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[Philippine Drama 2015 - 2016] On the Wings of Love

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starts with Mang Sol talking thru skype to Leah reminding her about her mom's death anniv and encourages her that she'll find her/ her grave soon. noticed that Leah is sad and asked if she has a problem but she denies it, but Mang Sol still figured that it has something to do with the matters of the heart.

Mang Sol: I wont force you to tell it to me, I know i told you before that you cant fall in love in there... But with your long stay there its not impossible that you'll meet and like someone... but when it comes to that matter, just always remember what I taught you, Take care of your heart, give it only to the person you know who can love you wholeheartedly... to the person who will fight for you.

awwww so i guess Mang Sol will be ok with it afterall... I cant wait for the moment he'll meet Clark.. I bet that would be super nice episode


Leah talking to Monet about how she understand why Clark is avoiding her but she said it still hurts.. and Monet said there is a love that is worth fighting for but Leah said that if she'll fight for it she'll hurt a lot of people specially Tita Jack and just said that she'll need to get used to the avoidance so that when the time comes they need to separate it will no longer hurt her anymore.


Mang Sol asked  Tiffany if Leah already has a boyfriend in SanFo and told her to talk to Leah and know her problem.. Tolayts so funny wit all his side comments regarding the heart problems lol!!!


Manager of Mrs. Pizza came it with a teddy bear and Monet thought it might be from Clark but there's a note that it's from Jigs and that he has a job interview for the day and that he'll fetch her after


Tita Jack and Clark talking at a Cafe and Jack asked him when they will separate coz Jigs is bothering her so much about it... Clark obviously is annoyed but still tried to conceal it.. Jack asked him to help Jigs out because she said Jigs obviously has no hope in Leah anyone and to let them have a more quality time together.. so Jack proposed a scenario wherein they'll fight, Leah leaves the house, Leah will live with jack and then they proceed with the divorce..Clark said "It's that easy? Just like that?" and Jack a bit startled by what Clark said, she just said it really happens in real married couples anyways so they must plan that "ONE BIG FIGHT" now. Jack said her goodbyes bec she will go to Jigs. Clark left alone with sadness painted all over his face.


Tolayts and Manang Tiffany ordeal... these two are just adorable!!! Tiffany got jealous with that new girl, got mad at Tolayts and other men in that store assured him Tiffany was indeed just jealous and Tolayts has a chance with her lol cute!!!


Jigs and Jack after his interview.. he said he is a college graduate but applied only as janitor Jack just said its a plus point if leah knows he can do things like that and he immediately give in.. He said he'll visit leah on Mrs. Pizza and left Jack


hotel: Clark telling Cullen that," I dont wanna hurt anyone, but i cant loose her",

Cullen: Dude! you're in a really tough situation. Family vs Love right? Dude you know what, you can really be together but not today. Who knows next week your cousin has a different trip.. or if you want let's set him up on a different girl so he can forget [Leah]. How  was that? huh?

Clark: If only its that easy

Cullen: Dude you know what.. If you're meant to be, you're meant to be.


Diana calling Clark if they cant meet


Jigs arriving at Mrs. Pizza asking leah if she got the gift but Leah asked him to stop sending such coz everybody knows she's a married woman, but Jigs said so what they'll divorce anyways. Leah explained that she dont want others to think she's cheating and asked Jigs to understand that.. Jigs said that he'll do whatever she wants him to do


Clark and Diana in a resto, Diana offered him a job wherein she asked him to make samples of his furniture and if they like it they'll make use of it as a template for the people they'll hire in PH(sorry have to revise what i said earlier about him coming back to PH because of this, but who knows right this is a good reason)


Tolayts looking at Manang and the new girl notices it and they formulated an idea on how Tolayts will get Tiffany


Leah and Jigs on the apartment, Leah asking him to go to Jack and have some bonding moment but he said Jack is still at work and she understands. Leah saw a letter invitation to that OFW Kapamilya day, Jigs said they received one too and asked her if she'll go but then insulted it by saying the participants are just old tacky people. Leah corrected him and said OFW there are not tacky because they are helping each other so Jigs was on his sorry not sorry mode again. He saw the box Clark made, Leah grabbed it from him but they fell in the couch as Clark arrives he saw them. Leah asked Jigs to go home and when he said goodbye he said to Clark that he's still off limits. Leah explained they just tripped and Clark said its ok but no his not ok ok???!!!


