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On 22-7-2015 at 6:11 PM, hyuklover_eida said:


i would like to ask why i dont have/see spoiler (eye button) button at my comment box? im using mobile?what should I do??here i attach the picture of my comment box..




Because that option doesn't work on your phone. It only works when you're connecting to Soompi using a laptop or computer.

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I noticed that the spoiler function is back now, including the fonts. Phew!!!

I was about ready to get ballistic with this transfer to Invision from Vanilla forums. I had thought that intention to move to Invision was to make the forums more user-friendly. But if Invision can't even support basic functions like spoilers and fonts, then what was the whole point? Invision had already taken away the much-beloved reaction buttons...

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On 7/23/2015 at 12:58 AM, Hanyeoun said:

The number of features available will depend on your display size.

The spoiler button and some functionalities have been removed on the mobile version for optimization.



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@Kimmy1810 I do not have clearance to proceed for account deletion.

Please make sure to send an email to our support line: help@soompi.com

Our operating days are usually from Monday to Friday (PDT).

We might not be able to handle your request until then.

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