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BTS Cringes While Watching Old Clips of Members' Cheesy Acting

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All idols have moments they want to hide from their debut, including BTS. On the episode of MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol” aired on June 17, a “King of the Idols Contest” is held to pick the king of cheesy acting. Before the actual contest, clips of the group’s past is revealed. Not only are they all dressed up in stage makeup and costumes, but they are also nonchalantly spitting out cheesy lines with a sultry gaze. The members immediately react in pain at the clips, which were made for a Japanese mobile game company. BTS weekly idolRap Monster’s lines are, “This is a first for me. I’ve never liked someone like this before. Though the world might be filled with enemies, I’ll protect the love of my life. You’re my girl.” Even though Rap Monster cringes at the very thought of repeating the situation, he participates in the contest with the MC’s support and ends up winning the cheesy acting contest. Watch the members compete for the title of king of cheesy below (start: 20:20). Who do you think did the best? Source (1)

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