Mang Sol and Tiffany on the chapel... they saw Tolayts and the new girl flirting.. Mang Sol asked Tiffany if she's jelly but of course she denied but the way she looks at them is so deadly.. Mang sol concluded she's really jealous.. meanwhile Tolayts is asking the new girl if Tiffany is looking at them and she said "if only looks could kill, i was long dead"... Tiffany got mad and went out the chapel... just too cute!!!


Leah and Clark about to sleep... Clark said Jack talked to him and said they really need to plan the next step and slowly finish the marriage.. Leah agreed and Clark said they'll talk tomorrow.. both went to bed with really hurt faces T___T


next day, on that fountain stairs again with same clothes aigoo!!! why not change the clothes during the shoot???!! this was so obvious it  was shot the same day as the one aired in ep32.. changing jackets wont hurt duh??

they sat on the bench

Leah: Clark so we're not a couple anymore?

Clark: I guess so.

Leah: Why do you answer like that?

Clark: Leah whatever you want,  that's what i want

Leah: What if I dont know what i want?

C: Then let's find out.

L: Do you think i should give Jigs a second chance?

C: Huh? Why did Jigs enter the conversation? You know what? maybe Tita Jack is right.Dont close the doors on Jigs, People change, Heart change. You just dont know if you give him a 2nd chance, you'll learn to love him again.

L: Is that what you really want me to do?

C: I guess so.

L:Yes or No?

C: NO! I dont know!! Why? Leah if you have to ask me... YOU MUSN'T LOVE HIM. awwwwww

C: Lets go.

they went on opposite stairs... both stole glances to one another while climbing


family day came Jack did some speech on how it is special to her coz Jigs is there.. They asked Leah were Clark is but Tita Jack answered instead and told them he has work to finish...


Tiffany on the store again with all the boys teasing her with tolayts having Sasha now and Sasha girl gave something to Tiffany to give totlayts and Tolayts arrived and Manang was mad as she gave him the food.


Jack said clark can no longer come coz he aint finished with his work yet and Jigs being all happy about it.. Leah is disappointed... they did some picture taking and Leah wasnt at ease at how Jigs puts his arms around her


Clark is doing some carpentry and he saw the updates on facegram, he saw the pic of  Leah Jigs and Jack..someone texted him... he eventually went to the party and Leah was happy to see him but he ignored her and she got disappointed but when she wasnt looking Clark was staring at her and Jigs saw all that.




Albie is so adorable he tweeted this while watching OTWOl lol!!

trans: JIGS is annoying #OTWOLChanges haha


some spoiler again


BTS of whats happening on tomorrow's episode 




weyt da minute... isn't this airport??? and that luggage... who's gonna go?? Leah?? or both?? but why the back hug if one of them is not going to go??? oohhhh nnooooosssss!!! OR perhaps they'll be going to honeymoon lolololol!!!




Clark: We are not going to separate.. I'm not gonna let her go.  (sssshhhhhtttt ok I'm so done!)



Well I dont know I'm not sure but I think the one they've shot in Centris was the "I Love You" scene.. base from the clothes and the BG... but didnt they just shot it the other day?




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Leah Olivar (Nadine Lustre) is a young woman who wants nothing but to go to America so she can help her family. While Clark Medina (James Reid) is a young man living in America who wants to give his s

They're cute 

They say, "Love is like a bird." If you set it free, it will fly wherever it wants. While it's flying, it might find a new love. A new love that will join the flight. Low or high... Fast or slow...

Guest lalalala823

Hihi :wub: tomorrow's episode is gonna be awesome based on the previews. :)

 If you can't stand Jigs last episode you guys should prepare yourselves to be more annoyed. He was so annoying in ep 37 I cannot even...but whatever tomorrow's episode will be full of sweet scenes anyway *whispers to self: happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts* 


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Guest leira_777

Gosh! Jigs is so annoying and Tita Jack is starting to get on my nerves. Wow! I have a lot of back reading to do since i havent opened the thread for almost 2 days. There's another TV show that's popular now and a loveteam named Aldub. I often heard about that but last sat was my first time to watch it by chance and although i didnt understand a lot coz i never saw the earlier episodes, it pushed all the kilig buttons and my mind was just about Aldub for two days! Haha Sorry guys, i know this is the OTWOL thread, just i have no one to talk to about it and now im going crazy because of two tv shows! Haha. This will be the death of me! However Now, ive regained myself and my loyalty will always be to Clark and Leah! 

