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***SooSo Couple***

A Lee Soo Hyuk :wub: Kim So Eun shipper thread


Lee Soo Hyuk


Real Name: 이혁수 (Lee Hyuk-Soo)

Age: 27
Birthday: May 31, 1988
Height: 6' 0" (184 cm)
Weight: 134 lbs. (61 kg)
Occupation : Model, Actor
Agency: Star J Entertainment


Television series

White Christmas (KBS2) - 2011
Deep Rooted Tree (SBS) - 2011
What's Up? Lee Soo Bin (MBN) - 2011   
Vampire Idol (MBN) - 2011
Shark (KBS2) - 2013
High School King of Savvy (tvN) - 2014
Valid Love (tvN) - 2014
Scholar Who Walks the Night (MBC) - 2015


My Boss, My Teacher (2006)    
The Boy from Ipanema (2010   
Runway Cop (2012)    
Horror Stories 2 (2013)



2007    Korea Fashion Photographers Association   Best New Model    
2008    25th Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards    Best Dressed, Model category   
2014    29th Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards    Best Dressed, Actor category  





Kim So Eun


Full name: 김소은 (Kim So Eun)

Birthday: September 6, 1989 (age 26)

Height: 163cm

Weight: 45kg
Occupation: Actress
Agency: Fantagio



Television drama

2005    Sisters of the Sea (MBC)
2005    Sad Love Story    슬픈연가    (MBC)
2006    Drama City "First Love"    (KBS2)
2007    Chosun Police season 1  (MBC)
2009    Empress Cheonchu  (KBS2)
2009    Boys Over Flowers  (KBS2)
2009    He Who Can't Marry  (KBS2)
2010    A Good Day for the Wind to Blow (KBS2)
2011    A Thousand Kisses   (MBC)
2012    Secret Angel (Sohu)
2012    Happy Ending (jTBC)
2012    Horse Doctor  (MBC)
2013    After School: Lucky or Not (BTv)
2014    Liar Game  (tvN)
2015    Scholar Who Walks the Night  (MBC)


2004    Two Guys 
2006    Family Matters   
2006    Fly, Daddy, Fly  
2007    The Show Must Go On  
2007    Someone Behind You  
2014    Mourning Grave 
2014    Entangled   
2015    Sky Lantern




their childhood photos:




at Scholar who Walks Through The Night press conference












what makes them perfect together:

1. The way they keep teasing each other and making each other laugh


when he asked about her virtual husband.. He really likes to tease her, lol



2. Their oozing chemistry and sexual tension as Gwi and Hye-Ryeong




3. Their similarities




cr: tumblr

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@NestleKIMY: Welcome! yeah, I'm just very invested in this couple.. I hope they'll become an item.. and someone said they wear same bracelet during wrap up party? hlet's start the shipping already!! :)

a few month ago , and even before he join TSWWTN he has wore it :3 and he wore it to the press conference day too :3 take a look :3




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Thanks a lot! That definitely made my day. I'm happily suspicious now :wub: 


I kinda posted this in my blog the other day speculating if the two were sitting right besides each other during the wrap-up party. It's pretty obvious that Lee Soo Hyuk's the one in black with his HAT! But the girl nearly at the edge of the pic seemed like Kim So Eun (based from hair color and style). But nothing really conclusive...

By the way, this an official TV Report pic when the cast was watching live the last episode of Scholar Who Walks the Night.

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I did some searching and found out something neat~

These are the same bracelets, and it isn't just ONE it's TWO bracelets that Soo Hyuk specifically wears together. They are from a 2013-2014 collection by a brand known as blindreason, it is specific. The bracelet with the amulet is NOT sold together with the bangle. So it is something specific to Soo Hyuk.

**if you look closely too the bangle is adjusted to fit her smaller wrist- it looks like she bent it to make it smaller- so he might have either given her his, or she was given the two to her by him- maybe a matching set, maybe his own? A birthday present? Hehe.

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hehe,thank you.. I just thought it would be best to spazz about them in the new thread.. because no one else is making it, I thought I just create one.. thanks so much guys for joining this thread.. Let's keep the thread alive! please post any analysis, fanmade stuffs, or any similarity about them. Anything is welcome! :)


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I dont ship much of a real-life pairing.. but, Lee Soo Hyuk seems really attracted to her and keeps looking at her at the presscon and tease her a lot, and smiling widely everytime she said something cute. For a person who's quite aloof as him, that's quite something. Maybe it's the fact that these two around the same age, it makes me feel there's something between these two..

