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[Drama 2016] Signal 시그널


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2 hours ago, liddi said:

Signal The Beginning aired last night... am really hoping it will be subbed, though am not holding out much hope yet. Does anyone know if there is a subbed version, English or Chinese that is available?

I was wondering if they'd sub it too, but given it's just a preview episode and essentially a loooong trailer, they might not. If it were actual new content we won't be seeing again, they might have. But since the series officially starts next week, I think they might start with that. I didn't check Viki or DramaFever yet, so no clue.

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9 hours ago, counsel05 said:

I see lots of familiar names here @jongski @bebebisous33@rubie, initially i thought i was in the wrong thread. Happy to know that we share the same interests in drama. :)

I don't really mind if a drama lacks romance in it. As long as the story is stimulating in the mind (for a change in the usual drama) and have action why not?! Thats why I watch jdramas  too due to storylines and out of the box themes. 

This drama reminds me of the kmovie DITTO, american movie FREQUENCY and for the suspense the kdrama SIGNS by park shin yang.  It appears to be pre-produced so I am anticipating a well made drama and solid plot. 

There are too many good dramas this january. I have no complaints though. 

@counsel05 wow another on that likes jdoramas! I watch a lot of them cos 12 episodes is always enough for me.  I always watch a lot of crime/action/thriller dramas as it's my fav. I echo your sentiments about drama not having any romance, for the genre, I prefer none at all I don't mind f there is esp if it's needed, necessary (ie: MBB of OCN. Yes, too many good dramas and it's only January! :D

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This should not have happened and yet there I was... watching Signal:The Beginning armed with no subs and plenty of guesswork, and finding myself being totally caught up with everything that is shown - hurting for the families of victims as well as Park Hae Young's younger self, laughing at Chae Soo Hyun's clumsy attempts to drive, much to Lee Jae Han's chagrin, feeling the icy sense of dread and despair when we see Lee Jae Han being stabbed, feeling the desperation as both men race against time to solve the case in parallel timelines, cheering as Chae Soo Hyun shows exactly she is capable of in the face of the enemy, being suspicious of Ahn Chi Soo and Kim Bum Joo, who look like they know more than they are letting on, laughing at PD Kim's antics, tearing up with Kim Hye Soo during the reenactment of a murder victim. My interpretations based on guesses may be way off base, but the imagery that we have been privy to - the urgency belied by the nostalgic feel of the past with its sepia tones is palpable, and brought to life by the cast. The scene when Lee Jae Han hugs Chae Soo Hyun after he is stabbed hits me where it hurts, because unless I am wrong, he is already dead in present time. Does his fate remain unchanged, or will this parallel timeline collaboration end up saving his life and changing the future? I am already dreading the outcome, and the drama hasn't even start yet :(

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@jongski It is a combination of what @Mico Ricco kindly shared of the 6 trailers, with an additional 6+ minutes of footage - so pretty much BTSes, interviews and actual footage from the drama itself. No subs that I know of unfortunately... not even C-subbed :( And yes, I am also really excited about this drama. Love that Kim Hye Soo's character Chae Soo Hyun is no wilting flower but strong, effective and brave... more than capable of holding her own in the face of her enemies - very reminiscent of Kim Eun Hee's female leads that I have seen -  Sign's Go Da Kyung, Ghost's Yoo Gang Mi, 3Days' Yoon Bo Won. Can't wait for it to air!

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@irilight Thanks for posting the trailerlove-kiss-red-crab-emoticon.gif 

I thought this would be good but it has already exceeded my expectations. We have action,thrills and even a little bit of sci fi. I'm in heaven. I just watched the special on one of the sites that shall not be mentioned, wow this is going to be good. It's a shame Dramafever is showing this one, we will be lucky to get subs on Monday.  :crazy: 


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Gapdong also had its plot revolved around the Hwaseong serial murders case. It'd be interesting if the cast from the drama made a cameo because it's also produced by the same cable channel! Hope to watch this drama after it's done, the plot seems promising.

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January 20, 2016

Kim Hye Soo Returns to Small Screen with Detective Series

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

Kim Hye-soo

Actress Kim Hye-soo is returning to TV screens with a crime series that is set to start airing on cable channel tvN this week. 

It has been about three years since she appeared in the drama "Queen of the Office" on KBS, which drew high viewer ratings with its sympathetic portrayal of the lives of salaried workers.

"I didn't plan to do a TV project, but I read what I thought was a film script, and said to myself: 'I have to do this,'" she said at a press event for the series "Signal" in Seoul last week. 

Kim plays a veteran detective in the new series. 

"I was frightened just reading the script. It was tightly plotted and quite impressive," she said.

"I was also drawn in by the tales of detectives trying to close unsolved crime cases," she added. 

"I have done my best to prepare for the series. I think that's all that matters. If the results are good, that would be even better," she said. 

"Signal" is a time slip series revolving around two detectives, one in the present and the other from the 1980s. Communicating across time, they team up to investigate long-unsolved crimes. 

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Signal behind the press-con
















Photo _2_ Lee Je-hoon _ V .jpg photo





characters chart

03_relationship_ modify the final .jpg


@jongski while i wait for SIG's new drama come out, i will follow this one. i just hope the sub will come out faster. 

Laughter .gif

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It's funny (or ironic) how TVN made an article about a parallel between Reply 1988 and Signal.

1. 80's Fashion and hairstyle.




2. Background era


The similar bus and car




3. similar curse and rant







I know, TVN try to maintain their viewership. But we already know, Signal and Reply has different genre and style. Each has own charms. And i think the criminal police procedural it's not everyone cup of tea.

Signal, Fightiiing!!!

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