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Takei Emi 武井咲 Soompi Thread

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@hiranade hello :phew:

Thank sis for the updates while Im gone. ;)


Well more photos of Emi-chan to see from Ar magazine Feb Issue

this type of concept looks better on her. So Beautiful!

A goddess in spring :D 












Cr. jaycle

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[FRAGILE - review]

Episode 1


Keichiiro Kishi (Tomoya Nagase) is a brilliant pathologist that never makes a wrong diagnosis, won’t sugar-coat his words if he stumbles upon something he dislikes, and always looks dapper. His small-team consists of Hisashi Morii, (Shuhei Nomura) a pathologist technician and Chihiro Miyazaki (Emi Takei) who quit the neurologist department to join him, because he’s awesome like this.



Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4




A late Valentine’s day news! 



Nomura Shuhei received some chocolates for Valentine’s day from Emi. He said in his official twitter account that he’s satisfied with the chocolates he received! And that the chocolates he received are worth a thousand women! (Side comment: Wow!)

In Japan, the women are the ones giving chocolates to men in Valentine’s day. Men in return will give the women chocolates in White Day on March 14.

Source: Modelpress / Nomura Shuhei’s official twitter account


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Welcome @Nevi99 thanks for bringing so many Beautiful pics of Emi^^.         


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On Wednesday, February 24, 2016 at 7:53 PM, Nevi99 said:


How I wished Emi-chan have her own personal IG ^_^

  I hope so, it is so difficult to find her selfie without her personal account.

This is late update from her birthday. Her friendship with Nomura shuhei is so adorable :) seems they're so close ^^




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Idk if her agency is the one who decides whether she needs an IG but I hope someday sis ;)

So that we can leave thoughtful messages to her!



Longer trailer for Terra Formars


Sorry Emi-chan I guess I will skip this project. This film is not my cup of tea plus I can't stand watching the entire film knowing Emi's character will die maybe in the first half of the film.

So for now I will wait for that good movie to come :) cross finger..



I already noticed the ring but really? Even I and my friends wear rings on the left ring finger.

Wow :o Emi have a dating ban? These rumors are nonsense.


Is that a ring on Emi Takei’s finger? Kanna Mori’s photo causes quite a stir




One week ago, actress Kanna Mori posted a photo showing her friend and fellow actress Emi Takei on her Instagram account. Apparently, two ladies, who are said to be on good terms since working together on the drama ‘Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo’ in 2012, were having a girls’ night out. The lights are dimmed, the atmosphere looks cosy and Takei is holding up a glass. After admiring Takei’s natural and fresh look, one fan’s keen eyes noticed something that looks very much like a ring on their idol’s left ring finger.



Mori playfully captioned the photo: “Girlfriend“. Few hours later, actress Asami Mizukawa joined the fun and commented: “This is MY girlfriend! How’s that possible?!”. This friendly exchange caught netizens attention for a while, until one of them noticed that there is something shiny on Emi’s left hand. And in most cases left hand ring finger + a ring = a boyfriend.


So where’s the ring from?

Media started speculating who is the lucky fellow who gave the young actress her ring. Most recently, Takei was romantically linked to EXILE’s TAKAHIRO. The couple met on the set of drama ‘Senryokugai Sousakan’ in winter 2014. TAKAHIRO was caught by reporters while visiting Takei’s apartment in spring the following year. Both agencies denied there is anything more between two stars than just friendship. The list of potential candidates includes her co-stars from other recent works: Takeru Sato (‘Rurouni Kenshin’ movies), Tadayoshi Okura (‘Clover’ movie), Koji Seto (drama ‘Age Harassment’) or Shuhei Nomura (drama ‘Fragile’).  Takei’s agency is said to have very strict rules regarding dating, forbidding the actress to involve in any relationship until she’s 25 (Takei’s 22, three more years to wait!).

Of course, Takei might have bought the ring by herself, but… that would be boring, wouldn’t it?

(via modelpress.jp, oops-japan.com)




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camera.png loop.png
2016/03/03 Takei Emi is set to join the runway for GIRLS AWARD 2016 SPRING/SUMMER on April 9. Girls Award 2016 is said to be the largest music and fashion event of Japan to be held at Tokyo Yoyogi National Stadium. This will be the first time that Emi will be joining.Along with Emi, Da-iCE and Block B will also be there.Source: Modelpress



Takei Emi is set to join the runway for GIRLS AWARD 2016 SPRING/SUMMER on April 9. Girls Award 2016 is said to be the largest music and fashion event of Japan to be held at Tokyo Yoyogi National Stadium. This will be the first time that Emi will be joining.

