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Yoon Kyun Sang for Woman Sense

이옷 뉴짤이 아직도 나오네ㅎㅎ잡지사진이라그런가 확실히 기사컷보다 이쁘게 찍었당 ㅎㅎ


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Yoon Gyoon-sang, “Lee Jong-suk, Byeon Yo-han and Kim Rae-won are precious friends”

Posted on September 15, 2016 by nonski


Actor Yoon Gyoon-sang has been working non-stop in “Faith”, “Gabdong – The Serial Killer“,“Pinocchio”, “Six Flying Dragons” and “Doctors”.

He’s been on the run for his dreams.

On the way he’s met special people and they are Lee Jong-suk, Byeon Yo-han and Kim Rae-won.

Yoon Gyoon-sang said, “I think I have a special connection with Lee Jong-suk. I starred in“Pinocchio”with him and also the movie “No Breathing”. We were brothers in “Pinocchio”“.

“I was worried at first that I had such a big role and I was scared. Lee Jong-suk was of much help to me. He told me to do things I thought was right”.

read full article here

Source : star.mk.co.kr/new/vie…


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“Doctors” Yoon Gyoon-sang, “I joined the drama because it was what I wanted”

Posted on September 15, 2016 by nonski


The 21 year old young man who wanted to be an actor became a real actor 10 years later. We are talking about Yoon Gyoon-sang.

He starred in the SBS drama “Doctors” which ended successfully in the 20s. He took on the role of Jeong Yoon-do, a nasty but soft hearted doctor. He was born and raised in a wealthy family but he’s been scarred due to family matters. He is strong but weak at the same time.

He did his best. He looked more disappointed in saying goodbye to his co-workers rather than Jeong Yoon-do.

“I am always sad to let a project go. I am sad to part with my co-stars and co-staff members. I think I feel lonely thinking that I can’t see them as often every day”.

read full article here

Source : star.mk.co.kr/new/vie…


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[NEWS ARTICLE] ENGSUB Yoon Kyun Sang x Eric x Lee Seo Jin... 3 Meals A Day Fishing Village ‘Three Brothers

Yoon Kyun Sang posted a sweet photo he took with Lee Seo Jin and Eric.



Source: Yoon Kyun Sang Instagram

Yoon Kyun Sang on (Sept) 25 posted a photo he took with Lee Seo Jin and Eric with the following caption, “One pic with the brothers! These guys will be coming to you on 10.14 (October 14th)”

Lee Seo Jin, Yoon Kyun Sang, Eric are scheduled to take a part as Island mates in tvN reality show ‘3 Meals A Day – Fishing Village’ in a special island, Deukryangdo. The 1st broadcast will be on upcoming October 14th at 9:15PM KST following the Manjaedo episode.

Lee Seo Jin showed his killer pose as he made a smile that revealed his dimple, Eric put his hands on Yoon Kyun Sang’s shoulder with a cute facial expression, and Yoon Kyun Sang showed a playful look with a wink. The affectionate side of the three persons creates a heartwarming atmosphere.

Source: Ilgan Sports / September 25 2016

Reporter Kim Eun Hye


Trans: bunbun - FishingSubTeam

s: loveforyoonkyunsang

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  2. [NEWS ARTICLE] OSEN TALK - ' 3 Meals A Day - Fishing Village 3 ' PD Na Young Seok "Eric Is Good At Cooking Than I Think".

    The first recording of tvN ‘3 Meals A Day - Fishing Fillage 3’ has successfully finished. PD Na Young Seok said his satisfaction for the tree persons, Lee Seo Jin, Eric, Yoon Kyun Sang who experienced their first island life staying for 3 days 2 night started from September 23rd to 25th in Deukryangdo, Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do, “We had a wonderful time recording, it couldn’t get any better than this”

    Lee Seo Jin who, this time, is facing the island village not the mountain district in Gangwon-do, Eric who hasnever once been in a tv show alone without Shinhwa members, the same goes to Yoon Kyun Sang who adavanced to a “newbie of entertainment show”, the expectations of the newly formed members are already high.

    Before the first recording, PD Na Young Seok revealed to OSEN “Everything that Eric does is an art.  Lee Seo Jin might just order around. Since Eric has been living alone for a long time, seems like he’s also good at cooking.  Looks like he normally eats the foods he cooks at home too. At the end, Eric might be the one who will do both cooking and fishing." 

