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[Drama 2016] Signal 시그널

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Some character info from the C-remake... am a little unsure about this production so far, since it is supposed to be filming next month, but I am still seeing casting calls with no confirmed cast in sight. Also, it appears the characters are younger than the original (LJH counterpart being only 27??) which has me a little concerned. Seems also that PHY is now investigating his parents' death as opposed to his brother's. We shall see.. hopefully it doesn't disappoint.




Translated the character profiles as follows:


Gu Mingzhe
Male, 25 years old, formerly a station policeman before becoming Cold Case Team detective. Careful and meticulous, outstanding powers of observation and psychological analysis, occasionally impetuous, but will always fight for justice. Ultimately unmasks his parents' killer.


Cao Zheng
Male, 27 years old, detective, slovenly in appearance, upright and tenacious, unworldly, workaholic. Unafraid to die for the sake of the truth


He Yun
Female, 41 years old, Cold Case team leader, single, capable and experienced, outwardly cold, but gentle and sensitive on the inside.


Sun Hongtao
Male, 48 years old, Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau, mediocre ability but has a strong desire for power, curries favour, unscrupulous in order to achieve his goals


Liu Kangsheng
Male, 46 years old, Chief of the Crime Investigation Team, worldly wise and slick, has a sense of justice which he compromised in exchange for promotion. Committed unforgivable wrongdoings for his daughter's life, but found himself once more in the end.

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Thanks for the update :)@liddi


All those adaptations give me hope that the second season will happen, that we'll be rewarded for our patience in 2019.

The drama is still so much popular in all asian countries that 2 years after  we already had 2 adaptations: the japanese at the start of the year and now  the chinese.

The producers, the actors, writer and PD can't ignore it:  they will bring us our beloved drama!   

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@titania1000 I truly hope so. Just as you mentioned, the surge of Signal adaptations should be indicative enough to the powers that be that we need to revisit this universe once more. It is definitely a positive sign that KEH has mentioned planning out the plot for the sequel, so please, please let it materialise soon!


As for the C-remake, I honestly do not know at this stage how I feel about it, since there is no indication of cast or director. Making the characters younger than the original (especially LJH) is also another concern, as is the added length (the original would have come up to roughly 28 45-min episodes, as opposed to the 32eps planned). Still, I should withhold judgment and wait to see what the final product offers. 

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This article officially made my day! Yes! Yes! Yes! Please let 2019 be the year we are reunited with our intrepid trio! :w00t:


“Signal” Writer Shares Hopes To Air Second Season This Year

“Signal” Writer Shares Hopes To Air Second Season This Year

Jan 31, 2019
by D. S.kim

On January 30, scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee participated in an interview where she discussed her hopes to air a second season of the 2016 drama “Signal” sometime this year. She said, “If I make a comeback to domestic dramas, I would want it to be with ‘Signal 2.'” She continued, “I am being careful with my words right now, but I’m hoping that it would air sometime this year.”

Kim Eun Hee continued, “Everyone’s needs will have to align, and actors will have to clear their schedule. It might be hard, but it is true that I’m hoping for ‘Signal 2’ to happen. Director Kim Won Seok also said that the drama will be more meaningful if it airs in 2019.”

“Signal” told the story of a group of police detectives who use a mysterious radio that can broadcast from the past to solve cold cases. It was praised as a well-made drama that maintained its high quality until the last episode.

Talks of a new season came up as the final episode ended on a mysterious note that left the possibility of a future story open.



cr. Soompi

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It feels almost like déjà vu, finding myself rewatching both Korean and Japanese versions of Signal at a similar pace, reminiscent of myself 11 months ago - episode by episode, case by case. Without fail, all the feels come flooding back, affirming yet again that the quality of the production stands the test of time, and the many rewatches that I have put it through. Am now at Ep8 with the Shin Da Hye case, and putting the J-version on hold for now since this and the Hongwon-dong serial murder case were not adapted in the J-remake. As I follow the Shin Da Hye case, I ache once more for LJH, whose tenacity would not let him stop investigating Han Se Kyu alone even when PHY himself had decided to put a stop to the transmissions, effectively terminating their partnership. The silver lining in this bleak timeframe is seeing CSH being brought into the fold, being tasked as it were, to find out who the woman at the pawnshop was. While just at the halfway mark, I am already unwilling to have to leave this universe once more.


While on the topic of remakes, latest news of the C-remake indicate that the 3 leads have already been cast, and are now in the midst of filming. Fingers crossed this production will do the original justice even as it puts its own spin on the narrative...



Profiler 顾明哲 Gu Mingzhe will be played by 26 year old 王天辰 Wang Tiancheng. He debuted in "General and I" in 2017, and recent credits include the lead role in 唐砖 Tang Dynasty Tour

Tian Chen Wang

cr. mydramalist


Righteous detective 曹征 Cao Zheng is portrayed by 38 year old 杜淳 Du Chun, who has starred in various C-movies and dramas over the years.


cr. shangc.net


Cold Case team leader 何筠 He Yun is played by 李小冉 Li Xiaoran, whose many credits include the recent Next Time, Together Forever and Mr. Nanny


cr. shangc.net



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