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Seo In Guk Says Park Myung Soo Helped Him Become Famous on "Happy Together"

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Seo In Guk appears on June 18's episode of "Happy Together," and he reveals a story from his past that surprises the hosts. He shares that before he debuted, Park Myung Soo said something to him that encouraged him to keep working to achieve his dream of being a famous singer. Seo In Guk says it happened on a day when he failed an audition that he'd been hopeful about. "I had been really confident," he admits, "But since I didn't make it, I was so upset. I was sighing a lot in the elevator." "I didn't know that Park Myung Soo was next to me in the elevator," he says. "He turned to me and said 'What's wrong?' I was so surprised, but I said hello to him and explained that I was upset because I'd failed an audition." Seo In Guk says that Park Myung Soo then said to him, "That's too bad. I'll see you later," and got off the elevator. Seo In Guk then ran out of the elevator and bowed to Park Myung Soo as he left, saying, "I'll definitely become a singer and meet you again in the future!" Park Myung Soo though is completely stone-faced in response to this story. Yoo Jae Suk says, "In my opinion, he thought you were someone else." Park Mi Sun agrees and jokes, "He's got face blindness." park myung soo seo in guk Seo In Guk will soon be starring in the new KBS drama "Remember You," which will air its first episode on June 22. Source (1)

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