    PD Na Young Seok revealed his thoughts. After the first filming, Na PD told OSEN "It’s the first filming, and because there are people who are new to tv show, I didnt have high expectations, but it was done more successfully than I think.” He added, “Lee Seo Jin is the same… and Eric is good at cooking than I think. Yoon Kyun Sang made everyone shocked with his physical strength. The whole set atmosphere was so fun.” he expressed his satisfaction for the new members. 

    The three people are scheduled to visit Deukryangdo for few more times in the future. There’s a plan to unravel many curiousities for this season of '3 Meals A Day - Fishing Village 3’ through a press conference before the first broadcast. The first broadcast will take place on October 14th.   


    [사진] E&J엔터테인먼트 제공, OSEN DB.
    source : Osen
    via:  loveforyoonkyunsang
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@nonski Thanks for taking over this thread and the many updates. :)  Kyun Sangie's popularity is skyrocketing these days. He already reached1 Million followers on instagram. Hoping this talented cutie will get a lead role next time. *fingerscrossed*

2 funny gifs from doctors xD





The whole scene with Park Shin Hye






tumblr_o9w8yhbl4f1vpmpmko5_r2_250.gif  tumblr_o9w8yhbl4f1vpmpmko6_r2_250.gif

tumblr_o9w8yhbl4f1vpmpmko7_r1_250.gif  tumblr_o9w8yhbl4f1vpmpmko8_r2_250.gif


Is this supposed to comfort me? You’re a woman who’s a pro, so a man shouldn’t be embarrassed? Yes, you are smart, so you understand quickly. One more thing. I’m comforting you to show you how thankful I am



Fun Facts about Yun Kyun Sang + New Added

1.   He have Handsome(Great) name called "Lisianthus Flower Garden’s Owner, Yun Kyun Sang".
2.   His birthdate 1987.03.31 (31st March 1987).
3.  His birthplace  in Yesoo Hospital, Jeonju. 
4. He live at  District Dongjak, Seoul.
5.  His Height (He don't like if someone lower his height!! Because if you see his profile on internet it'll show 187cm) but his real Height was 187-189 or even 190. When he have a physical examination before enlistment his height was 187,5.

6. His Shoes Size is 275-280 (Korean Size) .
7.  He ever have corrected eyes by a LASIK surgery. His eyes sight before surgery it’s 0.3 the left side and 0.1 the right side.
8.  He have some nickname like Tteokmani, Heodang(Sloopy).. Daenamu(Bamboo).. Jeonbotdae(Telephone pole), etc..
9.  He don't believe in Blood Type grouping.
10.  His strengths is "Tall body and Positive thinking" and  his weaknesses is "Too tall and too positive thinking".
11. He really love his parents
12. He had scolded by his father when he a kindergarten student because he played with his friend.
13. He’ve confidence in His No Double Eyelids.
14. He don’t like his broad (narrow) Forehead.
15. His favorite color is Achromatic Color.
16.  His Hobby is Listening Music, Watching Movie, Playing Basketball and Riding Bicycle.
17. His Treasure number one is Family.
18. His favorite food (he keep in mind) Pasta, Kimchijigae, Kimchibokkeumbab, Meat.
19. Food that he don’t like the most or he can’t eat is Puppy.
20. He’ve confidence to cook Pasta
21. Fruits that he like is the sweet ones and he don’t like the sour ones
22. His favorite number is 1 (one)
23. His favorite (TV) program are Infinity Challenge and Dad where are you going?
24. His first love when he was 19 years old

25. His first kiss also when he was 19 years old
26. His ideal type!! No special things about appearance, body, and the personality~ Just if she looks beautiful in his eyes then she will looks beautiful in other people’s eyes. That’s really how he liked a person only through his eyes (Beauty is in the eye of the beholder).
27.  He ever get a confession from a woman in about 4 times.
28. The happiest time in his life is Faith’s first filming.
29. His saddest, really upsetting or frustrated experience in his life was Passed a family affair
30. If he should choose between Love and Friendship, He said "Love (Friendship will always in my side even i didn’t choose it.)".
31. The habit that he want to cure is Gluttony
32. He don't know anything about girlgrup member
33. The most beautiful (male) celebrity for him are Jung Woo Sung, Jo In Sung

