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SISTAR's Soyu Talks About Her Extreme Diet, Warns Against It

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On the June 24 episode of OnStyle's "Get It Beauty 2015," SISTAR's Soyu, who is one of the MCs of the show, will be discussing her diet history. Produced in a special lecture format, "Get It Beauty" will be covering the topic of diets since it is the season of bikinis and beach bodies. Soyu, in particular, discusses how she once lost eight kg (17.6 lb) in month. She describes how she "exercised like crazy and didn't eat like crazy." She would start exercising as soon as she got up, from hot yoa, weight training, and aerobic exercise to dance practice and running. For her meals, she would only eat a cup of milk and four quail eggs, minus the yolk. Soyu warns against this type of diet and exercise regime, saying, "After doing this type of extreme dieting and exercise that make you so weak you can't even support yourself, I learned that it only ruins your body." In related news, after tonight's broadcast of this episode at 9 p.m. KST, "Get It Beauty 2015" will go on a brief two-week hiatus and return on July 15 with a special episode. Source (1)

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