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Guest devilangelish

Hi everyone! 


Thank you so much for welcoming me! And all the links you've shared. I managed to watch the official bts videos with chinese subs on yinyuetai, linked from the blogspot. Hehe is there supposed to be only 7 official bts?


I want more!!! I shall check out those links u gave hoping to find more new things. 


Hmmm seems like they dun really contact outside of the drama after filming ended do they? At least hjw and hyun bin kept in contact after they shot secret garden... If they really hit off so well character wise, why didnt they become better friends?!? *panick*


*follows jinwook's istagram*

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Well talking about close contact she is in  close with Kang dong Wan,  ji Chang Wook, Lee Seung gi ,jo insung n latest infinite L .......As for Lee jin Wook silence is golden , nd right timing to reveal the truth that's my thinking.As I have mention before Hjw is very close to her  father n ljw has a very prominent feature like her father. There is a saying ,when one is close to her father u will properly look for someone like that, logical?Did any one felt the happy vibes of Lee jin Wook when he said that she is not dating, means  he has a better chance of dating her.As I know ljw is a very quiet person but in TTWWNIL he is Super playful with hjw, is obvious when   U like someone u will do all sorts of crazy things right?My hope is still on TOP for this couple, Cheeeeeeeers!!!!!!:D

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Guest griz4567

@devilangelish don't you worry sibling, bcos dad said in their jap mag interview that he can't be frends with the opposite sex cos there will be a big possibility that he'll fall inlove with her... so not being frends with jiwon is a good thing cos he doesn't want to be frends with her but rather he wants to be her lover hihihi:wub: and have you watched their other interviews? Like kntv or the koon event? And read their jap mag interviews? There are so many sweet juicy statements there of our couple:)

@coppersun I'm glad that you also noticed jiwon's dad has a similar feature with jinuk. That's another reason that Mom would be more attracted to jinuk if she's seeing jinuk as her dad. It's a huge point for our honey eyes namja! :lol:

We don't need to see them together to prove they are contacting each other bcoz they are throwing subtle clues that they are together like the 1023 day? And the just-woke-up message? And many more :lol: super excited for the sbs awards... I really hope they will invite mom and dad.. I really miss seeing them together:( and hopefully they would have a special fan meeting in japan where they would attend together *fingerscrossed*  1+1 couple fighting! 

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Guest Yammylicious

@devilangelish I feel you and we've been there but its a different thing now, we're all throwing the CLAIMED words elsewhere, we really believed that there's really something between them, its a special feeling that blossomed into something REAL ... :):) 

@griz4567 is so right.. we don't need to look for more clues just to believe, we've witnessed many things altogether .. One day, maybe one day.. when they're finn'ly ready to let the world knows that they are really meant and fated with each other (THIS THREAD WILL REALLY ROCK THE WORLD).. Right sibling? :w00t:

@coppersun Indeed and we're positive on that. The more LJW has similarities like her DAD the more he gets closer to her heart. Not to mention that Dad has his own traits why Mom fell in love with him.. I really really believe on this...;)

I wish them the best of everything, I always hope and pray .... what's written in the STARS, what's in store with their DESTINY and what's FATE may lead them .. May their TRUE and LASTING love will find each other to end up together:wub:



All of us miss them so much... Fighting everyone...:wub:

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Guest Yammylicious



I wonder why Mom is so quiet with her IG for the past days, They must be seeing each other secretly..

Enjoy dating... Fighting 1+1 couple... We miss you to the moon and back!!!!:wub:

I wish that all our WISHES for the 2 will come true..:w00t:

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Guest Yammylicious







Our Goddess is heading to Taiwan;) Simple yet stunning as ever..

at Incheon Airport, Seoul flying to Taipei, Taiwan for the 52nd Golden Horse Awards tomorrow.

Don't forget to catch it LIVE at Astro Channel, 301 tomorrow, 5.30pm

ctto: 1023 Ha Ji Won Phils and Malaysia fan 1023 fanpage

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