34. The most beautiful celebrity (female) for him are Kim Hee Sun, Han Ye Seul
35. He want to get married as soon as possible
36. He want to have One Son and One daughter.
37. His favorite season is Winter because it's Clean from sweat.
38. The season he don’t like is Summer because it's Hot and a lot of insects.
39. His favorite animal is Puppy.
40. His favorite flower is Lisianthus 
41. His favorite manga is One Piece
42. The book he read that make a deep impression are 배려 (consideration). “우리들의 행복한 시간” (Our Happy time).
43. The movie he watch that make a deep impression are 해바라기” (sunflower), “그대를 사랑합니다” (I Love You).
44. The most interesting drama for him is 추적자” (The Chaser).
45. His favorite and respected Actor (National and International) are National (Park Hae Il, Ryu Seung Bum, Lee Je Hoon), International (Denzel Washington, Robert Downey Junior).
46. A Role that he really want to try is A friend that full of loyalty, betrayer.
47. His goal that he want to achieve as an Actor is To be an Actor that people always looking for.
48. His drinking capacity is 3 bottles of Soju
49. His habit if he drunk is Fell asleep.
50. He have quit smoking
51. He being Alone when he really angry.
52. If tomorrow earth will be destroyed, He really want to Blindly have a trip somewhere.
53. He want to bring along Friend, Alcohol and Music if he come into a deserted Island.
54. Outfit style that he wearing is a comfortable ones.
55. Weather that he like was All of it (raining, snowing and sunlight) except the wind that blows a lot.
56. If He come to a coffeshop, beverage that he mostly order is Coffee latte.
57. He have a formation driving licence (That’s the military driving licence)
58. The most painful time in his life was when his finger injured and he should’ve a surgery.
59. The difficult time that he’ve on military, when he enter a training camp and missed his family.
60. If he win a lotto, he will buy a house then give the rest money to his parents, and keep doing acting that he really want to do.
61. The most scary things for him is 'If someone hate him'.
62. His favorite perfume is John Varvatos.
63. His feelings when Lisianthus formed, He Feels amazing and embarrassed... but now’s really comfortable and interesting like a motivation flower garden for him
64. He really want to get along with “kkotnim” (fans) and  doing something like a trip together.
New Added
65. His daughter (Puppy)'s name is Yang-i (양이)
66. His Son (Cat)'s name is Kung-i (쿵이) 
Credits: Yun Kyun Sang Fancafe "Lisianthus" (From Kyun Sang), edited by yunkyunsangid.blogspot.com
Take it with Full Credits!!
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Yoon Kyun Sang shares how he and Lee Sung Kyung reacted to dating rumors


Actor Yoon Kyun Sang once again addressed the rumors linking him to his 'Doctors' co-star Lee Sung Kyung

During an interview with 'Woman Sense', Yoon Kyun Sang commented on rumors speculating he and his co-star from the recently finished drama series were an item. He said, "I've heard speculations about our relationship after sharing friendly photos of us together on Instagram." He then revealed how the two reacted, saying, "We both laughed for a while. I guess it means that our chemistry on the set was just too good."


It sounds like Yoon Kyun Sang and Lee Sung Kyung are at least very close friends!





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Posted on September 30, 2016 by nonski


Picture cut from 3 meals a day – fishing village filming  at deungryang-do released.

First broadcast filming of tvn’s 3 meals a day – fishing village on oct 14th released to public.  The 3 brothers from this season, Lee Seojin, Eric, and Yoon Kyunsang leave to the small island at Jeollanam-do, Goheung-gun and started to live their fishing village life.

At the released picture, it shows Lee Seojin, Eric, and Yoon Kyunsang’s happy expression while eating dinner. The 3 brothers adapted really quickly in fishing village life, you can see at their comfortable expression  with attracting smile showed. These three as together passionately prepare the foods for dinner, so it makes curious what kind of foods that they prepared.

The writer said “with everyone’s expectation, the first filming ended well” “with every unique chemistries, the three members  can get along really well”. She added “Especially, Eric’s great cooking skill suprised everyone, including Lee Seojin, Yoon Kyunsang and even the staffs” “for the magnae Yoon Kyunsang, as we can’t see him in the meantime on entertainment program, acted as the strong youngest character, we expect these 3 persons’s fresh combination will bring us smile and laughter”

The new fishing village life at Deungryang-do “3 Meals A day season 3 – Fishing Village” starts the first broadcast on Oct 14 at 9.15pm.


Reporter jhjdhe@tenasia.co.kr

Source : Tenasia News Portal

Trans By : Toys / fishsubteam

as posted: nonski's home

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you're welcome @moonkittey thank you also for the information and for constantly posting here.  i will be updating the main page soon.


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“Be still, my heart” Yoon Kyun Sang Anticipated Interview Part 1

Posted on September 1, 2016 by nonski


10. Jung Yoon Do was a major character of a developing man who was also innocent but of a cold temperament. Was it hard to portray him?

