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Second Time Twenty Years Old 두번째 스무살






  • Drama: Second Time Twenty Years Old (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Doobunzzae Seumoosal
  • Hangul: 두번째 스무살
  • Director: Kim Hyeong-Sik
  • Writer: So Hyeon-Kyeong
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: August, 2015 --
  • Runtime: Fri & Sat 20:30
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea




38-year-old Ha No-Ra (Choi Ji-Woo) dreamed of becoming a dancer when she was younger. She met her future husband, Kim Woo-Cheol, when she was only 19-years-old and became a mother unexpectedly. Since then, she focused on her life as a wife and mother. Ha No-Ra then decides to attend the same university as her 20-year-old son Min-Soo and faces life a second time like a twenty year old.




  1. "Second Time Twenty Years Old" takes over the tvN Fri & Sat 20:30 time slot previously occupied by "Oh My Ghost” and will be followed by "Reply 1988" October, 2015.
  2. Early Korean working title was "Woorideului Cheongook" (literally "Our Paradise").
  3. Ko Hyun-Jung was first offered the lead female role, but declined. 
  4. Actress Choi Ji-Woo and director Kim Hyeong-Sik previously worked together in 2013 SBS drama series "The Suspicious Housekeeper."
  5. Actor Lee Sang-Yoon and screenwriter So Hyeon-Kyeong previously worked together in 2012-2013 KBS2 drama "Seo-Young, My Daughter.” 
  6. First script reading took place July, 2015 at CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong, Seoul, South Korea.



Second Time Twenty Years Old-Choi Ji-Woo.jpgSecond Time Twenty Years Old-Lee Sang-Yoon.jpgSecond Time Twenty Years Old-Choi Won-Young.jpgKim Min-Jae
Choi Ji-WooLee Sang-YoonChoi Won-YoungKim Min-Jae
Ha No-RaCha Hyun-SukKim Woo-ChulKim Min-Soo
Second Time Twenty Years Old-Son Na-Eun.jpgJung Soo-YoungSecond Time Twenty Years Old-Choi Yoon-So.jpgSecond Time Twenty Years Old-Park Hyo-Joo.jpg
Son Na-EunJung Soo-YoungChoi Yoon-SoPark Hyo-Joo
Oh Hye-MiRa Yoon-YoungShin Sang-YeKim Yi-Jin

Additional Cast Members:



Drama Posters:




















More teasers here:












Long Trailer:




Behind The Scenes:




More BTS videos here:
















Relationship Charts:



Translated by @jadecloud


Script Reading Pics + Video (see pages 7-9 for more):








Presscon Pics + Video (see pages 13-14 for more):














Part 1 - "Wrongful Meeting" by Honey G 


Part 2 - "Do Not Love Me" by Roy Kim


Part 3 - "Oh You, Yeah You" by Yoo Seung Eun



Part 4 - "Beautiful Days" by Byul



Part 5 - "Fine Day" by Jung Joonil



Part 6 - "Star" by Kim Min Jae and Solar (MAMAMOO)



Part 7 - "Cuckoo" by Jannabi







Official Subbing Sites:

Dramafever - http://www.dramafever.com/drama/4763/Twenty_Again/






Don't post any requests for subs!

Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. 

Don't quote images.

01.Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately.02.Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods.03.Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, Etc.. should be report to the respective companies instead of posting your complaints here.04.Those who are caught breaking the soompi posting rules more than 5 times will have their Id/IDs reported the mods. 05.Those who are caught promoting/posting illegal streaming links with subs ( those without permission from the orginal subbers and doesn't have copyrights like  SOOMPI TV, Viki, Dramafever, Kdrama.com or Crunchyroll) will have their ID's reported to the mods for endangering Soompi to legal issues for illegal streaming sites promotions.


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Guest averena

I was hoping for mishil to comeback but I can't think more appropriate choice for her replacement other than her 'frenemy' CJW lol

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Guest ororomunroe

Choi Ji Woo Confirmed to Play Lead Role in New Romantic Comedy Drama


Actress Choi Ji Woo has landed the lead female role for tvN’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “20 Years Old Again (working title).”

