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June 2015 CFs: Lee Jong Suk, Park Seo Joon, Rap Monster and More

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With the weather getting warmer, June has certainly brought us some hot CFs (commercial films). While some CFs are sizzling and flaunt skin, there are plenty of others that are adorably cute and hilarious. Most importantly, there's tons of eye candy and heartthrobs for everyone to enjoy. Check out our list of June CFs that are currently airing in Korea and don't forget to share which are your favorites in the comments below! Kim Soo Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon for Beyond While Kim Soo Hyun has been a model for Beyond, this is the first CF with actress Gong Seung Yeon joining the star. They are endorsing the brand's Himalaya Moisture Cream that purportedly helps you achieve clean and pure skin. Beyond is known for being a brand that uses natural ingredients. If you are interested in checking out Beyond products, click here. Park Seo Joon for GOODFEEL Males advertising products designed for women is quite the norm in Korea. From cosmetics to bras, hot male celebrities have proven to be effective for marketing. What about men advertising female sanitary products? Does Park Seo Joon make you want to buy the female menstrual pad he is endorsing? YoonA and Lee Min Ho for Innisfree After completing their "Summer Love" web drama, the cute Innisfree couple endorse Innisfree's Summer Cushion. This lightweight foundation product is also called the Long-Wear Cushion. During the summer, it's promoted as a summer cushion due to its more long-lasting properties compared to other cushions within the brand. If you'd like to try out the cushion YoonA is wearing, click here. BTS's Rap Monster, AOA's Jimin, and Iron for K'hawah The three rappers had individual clips advertising the coffee brand. Each rapper shows off their rap skills with lyrics written by themselves. You can watch AOA Jimin's clip here as well as Iron's video here. K'hawah offers flavors like rich mocha choco, smoky espresso latte, earl grey cafe latte, and more. Krystal for Etude House The singer/actress shows off Etude House's latest Curl Fix Mascara. The peppy commercial features a variety of objects that have curls. Apparently, the mascara is supposed to help keep your eyelashes curled all day long. What a great mascara for individuals with stubborn, straight lashes! SISTAR for Mate Tea Featuring Royal Pirates's James, the four members of SISTAR flaunt their bodies while drinking the mate tea. The commercial asks which member will the man choose and also includes the members singing the catchy jingle. But really, why choose? They all have awesome bodies! As for the tea, it boasts zero calories and is a great alternative to drinks with higher calories. Ahn Jae Hyun for Oppadak The handsome model turned actor shows off some tasty baked chicken in this advertisement. Since the chicken is baked, it's supposed to be healthier and tender. Ahn Jae Hyun hilariously slaps his own face to reflect the crispy tenderness of the chicken. He really makes the chicken look good, huh? Song Hye Kyo for Laneige The gorgeous actress shows off her flawless skin using Laneige's Pore Control BB Cushion. While others are touching up their makeup, Song Hye Kyo doesn't need to, thanks to her cushion foundation. This cushion product is ideal for individuals with oily skin who want long-lasting coverage. If you are interested in purchasing this product, click here. Lee Jong Suk for Sunkist It's all about the lips for this ad. If you're a fan of Lee Jong Suk, you will swoon every time the camera focuses on his lips. If not, this will make you cringe. As he answers the girl's questions, his lips look ready for a kiss. The girl leans in for a kiss, but the actor places a bottle of Sunkist in between them. If you've imagined yourself kissing Lee Jong Suk before, this video was made for you! Song Triplets for Minute Maid Looks like Lee Jong Suk has some competition... in the form of the adorable Song Triplets! Song Il Gook teaches his sons about how important it is to drink all of the insides of a grapefruit for maximum health benefits. Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se adorably drink the pulpy juice. Byun Yo Han for Holika Holika Have you ever imagined what it would be like to date a celebrity? As the new model for Holika Holika, Byun Yo Han filmed a drama version CF in which he enjoys a date with his girlfriend (you). Eventually, he gifts his girlfriend with the Aloe 99% Soothing Gel which is great for moisturization and treating sunburns. You can buy it here. EXID for Goo Goo Cone The members of EXID show off their sexiness as they endorse Lotte's Goo Goo Cone. Even though they are simply stretching, posing, and slightly dancing, the girls look positively smoking hot. The chocolatey ice cream cone also looks enticing. Anyone want a Goo Goo Cone to help beat the summer heat? Jessi for Hi-Mart The rapper shows off her  skills in this commercial for the electronics store. Hilariously, there are parts where different men say the phrase, "You shouldn't do that. If it's not Hi-Mart, it's not okay." While Hi-Mart sells a variety of electronic goods, this video features their air conditioners. Check out the interesting rap below! Song triplets for Dongwon The adorable triplets are back for another CF on this list. While informing viewers about the various nutrients in tuna (selenium and folic acid, omega-3, and lower sodium), the boys can be seen looking quite cheerful. They also happily munch on tuna with Man Se asking for more. Who knew tuna could be so cute? AOA for Sbenu The sultry angels flaunt their dance moves while donning Sbenu's new Aqua Splash shoes. Despite having a casual look, the girls make the shoes look stylish and sexy. The special effects contribute to a music video-esque feel. Which shoes or member caught your eye? Kwanghee for Nongshim Kwanghee is doing quite well for himself these days! In this CF, the singer/variety star acts as a noodle god and presents people with pizza and bulgogi flavored instant noodles. Do those flavors sound appetizing to you? Moreover, isn't his noodle wig awesome and hilarious? That's all for this month's CFs. Which were your favorites? Who do you hope to see next month? Share in the comments below!

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