YKS: The acting was not particularly difficult to portray both characteristics. Working with actors for whom I have good feelings toward in this drama, I was able to convey the sincerity of the character. When I showed a cold visage or when I had to suddenly break down, the other actors in the scene helped me, and when I had to do an emotional scene, then the other actors watched me with warm expressions, so I was able to act naturally.

10. Do you have any regrets regarding Jung Yoon Do’s love when he ultimately ends up alone?

YKS: Rather than regret, I think Yoon Do experiences an admirable love. Yoon Do’s way of loving is to cheer on the love of the person that he likes, but actually, I can’t do that. But, the writer and director made Jung Yoon Do a very cool and admirable character. If the love triangle with Hye Jung and Ji Hong had gone further, it might have made for a more entertaining story, but a lot of dramas have already done that. The Yoon Do in ’Doctors’ was able to openly express his love without expecting it to be returned, he was able to love admirably that way. I envy Yoon Do who is able to love in that way.

10. How similar, really, are Jung Yoon Do and Yoon Kyun Sang?

YKS: I think it is about 80%-100% my visage. When I get angry, I get cold also, but when I’m with people I’m comfortable with, I can also be fragile. Not just with ’Doctors,’ but every character I take on has a part of me in him.

10. As immersed as you were in the drama, that must have made finishing that much harder.

YKS: Whenever I finish a work, letting that character go is difficult. Whether it is loved or less loved makes little difference. I like the character so much myself, that after being him for awhile, it is difficult to suddenly let him go. After finishing ’Six Dragons,’ I really felt that. This time, I’m also very afraid. I don’t know how I’ll debrief afterwards. Rather than missing the character itself, I miss the set environment and the director, the staff, everything all together.  I think I’m going to miss the ‘Doctors’ team too much. Like Yoon Do, I’m going to try to say goodbye admirably. (smile)


10. Among Jung Yoon Do’s lines, is there a particular line that you’ve kept in your heart?

YKS: His final lines were the most deeply significant. Telling his uncle not to denigrate one-sided loves, there is a scene where he says ’In the world, anything that contains the word “love” is better to do than not do”, but I liked the line so much that I wanted to deliver them properly. I changed the lines slightly so that it would be more comfortable for me to say. Fortunately, many people said that they were touched and liked it. ( My comment – I loved the last scene with Yoon Do and Pa Ran as well, and remember this line clearly.)

10. Were you moved by that line as well?

YKS: Absolutely. Truthfully, when you’re having a hard time with love, drinking and telling someone else about it, you don’t actually hear what the other person says anyway. How heavy and deep that love is, only the person going through it actually knows. Saying that about one sided love to his teasing uncle feels like a cool thing to do, and it made me think again about the emotions regarding love.

10. In your next work, isn’t there any sweet romantic acting?

YKS: I want to try it. When I was asked about this before, I said I was afraid of it. Back then, it was something I had not done yet. This time with ‘Doctors,’ being able to show a passionate love, I now think I want to try a work where love happens. (My comment – Next time, he wants to get the girl.)

10. Is there an actress that you would want to work with?

YKS: There aren’t any actresses in particular, but it would be good if she has a lot of aegyo and is mischievous. Since there needs to be a light atmosphere in order to love, it would be good to get close and develop rapport. Also, so that it will be comfortable on the shooting set, I hope it would be an actress with whom I could play around together while shooting.

via http://tenasia.hankyung.com/archives/1005479

as translated by @stroppyse at soompi

as posted: nonski's home


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‘Doctors’ Yoon Kyun Sang “It’s time for a drama that people watch because of me” Interview Part 2

Posted on September 1, 2016 by nonski


10. Immediately after ‘Six Flying Dragons,’ you started shooting ‘Doctors.’ Wasn’t that hard?

YKS: Actually, there was no real time to rest before I started shooting. Before, during the time I had to rest I would try to sleep and eat properly. Since I would suddenly get rest time, I would forget how to rest. (smile) After finishing ’Six Dragons’, since I was suddenly releasing all tensions, I got a cold and the flu. I rested for a moment before started shooting ‘Doctors’, but it was different from an action scene filled sageuk since it was a technical subject drama so there wasn’t much moving around so I was able to rest and my body was comfortable.

10. From a warrior to a doctor, were there any difficulties in changing between such different types?

YKS: It was very difficult. Thinking about going from acting as Moo Hyul for 10 months to within a month acting as Jung Yoon Do, I worried a lot about it. Also, I thought there would be a lot of difficult medical terms in a doctor’s profession. Going from a sageuk to a modern day drama is hard enough, learning technical dialogue made me feel it would be even more difficult. Still, being on the set, shooting happily while smiling made me forget those worries quickly.

