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Morning guys ( it's morning here)

it's really nice to see new shipping for kimsoeun, I support all her shipping 

but since I'm a fan of Leesoohyuck *I became interesting on this one ^^" *


anyway about, the bracelet during wrap up party .. I have the same thought ( no I'm actually sure ) it's

LeeSooHyuk bracelet and he gives her as BD gift .. he wear it in china event as well as SWWTN  press conference




and about Kimsoeun remove it ... I don't think so ... she just put it on the other hand ..

I found a photo which a part of the bracelet showing on the other hand, then she put it back

( she took photo with fans after the party and you can see, the bracelet back to his place ) 




and about following her IG .. I found his private account name on her followers list ( it was hard to found )

but good they both follow each other ^^


I'm not sure if this mean something or we'll end up hearing good news .. but I'll enjoy it as much I could

*if the photos didn't show up .. I'll try to upload them again 

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Hi @syifa! I'm posting a series of videos related to SooSo:

Script Reading

First Character Interview

Whole Press Con

Press Con Clips (With English Subtitles)


Press Con SooSo Cuts

*this last cut is GOLD! The flirting caught on cam! Lee Soo Hyuk SMILED like asdsafasjfnkjsdafbad here!

MBC Section TV Interview



Episode 14 BTS

Episode 17 BTS



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I'm waiting for a random update for So Eun~ lol I've been stalking both of their tags and pages.


*eyeing the bracelets by the way, if it is a daily thing for her and him we might get some more insight

but I can't tell if he's wearing the amulet one or the bangle today.

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now that I've watched the SWWTN presscon for twentieth time..

I just realized that LSH actually GIGGLES when he teased KSE about her virtual husband afterwards.. and he played with his microphone.. and some of the times, his body was leaning towards KSE.. His eyes also stealing glances of her, and sometimes looking at her neckline.. (bless the sexy red dress she was wearing at the time) He definitely attracted to her.. his body languages clearly proves that. I'm just bummed we dont get see much of them behind the scenes.. MBC only gave us approximately 30% of them.. I want mooore!!!

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i love sooso couple!!! lee soo hyuk ( i love this man)  will never be mine but if he will end up together with Kim so eun my love..it's a win-win situation for me..haha..i approve..

but i hope that if they have relationship..they will keep it as a secret right now..

KSE life is really complicated this year...

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Well we're gonna get an interview, he posted some pictures today about W magazine, we might hear a bit about his plans- and maybe a question about his private life and communication with the cast from SWWTN!

*again, I think our main lead is the bracelet theory- so I'm keeping my eye out for that.

no leads on So Eun's ends :(

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Kim So Eun updated!

She's also been doing another photo shoot. This one is for K Wave, that is probably why she's been quiet. That and because her cat is sick.

# look forward to it


She has another one that says it's still hot too while she is taking a selfie~

I didn't know she was team iPhone- I note that b hee I literally only thought Soo Hyuk was team iPhone cause nobody had as great quality in photos. Recent change? Lol

its not major but that means FaceTime!

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So while Kim So Eun will grace K Wave, and possibly Marie Claire for the October issues, we have a sneak peek on Lee Soo Hyuk gracing InStyle for October as well-

the October visual couples!




cr:: xoxxojjung (tumblr-instagram, for LSH's InStyle photo)


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