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[Drama 2016] Signal 시그널


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14 hours ago, triplem said:

@larus if you have more info with some official confirmation - I think we can start a new thread.

 Thanks. Finally there is the second season. :P

I could start a thread immediately but I checked and I did not find an oficial confirmation. The articles say about the second season (it is confirmed) who will be in the first half of 2020, that the three actors will be back (what the writer said in January).

I am sure they knew something more, maybe they`ve talk with the actors but so far no other news. I can start the thread and you can block it until the further information.


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I don't know if this is old news, but we can finally watch Signal on Netflix!!! Perhaps some of you already had it unlocked in your country, but I finally have access to it too in Switzerland :wub:


I will totally binge watch it for like the 4th time now. So excited!!!!


Can't wait for more news on Season 2!!!

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Watched it for the first time. But it took me 2 weeks to finish it cos I wanted to concentrate when watching each episode. It's not like those fancy drama that can watch while doing other things. The story line is intense and interesting. I fall in love with Kim Hye Soo again with this drama.

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Dear people on the same radio frequency!


Unknown number – chinese version of Signal – is out but only raw!

They used the same music haha


I think I'm going to wait for subs…


Still fingers crossed for a second season to happen tho!!!


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@ChyuuNyuu Thank you for the heads up! Had almost given up hope that it would air, with all the clampdown on drama content in China this year. It appears to be 32 episodes of 30mins each, which would roughly add up to the duration of the original. They changed the Chinese title too, which is why I didn't realise it finally aired on 23 Oct - from what was originally 信号 Signal, it is now 时空来电 (literal title "Incoming Call from Time and Space"). You're right. They reused the original instrumental soundtrack in the past timeline with the missing classmate, but there are already some apparent differences between the original and this adaptation - backstory, the walkie-talkie being replaced by a cellphone which shows "Unknown Number" when it rings (hence the English title), etc so I am hoping that it will be far more than just a blatant cut and paste. Fingers crossed.


Meanwhile, ELLE Korea continues to whet my appetite for Signal S2. Just seeing two of our intrepid trio together in this pictorial to celebrate 100 years of Korean cinema is such a boon, and I pray that one day soon, we will see them back in the universe we miss so much.


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Been watching Signal and Unknown Number in parallel, comparing between the respective cases and noting similarities and differences. Finally confirmed that Unknown Number is an official C-remake of Signal, and that Movie Closer and Studio Curiosity, which composed and produced the original Signal soundtrack, was commissioned to do the same for Unknown Number, hence the reuse of the familiar themes, as well as the addition of some original music for the new production.


Just started a rewatch of Kingdom Ep1 as well, and it just occurred to me after almost a year (yes I'm slow!) that Kim Hyun Bin who plays Dan-I, the 1st victim of the turned king, whose infected corpse started the zombie epidermic, was also young PHY in Signal. Useless trivia but still makes me inordinately happy to see someone from the Signal cast in another of KEH's works.



Kingdom S2 is slated to air March 2020, and now, even news of S3 has been released. Really happy for KEH to see how well-received her work is globally, but praying that the S3 news will not detract from the realisation of our much longed for Signal S2.


Incidentally, Unknown Number completed its broadcast about 10 days ago, with its finale taking a similar route as Signal, and I had a good chuckle reading the fan comments on Weibo ranging from dismay that it ended the way it did to pleading for a S2 with the original cast. Sounds familiar? :D By the same token, let me reiterate my fervent wish that we will finally be reunited with our intrepid trio next year. Please please please let it finally come true!

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  December 5, 2019


The 10 Best Dramas of the 2010s According to the Munhwa Ilbo


Source: The Munhwa Ilbo via HanCinema.net




The Republic of Korea is the 'republic of dramas'. There are 20 or more dramas airing every week and they can be seen on TV anytime. Some smile and some cry because of them. The 2010s are not an exception. Numerous dramas flickered and numerous more stars were born. The pop culture team of the Munhwa Ilbo selected the 10 best dramas that heated up the 2010-2019 period in terms of ratings, headlines and expert recommendations.


