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Big Hit Assures Fans That BTS’ Jimin Is Okay After Fainting and Falling Off Stage at Fan Meeting

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Big Hit Entertainment has swiftly responded to worrisome reports of BTS member Jimin fainting and falling at a fan meeting Japan. The agency took to their official Twitter on August 18, revealing the details of the accident and Jimin’s state. “Member Jimin had an accident, falling off the stage, during BTS’ “Japan Official Fan Meeting […]

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Guest novadestin

Nope, still confused. Why the hell was he holding his breath in the first place? What kind of game makes you "suddenly" hold your breath long enough to make you pass out? Also, for most people, holding your breath until you pass out (without doing anything else that is as I am well aware of the various forms of "fainting games") is hard to do so it makes me think there was either something else going on that contributed to this happening as they said or something else caused this and the story of him holding his breath is bull.

"causing his parasympathetic nervous system to take over" - For those who are confused, I saved you the time and looked it up: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasovagal_response (check out Pathophysiology #1). Note, however, that holding your breath (no matter how long) is NOT one of the causes! But, stress, lack of sleep, hungry, dehydration, prolonged standing, etc are - all things idols must routinely face.

I'm not trying to start drama and claim they're lying or anything; I'm just trying to understand based on the info given. if anyone has more info, please let me know!

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