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[taiwanese Drama] Meteor Garden 1 & 2

Guest shred

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The storyline, are you ready? A girl lost her memory, so her boyfriend brings her to different tourist sites in TW to refresh her memory. Sound familiar? Does MG2 remind you anything?

from The Nanas blog

yup... such a idol drama for promotion. Angie Cai can't get any other idea, can she? :mellow:

nothing to look forward except F3 in this drama :rolleyes:

so far not see Vanness in TV series. miss him so :rolleyes:

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Guest kamui_hime

that sounds interesting [abt how ppl can choose where to shoot the series]

but what is it about exactly lol? and why can't they show it in taiwan!? i guess its to promote tourism but still.... if its a drama, shouldn't they try to milk it for all its worth?

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F4 news regarding F4 album


Source appledaily

translated by purplecandy@onlyvanness

Jan 13, 2007

Jerry was seen in Hollywood's movie theatre with Lih Chih Ling. Yesterday a reporter dialled Jerry's handset, but it was said that he was busy to respond to any question.

F4 VanNess Wu, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu originally wanted to launch an album but Jerry´s whereabouts to talk about the possible album still resist to answer. Angie Cai talked to Bureau of Tourism for a possible soap for F4 but now, since Jerry is busy with his scheds, the F3 will have a joint performance (good for zz). Four people originally wants to appear in the album, delays from last year until now was unable to promote, it is reported also was because Jerry's recording progress is on process.

SonyBMG Chinese Music director Mr. Xie Zhong Ming stated that the combined album is depends on how the manager coordinate the schedule amongst F4. No one can tell when the F4 album can be released.

a lil bit of shock. his assistant always says he's so busy and busy that can't join wif F3. and now they saw him in Hollywood wif his rumoured girlfriend. if this report is quite exact, then i really wanna wonder what the hell you're doing, Jerry?

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Guest sweet_treats1812

^hahaha..what indeed?

about the storyline..erm..is that really all they can come up with? isn't there something else...please? :unsure:

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Guest keeyshane

the script mentioned above? that was so lame..

i hope there are other themes to the story, we can't be sure yet, as there are no confirmation on this yet..

hope f4 gets together again, coz there's possibility jerry isn't participating..

w/ that kind of story, he really would not agree..

but hope everything goes smoothly..

good luck to them.. I didn't quite like their acting in Meteor Garden, but I believe they have improved... I hope they'll show us what they've got.

if you've watched their solo dramas lyk MARS and The Hospital (White Tower), yeah, it's obvious how they've improved..

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Guest stardust_x

Just finished the Meteor Garden II, it was good i guess, Elsa was really pretty (well is) but I don't know, the ending was kinda blah ... for me.

Lei was so kind and sweet in the second one, Vic Zhou is still pretty good looking, hasn't changed much from MGI & II to Silence last year.

I really like Mei Zuo's story ^_^

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omg! yay!!! f4 is finally coming back together for a drama!!!

i hope they get really good actresses to match them (barbie, rainie...)

no offense to any other, but i like for characters to match...

this is exciting news!!!

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I never thought i'd be obsessed with MG when i was in the philippines.

From the themesongs to they say, "hottest boyband" at the time, F4 and one of the greatest "asianovelas" in philippines.

so i finally decided to watch meteor garden last year. to be exact, i watched ALL 27 episodes on youtube in less than 4 days. i finished just before jan. 1 2007. haha. :w00t:

From Meteor Rain, i like meizhou's story because rainie yang and ken looks so cute with each other.

Havent watched MG II and im not planning too considering with all the "bad" comments i've heard about it.

For me, i've always liked the original and the "funny" scenes in MG I.

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Guest yourfinestwine

Loved the first season.

Became obsessed with Jerry because of it. He is seriously le smex. I just wish he was a better actor; I'd love to see him in other movies/series.