- "Secret Garden" (SBS 2010): A fantasy drama realistically portraying a man and a woman who change bodies




This drama gave birth to the classic line "Is this the best you can do?" and recorded a shocking viewing percentage of 35.2% on the final episode, splendidly opening the 'generation of dramas' of the 2010s.


This fantasy romantic comedy based on the idea that the bodies of a woman and a man have been switched, the solid storyline, the outstanding directing of Sin Woo-cheol and the amazing performances by Hyun Bin, Ha Ji-won, Yoon Sang-hyun and Kim Sa-rang perfected the drama. Hyun Bin led the play's fun by naturally using unique dialogue, while Ha Ji-won portrayed a simple and innocent character by showcasing high-level action.


The drama is based on the romance of a poor woman and a second generation chaebol, but it deviated from the typical dramatic formula and realistically portrayed fateful love, which is what moved the viewers. Everything the characters ate, drank and wore in the drama sold out like crazy and even the OST topped the music charts.


- "The Sun and the Moon" (MBC 2012): The successful year of 'young sageuk'




This drama changed the flow of Korean sageuk. Unlike previous historical dramas that built up imaginative stories based on historical facts, "The Sun and the Moon" was free from ths controversy over historical accuracy, and doubled its dramatic fun.


As a result, it recorded 42%, an unusual viewership rating for a weekly mini-series. "The Sun and the Moon" also broke the prejudice that historical dramas are mainly aimed at middle-aged viewers. Placing actors Kim Soo-hyun, Jung Il-woo and Han Ga-in, who were in their mid 20s, in the lead, it drew in the younger audience. It became a stepping stone for the success of young historical dramas such as "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds".


"The Sun and the Moon" became the cradle for stars as well. Actors Yeo Jin-goo and Im Si-wan, who played the younger versions of the characters Lee Hwon and Heo Yeom, were put in the spotlight and have now become well-respected leading actors.



- "My Love from the Star" (SBS 2013): Plants the Hallyu and 'chimaek' syndrome in China




If "Winter Sonata" sparked the Korean Wave, or Hallyu, in Japan in the early 2000s, "My Love from the Star", a fantasy drama starring actors Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun, is considered to have settled the Hallyu in China. Chinese tourists flocked to the country in the wake of the drama, and Jun Ji-hyun's favorite food, chimaek (chicken + beer) became a sensation in China.

"My Love from the Star" was exported to China at around $30,000 per episode, and the Korean drama market expanded rapidly. Actors IU and Lee Joon-gi's "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo" was shipped to China at a price of $400,000 per episode, which is 13 times more expensive than that. Also, after the drama's success, fantasy has emerged as a main genre of dramas.


The love story between a chaebol man and a poor, but vigorous woman had been replaced by the love of aliens, vampires and goblins with human women.


- "Incomplete Life" (tvN 2014): My office life as a drama




This drama broke the tradition of dramas. Until then, most dramas had been engaging in revenge, infidelity, and comedy with the appearance of chaebols, doctors and other professions. However, "Incomplete Life" starred an ordinary office worker as the leading character and focused mainly on the daily lives of normal people. In the past, such a 'boring' drama would have been difficult to see overcome the broadcasting threshold. However, as the original webtoon gained great sympathy among office workers and revealed its specialty in everyday mediocrity, it gained 'sensation-like' popularity among viewers.


Viewers discovered someone in the way new recruit Jang Geu-rae (Im Si-wan) showed frustration at work, but somehow found a way to get back up on his feet again; they discovered themselves. Going in and out of the office, the meeting room and even the rooftop for a break with their passes hanging around their necks was all too familiar. It was this connection that got through to the viewers, as well as director Kim Won-seok's delicate directing.



- "Answer Me 1988" (tvN 2015): Back in the day...