Kim So Eun, on the other hand always had rumours with her past co-stars, but the thing is, none of them ever looked at her the same way LSH did. I'm not bashing towards her virtual husband, but SJR is very bright and funny, so it's hard for me to see if he ever feels something towards KSE romantically or just treating her like an ideal husband his script told him so (WGM is clearly using script to dictate the interactions between husband and wife) so, cute as they maybe, I dont think the ship is going to sail, WGM doesnt have that luck in scoring real-life couples. Even KSE said it's impossible to feel something for him. LSH is a quiet person in daily basis, so I guess it's easier to read between the lines if he acts different in front of somebody he likes, like keeps staring at her, teasing her, acts fidgety around her (he did these things only to Kim So Eun). KSE also treats him a bit different compared to her other costars. She's being touchy towards him IN PUBLIC and if it's the way they're flirting with each other, then I'm definitely on board. 

And the way they're clicked instantly during that presscon.. anyone thinks these two had known each other before? A long shot, but who knows? :D


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@xcalibur07 Same here! I've been long in the KSE fandom, I just kinda ship her with everyone and just anyone she's paired with! Haha! Will this ship finally be real this time? Hehe :phew:

@Adwina Oltariani I got some theories why they clicked right then and there in the press con.

  • One major theory is that LSH watched KSE's previous reality show, "We Got Married." He's close with Hong Jong Hyun (Model Avengers) who was also a WGM "married couple" with Girl's Day's Yura back then. LSH even appeared as a special guest in one of the WGM episodes as one of HJH's friends. He probably watched all the episode with HJH and could have seen KSE's segments. Which ultimately gives him a leverage in teasing KSE and at least they had something to talk about when they found out they were co-stars in a drama.


  • They could have gotten acquainted during the "Twenty" movie Premier. KSE was invited by Lee Junho while LSH & HJH was obviously invited by Kim Woo Bin (yehey, another Model Avenger). HJH was there who knew KSE from WGM. And just a backstory... He was previously reported in a scandal with After School's Nana which he then received a lot of hate from the WGM viewers... and during that time, KSE was also fresh from a scandal of her own with Actor Son Ho Joon and also received a lot of hate from the WGM viewers... (What are the odds that they're both LSH's friends now) So I'm imaging at least HJH approached KSE to cheer her up (and of course, also introduce her to LSH). [And I could have imagined that they went out for drinks and just let KSE rant to her hearts content... with LSH just listening on the side... oh the fate of the random friend]


  • And even if HJH couldn't introduce LSH.... KSE's close with Lee Junho and school friends with Kang Ha Neul and Park Shin Hye. Those three could have introduced her to KWB and he would have introduced his friends in return. So the possibility of them getting introduced during the "Twenty" Premier was high even before they accepted any casting offers for Scholar Who Walks the Night  (kinda like how Lee Min Ho and Suzy met... in a movie premier. hehe!)
  • And so, given with those hypothetical background... KSE & LSH instantly clicked coz LSH could have been the first to sympathize and relate with KSE among all of her co-stars. I bet LSH was there for HJH when he was having a hard time and also coping now that WGM's over... He knew what sort of difficulty WGM casts would go thru in portraying a pretend marriage relationship. So I think LSH knows how to approach KSE differently from how LJG would and all the others. And it's easy to open up to someone who could understand your situation. And the MBC Section TV Interview reveals that KSE & LSH did talk about WGM and KSE just haaaaaaaad to answered in behalf of LSH in the interview :wub: Hehe!


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Kim So-eun has so many ships, it's almost getting too hard to keep track of all of them lol. I'm not really into real life shipping because my heart can't handle it if they don't end up together, but I shipped Gwi and Hye-ryung so much I managed to watch many episodes of SWWTN before I gave up and followed only the recaps. I've been a long time fan of KSE and I recently discovered LSH in last year's High School King of Savvy. They are both really beautiful people and it's hard not to want them to be together, but I'll try not to expect too much. I'll just drop by every now and then to see what you folks come up with. Have fun everybody.

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