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[Drama 2016] Signal 시그널


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1 hour ago, jeijei said:

Signing in, team. I've been waiting for this. Does this show have anything to do with Memories of Murder?



Well, the first episode doesn't have anything to do with the Hwaseong murders but maybe that will come later.

They might be starting off with a few cold cases before dealing with the Hwaseong murders. Seems to be SK's equivalent of the Whitechapel murders.

2 hours ago, jongski said:

@Orion Yes! for good reactions!  Even with the first scene, I knew already I'm gonna like it!

@40somethingahjumma I also like the back and forth between two time period. It in a way it kind of reminds me of MBB. As you mentioned, the 'stylistic aspect' of the drama is good one.  Good observation with that rapid fire talking.  LJH talked a lot in rapid! fie adn I was just wow..



Yeah, the narrative style of the early My Beautiful Bride episodes was pretty clever. Lots of misdirection. Kept you wondering what the heck was our guy thinking. ;)

You know what really intrigued me -- the relationship between Det Cha and her sunbae, Det Lee. It looked like they were more than just colleagues. But as he's not in the force or her life in present day SK, I'm assuming something untoward happened to the man in the last 15 years.

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Brilliant brilliant first episode! Tightly cohesive, with beautifully seamless continuation as we intercut between past and present... the only hint sometimes being the sepia tone of the scene. Utterly gripping, with its share of heart in mouth moments, escalated as we realise the craftiness of the perpetrator and the race against time to apprehend the guilty party before the statute of limitations is up becomes one that cuts so close to the wire. Wonderful performances from all as they bring to life their very different characters, and I already love what little we have seen of our three leads.

Love how well the tension and emotions are controlled - both in the drama and for the viewers. The heartbreak of the grieving mother as she relentlessly waits year after year for justice to be served for her daughter's crime, and the false hope that was given was truly painful to watch. And my heart literally dropped with


Lee Jae Han's attack, the uncertainty of his fate, and the indication that Cha Soo Hyun has been looking for him, even now, telling in particular when she talks to Park Hae Young about cold cases and the hell loved ones go through, never knowing what happened and why.


Through it all, we do get our relief through comic moments which never feel forced or slapstick, for which I am truly happy. Suffice to say I am absolutely overjoyed with this opening episode, and pray that this level of direction, cinematography, script and performances will be sustained, if not elevated in the subsequent episodes. Can't wait for Ep2!

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Oh gosh TVN again?? I try not to let the knowledge of what tv company is showing what drama affect my opinion of that drama and what success it possibly could get but TVN has been hitting it the targets solidly the past few years (since PD Na and the old 1N2D crews transferred I’m thinking) and hearing this is another TVN drama then there you go.. Good job!

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Yup.  In the first scene alone, with the sudden music background, I was feeling dejavu (thinking MBB kinda). In that drama, the style was flashback within a flashback. Here it's the walkie talkie thing that brings the past and the present.

With the two detective, it'll probably have back story maybe after the middle episodes of this drama.

 Signal my current fav and that's after just watching raw. Then MA. Then gotta watch premiere of Local Hero from OCN later.

 @phi3nk  Lee Jee Hoon!

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cr: tvN feed

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I am so glad the first episode had good ratings. And it seams that the public love the show.

Article: Hye Soo unni is always right... pilot episode of 'Signal' shows movie-like story telling

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+2,106, -71] Weird how there are no comments on a drama this amazing

2. [+1,648, -30] This drama is crazy... crazy good!!

3. [+1,344, -38] Kim Hye Soo is the best

4. [+1,167, -29] This drama really is like a movie!!

5. [+210, -3] This scriptwriter is the best at mystery plots... tvN has seriously become a broadcast channel that you can trust everything it puts on.


Article: 'Signal' pilot episode records 6.3% viewer ratings... surpasses 'Reply 1988'

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+1,812, -56] I honestly thought I was watching a movie;; this is amazing

2. [+1,197, -50] tvN's dramas are so good, they're of another scale. Totally blows public broadcast out of the waters.

3. [+1,143, -97] I think they're going to surpass all of 'Reply 1988' records...

4. [+953, -46] The day I get to watch a drama like it's a movie...

5. [+171, -8] Big thumbs up, such a good drama. I was flipping through the channels and then froze on this one


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Drama “Signal” Pokes Fun With Kang Sora and Im Siwan Dating Storyline


In the first episode of tvN’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Signal,” the story of a kidnapping incident leading to the case’s statute of limitations is portrayed.

