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Ha Ji Won Reveals Her Vast Wardrobe for “The Time We Were Not In Love”

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On the July 29 broadcast of SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment,” actress Ha Ji Won revealed the various styles she gets to wear on the drama “The Time We Were Not in Love.” “I usually wear five or six outfits per episode,” she says. “There are some times when I change clothes more than […]

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Guest 1passingby1.

she is HJW and the drama SUCKED... big time.... only fashion and body of a 35 years old showing off.... I'm dissapointed......

I beg to differ. I really enjoyed the original and find this one not too completely off from it in its overall scheme of things. This isn't as good as the original, but a lot of things hardly ever are better than the originals. But since what we know of something is based off our experience of the original, we have a tendency to feel like it "ought" to be that way. Remakes however must differ somewhat to give its on flavour and interpretation, otherwise we might as well just watch the original. The Time We Weren't In Love (and In Time With You) are meant to be "slice of life" kind of dramas. That means they aren't full of makjang dramatics that so many people seem to expect from dramas. They are more realistic, and therefore seemingly slower in pace since there aren't big crazy moments happening. However, the original was greatly loved because of this and its relateability. Slice of life dramas are not meant for everyone, and if they aren't meant for you, I suggest you watch something else. What Happened in Bali will give you plenty of makjang, but then again people always complain about "non-happy" endings. Personally I liked the ending and the drama itself to a point.

P.S. The lovely Ha Ji Won is in fact 37 years old.

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