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[taiwanese Drama] Meteor Garden 1 & 2

Guest shred

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Guest soutsada7

Meteor Garden has gotta be my favourite series of all time. An absolute classic series.

The acting was pretty B-grade, cinematography and costumes sucked, but heck, I loved it. I STILL love it to death. I think the main reason was because of that sexy DMS. Man, I was rooting for him ever since I saw the opening credits lol. HZL...bleh =_=;; He's nice and all, but DMS is BETTER!! He's the sweetest, cutest, nicest guy ever.

San Cai sooooo did NOT deserve DMS. SC annoyed the crap outta me throughout the whole series. So undecided about everything, my gosh. Seriously, I thought I would've robbed DMS of his virginity by then! :P Also the fact that I cannot stand Da S' at all. Thank god she's going out with Vic now and not Jerry.

And yeah, F4 kick richard simmons ^____^ That sexy Jerry of mine ^^


MG2 is a disgrace to MG and HYD. A complete waste of hotties. -_-

ditto...Jerry Yan is a hottie through and through :wub:

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hi does anyone know whose clubbox has this show? i have just watched the jap version and i love it! so i thought to give the taiwanese one a shot.

thanks :)

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Guest keeyshane

hi does anyone know whose clubbox has this show? i have just watched the jap version and i love it! so i thought to give the taiwanese one a shot.

thanks :)

you should really give it a try..

for all i know, the Jap version was created due to MG's popularity in Japan..

read many articles already saying MG is better than the Jap..

and heck, MG is super popular throughout Asia..as in white-hot!

fancy Jerry meeting our president..

it was chaotic at the palace..LOLZ!

yeah, Jerry is so sexy as DMS!

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Guest *.:StarryEyeSurprise:.*

what were those articles? Most unbiased ppl thought the japanese one was much better -__- For one thing, jun, shun and others could act =__=

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Guest TrainDriver

i haven't seen the japanese one, didn't look appealing, but i bet the acting in it was a lot better since MG had amatuers, but MG was special to most ppl who watched it.

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what were those articles? Most unbiased ppl thought the japanese one was much better -__- For one thing, jun, shun and others could act =__=

Hmm, yeah. It IS much better.. 5 times better imo =) I think the only reason people would like MG better would either be because 1) it came out first or 2) it was longer.

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Guest TiFFaNiZeD

^ the difference is that MG1 was 32135435132165434x's better!!!!!

you shoulda watched the first one first!!

but then again maybe you shouldn't cuz the second one just defeats the plot and idea of the first one....

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Guest keeyshane

Hmm, yeah. It IS much better.. 5 times better imo =) I think the only reason people would like MG better would either be because 1) it came out first or 2) it was longer.

you sure you want to see the articles?

if i post them here, it can take a lot of space..

for the asians, MG is already a sacred name..haha! people like it becoz it's super nice and addictive..

no reason to doubt its popularity..HYD can't even cause so much a stir in hometown Japan, now you're thinking why people like MG..

well, for one, there are many articles written about why it's so much loved.

Philippines, for instance, have loads of news and articles taking even the side of analysts why MG became such a phenomenal hit in the country..

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Guest keeyshane

i just saw this recently..about President Arroyo meeting Jerry...


Asia-Pacific is filled with Women Leaders

Presidents and Prime Ministers have staunch supporters

Source: http://news.qq.com/a/20051126/000331.htm

November 26, 2005


Only Jerry related parts are extracted:

Recieved Jerry Yan

Belonging to a family with Chinese ancestry influence, she likes to watch Kung Fu movies very much. During the Taiwanese idol drama "Meteor Garden" craze that swept Southeast Asia, she became also a "Meteor fan." Arroyo's people also especially arranged an appearance at the presidential palace to host actor Jerry Yan. Regarding Arroyo and Yan, their own individual duties have no other voluntary excuses. But that is why they simply cannot give up their true self.

As president, Arroyo becomes the people's desirable star.

Translated by Jerry's Kingdom Message Board. Thank you for the credits.

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Guest keeyshane

i'm researching for a school report, and then i came across these articles again..it's nice to see these news again coz it makes me laugh! jerry's visit became such a political issue! lol..


Friday, November 07, 2003

Jerry Yan of F4 meets Gloria

THE F4 (Flower Four) mania has invaded Malacañang.

This best described the 00-minute visit of Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan, more popularly known in the Philippines as Dao Ming Si of the Meteor Garden-Meteor

Rain series, in Malacañang Palace.

He had a virtual fans' day in the Palace.