There were a total of 3 "Answer Me" series; 1997, 1994 and 1988. As the titles symbolize, the visual background was the most important element of these dramas. The backgrounds reminded everyone of the past. The greatest event in 1988 was the Seoul Olympics. It realistically shows how ordinary people connected within this amazing event. The viewers used to get nostalgic at the visual reminders of the dramas.


It was also fun looking at the trends and items according to these generations. For example, the dial phone, the cassette tape Walkmans, the rice holder, and the video tapes presented nostalgia to the 40s to 50s and curiosity to the teens and 20s. 1988 is the best out of the three, mostly because of youth icons Park Bo-gum, Ryu Jun-yeol, Go Kyung-pyo, Ahn Jae-hong, Hyeri and Ryu Hye-young. The collaboration between Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa, and Kim Sung-kyun and Ra Mi-ran was also the best.



- "Goblin" (tvN 2016): A global connection with a Korean subject




This 'mysterious romantic tale' holds the record of highest viewing percentages in cable drama, with 20.5% in the final episode, and it became one of the best dramas of the 2010s. It depicts what happens when a goblin who needs a human bride to end his immortal life and a girl who claims to be a goblin priest appear before an Angel of Death with amnesia. This is because it is based on Korean elements and has a fantasy romantic comedy genre that connects with people all over the world. The drama's charm is that it captures the unique emotions and philosophies of the past life, reincarnation, karma, and the unique Korean samsara by using transcendent existence.


The performances of Gong Yoo, Lee Dong-wook, Kim Go-eun, Yoo In-na and Yook Sung-jae stood out. This drama created a national sensation and sparked interest in the Americas, Europe, Oceania, South East Asia, Central America, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.


- "Signal" (tvN 2016): The perfect harmony of story, directing and performance




This drama was like refreshing rain for those who were tired of romance. Writer Kim Eun-hee, who had been writing genre dramas such as "Sign" and "Three Days", was noted for her strong narrative and thorough production. The performances of Kim Hye-soo, Cho Jin-woong and Lee Je-hoon added to lifting the quality of Korean drama once more.


The idea of connecting the past and the present by radio was refreshing. The cooperation between a detective from the past who fails to apprehend a criminal and a detective from the present who is frustrated because of an unsolved case conveyed a warm feeling that they would not let the victims suffer anymore.


Based on the motif of the Hwaseong serial killings, the drama was recounted in September, when the murder suspect, Lee Chun-jae, was arrested.


- "SKY Castle" (JTBC 2018): The bare reality of education in Korea




It was the highest rated drama amongst all general service channels. The final episode recorded a shocking 23.8%. Then there were "SKY Castle" parodies everywhere last winter. It was expected to be an 'academic' drama about teens and their lives at schools. However, the drama packed a punch for viewers with its unexpected twist. It wasn't just about students and schools. The reality of education in Korea, which struggles with college entrance exams, was clearly shown. The top 0.1% education system, which no one wanted to believe, was just mind-blowing. Viewers were able to look back on themselves and their families in the face of parents who would do anything for the sake of those entrance exams.


There has also been no other drama with such vividly memorable characters like those portrayed by Yum Jung-ah, Yoon Se-ah, Oh Na-ra, Kim Seo-hyung, Kim Byung-chul, Jo Jae-yun, Kim Hye-yoon, Kang Chan-hee, Jo Byeong-gyu and Kim Bo-ra.


- "The Light in Your Eyes" (JTBC 2019): A shining youth with a speechless-leaving twist




This drama became a standard for well-made dramas. The drama, which drew attention from the beginning of its broadcast, also received recognition for its work, and left a deep message. The drama started off with the look of youth, which is so beautiful that it's sad, reminding everyone that there was a time when their eyes were blindingly beautiful with a dramatic twist.


In the beginning, the drama was about 25-year-old Hye-ja (Han Ji-min and Kim Hye-ja), who suddenly grows old due to a clock turning back time. However, the drama later revealed that it was all a fantasy created through the imagination and memories of an old woman with Alzheimer's. Kim Hye-ja showed the quality of an actor through the drama. She reminded many people just how precious life is through her narration, "There wasn't a single day that wasn't dazzling".