This new drama will center around Ha No Ra (Choi Ji Woo), who is a wife and mother but enters college in 2015 to start studying.

36-year-old Ha No Ra dreamt of becoming a dancer in her high school years, but met her husband Kim Woo Chul when she was 19. After having a child, she focused on taking care of her family and had to give up her dreams. In hopes of becoming a proud wife and mother to her college professor husband and her son Min Soo, she strives to enter college and ends up getting accepted into the same college as her son.

The producers of this drama claim, “Choi Ji Woo has always played diverse roles in her range of dramas. We thought that she was the perfect one to play the bold and bright Ha No Ra. Fans can definitely look forward to how Choi Ji Woo’s second chance as a 20-year-old will look like.”

Filming will begin in mid-July after the casting calls for men wrap up, and the first episode will air after “Oh My Ghostess” finishes its run in late August.



Choi Ji Woo Is Cast As The Female Lead For New tvN Drama

Actress Choi Ji Woo will play her first ever campus life role as Ha No Ra who is reliving her twenties again. New tvN Friday-Saturday drama ‘My Second Twenty-Years Old (literal translation)’ will take over ‘Oh My Ghost’ when it is over and Choi Ji Woo has been confirmed as the female protagonist.

‘My Second Twenty-Years Old’ is about a woman, Ha No Ra, who became a mother at the age of 19 and twenty years have passed since then. It is a romantic comedy about entering college for the first time and experiencing campus life. A freshman, Ha No Ra adjusts to university as she tries to communicate with her twenty-year old peers for a youth reply project.

This drama was written by So Hyun Kyung, who wrote ‘Brilliant Legacy,’ ‘Prosecutor Princess,’ ‘Seoyoung, My Daughter’ and ‘Two Weeks.’ Director Kim Hyun Sik, who directed ‘Secret Door,’ ‘Suspicious Housekeeper’ and ‘Sign’ will be in charge.

Through this drama, Choi Ji Woo will be in her first tvN drama and will be acting as a wife and mother. Her character, Ha No Ra, who dreamed of becoming a dancer, will start her university life at a late age due to meeting her husband, Kim Woo Chul, in high school and getting pregnant. In order to stand tall and proud next to her university professor husband and her son, Min Soo, she applied for college and will enter alongside her son.

According to the producers of the drama, “Showing an innocent lover to a coy cold city woman through various dramas and always trying a new role, we thought Choi Ji Woo’s bright and strong personality would best fit Ha No Ra so we casted her. We imagine the youthful faced and young sentiments of Choi Ji Woo will realistically show Ha No Ra’s fresh and exciting campus life. Please anticipate how Choi Ji Woo’s second 20-years old will be.”

Meanwhile, this drama will crank in in the middle of July after finalizing the rest of the cast and will start airing at the end of August.

Cr: BNT News

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Choi Ji Woo Confirmed for New tvN Drama

Choi Ji Woo has been confirmed as the lead of upcoming tvN drama Second 20s (translated).

According to a press release on July 9, Choi Ji Woo will play ′Ha Nora,′ a woman who will experience college campus life for the first time almost 20 years after become a mother at the ripe age of 19. 

The romantic comedy will tell the story of the 38-year-old Ha Nora reliving her 20s as she enrolls at the same college as her 20-year-old son and struggles to adjust to campus life and communicate with her 20-year-old friends.

Choi Ji Woo Confirmed for New tvN Drama

The script will be written by So Hyun Kyung, who wrote Shining InheritanceProsecutor Princess andMy Daughter Seo Young and directed by Kim Hyung Sik, whose works include Secret DoorSign and more. 

Second 20s will begin filming once the rest of the cast is finalized in mid-July and air at the end of August following the conclusion of Oh My Ghostess

Credit: Mwave

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09.07.2015 JOONGANG NEWSChoi Confirmed Appearance in tvN's "Second Twenty Years' .


CR: As tagged

Hello everyone :) 

Wow! The screenwriter is impressive! I love all her past projects. Although I'd have loved it if Ko accepted the role. But CJW is just as awesome. SoooooooooooExciting! :crazy:

I see a few familiar chingus...

@ororomunroe  Boy...you are fast in starting this thread. Thanks !