Im wondering though, can a tourist visa holder get a job legally? I mean, i remember that Leah had a hard time finding one before coz she didnt possess a greencard and Tita Jack had to even find underground or unstable work options for her, and Jigs suddenly has a job interview? wHat???!!!

I think the interview is also for an illegal job. Remember Leah's interview with the bar owner who turned out to be a sleazy job? That's why they interview mostly illegals only. 

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They say, "Love is like a bird."

If you set it free, it will fly wherever it wants.

While it's flying, it might find a new love.

A new love that will join the flight.

Low or high...

Fast or slow...

In happiness or in sorrow.

But what if they can't fly with you anymore?

What if you got used on flying together.

But you have to learn to fly on your own again?


I'm watching the episode last night with subtitles from TFC itself while waiting for the episode tonight. This is the translation for the opening animation.

Red is for Leah and blue for Clark.

It's sad that Leah is being burdened because of tita Jack and Jiggs. I know tita Jack can feel something. She can feel that Leah doesn't feel anything anymore for Jiggs but with her love for her son, she's being blind. Jiggs is really thick-skinned. I know he's in love but he should know his limitations.

@ranxie and @Jafstar I'm glad to be of help here in the thread. I'm sharing the OTWOL love. This is the first time that I'm this addicted to Filipino drama.



My heart is hurting. I'm literally crying because of the angst and hurt that Clark and Leah are feeling because of Jiggs.

So our hunch is correct. Because Leah owes a lot to tita Jack, she's keeping her promise. Because she's done a lot for her and her family. Tita Jack disappointed me. Leah already told her that she can't be with Jiggs anymore but she's still pushing her to be with Jiggs (I thought she RESPECT her wish and decision!!!). I know she wants Leah for his son. But she should drop it. Can't she tell that Leah is not happy at all, she feel burdened by her and her son, Jiggs? So if ever she goes back to Jiggs, that's not love. It's out of respect for tita Jack.

Jiggs is really thick-skinned. He's insisting on doing his ways that burdens Leah. Him going to Leah's workplace to pick her up and giving gifts knowing that Leah is still married. I don't know if he's an idiot or an idiot. He knows Leah can get in trouble for the things he's doing but he's still doing it. And tita Jack! I know she loves her son, but can't she like teach him how to act properly? He can't do whatever he wants to everyone. Jiggs grew up a selfish, thick-skinned brat.

Jiggs clearly told Leah, "Whatever makes you happy, I'll do that." THEN WHY NOT LET GO OF LEAH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! CAN'T YOU TELL SHE'S NOT HAPPY? AT ALL! :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

That party! Clark finally decided to come. But why didn't you sit with Leah!? Dang it! I know you're hurting but so does Leah. Jiggs can sense that they feel something with each other that's why that angry bird look is back. Hahahaha!!! Leah looks pleased when she saw Clark came to the party but sad when he didn't come to her. :tears:



Are they finally going to pay us back? To compensate all the hurt they gave us the past few episodes? It looks so sweet! Clark and Leah are finally smiling! Looking forward to the episode tomorrow. :wub: I don't mind all the hurt and angst (I like those genres really) because I know in the end there will still be a rainbow after the rain. We still have HOPE.


Hashtag for the episode tomorrow:


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@ranxie Super thanks for recap! You're awesome

@xiashenghan We're ALL hurting bad! When you see Clark's strained face & Leah always has this frown between her eyebrows, anyone can tell that they're not happy. Tita Jack is wholeheartedly disappointing. I understand her reasonings; she is finally bonding with her son and she doesn't want to ruin it. She's probably banking on the fact that Clark and Leah are so unselfish, that they couldn't possibly ever break their word. But that is unreasonable. Thinking back to Mang Sol, he made Leah promised that she wouldn't fall in love in the U.S., but he knows that it's possible to happen! So he's not going to tie her to her word, because her well-being and her happy future is important to him. Of course, Tita Jack wants what's best for her son and she sees Leah as good for him, but what's also important, is Jigs good for Leah? What is frustating is that Tita Jack is so involved in helping Jigs, that Leah's well being is not considered at all. Did not she promise Mang Sol, she'd look after Leah as her own daughter? Then what's best for Leah needs to be objectively thought of as well. I hate seeing Leah shut down and uncomfortable; that picture taken with Jigs-she looked awful. (I wonder if his touch makes her feel like spiders are crawling over her. Heh.)