Some Cabinet officials like Marita Jimenez, presidential adviser for Official Development assistance; Teresita Deles, presidential assistant on the peace process; Ignacio Bunye, presidential spokesman and Carmen Suva, press undersecretary; became virtual fans as they cheered and stretched their necks

to get a glimpse of the actor.

Bunye even had a couple of pictures that he brought for Yan's signature, which he claimed was for his secretaries while Suva had a book which she wanted the

actor to sign for a friend. They were both unsuccessful but Bunye managed to get the picture of the F4 leader through his cellular phone.

Some members of the Malacañang Press Corps. who were on leave and out of town also went to Malacañang to see the actor-singer while some of the Malacañang

employees left their work to wait for Yan' arrival. Bunye said there was no work suspension but they were unable to stop or prevent their employees from

attending the event.

Yan, whose Chinese name is Yang Cheng Xu, was all smiles when he arrived at around 2:15 p.m. clad in a black long sleeved polo and pants.

The 26-year-old actor-singer first had a short meeting and a photo opportunity with President Arroyo and some selected Cabinet members at the Music Room.

First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo, who was also in black like Yan, said the actor and his wife a had a "casual talk." He said Yan knew little English but

managed to make a few exchange with his wife.

He said the President informed Yan that he is very popular in the Philippines, which the actor replied, "Thank you" and added that he was very happy with the

welcome and support of the fans.

The meeting was followed by a short visit at the Main Living Room where Yan had his pictures taken with five selected children from the PGH Cancer Institute and

nine children selected from different orphanages like Caritas Manila, Asilo and Tanglaw. The children were selected with the help of the hairstylist Ricky Reyes

or the Ricky Reyes Foundation and Georgina De Venecia, wife of Speaker Jose De Vencia and Atty. Arroyo.

Yan carried nine-year-old Mary Joy Guevarra of the Legarda Elementary School, who had artificial legs and shook hands with the other kids including 17-year-old cancer patient Roselle Badahos.

Guevarra described Yan as "pogi" while Badahos said "si Dao MIng? guwapo at mabait."

Reyes said the children were so happy to meet Yan, whom the children have been idolizing since the Meteor Garden-Meteor Rain series started.

Badahos, who was excited after Yan told her "Hi" and "Bye" after shaking her hands, said she idolizes him even more now that he's seen him.

Two senior high school students from the Immaculate Conception Academy said they even cut school to attend the event in Malacañang and was so happy when Yan

smiled at them after they cried "Jerry" and "Dao Ming."

"Nahawakan ko pa sya at ngumiti sya (He held me and smiled at me)," one of the girls cried, claming that her absence in school was allowed by her mother who is

an employee in Malacañang. Aside from the two students, several female students clad in school uniforms were also cut school to get a glimpse of Yan.

Yan, accompanied by President Arroyo who was dressed in white, then proceeded to the Ceremonial Hall for a photo shoot with some of the Malacañang employees and

their children. The waiting fans were grouped into five but the photo opportunity was cut short after the President first walked away and was later followed by Yan, who was whisked off the stage by his security and entourage.

Reports said the President might have been embarrassed after the crowd became unruly and refused to vacate the restricted area to get a picture of Yan who simply smiled at his fans and endured the pinching and pulling by some fans who managed to escape his security escorts and the members of the Presidential

Security Group (PSG).

Yan followed a few minutes later to the surprise of the crowd, which protocol officer Menchie Dulay explained was necessary to give the crowd a chance to

calm down. She even expressed disappointment after the "scenario practices" that they had minutes before the arrival were not followed.

The photo shoot proceeded but it was cut down from five groups to two with the first group comprised of the children of the Cabinet officials and the

employees of the Office of the President and the second group comprised of the other persons who wants to have his picture taken with Yan.

One of Yan's assistants said the actor-singer was concerned that some people might get hurt prompting him to vacate the stage until the security and the

organizers had been able to put things in order.

But he said they were not surprised by the warm welcome because it was similar to reception that Yan gets wherever he went.

Bunye said Yan's popularity has reached al levels of society from "Class A to Class E" but stressed that the President is not trying to use Yan and his

popularity to boost her chances in the 2004 elections.

"We believe she will get elected on her own merits," Bunye said which was echoed by Atty. Arroyo stressing that "Walang pulitika dito (There is no politics


Yan is in the country for two days to promote Bench, which would launch him as the newest image model in a press conference at the Le Pavillon in Roxas


The plane bearing Yan arrived at 12:10 p.m. Thursday at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia). The aircraft went to the remote parking area between Naia terminals 1 and 2 and was whisked off on a waiting helicopter to the Manila Peninsula before he proceeded to Malacañang.