Along with Emi, Da-iCE and Block B will also be there.

Source: Modelpress

Translated by TAKEI EMIのすべて




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Yeah @Nevi99 honestly it's not my fav genre of movie too^^ and I don't know how must I face it if emi character will pass away :'( 

Rumors come and gone, but I think this article is too much. Maybe it's thruth that Emi always has good relationship with her co-stars, but it is not must end in loveline.  Maybe she is close with takahiro 'exile' but both agencies denied that so we must wait the right time ^^

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Thanks, you're so kind @Nevi99 ^^ By the way, who is nakagoshi noriko ? Seem they are close

This is update from asianwiki


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Idk if they are that close but they only met in the set of Fragile because she guested on episode 4.



TERRA FORMARS: Full Trailer For Miike's Violent SciFi Picture Suggests Maybe We Should Just Stay Where We Are


After a long build up the full trailer for Miike Takashi's big screen adaptation of popular manga and anime series Terra Formars has arrived with our first significant look at the scope of the world and the action at hand. And I would say there is reason for at least cautious optimism.

Miike stalwarts Ito Hideaki (Lesson of the Evil, 2012), Yamada Takayuki (Thirteen Assassins, 2010) and Oguri Shin (Crows Zero, 2007), and Rurouni Kenshin star Takei Emi all star in the tale of humanity returning to colonize Mars hundreds of years after leaving moss and cockroaches there to begin the terraforming process and render the planet habitable. What they discover, however, is that the cockroaches have evolved into a race of hulking and ultraviolent aliens who are not at all happy about humanity's arrival.

This is where things get dicey with the source material as the creature designs basically render the bugs as exagerrated black men with strong racial (and racist, frankly) undertones running throughout the material. Miike appears quite aware of that particular issue here and has tweaked the designs enough that while they are still true enough to the source work to not have the hardcore fanbase raise a stink they are also looking far more insect in origin than they are Scary Black Man With A Club Coming To Take Our Women.






Live-Action Terraformars Film's 3rd Clip With Incomplete CG Streamed

Shun Oguri's Dr. Honda tells Hideaki Itō & Emi Takei's lead characters about Bug Operation


The staff of the live-action Terraformars film released a third 15-second clip from the film on Monday. The clip features incomplete CG footage. In the scene, Dr. Kō Honda (Shun Oguri) briefs the lead character Shōkichi Komachi (Hideaki Itō) and heroine Nanao Akita (Emi Takei) about the Bug Operation:

Honda: But in order to go to Mars, a somewhat dangerous operation is needed. You all have a fairly high rate of compatibility with this operation. As you are now, you're fated to be executed for the crime of murder. And you have 10 years for accessory to murder, give or take... But if you help eradicate the cockroaches on Mars, not only will you get an innocent verdict... But you will also receive an extremely large sum for your efforts.


In the first clip posted two weeks ago, Mina Ōbari (a character based Zhang Ming-Ming and played by Eiko Koike) says, "Bugs 2's windows are made of specially hardened glass. They won't easily be..."



In the second clip posted last week, Ichirō Hiruma (Takayuki Yamada) faces a Terraformar. At the end of the clip, he prepares to infuse himself with the abilities of the Sleeping Chironomid, which allow him to enter a state of suspended animation without dying, even in an environment that lacks water.


The film will open in Japan on April 29, during the Golden Week holidays. Takashi Miike (live-action films of Ichi the Killer, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Yatterman, As the Gods Will, Crows Zero, Mogura no Uta) is directing the film, and Kazuki Nakashima (Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill) wrote the screenplay. The Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe music group will perform the theme song for the film.

A live-action prequel, Terraformars: Aratanaru Kibō (Terraformars: A New Hope), will premiere online on April 24.

The Terraformars Revenge TV anime sequel series will also premiere in April.

Source: Comic Natalie




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The youtube version of the CM ;)



Her CM of the same brand last year have more than 2 million views!!! :w00t:

Make that money unni...



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