10. The works that you’ve finished. Do you have any comparisons?

YKS: I don’t think about choosing any work as being particularly good. All of the stories and characters develop their best points so that the viewers will like them.  Altogether (the favorably tending viewers) were sympathetic and seemed to like them.

10. It seems that you were lucky in dramas and lucky in actresses.

YKS: Shin Hye isn’t someone who only makes friends to better herself. During ‘Pinocchio’ she was friendly and smiling with me. This time we became closer so she became even more supportive. When I look at that, I think that I am very fortunate with my friends. (smile)


10. With this drama, was there any scenes that were difficult for you to digest?

YKS: The first scene where I became ruined was the hardest. It’s the scene I like the best, but at that time I worried a lot about how far to carry my distress. It was a scene which had a situation where not only did I not save Shin Hye, I had to receive her help to my embarrassment, and then running down the stairs, Park Shin Hye shows me her fighting skills which shocks me into instantly becoming a “total wimp.” (smile) During that time, how much difference between the images, and whether if the reaction was too strong, that would be a hindrance to the character, was something I considered a lot. However, whether cold Yoon Do or warm Yoon Do, I acted so that it wouldn’t look like Yoon Kyun Sang.

10. Even as Jung Yoon Do did, Yoon Kyun Sang also through ‘Doctors’ able to show his best.

YKS: Since this was the first time doing a technical subject drama, I studied a lot. Preparing for it was not easy. There were many doctors involved so there were a lot of meetings, and since they were also watching us to see how we handled the surgeries, we set it up and acted as if they were real surgeries. All the advisors helped us, and while acting, together with Shin Hye, Rae Won hyung, and Min Seok, we learned a lot.

10. Was there a good relationship with Kim Rae Won?

YKS: Rae Won hyung is my wannabe. (My comment – so someone that YKS wants to emulate). He is an actor that I really wanted to meet at least once. Actually, as a man, we watch Kim Rae Won movies many times. I liked Rae Won hyung’s works so much, that when we first met, I was shaking. But, since we watched each other and became close, he is a very comfortable person to be around. He helped a lot with acting advice and cared for me always, so I was able to comfortably act. He was really a lot of help.

10. Satisfaction with ’Doctors’?

YKS: No matter which work I do, I’m never 100% satisfied with it. While viewing the scenes on the monitor, it shows regrettable parts, and even when it’s Jung Yoon Do by himself, there can be a regrettable result. (smile) But still, it’s on the satisfying side. I am working hard so that I can show an even more satisfying acting.

10. The side of you that you want to show in the future?

YKS: I have to think about what I can do well as an actor. For the time being, I am going to think while I rest. Since ’Doctors’ had Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won, that’s why people thought they wanted to watch it. I want to become like that as well. My goal is to become an actor who can hear that “this is a character that only Yoon Kyun Sang do”, and “because it has Yoon Kyun Sang in it, people absolutely want to watch it.”


via http://tenasia.hankyung.com/archives/1005628

as translated by @stroppyse from soompi   
as posted: nonski's home

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having a major crush on this guy since last year , he was the biggest surprise of Pinocchio for me :) so happy to see him doing well and cannot be more excited to see him in 3 Meals a Day , hope evil Na PD didnt make him suffer too much XD 

thank you so much @nonski for all the updates ! 

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He really is adorable. I have to figure out where to get episodes of fishing village so that I can watch more of him. Actually, I liked him when I saw him on Faith. I thought he was the cutest maknae of the Woodalchi. :) His acting skill had improved vastly by Pinocchio. And, in Doctors, he definitely wore his character confidently. @nonski, I read on this thread that you've taken it over. Cool. I'm sure that you'll generate a lot of love for him. Thank you!

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20 minutes ago, the girl who! said:

having a major crush on this guy since last year , he was the biggest surprise of Pinocchio for me :) so happy to see him doing well and cannot be more excited to see him in 3 Meals a Day , hope evil Na PD didnt make him suffer too much XD 

thank you so much @nonski for all the updates ! 

thank you @the girl who! and please continue to spread the love for our kyun-sang!

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7 hours ago, nonski said:

thank you @the girl who! and please continue to spread the love for our kyun-sang!


I will try to visit the thread often , thank you for taking time to update the thread .... hoefully more Kyun Sang fans will appear soon :D 

btw, I'm trying to convince my sis to watch Doctors :P

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