Officer Park Hae Young (Lee Je Hoon) is talking to a reporter and brings up a dating scandal between actors Kang Sora and Im Siwan. The two actors starred in the popular drama “Incomplete Life” (also known as “Misaeng”) and their supposed dating story made the front page news on the entertainment newspaper sitting on the table in front of Park Hae Young. It turns out Park Hae Young is giving a tip to a reporter and is hoping to get paid in return.

Park Hae Young goes on to insist on love triangle relationship mentioning Byun Yo Han who also starred in the drama. He says, “Kang Sora keeps calling Im Siwan, but I don’t think he’ll budge.”


He goes on to talk about actors Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young as well. Park Hae Young is then caught red-handed by Cha Soo Hyun (Kim Hye Soo) for stalking Lee Bo Young. Park Hae Young had gone through Lee Bo Young’s trash can for information to sell to an entertainment gossip reporter.

Source (1)

Credit : http://www.soompi.com/2016/01/22/drama-signal-pokes-fun-with-kang-sora-and-im-siwan-dating-storyline/

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The first episode was really great: the tension, the connection between past and present, the case itself and the acting! I really loved it!

Yes, I agree with @flybabyfly's comment! TVN is producing great dramas: I am so hooked with CITT and now, we have Signal! And both dramas are totally different! crazy monkey

Nevertheless, Lee SH mentioned at the abandoned mental hospital that he was sent by Park!! So who is he? I have the impression there is more to it!

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Wait a minute!!! The profiler's name is Park Hae Young and Lee Jae Han mentioned a person named Park at the abandoned mental hospital. Are they the same? Does it mean that Park had already contacted him (LJH) but later in the present timeline (before in the past)?

Another question: Have you noticed that PHY was acting like an outcast in his childhood (he was also poor) and we saw fragments of his memories as if someone in his family had been accused and condamned so that he was suffering from being the brother or son of a murderer! This would explain why he didn't go to the police first... Moreover, we don't see any adult around him.

I haven't watched the second episode as subtitles are so important!


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Great start with first episode rated 5.145%  (AGB) and 6.4% (TMS)

Riveting first episode that weaves it's story between past and present.

@bebebisous33, I was also wondering about the Policeman Park mentioned, since we saw on the year 2,000 the policeman on the scene at the hospital was Lee Jae-Han. Furthermore, he was hit on the head as he was talking to the protagonist (Park Hae-Young).   I hope they solve this one for us.

I am also wondering what was the motive for this crime? Was it just the ransom money? Why did she kill the little girl rather than send her home once she got the money? For that matter, why did the little girl follow her so readily? Did she know her? The girl came from a relative well to do family (they were able to pay the ransom), so why was she left alone after school? Why did not one come to pick her up? Or was the nurse - abductor, the one who came to pick her up? If so, was she employed by the family, or was she a relative?

I had the feelings that the protagonist was sort of obsessed with the case since childhood because he had witnessed the abduction. Also, maybe he felt guilty - that if he had offered his umbrella to the little girl and walked with her, the crime would have been prevented?

But if the protagonist connection to the crimes is the emotional response he carries from the past, how would the next crimes choose to reveal themselves to him?

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9 minutes ago, irilight said:

I had the feelings that the protagonist was sort of obsessed with the case since childhood because he had witnessed the abduction. Also, maybe he felt guilty - that if he had offered his umbrella to the little girl and walked with her, the crime would have been prevented?

But if the protagonist connection to the crimes is the emotional response he carries from the past, how would the next crimes choose to reveal themselves to him?

 I want to share my thoughts and answer the other mind boggling question but haven't watch the sub yet. For the above question. I think there is the emotional guilt. He saw  the little girl left with the lady. The little girl even had a slight smile on her face.  I'm not sure if he knew, looking back then  he could've done something. It's haunting him. That's how I understood it. As for the other crimes that will manifest or reveal, the first major case will always have an emotional effect on him. What could he do, what  could he have done. In resolving the next crime case- he'll probably connect to the first one on an emotional level.

Watching ep 2 raw. I know sub is quicker but I'm too impatient to wait.  Then I'll watch both episodes sub then gonna share thoughts.

Reposting this still of LJH. <3

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I was looking for the policeman Lee Jae Han too and curiously after 1130 or was it 1124pm after being clubbed in the head he was not shown again. This was only the first episode though so waiting for him to resurface in the second one. What’s worrying is that dialogue of the superintendent about ‘if the case of Lee Jae Han gets exposed’. What is that rotten guy trying to cover up.

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