Yan, who would leave Friday night, would return to the Philippines with fellow F4 member Vic Zhou and Meteor series co-star Barbie Xu on Nov. 28 for the Happy 50TV Concert at the Fort Open Field. ST



METEOR STAR. President Arroyo and Taiwan's hottest star Jerry Yan mingle with the cancer-stricken and orphaned children from the Center for Health Improvement and Life Development (Child). The children were among those who welcomed the Taiwanese member of the popular boy group called F4 upon his arrival Thursday afternoon at Malacañang. (OPS Photo)

source: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/


'Meteor Garden' star takes Palace by storm

2003-11-06 08:27:00(LA) / 2003-11-07 00:27:00(Manila)

HE didn't speak a word; didn't even wave a hand. But his presence had women, gays, matrons and schoolgirls swooning.

Taiwanese pop star Jerry Yan, also known as "Dao Ming Si" from the television soap opera "Meteor Garden," took Malacañang by storm Thursday, stirring a mob never seen since Mexican telenovela star Thalia visited the Palace in the '90s.

"I want to faint," Christine Borja, a Malacañang correspondence writer, gushed. The tall TV star had just held her hand.

"We want his autograph," cousins Bernadette Suva, 9, and Claire Suva, 8, said while waiting for the arrival of the Taiwanese TV star.

Another autograph-seeker was Presidential Spokesperson Ignacio Bunye.

Journalists Aileen Intia of GMA Network radio station dzBB and Celerina del Mundo of Daily Manila Shimbun slipped into the Palace study room for a "scoop" photo opportunity with the visiting pop star, beating the entire Malacañang Press Corps to the draw.

Peering under streaked brown locks, Yan, wearing a black shirt and pants, paid a call on President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo at her den before proceeding to the huge, chandeliered Ceremonial Hall for a traditional photo session with Malacañang officials and employees and their families, and with media.

Among the special guests were five cancer patients from the Philippine General Hospital and 9 children from an orphanage.

"One's not supposed to faint, get thrilled or even get near (the Taiwanese star)," the rules were spelled out by the master of ceremonies in Filipino 30 minutes before Yan's arrival.

"Okay, let's practice," assistant secretary Isabel de Leon announced, as she "choreographed" the sequence of the photo sessions.

A group of Chinese, most of them in black, entered the hall. They were part of Yan's 16-man entourage.

Then, suddenly, it was bedlam.

Yan had entered the hall, with Ms Macapagal. In less than five minutes, he was gone, whisked away by his entourage into a State Dining Room, away from the stampede.

Ms Macapagal just as promptly, also retreated to a private den.

"There's no F4, but we have FG here," a newsman said, referring to First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo, who was showing off granddaughter Mikaela Angela for the cameras.

In the end, Yan returned to the Ceremonial Hall for the resumption of the photo session.

"F4" or "Flower 4" is the phenomenal Taiwanese boy band that spun off from the highly-successful "Meteor Garden" series where Yan belonged, together with Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu, and Ken Zhu, his co-stars in the soap opera.

Wu and Zhu had performed in a concert in Pasig City last September. Yan and Zhou were scheduled to perform in a concert later this month sponsored by the ABS-CBN television network.

Yan's visit was made possible by local garments firm Suyen Corporation, which markets the popular "Bench" brand. The pop star is the latest endorser of the brand, which also had Philippine showbiz luminaries in its stable of endorsers.

And so it was that for two hours at least, one Thursday afternoon, the brewing constitutional crises over the impeachment of Chief Justice Hilario Davide was elbowed out, pushed to the sidelines by a tall, charming television star who didn't speak English, much less understood what was eating up Malacañang these past days. (INQ7)

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,Mar 3 2004 8 43 AM]

In Meteor Garden, we get many images and sceans of F4 and Shan Cai...

But who is F4 really?

In today's entertainment world, it doesn't take too much to propel a wannabe into becoming a full-fledged star.

And if the success of F4, the heirs to the title of Taiwan's hottest boy band since the Little Tigers who disbanded 10 years ago, is anything to go by, all it takes is good looks, a little bit of luck, and a drama series called Meteor Garden.

