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Son Ho Joon Says He Needs to go on a Diet Because He Likes To Drink

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Though Son Ho Joon seems like an perfectly healthy average man, he revealed he needed to go on a diet. On the episode of JTBC’s “Off to School” aired on June 16, Son Ho Joon reveals, “I need to go on a diet because I like drinking so much.” During his size manipulation and photoshopping class, Son Ho Joon presents his work in front of the class. In his image, he has added a giant spoon to a picture of himself. “This is a presentation of my determination to lose weight. It means ‘Lets stop eating,'” he explains. “I have a lot of hidden weight because I like to drink.” Meanwhile, “Off to School” is a program in which celebrities who never properly graduated high school or want the full experience again re-attend school. son ho joon 2 Source (1)

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