Things I loved about today's episode: Clark telling Cullen he can't lose Leah. :tears: • Clark and Leah's conversation at the bench. Clark seems ready for the challenge to fight for them, as long as Leah is on-board. When she asked "what if I don't know what I want" his response, "let's find out" shows his willingness to be invested in their relationship. Just hated that Leah is fishing for his thoughts on giving Jigs a second chance. Duh girl! Don't go there! :tears::tears: • Tiffany and Tolaytes are so cute! Him making her jealous! Lol

@zagigirl You, and I as well, LOVED seeing Angry Bird Jigs at the party!! (Love that nickname!! Lol) He's so annoyingly frustrating, and I so want someone to slap some well deserved sense into him; was hoping for his Mom to do so, but at this point, I'm counting on Clark! Lol. He was especially annoying when he told Clark, in jest mind you, "she's still off limits!" 'Smile.' Argh! What a goober! He needs to realize that he lost Leah all on his own; because he's selfish and inconsiderate. He ties her down and loves only when it suits him. I'm hoping that I'm wrong here, but that initial person we saw, throwing things in anger; I hope his character doesn't get physically violent with Leah. He's not one to love wholeheartedly because he's blind to his short-comings of selfishness. But of course, maybe he'll be different second time around...:blink: :vicx: Nope. Maybe if pigs fly, he'll have a hope. (Wait, what? Pigs can't fly? Ooooh, then he's out of luck.) :P

Cannot wait for tomorrow's episode if they are smiling. That preview gives hope.

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@Jafstar what second time around??? His train left the station a long time ago...he's to selfish...and does nothing...should Leah support him as well? No way...in a way i'm sorry he didn't see what's in Leah's memory box hehehe

It seems they'll have games...as Leah and Clark are couple to all of them of course they'll play as a pair...finally we'll have more their scenes together

BTW...Leah co-worker girl is good choice for Jigs...she can put him in his place better then Leah i think

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Guest leira_777

October Teaser. :)

"I can't live without you, Leah."

"We're not breaking up... I'm not letting you go."

"I love you, Leah."

"I love you too, Clark."


Looks like they will fight for their love. :D

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@Jafstar what second time around??? His train left the station a long time ago...he's to selfish...and does nothing...should Leah support him as well? No way...in a way i'm sorry he didn't see what's in Leah's memory box hehehe

It seems they'll have games...as Leah and Clark are couple to all of them of course they'll play as a pair...finally we'll have more their scenes together

BTW...Leah co-worker girl is good choice for Jigs...she can put him in his place better then Leah i think

No, I agree with you. I was being sarcastic about "maybe". Sorry I wasn't clear. Yeah, that train's been long gone probably while she was still in the Philippines; going to U.S. was her chance to hop off. Lol.

It will be good to see them play and have a chance to express themselves wholeheartedly. But will Tita Jack call them out? 

And I'm hoping that her co-worker gets Collin. Lol. They seemed to hit it off when he came to the pizza place. (Now, off to edit) 

October Teaser. :)

Omo! I just caught this: They go to a church!!!!!! :w00t: Are they gonna renew their vows to each other?!!!!!! :wub::D

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Since you guys have pretty much covered Leah, Clark, Tita Jack & Jigs I'm patiently waiting to see what Tiffany does to Tolayts given: 


I wholeheartedly agree that if looks could kill Tolayts would be long dead. Mang Sol's face is equally comical by the way. 

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So much anticipation for later's episode! I've been dying to see these two get mushy and show Jigs that they are so into each other.  Anyway, Tolayts has stepped up his game and I can't wait for the time that Tiffany will just give in to her jealousy.  The preview of the "Aminan Night" is just too sweet I couldn't take it.Haha.

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I know were all coming down on Tita Jack for being extremely selfish BUT let me play devil's advocate and say she doesn't know that they two have fallen in love. By the time she left and went back to the Philippines things were really starting to pick up, the only time I recall her looking like she had an inkling of what could be was when the two hugged each other after that immigration officer's interview at their house. At the same time, she's doing the worst thing that anyone can do and that's assuming (there's a reason why a-s-s exists in the word, just saying lol) the two don't have feelings for each other and not directly talking to them about THEIR marriage but instead dictating what should be done (which again, she did back when they first started out). Before anything else, I'm waiting to see how she reacts when Clark tells her straight up that his in love with her, before I hard out judge her lol.

I just feel like common sense would prevail and you'd get a sense that something is completely off, but like you all said she's too busy trying to appease and please Jigs instead of noticing Clark & Leah's feelings.