Thank the Lord I watched Mars before I watched Meteor Garden because Zaizai looked... very different in Mars. Loved him much better there~'

As for MG2. I'm not even going to start. I was a hardcore fan of MG1 and then I watched the first, ONLY THE FIRST, episode of MG2. The second I realized what the entire plot would be about, I stopped watching. After having waited like , 21 right? episodes for them to get together that happens...


I LOVED the first season nonetheless. I just wanted to cry about the second though.

(: F4<3

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OMG...I love THAT scene where DMS was looking at SC's back from upstairs...

The tears in his eyes...I could still feel his heartache imagining that scene. :tears:

I could go on FOREVER b#tching about the so-called sequel...but yeah, it should NEVER have happened! <_< I need it GONE from my memory... *sigh*

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I watch HYD recently n it made mi wan to pick up MG n rewatch again... there are just too many scenes in MG tat are classic..

I tink i watched it till i can memorise the lines.. def my all time fav since then till now...

They were oso in a few dramas, Liu xing Yu is oso not bad... but MG2 storyline was really bleah... i will only just wanna wach the 1st ep of it, the rest can dump... heheehe

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^ agree! mg2's story line was just.. bleh crappy. i don't know how they could ever think of such story lines. and michelle saram's acting just had to make it worse.

but mg1 was great. i never got sick of it no matter how many times i rewatched it.

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Guest keeyshane

**anyone saw this already?

just watch..it's soooo funny!!

i had to search new links, the previously viewed on youtube are removed due to copyrght..

F4 in SMAP X SMAP part.1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytXobZTIlaU

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIl1BeHOTBk

alternative link (complete)

upload credits to perfect751

posted by JerrysKingdom.

Part 1


Part 2




F4 challenges SMAP in the "meatball trick" game

Source: Ming Pao (Movies and TV Today)


summary by jerry's kingdom

The all-famous Southeast Asian idol group F4 quickly visited Japan last month and guested in Fuji TV's high-rating variety show "SMAP x SMAP" In the show, F4 joined SMAP members in a spoof version of the Japanese manga "Meteor Garden" where Kimura, sporting a wig as a college dean was already funny enough . The "young rapid mouth" Shingo Katori in a braided hair acted the female lead Shan Cai that made the stage even more hilarious. The two idol groups also played a game "meatball trick" where a fencing sword was used to string down the giant meatball thrown in the air by his teammate. Whoever reached 5 meatballs stringed in the sword was the winner, but the one who misses got punished by alternately eating the spicy meatballs in the table. Eventhough Zaizai tragically swallowed the spicy balls, in the end, f4 won with 5 meatballs stringed in their fencing sword against SMAP's only 2. Finally, being spicy has its price.

F4 embarrasses SMAP, ratings soared high

Source: Liberty Times


Early last month, when F4 went to Japan and Korea to promote tourism, they guested in the super idol group SMAP's show "SMAP X SMAP" with Takuya, Shingo and Tsuyoshi, and made a funny skit version of "Metero Garden" last Monday (april16). Ratings for that night rosed from 20.4% to 22.8%.

In order to welcome F4, Takuya played a TV producer and sneaked himself as F5, and mocked Jerry's acting as DMS. Finally, Takuya acted as "School Master". Shingo wore a skirt and wig to act as Shan Cai. Before the actual recording for the show, Kimura asked about Jerry Yan. "Is he really handsome?"

Japanese fans are super crazy on F4. According to a Taiwanese tourist in Japan, even very remote places in Japan has F4 products on display.


Last April 16th, Fuji TV's SMAP X SMAP had F4 as guests and fought hand on hand with Kimura and the rest of SMAP. Ratings also soared a new high, previously averaging 20.4% to a high 22.8% record, and the Japanese sent a word of thanks to F4.

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Guest lilsh0rtnancy

Wow. Jerry as DMS again... brings back GREAT memories. Must find time to rewatch MG once school's over. F4 will always be F4, no one can replace them! (I think Lei said that or something along those lines in MG :D )

P.S. Vaness is getting hotter and hotter! And Jerry needs a new hair style!

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