- "When the Camellia Blooms" (KBS 2019): A simple story without garnish




Dominated by provocative plots and excessive settings, it seems like a drama can't survive without that extra twist in this drama market. There is no superhero in this drama. But there is the police. There is no chaebol, but there are many people with a rich heart. Just like a winter-tolerant camellia blossoms, people living in the fictional city of Ongsan seek mediocrity. There is a daily routine in which one listens to each others' small thoughts, even if there is no particular story. There is a serial killer named 'Kabul', but the residents of Ongsan are neighbors who protect each other.


The drama poses the question, "How can a person be a miracle to another?" Even without any miracles sent from heaven, the little things that we do for each other can come together and create something miraculous. It is all the more welcome, as this case shows, that people can cry and laugh even without grand stories.



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There has been an escalation of exciting news regarding KEH writer-nim, with her new drama Mount Jiri anticipated end of 2020 / early 2021, and the Kingdom S2 press conference, where she expresses her hope that she would be able to pen the Kingdom franchise all the way up to 10 seasons. I am truly thrilled and definitely on board with any of her works, though I cannot help but feel a pang as I still continue to hope and pray that we will see a sequel to Signal, and be reunited with our intrepid trio once more.


Rewatched Signal Ep13 in parallel with Unknown Number, and wept again over the omurice scene in the pork rind place.. reliving again the terrible loneliness of the young boy who thought he was all alone, and the sorrow of his silent benefactor who would go on to do all he could to restore the boy's family back to him. TEARS. And as I watched, I rue once more that the heartbreaking piece that accompanied this scene was never released with the instrumental soundtrack:


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On 3/5/2020 at 11:08 AM, liddi said:

There has been an escalation of exciting news regarding KEH writer-nim, with her new drama Mount Jiri anticipated end of 2020 / early 2021, and the Kingdom S2 press conference, where she expresses her hope that she would be able to pen the Kingdom franchise all the way up to 10 seasons. I am truly thrilled and definitely on board with any of her works, though I cannot help but feel a pang as I still continue to hope and pray that we will see a sequel to Signal, and be reunited with our intrepid trio once more.


 I am glad that she is having a succes with the new series Kingdom. I like the actors but I don`t watch because I don`t like watching dramas with zombies , vampires. I prefer aliens. :) I will watch her drama Mount Jiri. I hope she will find time to write for Signal 2. It was in the works but now they won`t mention about it anymore? 


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@larus Yes. The silence after the initial excitement KEH expressed about S2 feels ominous, and I don't and hope fervently that it doesn't mean there is no hope of it ever happening. With so many sequels pretty much confirmed, I am still waiting for the day when we get official cast in stone confirmation that they are filming S2. 


Oh, do give Kingdom a try some time. It's short - 6 eps each season only. I was never a fan of zombies and used to avoid any such works like the plague (har har har) but only watched because it is KEH's project. I didn't expect to love it, but it has really won me over. And knowing KEH, she has made it far more than just another horror-themed story, and to be honest, the humans and their evil are far more frightening than the actual zombies themselves.


Our only avenue of seeing our trio together for now... gah.

Image result for signal korea

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8 minutes ago, liddi said:

And knowing KEH, she has made it far more than just another horror-themed story, and to be honest, the humans and their evil are far more frightening than the actual zombies themselves.


Thanks for the sugestion. It will be tolerable if the zombies are not in front center of the story. I don`t find appealing stories with them. :D

Yes, the human are more frightening. If it is a sageuk, I know that there are more fractions of noble families fighting for power. 


About Signal sequel... That`s one of the reasons I don`t like dramas to be serials. We don`t know when there will be another season.

At least, Signal has an ending that not necesary need another season. If there will be Signal 2 fine, if not, fine by me but I want to know. I did not like that they announced they will do it for sure and then dropped the production.

This year, all the actors have been busy, and the writer. Maybe next year they will gather everyone for Signal 2. We`ll see. 


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