@paradicez Hi fellow gongvelyan  @valsava @StaRix hello :)  


Another news...

07/09/2015 NEWSMALL KOREA: Choi tvN "Second Twenty" Confirmation


CR: As tagged

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@ororomunroe,  Thanks for starting the thread


@jadecloud,  Let's hope this will cool our love for MLED down but it's going to be hard finding a love story that can take it's place.. 


But this should be interesting it would be even better if she have a 20yrs hot for her it happens..  

Yup. It's going to be near impossible. As much as I love this screenwriter, I think MLED is still way up there for now. Let's see how this CJW's drama will pan out. The plot sounds interesting. Glad to watch it with you and other familiar chingus :) 

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@valsava and @jadecloud, glad to see you both here. I started this thread bc I loved Seo-young, My Daughter so I'm following the writer around :D

IKR! That was an epic drama. Prob hard to top. But who knows? This may well be much better...can't wait to find out more of who will be in the cast, etc.




CR: As tagged



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@valsava and @jadecloud, glad to see you both here. I started this thread bc I loved Seo-young, My Daughter so I'm following the writer around :D

@ororomunroe,  I also enjoyed my daughter Seo Young, and her other works so we van look forward to a decent story.. I'm just trying to think of what kind of light comedy will take place here it would have to be something related to those young college boys..  But this drama may turn out more fun then we expect .. 

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Guest ororomunroe

@jadecloud, I only watched SMD this year (I know I'm very late) but I marathoned the entire drama in a week! It was a good thing it was during the holidays otherwise I wouldn't know how to explain my absence to my boss :sweatingbullets:

@valsava, I'm also hoping to see a lot of Pretty Young Things :phew:

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Choi Ji-woo to play lead role in new TV drama


Actress Choi Ji-woo has decided to appear in a tvN new drama series, “Our Heaven.” 

Her agency YG Entertainment confirmed that she will take a lead role in the drama on the cable channel.

Choi will play the central character named Ha No-ra, a middle-aged South Korean woman who attempts to restart her life.

Choi is set to make a comeback on the small screen about a year since playing a role for the SBS drama “Temptation.”

By Lee Hye-won (hyewonlee@heraldcorp.com)

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Guest ororomunroe

@irilight@valsava and @jadecloud, it seems us four are going to be in the same threads over the next couple months. 'All About My Mom' and now this drama. Should we start thinking of a group name? :P

@irilight, definitely watch MDS. It is in my top 5 favourite weekend drama list. I loved the OTP.

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@ororomunroe, thank you for starting the thread...

Also thank you , as well as @paradicez and @jadecloud  for the articles

hi-there-smiley.gif?1292867616            Waving hi to you  all and @valsava

I have not seen My Daughter Seo-Young, (although it is on my List). But I loved Two Weeks and also 49 Days from her.


@irilight,  I didn't know 49 days and two weeks was also apart of this writers work I love 2 weeks and signs wasn't bad either, I'm wondering according to the writers work from the previous drama none of them had light comedy they was more on a serious note, I'm now kind of skeptical but the only light comedy has to come from the Noona/Ajjmma and those hot 20year old boys.. LOL SMH This maybe just really entertaining LOL.. (Sorry can't help but laugh)


@ororomunroe,  A group name love it let me know when you come up with some,, I'm still trying to reel my head around how this story may go..

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Guest ororomunroe

@irilight, that would be interesting. She could be going for an Arts degree?

@valsava, I'm very bad at picking catchy names -_- Someone else will have to choose.

Yes, the writer does have a lot of serious themes within her stories. I don't think this drama will be pure comedy especially since she's going back to college to improve her education. I think there will be clashes between her world view and those of naive youngsters who think they know it all.

I was hoping for a Noona romance but she's married *sigh* No hot college boys, writer-nim? ;)

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I've been following the news of this drama since a while and was hoping it'd be a noona romance drama with one of the campus student, but considering the new synopsis it seems like it's impossible now. Still I want to see whether one of the campus student will fall for her or not, it'll be interesting if it is :D


So considering the title and how they said she'll have her second 20-years-old, do you think she will hide her actual age when she attends college or not? Sounds like she will.

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