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Lee Seung Gi Had to Change the Title of His Song Because of EXID’s Hani?

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Singer-actor Lee Seung Gi was recently asked about his connection to girl group EXID member Hani due to the title of one of the tracks included in his latest comeback album. On the June 17 broadcast of SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment,” Lee Seung Gi sat down for a brief interview with the entertainment news program to discuss his return to singing with his new title track “And Goodbye.” During the interview, the reporter shot out an unexpected question, “What is your relationship with EXID’s Hani?” In response, Lee Seung Gi asked back, “Is it because the title of my song is ‘Hani’? ('hani' meaning ‘are you’ in Korean)” with a laugh. The singer-actor then went on to explain the title: “I wrote the lyrics [of ‘~Hani?’] with the thought of making a 2015 version of Park Jin Young sunbae’s ‘Honey.’ But then [EXID’s] Hani all of a sudden rose to fame. That’s why I had to add the tilde (~) and question mark [to the official title].” Source (1)

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