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Tiger JK Thinks Yoon Mi Rae Would Have Gone Viral With SM or YG's Support

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Yoon Mi Rae may be the queen of the music industry, but what would she have been like under the care of big-shot agencies like SM or YG? Recently, Yoon Mi Rae held a photo shoot and interview for the  July issue of @star1. When Yoon Mi Rae and Tiger JK are asked, “Are you happy,” she answers, “I am currently very happy because I have people I love next to me and am pursuing my favorite music.” Tiger JK adds on to the interview, saying, “I’m always a little wistful. She would have made it big if she went to SM or YG.” Yoon Mi Rae is also asked, “You have so many precious songs, but if you could pick one favorite, what would it be?” In response, she says, “This is too hard to pick. I want to go to a karaoke room myself and sing every song while disregarding every beat and note like a crazy person.” As she laughs at her answer, she looks at Tiger JK and says, “We will have to visit one in the nearby future.” Meanwhile, for the July issue of @star1, Yoon Mi Rae held a photo shoot with MAC for their new color collection “Le Disko.” Under the theme “Do the DISKO,” she is a true diva in bold, retro colors and shimmery sequins. An interview that goes along with the pictorial will contain her honest talk about her glamorous façade, her lifestyle as a mom and wife, and her future plans as a singer. Source (1)

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