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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] Intouchable 男神执事团


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Chinese title: 男神执事团 Nán shén zhíshì tuán
English title: Intouchable

Genre: Fiction, Modern, Romance

Episodes: 10

Broadcast Period: July 16, 2015


Fú lóng fēi


Zhèng Yèchéng

Zhāng Ruòyún

Mǎ ruì

Liú Zhìhóng


Heroine Feng Ling/Tian Na (different name from various sources) is your average high school student. One day, while on a date with her boyfriend Jie, Jie mysteriously disappeared together with her necklace - one that she wore since she was a child - leaving only a note that says ‘game starts’. On her search for Jie, Feng Ling meets a man in uniform who claims that he’s her personal flowerboy butler - Yu Zhao Chuan. 

Yu Zhao Chuan tells Feng Ling that if she wants to find Jie and her missing necklace, she needs to complete the contracts with 10 other butlers. Under the Yu Zhao Chuan’s lead, Feng Ling begun her incredible journey, meeting the various flowerboy butlers in different eras, slowly uncovering the mysteries of her birth and the truth behind Jie’s disappearance. The story between Feng Ling and her 11 flowerboy butlers unfolds…

Credit Nuestletter




Liu Zhihong


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First episode (~14min) is out on sohu, youku, and iQiyi. 10 episodes total (this is possibly first season?), with each subsequent episode to be available online on Thursdays at midnight (China time).

Jun as the psychic vampire will appear in episode 2.

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Guest Boonon

Does anyone know who the actor playing Yi Suo is (second guy on the left)? I'm fairly positive it's Jason from Nu'est M

Update: It's him :D His chinese name is Fu Long Fei

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