop this guy. Wealth and fame may come later but this guy's a raising star. Who wouldn't cheer and pray for him for his success and love?

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Soo Hyuk was at the Polo Ralph Lauren Opening Event today~

(which I'm surprised he didn't update his IG for lol)

I don't want to spam people with updates, but I spotted the bracelet once again on him~ and while that was a good, we got another update for So Eun, she seemed to enjoy her day.



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It might just be one of the bangles... I don't see the one with the amulet though...




Those 2 bracelets looks like the same ones he wore a few days ago in a restaurant...


Seems like he doesn't wanna get caught if he knows fans will be always looking for it. Haha!


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Guest pandakimberly__stv

@NestleKIMY I miss fangirling with you on tumblr!! ;__; Are you on twitter by any chance? 
Also love your detailed analysis as usual!!! haha!

I read all the fanfics there are to read in Chinese and English but it's not enough!! lolol
I don't really write real-life actor fics.. but I'm kind of leaning towards it now... OTL 
Kind of busy these days so I haven't updated any more GwiRyung, but I will soon!!

Other friends, if you read Chinese, and want me to link you to some fanfics (GwiRyung / SooSo) do let me know! There's a treasure trove of fics on tieba ^-^/ 


@nariko Could u share the links to the fics on tieba??Thanks!! ^^

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Lee Soo-Hyuk & Yuri ('Girls' Generation') cast in OCN drama NEIGHBORHOOD'S HERO


Drama: Neighborhood’s Hero
Revised romanization: Dongneui Youngwoong
Hangul: 동네의 영웅
Director: Kwak Jung-Hwan
Writer: Kim Gwan-Hoo
Network: OCN
Release Date: 2016

Lee Soo Hyuk is casted as Choi Chan-Gyoo

Baek Shi-Yoon (Park Si-Hoo) is an ex-secret agent. He is a well-trained human weapon. Hiding his past, he buys the bar "Neighborhood" and runs it is as the owner. He gets close to the neighborhood regulars at his bar and sympathizes with their pain. Baek Shi-Yoon meets a young man who works as a temporary employee. The young wants to become a police officer. Baek Shi-Yoon trains the young man as a secret agent and they fight together against evil.

Source: AsianWiki

I knew he already took the role for Neighborhood's Hero when TOP said in his live App broadcast that LSH already has a drama shooting early the next day  (or were my translations wrong coz shouldn't they have a script reading first???). Coz TOP's V App segment was already post-Scholar Who Walks the Night. That drama already ended when the two made a phone call. So that must mean it's a new drama. And there's just one show that courted LSH for a role recently. So my guess was right all along! Hehe! B) 

Lee Soo-hyuk courted to join OCN’s Neighborhood Hero

by girlfriday | September 8, 2015

Park Shi-hoo’s comeback drama Neighborhood Hero has an offer out to Lee Soo-hyuk (Scholar Who Walks the Night, Valid Love) to join the cast, and for now he’s in the “considering it” stage. The offer is reportedly for a leading role, but sadly there seem to be no details about what character he’s up to play. Based on his current performance as the villainous vamp in Scholar, baddie might be the obvious choice, but next to the rest of the cast members — Yoon Tae-young (Records of a Night Watchman), Jung Man-shik (Good Doctor), and Jo Sung-ha (Hwajeong) — I’m not so sure.

The neighborhood spy action drama comes from PD Kwak Jung-hwan (Chuno, Runaway Plan B, Basketball), and stars Park Shi-hoo as a former black ops spy who now lives a quiet life running a bar in his little neighborhood. The drama is about him finding a family among the locals, and becoming a true hero when he jumps into action to protect them.

One of the main characters is yet to be cast (perhaps this is Lee Soo-hyuk’s role, though that seems like an odd choice) — a neighborhood youth who wants to become a cop. Park Shi-hoo takes him under his wing and trains him to be a spy, and together they’ll fight the big evil. Girls’ Generation’s Yuri (Fashion King) is up to play the heroine, an aspiring writer who spends more time spying on her neighbors than writing.

I’m really enjoying Lee Soo-hyuk’s performance as the bad vamp right now in Scholar, because it seems like he’s letting go a little and learning to have fun with his acting, maybe for the first time. It’s an extreme character in an outrageous setting, but it’s so fun to see him just go for it anyway, and that makes me want to see him play more deliciously crazy villains.

Neighborhood Hero starts shooting in September for a broadcast early next year.

Via DongA

Translated New Source: Dramabeans

 Scholar Who Walks the Night Wrap-Up Party happened during the last broadcast of the drama which was the 10th of September 2015. They watched the last episode together.


150916 TOP’s V App Broadcast 








Cr: junkobato & topsommelier

150923 LSH's Instagram Update

It's a script!!!


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So now that we have LSH new drama into the lights~ KSE has finally got those Marie Claire Korea photos out!

Gracing the October issue, our beauty who had a "sweet smell" to Gwi was talking about her favorite perfume by Jo Malone in her interview for said photo shoot and how she likes to make her aroma a key thing to her image.

I want interaction but he is already stuck in drama world! I am glad to see him in a new work right away though~



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We're in for a treat today!

Not only did KSE do a photoshoot for Marie Claire Korea but LSH also did one for InStyle Korea :P


Kim So Eun in Marie Claire Korea Magazine October 2015 Issue



Cr: Naver


Lee Soo Hyuk in InStyle Korea Magazine October 2015 Issue








Cr: soohyuk-kmodel

 I'm still praying that we'll get to see them in one frame again! But for now, let's enjoy these treats! 

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After days of lurking, lol we know LSH is starting filming for his new drama- which  is in the running to air early NEXT year, January/February maybe?

and KSE has been quiet as well.

We got a little update on LSH's IG though, the bracelets we have been searching for are a branded "blindreason"- the bangle & amulet- and he has promoted a new collaboration with artist Pink Floyd- potential new material he is eyeing ?


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