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VIXX's Ken Impresses Judges on "King of Mask Singer"

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On this week's episode of "King of Mask Singer," VIXX's Ken puts on a hilarious chef disguise and wows the crowd and celebrity panel with his voice! He sings "Don't Be Happy" by MC the Max in the second round, but he ends up losing the round to a contestant who is later revealed to be A Pink's Jung Eunji. Before Ken removes his mask, some of the judges manage to guess his identity, although Ken tries to fool them by saying, "Who's VIXX again?" After his identity is revealed, he admits, "When I was watching the show before, I thought I wouldn't be nervous, but I actually really was." vixx ken One of the judges comments that this show has reminded him that idols can be really talented, and tells Ken that it seems like he'll have a great career as a singer. Ken looks disappointed as he heads off stage, but he hilariously keeps singing with his mask on as he's on his way out of the building. In the parking lot, he says, "It was an honor to perform on that stage, so I'm very grateful," before waving goodbye to viewers with a song. But fans won't have to wait to see Ken again for long, because he is currently preparing to release a duet with Hani from EXID on June 24! Source (1)

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