Based on a popular Japanese comic, Hana Yori Dango (literally translated as Men Are Better Than Flowers), Meteor Garden was the vehicle that launched the careers of Jerry Yen (25), Vic Zhou (20), Ken Zhu (22) and American-born Vanness Wu (23), transforming them from total unknowns into pop idols who inspire mass hysteria when they so much as enter a room.

Their rise to stardom has been nothing short of meteoric. The series debated in Taiwan in April last year, and in the short space of nine months, these four guys have become household names not only in their native Taiwan, but also in Singapore, Malaysia and even Brunei.

They have been likened to Japan's boy band supremos, SMAP, and Jerry Yen, the most popular of the four, has even been compared to Takuya Kimura. Their debut album has sold over 180,000 copies in Taiwan alone and the album made it to the third spot on the local charts three days after it hit the shelves.

And you know you have made it when the media starts mudslinging. F4 have had their share of scandal and criticism - ranging from their immature, unprofessional behaviour at media events to being boring, characterless individuals.

But despite the occasional bout of bad press, F4's popularity continues to grow. The hunkiest in the group is ex-model Jerry, who also is the lead in Meteor Garden. Singaporeans would feel a keen affinity with Ken Zhu, who lived and studied here for eight years before returning to Taiwan.

Vic Zhou is the silent but cool type, and his boyish good looks and megawatt smile is enough to send hearts a-flutter. Vanness Wu hails from Los Angeles and is definitely the best singer and dancer in the group. Which isn't surprising since he used to hang out with the guys from former Taiwan’s boy-band, L.A Boyz.

The last time F4 was in town on Polling Day last year, almost every teenage girl aged 12 to 17 was out in force. They created a major disturbance in the normally sleepy neighbourhood of Bishan, where 5,000 frenzied fans queued overnight for a meet-the-fans event at Junction 8.

Close to 2,000 people turned up for another with the lads at The Heeren, which was transformed into a sea of bodies pressed together like sardines in a can.

The most amazing thing about their tremendous fan base is that it is not limited to young schoolgirls. There are serious working women in their 20s and 30s, mothers with toddlers and even grandmothers who become as giggly as fresh-faced youngsters when talking about their idols.

What is stunning about their overnight fame is that there is nothing really extraordinary about them, apart from the fact that they are all lanky (1.8 m) and good-looking. Which in this day and age, seems to be all that matters. No one seems to care that they can't carry a tune to save their lives.

Their success is based on the strength of their one hit song, Meteor Rain.

The irony about the F4 frenzy is that the boys are not really a cohesive unit. In reality, they were just four guys thrown together to act in a drama about a gang of four guys, dubbed the Flower Four (F4), who terrorised the students at their exclusive prep school.

In fact, the plan is for each member to eventually launch a solo career. Baby of the group, Vic Zhou (Zai Zai), has already done so, and his debut album, Make A Wish has been garnering brisk sales since it was released.

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i asked where i can download this show in an earlier post but there is no need now. i've just finished watching the whole series in 4 days!!! yeah!!! it was great!! so glad i watched. now i can finally understand the f4 craze. never could understand the mania thing. but i am really backdated.

but to those who are making comparisons between the jap and taiwanese one, well, i'd say "WATCH BOTH". i enjoyed both a lot. each really posesses its own strength. but i have to say that the f4 in the taiwanese one, in terms of looks, beat the jap one flat man. :D

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Guest curiousplay

Hi, I have watched both MG and MG 2 several years ago as well as HYD last month so here's my piece of thought :)

Acting wise, yeah HYD's better but in terms of on-screen chemistry and romantic scenes, MG definitely has way more of those.

Touching moments, both are pretty good and great OST for the two as well.

Hilariousness ( is there even such a word :sweatingbullets: ) would definitely go to MG. Actually both has a different type of genre, that's what i think makes the difference. MG's more romantic and funny while HYD borders on seriousness (just like a lot of other j-dramas).

Look wise - definitely MG though i would say tsukushi looks better than shan chai :vicx:

My verdict? - both are worth watching. Personally though, I am an MG fan!

On watching MG 2, i jumped the disc randomly till Dao Ming Shi finally recalls his memory back and starts to have feeling for Shan Chai again. That way, it won't feel as long or draggy :P

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Guest meabxwb

This drama was awesome..

the second one just killed it. hahah...

This drama started my mom's and sister's obsession with F4. lol.

ahaha i totally agree. omgosh. vic zhou is such a handsome GUY. ugggggggg. cant get over him. really CANT...... DROOLz. vic zhou. then vanesse.. then ken. then jerry. jerry just irritates me a little bit with his acting and his lips. ugg.. sorries to say..

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