@ranxie - You know that scene didn't bother me I first saw it  (the one where they're wearing the exact same clothes as seen before lol) but then I was like, why didn't they at least take the scarf off & have Clark just wear the jacket, Minor changes of details would've been welcomed lol. WHICH leaves me think, there could be a possibility of that hug we saw, could be shown later lol.

About that bench scene, the director actually posted on IG weeks back when they were filming :

Antoinette was referring to this scene (one of my fav films too & THIS SCENE !!) :


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Quick thoughts re: Ep 37, just needed to get some thoughts out because I can't seem to rest.

I like Clark's line: "If you have to ask me, you mustn't love him." It's frustrating and painful to be where Clark and Leah are right now, but that's life. (And thank you, Show, for always showing us


Beautiful scene of Leah always trying to see if Clark has arrived. I loved that it mirrored somehow when she sent him on a date and Clark kept checking the door to see if she walks through it. Then that entire progression when he did come but he didn't come over. Ouch. 

Tita Jack senses things, the shift between the marriage on paper turning out to have real feelings. Her worried looks give her away and I think that's also why she brings up the One Big Fight and the next step. But I think what she holds on to is exactly what is causing the conflict in both Clark and Leah: the value of a promise. Like @KDIK, I would be interested to know how Tita Jack will behave and make her own choices of conflicting values once there is a clear indication of how Clark and Leah decide to proceed with their marriage.

Hmmmm. I still hate Jigs. :D It niggles me no end how territorial he is when Leah has made it clear how many times that they are no longer together. With the biggest bombshell of all: she doesn't even love him anymore. I hated the presumptuous way he barges into Leah's life - partly because he comes in between Clark and Leah, but on the whole just because it feels like an invasion of everything. As a woman, or basically, just a person, I'm sure we all agree we don't want other people running or making us feel hostage to ours.

From the preview, looks like there are sweeter times ahead. :) Enjoy the flight, my friends.

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OMG! I just watched today. Sorry if this was shared before. But I can't wait for this.

Did you guys noticed there's 2 dislike?

I read a funny comment that's saying that the 2 people who disliked the video were tita Jack and Jiggs.

Oh gosh. I can't wait for this and the episode tonight.

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@Jafstar haha! That is very true! Everyone is happy when Jiggs gets mad. Because it's a sign that something sweet is happening between our OTP. Especially when the three of them are in the same area. Hahaha!!! His grumpy face gives us that satisfaction we want. He should go back to the Philippines and leave our OTP alone!

I guess angry bird Jiggs will come back tonight. I can't wait!

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I had to share this cute image :D

Hidden Content

Tnx dear...they're really cute :wub:

I can't wait for todays ep...last 5 min or so from yesterday ep was the best for me in a while...how Clark changed his mind to come after he saw that pic of Jigs hand on Leah...hers opened  feelings...mad Jigs...well Clark will have to come to them sooner or later...and i think that scene was shown in some preview...she'll look at him with love and Jigs will notice that too...apple bite game will couse a kiss i think...poor Jigs till then will be mad as hell :P...i just hope it won't cross his mind to step between them in a dance scene :crazy:...no way!!!!  

So Diana asked Clark to make some things for her shop on Filipines or i got it wrong? Will he go there if that so? Is it possible that a daughter she mentioned is that girl Clark once drove drunk home? A possible treath to our OTP?

I think it's time to tell her father truth about Clark...before someone else tells him...longer she keeps from him more hurt he'll be

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I had to share this cute image :D


Hidden Content

thank you and i laughed hard. lols. but yeah, this jiggs seriously got on my last nerve. if i were Leah, i would say everything on my mind.. "GET A LIVE JIGGS AND PLEASE BE MATURE!" haha.. but Leah is too nice.. she considers Tita Jack's feeling.. aiyoo... drama.


btw, thank you for the recap @ranxie you're the best! really! enjoyed it super much.. ^^ and also too all people here.. the pics and videos are really nice.. thank you :)

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Screen-caps for today's episode from Dreamscape #OTWOLGameofLove -

- They're going all Running Man on us with these games lol . YAY !! I see a karaoke scene, they better not be singing OTWOL or so help us all.

- Also spotted on the channels official youtube page a summary of the show with subs (which is cool cause I haven't seen anything else with subs, so yay !!. Maybe the channel is realizing the International appeal it has)

THIS is included in the above clip :


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